Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/23/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/23/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abe meets with EJ at the DiMera Mansion and confirms he and Theo will attend the wedding. EJ asks for a favor for Abe to officiate the wedding as Sami comes home and listens in. EJ talks to Abe about wanting to do his part. Sami thinks back to looking at the picture of EJ and Abigail and says to herself that EJ has done enough and she's got some surprises.

Abigail sits at the club complaining about planning the wedding. T brings her a drink and assumes she was expecting Ben but tells her that he's not there.

Ben and Jordan talk outside the town square. Jordan says she's fine but Ben believes things are still messed up between her and Rafe.

Kate joins Rafe at the Pub and tells him that there's something she needs to say.

Paige arrives at the Horton house and tells Jennifer that she knows she's way early for dinner but JJ said to meet here. Jennifer informs her that JJ isn't home. They talk about how he must be coming soon. Paige informs Jennifer that her mom has come home.

JJ goes to Paige's looking for her but she's not home. Eve then answers the door and asks who he is. JJ says he's looking for Paige. Eve tells him that she stepped out and realizes that he's JJ and she's glad to finally meet him.

Paige talks to Jennifer about her mom traveling a lot and not seeing her often. Jennifer encourages her and says she can't wait to meet her. Paige thinks they will really hit it off.

Eve invites JJ in and mentions the air conditioner breaking. JJ offers to look at it. Eve is impressed and goes to make him some lemonade. JJ is glad to finally meet her, assuming she is Paige's cousin. Eve then reveals that she's Paige's mother.

Ben asks Jordan about her and Rafe still not talking. Jordan says she tried to get him to open up but she can only push so much. She says Rafe knows she's there. Ben feels Rafe is being a jerk and she's the only one who can help him. Jordan argues that Rafe doesn't see it that way and maybe he's right. Jordan suggests this could be a blessing. Jordan doesn't know why they thought they could move and be normal. Jordan says they both know it's only a matter of time before "he" finds them. Jordan says he found them before and could again.

Kate asks Rafe about working things out with Jordan. Rafe isn't sure what to work out or how but just needs some time. Kate thinks he's punishing himself for what Gabi did. Kate blames Nick but Rafe feels he could've prevented the whole thing if he was there. Kate informs him that he's dead wrong.

Abigail denies thinking T was Ben. T talks about seeing them together. Abigail says they are just friends that hang out. Abigail mentions planning Sami's wedding. T finds it weird that she's friends with Will's mom and doesn't think Sami makes friends. Abigail suggests she's changed. T hopes so and talks about not wanting to get on Sami's bad side.

EJ asks Abe if he will perform the ceremony. Sami enters and asks Abe to say yes. Sami encourages Abe. Abe asks about Marlena not performing the ceremony. Sami isn't sure she's coming at all. Abe then agrees to do it.

Jennifer thinks she will be great friends with Paige's mom if she's like Paige. Paige talks about her mom being a singer. Paige talks about her mom and says she reminds her of Jennifer as they are both great moms. Jennifer asks for a picture of her so Paige goes to her phone.

JJ didn't realize Eve was coming in until tomorrow. Eve talks about catching up with Paige and how he's been a big part of her loving Salem. Eve asks JJ to tell her about himself. JJ doesn't think there's a lot to tell. Eve asks him about being a musician. JJ talks about playing guitar and loving music. Eve says he must be very special if Paige likes him. Eve introduces herself and asks JJ for his full name.

Ben tells Jordan that it's been almost two years. Jordan doesn't think he's stopped looking. Jordan talks about someone finding her aliases. Ben says nothing has been said and no one will find anything. Ben thinks they've been careful. Jordan worries. Ben says he will handle it like he did when Paige recognized him from Miami. Jordan thinks it's a big risk but Ben says they can't run forever. Ben tells her that she can't give up on Rafe so they won't run.

Kate tells Rafe that they all would've done things differently but no one could've expected Gabi getting a gun. Rafe thinks he could've seen how desperate she was. Kate asks how he thinks Gabi would feel about her actions destroying Rafe's happiness with Jordan. Kate tells Rafe not to be so quick to throw away what he has. Kate then exits.

Abigail tells T that people change and compares to T changing with Will. T mentions EJ changing and being a pretty cool guy. He notes Abigail's look and asks if she doesn't like him. Abigail thinks about being with EJ and says she's just overwhelmed with planning the wedding.

Sami thanks Abe and says she's going to do more planning with Abigail. She tells Abe about Abigail being the maid of honor. EJ stops her and kisses her goodbye as she then exits. EJ tells Abe how much he appreciates it. Abe tells him that Lexie loved him and would be proud of where he and Sami are. Abe says it looks like they are finally getting it right. EJ thinks so and wants to spend the rest of his life making her happy.

Paige looks through her phone but it won't pull up her photos. She complains about her phone being old. Jennifer suggests Paige bring her mother to dinner. Paige informs her that she already told her she had to come. Paige says she's really excited and goes to get ready. Jennifer walks her out and says she'll tell JJ that she came by. Jennifer says to herself that it looks like she's going to have a new friends as her yearbook remains open in the living room.

JJ tells Eve that his name is JJ. Eve gets a work call. JJ asks about her traveling a lot. Eve says she wants to hear more about him after her call but JJ says his mom is waiting so he has to go. Eve looks forward to seeing him more. JJ exits. Eve answers her phone. JJ wonders how Eve will feel when she finds out about his past.

A nurse tells Jordan that a woman is waiting for her at the hospital. Jordan figures it's a patient wanting an update on her husband and goes to see her.

Rafe runs into EJ at the Pub. EJ mentions that they moved up the wedding and he wanted to personally invite Rafe and Jordan.

Jordan goes in expecting her patient but finds Kate, who asks for five minutes.

Sami meets Abigail in the town square. Abigail talks about ordering the wedding cake. Sami thanks her and praises her. Sami talks about wanting it to be perfect. Sami tells Abigail that she doesn't have to be in the wedding if she doesn't want to be.

JJ comes home and greets Jennifer. Jennifer informs him that Paige came looking for him. JJ mentions going to see her. Jennifer realizes that JJ met Paige's mom then and asks what he thought.

Paige comes home as Eve finishes her call. Eve informs Paige that JJ was there. Paige wanted to be there when they met. Eve calls him really nice and asks why Paige is acting so weird about this. Paige says there's just some things she wanted to tell her first before she found out on her own. Eve asks about his full name. Paige tells Eve that she will tell her all about JJ if she promises to keep an open mind and not go off.

Kate tells Jordan that she's not here to threaten her or apologize to her. Kate says they don't like each other but they both care about Rafe and she's worried about him.

Rafe appreciates EJ's help with Gabi and being pretty decent the last few months but he can't erase history. EJ says he's just trying to give Sami the perfect wedding day. Rafe asks if Sami put him up to this. EJ says she wouldn't do that but he truly hopes he'll be there. Rafe turns down the offer. Rafe says Sami will see what kind of man he is eventually. EJ argues that she knows which is why she's marrying him. Rafe then exits.

Abigail tells Sami that she's only hesitant because they haven't been friends that long so she was surprised Sami wanted her. Sami admits she doesn't have many friends and isn't close with her sisters. Sami mentions how her family is about EJ so Abigail is her only friend who sees EJ for who he really is. Sami comments that Abigail knows first-hand what an incredible guy EJ is.

JJ tells Jennifer that he doesn't know what Paige's mom is like as they talked a little but she had work to do. Jennifer asks for his first impression. JJ comments that she doesn't look like Paige and claims he didn't notice much. Jennifer questions him not remembering anything about her.

Eve tells Paige that she will keep an open mind as long as he doesn't have open warrants. Paige admits that he had some trouble with the law but it was small. Paige knew she would think the worst of him. Eve argues that she doesn't do that. Paige brings up her cousin Joan and Theresa. Eve says that's different. Eve warns her to be careful. Paige argues that she doesn't know JJ. Eve says she sees the appeal but worries that he's part of the stoner, rock n roll culture that she doesn't need to be a part of because she's going to Stamford. Paige asks if she's saying she shouldn't date JJ.

JJ tells Jennifer that they didn't talk much as Paige's mom had work. JJ mentions her yearbook. Jennifer jokes about it. JJ asks why it's still there. Jennifer says she found the picture of her nemesis in high school and offers to show him.

Eve tells Paige to just be careful. Paige thinks she'll see once she gets to know JJ and asks her to just give him a chance tonight. Paige adds that JJ's mom invited her personally so she has to come. Eve agrees and they hug. Paige says JJ and his family are such good people. Eve assures that she will give JJ a chance as they hug again.

Jordan asks Kate if she thinks she should back off Rafe. Kate asks when they last spoke. Jordan says it's not her business. Kate talks about Rafe blaming himself for everything that happened to Gabi. Jordan doesn't know why she's in her face. Kate tells Jordan that Rafe needs her so she needs to step up. Jordan doesn't get what game she is playing. Kate tells Jordan that she might be the last person that can help Rafe and then she exits.

Ben goes to the club and greets T. T tells him that someone was looking for him. Ben looks upset and asks who. T tells him to chill as it was just Abigail.

Abigail doesn't know what Sami means. Sami talks about EJ being there for her when she was upset about Jack and Chad. Sami says most people don't see how caring, kind, and loyal EJ really is. Sami calls herself the luckiest woman in the world. Abigail agrees to stay in the wedding. Sami adds that she has one more favor and asks her to do a reading at the wedding. Abigail agrees to whatever she wants. Abigail says she has to get going to the mansion for measuring. Sami thanks her and says she will never forget what she did. Abigail then walks off as Sami mutters for her to just wait.

Rafe walks through the town square on the phone, wanting to know how Gabi is doing. Rafe asks his contact to reach out to Statesville. He hangs up and then comes across Jordan.

Ben apologizes to T and tells him that everything is fine. T notes that Abigail is a close friend so he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Ben says neither does he.

EJ sees Abigail's purse on the table and heads out to the garden.

Sami and Kate meet outside the town square. Sami wants her focused on their business. Sami tells Kate that she cannot blow this for her. Sami tells her that she played it perfectly with Abigail and EJ. Kate encourages her to stay steady. Sami says they won't know what hit them.

Abigail climbs a ladder to decorate the tree in the garden. EJ approaches and startles her so she falls off into his arms.

Jennifer says she's so glad that Paige's mom is joining them for dinner. She thinks something is wrong and asks what's going on. JJ is just worried about her finding out about his criminal record. Jennifer says it won't come out at dinner but even if it did, he has a good heart and cleaned up his life. JJ feels not everyone is as forgiving as her. Jennifer hugs him and says maybe he'll be surprised. Jennifer mentions Paige saying they were alike but JJ didn't get that at all.

Eve asks Paige which dress she should wear. Paige likes both but picks the blue one. Eve wonders if it's too casual. Paige then lets it slip that JJ's name is JJ Deveraux, which shocks Eve.

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