Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/20/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/20/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady wakes up in bed and finds a card and cocaine next to his bed.

Aiden invites a nurse to the gala at the hospital. He turns around and bumps into Theresa.

JJ works his community service then runs into Cole and asks what he wants.

Daniel has Parker back at the Kiriakis Mansion. He talks with Victor and Maggie about the get together. Maggie asks if tomorrow is good for he and Jennifer. Daniel says he will ask Jennifer.

Hope goes to Jennifer's and sees her yearbook, questioning why she's looking at photos of Eve when she's nothing but a bad memory. Hope tells her to never look back.

Eve tells Paige how much she missed her. Paige asks her about not telling she was coming back early. Eve says she got an earlier flight and everything is working out. Eve declares that she's back in Salem for good as they hug.

Aiden gathers Theresa's things that she dropped and jokes with her. Theresa calls him charming. Aiden says he has a proposition for her.

Brady reads his card from Theresa reminding him of a big meeting this morning. He then picks up the bottle of cocaine.

Eve looks over Paige and calls her a powerful young woman ready to take life by force. Eve praises her and says they are going to have the best summer ever. Eve talks about going shopping for a completely new wardrobe. Eve talks about Paige becoming a nurse and mentions her throat surgery. Eve tells Paige that she went to see Daniel and got the ball rolling. Eve also wants a new place to live as she deserves a real home. Paige feels there's no way they have the money.

Jennifer explains to Hope that JJ found the yearbook in a past. She tells Hope that JJ doesn't know about Jack and Eve. They worry about him finding out. Jennifer mentions Abigail not knowing either. They wonder what Eve is doing now. Jennifer assumes she's still in Africa. Hope bets she's making someone's life miserable. Jennifer is glad it's not hers. Hope asks Jennifer what is wrong then as she knows her better than she knows herself.

Eve tells Paige that they never have to have the money conversation again because they are set. Paige asks how. Eve says she'll have the throat surgery and will be back singing by the fall. Paige questions that being how she plans to pay for college. Paige looks up financial aid. Eve stops her and tells her it's not necessary. Eve encourages her that it's going to be fine. Eve adds that Paige didn't tell her Daniel was hot. Eve sits with Paige and wants her to tell her about her boyfriend. Paige says he's great but Eve wants more. Eve asks for his full name.

JJ asks Cole if there's a reason he's in his face. Cole says he hates JJ but hates Bev more. Cole reveals to JJ that Bev hired him to put weed in Paige's purse and he wasn't trying to steal her purse. JJ questions Bev getting him to do that. JJ turns around and sees Bev so he goes after her.

Hope and Jennifer talk about Eric. Hope brings up the documents that Nicole tried to destroy. Hope asks how Daniel is since he must be devastated and disappointed about Nicole. Jennifer says that he is but not just about Nicole.

Daniel, Maggie, and Victor sit with Parker. Victor mentions being at Jennifer's when Chloe dropped him off. Victor asks if everything is alright between them as Jennifer didn't tell him much so he suspected something was amiss. Daniel informs them that they are taking a break so Jennifer won't be coming to dinner tomorrow night. Maggie asks if things will blow over. Daniel says they will see.

Aiden tells Theresa to get tickets to the gala and she won't have to wait in in line. Aiden promises it will be a a fun night. Aiden asks how she is connected to St. Luke's but Brady arrives and questions if he's interrupting Aiden hitting on his girlfriend.

Paige tells Eve that his name is just JJ. Eve asks to know more but Paige wants to wait until she meets him. Paige invites Eve to the dinner that Jennifer had set up. Paige tells her that JJ's mom is so sweet. Eve agrees to think about it. Eve first wants to have a talk and says it can't be avoided now that they are both in Salem.

Aiden tells Brady to relax as he was just talking about the gala. Brady offers to take it outside. Theresa says they might have plans that night so Aiden walks away. Theresa questions Brady. Brady calls Aiden a pompous ass. Theresa says it's not his morning and asks if he got her note. Brady says he did but it can wait and he takes her to the elevator.

Victor takes Parker to play while Daniel sits with Maggie. Maggie doesn't understand what happened with he and Jennifer. Daniel calls it complicated and says there's only so much he can say as there are people who would be affected. Maggie notes that he looks so wrecked. Daniel admits he is because he thought Jennifer knew him down to his soul but she really doesn't.

Jennifer explains to Hope that she was the one who told Eric because Nicole knows how to work Daniel and he lets it happen so she's convinced that Eric still wouldn't know if she didn't tell him.

Daniel explains to Maggie that Jennifer had zero faith in him and didn't believe that he would do something very important.

Jennifer tells Hope that Daniel isn't mad but he is hurt and crushed. Jennifer says she was honest because she knows his relationship with Nicole and that she would've stopped Daniel from telling Eric the truth.

Daniel tells Maggie that he saw deep down that Jennifer doesn't believe in him.

Jennifer didn't think it was that big of a deal and didn't mean to attack his character but he was so hurt that she wanted to take it all back. Jennifer insists that they have to get through this because they should be together.

Daniel says since then, he's been doubting himself as maybe he's not the man that he thinks he is. Maggie asks if Daniel thinks he would've done the right thing. Daniel thought he had but assures that he would have going forward. Maggie tells him that Jennifer is flat out wrong. Maggie hates to see him so broken up and suggests he just needs time. Maggie adds that Jennifer needs time to see she's wrong about him. Daniel doesn't know if she will ever see it that way.

Aiden goes to Jennifer's to find Hope. Aiden asks if Hope told Jennifer. Hope says they don't need to do this now. Jennifer tells them it's fine and she wants good news. Aiden informs her about the gala getting the ballroom and invites Jennifer and Daniel. Aiden goes on until Hope stops him.

Bev runs and hides near the Pub but JJ catches her. JJ tells her that Cole told him what she did. Bev calls Cole a loser and a liar that's mad because she wouldn't go out with him. JJ accuses her of trying to set Paige up. Bev calls it ridiculous. JJ tells her it that wouldn't work. Bev calls Paige a bitch and says JJ could do better with her.

Eve praises Paige and talks about people wanting to bring her down. Eve reveals that she's talking about her family in aunt Theresa.

Theresa and Brady walk to the park. Brady says he was just collecting his thoughts about them and asks what they are doing. Theresa says they are having fun and she thought it was working for them. Brady informs her that he wants more. She asks him if he means more with her. Brady says he doesn't like the idea of her with anyone else so he must care. Brady says they've had but suggests there is something real.

Paige tells Eve that she has had no contact with Theresa. Eve hopes it stays that way and mentions how they wouldn't even recognize each other since it's been so long. Paige suggests avoiding her. Eve says Shane didn't tell Theresa that Paige was in town but did tell her she was in town. Eve adds that she will make sure Theresa stays away from Paige. Paige says she can handle her. Eve feels she shouldn't have to.

Bev complains about JJ putting Paige on such a pedestal. Bev says she doesn't judge JJ but Paige will. JJ tells her to stay away from them because she crossed the line. JJ argues that Bev doesn't know Paige at all. JJ says he belongs with Paige so she can't ruin it for them. Bev walks away.

Aiden asks what's wrong. Jennifer says it's okay and informs Aiden that she and Daniel are taking a break so they won't be able to attend. Aiden apologizes. Jennifer understands he didn't know. Jennifer offers to still call people about the gala. Hope pulls him away to go to the catering meeting. Aiden says he's sorry and hopes things work out. Hope says goodbye and exits with Aiden.

Daniel knows Jennifer loves him and he loves and misses her. Maggie asks what the problem is then because if she loves him, she believes in him. Daniel says he can't forget or ignore what Jennifer thinks or who she thinks he is even though he wishes he could. Maggie thinks he sounds awfully final.

Theresa thinks Brady is just embarrassed about acting jealous with Aiden. She then realizes he's serious but still laughs it off. Theresa then tells him that she really likes that he's serious about them and they kiss.

Paige asks if Eve will come to dinner with JJ's mom tonight. Eve isn't sure as it's been a long day. Paige thinks she's backing out. Eve says she has to deal with Theresa now. Paige tells her to hang tough. Eve complains about the place and hugs Paige goodbye. Eve tells her to leave the door open as Paige then exits.

Brady and Theresa continue kissing until Theresa gets a call from a blocked number. She answers and it's Eve. Theresa says hello and asks if they can hear her.

Daniel tells Maggie that he has to be honest. Daniel talks about having to accept people for who they truly are. Maggie thinks they were so good for each other. Daniel says he thought so but maybe a little time will resolve things. Maggie is glad and they hug.

Hope and Aiden sit at the Pub and go over a menu for the gala. Aiden apologizes for earlier. Hope says it's okay as he didn't know. Aiden says he has a knack for saying the wrong thing and alienating people. Aiden says he should've learned before so Hope asks when he meant.

Paige walks through the town square and texts JJ asking where he is.

JJ gets her text and responds that he's done there and will see her at home.

Theresa continues trying to get an answer but Eve just hangs up. Eve declares that she will need a drink before dealing with her. Eve exits.

Aiden tells Hope that he always finds himself with his foot in his mouth. Hope jokes with him and goes back to the menu for the gala. Aiden thanks her and she asks if they covered everything. Aiden thinks they have but mentions not having anyone to go with and doesn't think Hope does either. Hope asks if he wants to go together as friends. Aiden asks if she can stand a whole evening with him. Hope says he better hope so and jokes that she is always armed.

Theresa assures Brady that the call wasn't a guy. Brady says she can talk to whoever she wants as he completely trusts her. Brady repeats that he trusts her. She smiles and kisses him then thanks him. Brady remembers his meeting. Theresa suggests some cocaine to help the meeting speed along. Brady tells her that he's out. Theresa says she is too. Theresa gets a text from Anne looking for her so she has to go. Brady says they will talk later. Theresa says she'll try and get some for later. They kiss goodbye and Theresa walks away. Brady reaches in his pocket and pulls out the cocaine he did still have left. He puts it back in his pocket and walks off.

Maggie and Victor talk about Daniel and Jennifer. Maggie says she's learned to accept the things she wished were different about him. Victor responds that Maggie has always been perfect and they kiss.

Daniel walks through the park with Parker and talks about being so glad to have him home. Daniel declares that he is a very lucky dad.

Paige arrives at the Horton house and tells Jennifer that she knows she's way early for dinner but JJ said to meet here. Jennifer informs her that JJ isn't home.

JJ goes to Paige's looking for her but she's not home. Eve then answers the door.

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