Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/24/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/24/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe walks through the town square on the phone, wanting to know how Gabi is doing. Rafe asks his contact to reach out to Statesville. He hangs up and then comes across Jordan. She asks if he has a second.

Abigail climbs a ladder to decorate the tree in the garden. EJ approaches and startles her so she falls off into his arms. He asks what she's doing. She feels like a hypocrite and says she can't be there as she then storms back in. EJ follows her in where Will and Sonny arrive. Will asks if she's okay. Abigail says she's fine and storms out. Will goes after her. Sonny asks EJ what's up with that. Will catches up with Abigail and asks what has her so stressed out. Abigail says it's Sami and she can't be her maid of honor.

Sami assures Kate that Abigail and EJ have no idea. Sami jokes with Kate about getting Abigail to be her maid of honor. Kate comments that Sami is so much smarter than she was years ago. Sami says EJ won't get off easy. Kate tells her it will work out perfectly for both of them.

Jennifer tells JJ that Paige said she reminds her of her mom. JJ didn't get that feeling at all as he thinks back to meeting Eve.

Paige then lets it slip that JJ's name is JJ Deveraux, which shocks Eve.

Jennifer tells JJ that it's okay as his girlfriend's mother is supposed to freak him out.

Eve tells Paige of knowing Jennifer and Jack before. Eve says she and Jennifer went to high school together. Paige calls it crazy and asks if they were friends.

Sami asks Kate how it's going with Stefano. Kate talks about him finding out that Victor fired her to prove her loyalty. Sami reminds her not to underestimate Stefano. Sami talks about making sure he doesn't come back until they are ready. Kate jokes about Stefano calling Sami an insect. Kate says they will get Stefano and he won't be back for a long time. Sami reminds her to stay focused. Kate tells her she understands. Sami brings up that she knows Kate plans to destroy Jordan but that will have to wait because this comes first.

Jordan asks Rafe if it's a bad time. Rafe says he's glad to see her and he's avoided her long enough. Jordan offers to talk about Gabi but Rafe says they need to talk about them.

Will questions Abigail being Sami's maid of honor. Abigail admits it's strange and she doesn't feel like it should be her. Will talks about Abigail being a good person and jokes about Sami not having girl friends. Will says Sami likes her. Will knows it's weird but suggests she consider it a honor. Will adds that he and Sonny will pitch in with the planning to take some of the pressure off of her. Abigail says it's fine and she will make it work. Will says Sami is lucky and knows it. Abigail apologizes for making Sami's day all about her. Will hugs her.

Jennifer asks JJ about being afraid of what Paige's mom will think. JJ feels he's not a model boyfriend. Jennifer encourages him that she will see JJ for who he really is. JJ just hopes the dinner goes well. Jennifer says they will make sure. JJ asks about Abigail. Jennifer says she hasn't seen her since this morning but she will be there. JJ thanks her for the dinner and for making a big deal about graduation. JJ adds that he knows she's going through a rough time with Daniel. Jennifer says it's okay and she's dealing with it as she doesn't really have a choice. JJ thanks her for always being there. Jennifer hugs him and says she loves him. Jennifer tells him that he and Abigail are her first priority. Jennifer adds that they will impress Paige's mom.

Eve says she hasn't thought about those people in a long time. Paige asks if they were friends. Eve says at times but they ran in different crowds. Paige wants the story but Eve says she will tell her later. Paige asks if she knew that Jack is dead. Eve says she did and calls it a terrible tragedy. Eve talks about hearing from her parents but they didn't keep up personally. Paige thinks she's acting weird about this and asks if she didn't like them. Paige says if it's going to be a thing then maybe she shouldn't come but Eve insists that she wants to go.

EJ tells Sonny that Abigail is just overwhelmed. Will comes back in and tells him about Abigail being made the maid of honor by Sami. EJ says Sami is relying on her a great deal. Sonny doesn't think it makes sense since Abigail is organized and calm under pressure. Will notes that she was really freaked out so he thinks something else is upsetting her. Sonny asks what EJ thinks.

Abigail goes home. Jennifer tells her to get ready but Abigail says she has to skip out on dinner and tomorrow too for Sami's wedding. JJ questions her blowing off his dinner and part of his graduation for Sami. Abigail informs him that she's planning her wedding which Jennifer questions. Abigail adds that she's also Sami's maid of honor.

Kate assures Sami that she can handle more than one task at a time. Sami asks her to hold off on Jordan until they get this done. Kate jokes about encouraging Jordan to see Rafe. Sami doesn't understand and then realizes Kate wants Rafe to be able to push Jordan away for good when the truth about her comes out.

Rafe and Jordan walk through the park. Rafe asks if she has any idea what happened to Gabi. Jordan thinks she found her way into a jam that she couldn't get out of. Rafe says she wouldn't come to him. Rafe feels he should've kept pushing as he knew Nick was dangerous. Rafe says if he listened to his gut then Gabi would still be with them.

Eve tells Paige that she's going to the dinner to support her and JJ. Eve says it just threw her for a loop at first. Eve assures her that she will be fine and mentions that she was going to call Jennifer anyways.

Sami asks Kate if she found out more about Jordan than the fake IDs. Kate tells her that she's focusing on their plan like she wanted. Sami talks about Rafe seeming so happy and like he loves her. Kate thinks back to sleeping with Rafe and says maybe not. Sami tells Kate that even if she broke them up, Rafe won't come back to her. Kate asks why she cares what Rafe thinks anyways. Kate questions if Sami's going to try to get Rafe back when she dumps EJ.

Jordan tells Rafe that she knows it's hard not to look back and want to do things differently for Gabi. Rafe says it's his fault because he was the man of the family to look out for his sisters but he failed both of them. Rafe says he can't go through that with her.

EJ asks Will what Abigail said to him. Will says she feels like she's not really Sami's friend and she's not worthy. EJ calls it nonsense. Will explains that he talked her down and agreed to help out. EJ thanks him. EJ asks about his wedding day. Will asks what he can do. EJ informs Will that he needs a best man.

Jennifer and JJ are shocked by Abigail being Sami's maid of honor. Jennifer questions them being friends. Abigail explains that her sisters aren't around and Marlena's not coming so there is no one else. Abigail promises to still make it to JJ's graduation. Abigail mentions having to buy a dress. Jennifer asks if she is sure she wants to do this. Abigail feels she owes Sami because she told her she would do it. Jennifer tells her to have fun and they say goodbye as Jennifer heads to the kitchen. JJ asks Abigail not to do this for her own sanity and tells her to stay as far away from EJ as possible especially tomorrow.

Eve can't imagine how Jennifer has managed since losing Jack. Eve asks Paige how she seemed to her and if she ever talks about Jack. Paige says she just met her but she seems okay and must be pretty strong. Paige mentions that JJ talks about Jack as it's still really hard for him. Paige brings up Jack's book. Eve says she heard about it. Paige tells her that she just started it and it's hard to put down as she shows it to Eve. Paige asks if she's read it.

Jordan tells Rafe that she doesn't need protecting. Rafe brings up her not saying a word about where she came from and not publically acknowledging her brother. Rafe says whatever happened with her and Ben is not going to go away so he wants to know. Jordan feels it's better that he doesn't know. Rafe insists but Jordan says he doesn't know what he's asking. Rafe says he can't help and he won't be able to stop whatever comes to town. Jordan asks him to let it go. Rafe talks about his sisters both being gone from his life.

Sami tells Kate that she's marrying EJ. Kate says she's going to dump him when she gets what she needs for revenge. Sami admits that. Kate asks if she's still in love with EJ. Kate thinks she's still deluded about getting Rafe back. Sami starts to say she could get him if she wanted but stops. They go over their partnership being a one time deal. Kate says if they play their cards right, they'll be set for life. Sami agrees that they can do this as they shake hands. They say they are clear what happens next and they agree not to see each other again until after the wedding. Kate wishes her luck with her wedding vows. Kate adds that she'd love to be there to hear her say "until death do us part". Kate then exits.

Will asks EJ about Chad. EJ says he can't make it. EJ doesn't want Will to feel like a fill in. Will jokes with EJ about keeping an eye on him and not having to dodge any bullets this time. EJ feels they can have a gunfire free wedding. Sonny talks about them being nervous before their wedding. EJ wants to remember every detail and absorb every moment. EJ says he's been in love with Sami for eight years. EJ says people have had their doubts. Will says he would be honored to be his best man and they hug as EJ thanks him and says Sami will be so happy. Sonny has to go to the club and says goodbye as he exits. EJ tells Will that he's very fortunate to have him. Will mentions that they brought Arianna to see Sami but EJ says she went out to do some errands and will be back soon.

Abigail tells JJ that it's not black and white. JJ talks about Abigail getting hurt and how she shouldn't have to stand there and pretend it's okay. Abigail questions how he found out. JJ reveals that he's talking about her and Chad. Abigail says she's fine about Chad. JJ asks about the other guy she saw after him. Abigail says that chapter is over. JJ asks her about a DiMera wedding. Abigail feels she can't let Sami down. Abigail promises that she will make the graduation. Abigail apologizes for not being able to meet Paige's mom. She hugs him and thanks him for understanding. JJ goes to get dressed as Jennifer comes back in and tells Abigail that she's proud of her for keeping a promise and helping someone. Jennifer praises Abigail for being selfless and sweet. Abigail stops her and says she's anything but that.

Eve tells Paige that she has seen Jack's book. Paige calls it amazing and wants to text JJ about this but Eve stops her. Eve says there's so much history to fill her in on. Eve tells her that she knew Jack and Jennifer quite well. Eve praises Jack but says he could also get in to trouble which is why JJ concerns her. Paige asks what that means. Eve says she's just not hot on the idea of her and JJ. Paige points out that she promised to give JJ a chance. Paige says she can't make JJ responsible for things that happened before they were even born.

Jordan argues that this isn't the same as his sisters'. Rafe feels it worse and talks about how Jordan acts. Rafe thinks she's always watching or waiting but he doesn't know what it is. Rafe wants to keep her safe. Jordan tells him that he's the best thing that has ever happened to her. Jordan cries that this is the first time she could be herself and felt loved as she hugs him. Rafe asks her to just tell him what it is that she's holding back. Kate appears in the bushes and sees them together.

Abigail feels bad for missing the dinner but Jennifer says she has a reason and isn't being selfish. Abigail notes Jennifer's yearbook and jokes about if she's trying to impress Paige's mom. They hug and Abigail exits.

Eve tells Paige that she can't hang JJ with Jack's crimes. Paige wants to be filled in but Eve says they can later as now they have to celebrate her graduation. Paige says they should go if she still wants to go. Eve insists that she does. Paige offers to text JJ but Eve thinks it's best as a surprise and goes to get ready.

EJ walks through the town square and past Abigail, who he tells to follow him now so she does.

Rafe asks Jordan to tell him as it will only get worse when she holds it in. Kate listens from the bushes. Rafe tells Jordan that they can stare it down together if she tells him. Jordan tells him that she can't. Rafe responds that neither can he then and walks away, leaving Jordan crying.

Sami comes home and joins Will with Arianna. Sami asks if Abigail is around but Will says she's not. Sami comments that she's supposed to be. Will asks her to ease up on Abigail as she was snapping when they got there. Will tells Sami that she's put a lot on Abigail. Sami says it will all be over soon.

EJ and Abigail walk out of the town square. Abigail asks what he wants. EJ tells her that what happened at the house earlier can never happen again.

Paige goes in to see JJ while Eve parks the car. Paige starts to tell JJ as Jennifer walks in and then the doorbell rings. Jennifer excitedly goes to meet Paige's mom and is shocked when she opens the door to see Eve. Eve greets her and says long time no see.

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