Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/19/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/19/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel is ready to schedule the procedure and the woman introduces herself, revealing to be Eve Baron. Daniel asks about her just moving to Salem. Eve informs him that she just moved back as she lived here a long time ago. Daniel assumes a lot has changed since then. Eve says some things have but some things haven't.

JJ asks Jennifer if she can work things out with Daniel. Jennifer says they love each other but right now he sees things differently. JJ asks if they are breaking up.

Eric goes to the hospital looking for Daniel. He overhears a nurse that Marlena canceled all of her meetings today. Eric says he remembered something to do and exits.

Nicole tells Marlena that the bishop wants her to verify Eric's story but after the way she and Sami talked to her, she won't verify anything so Eric can kiss his holy orders goodbye. Marlena questions her destroying Eric's vocation because she hates her. Nicole says it's her and Sami. Marlena questions her hurting Eric. Nicole brings up Marlena and Sami hurting Eric.

Kate goes to meet Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor gives her an envelope and informs her that she's fired.

EJ says they can't change what happened, they can only agree it was a mistake and move on. EJ says Sami has no idea nor will she ever.

Sami pulls out the photo of EJ and Abigail kissing. Harold tells Sami that he will bring the refreshments. Sami says his treat will be just the thing for EJ and Abigail. Harold comments on wedding cake and goes to get it. Sami looks at the portrait of Stefano and remarks that he always said revenge is a dish best served cold. Sami heads back out to the garden.

Kate questions Victor firing her and what it's about. Victor says he warned her about hooking up with Stefano. Kate says she warned him to stay out of her personal business. Victor accuses Kate of passing along secrets to Stefano. Kate says she doesn't know what he's talking about and denies passing business secrets. Victor accuses her of leaking information from the company to Stefano.

EJ tells Abigail that it's going to be alright. Sami returns with Harold and the refreshments. Sami checks on Abigail and suggests she have a drink. Abigail says she's fine. Sami tells her about she and EJ working on honesty. Sami mentions the wedding and informs Harold about moving it up. Sami talks about Abigail helping plan. Sami brings up the wedding music. EJ tries to leave but Sami says they need him.

Nicole mocks Marlena going between Roman and John while Sami went through man after man. Nicole brings up Marlena showing the sex tape to a church full of people. Nicole says she couldn't have hurt Eric if not for them. Nicole calls Marlena's actions idiotic.

Jennifer appreciates the concern but doesn't love talking about it. Jennifer tells JJ that it's going to be fine and will work itself out. JJ says he's just trying to help. Jennifer gives him a box to take to the attic but it spills out. JJ finds her high school yearbook inside. Jennifer says a lot of memories are in that book, mostly good ones.

Daniel welcomes Eve back to Salem and wonders if they know some of the same people. Eve says maybe and wants to focus on what is ahead of her. Eve thinks Daniel will be a big part of that.

Paige walks through the town square and stops when she sees Bev with Cole.

JJ looks through Jennifer's yearbook and sees pictures of her and Frankie Brady. Jennifer jokes about them being quite the item in high school. Jennifer mentions girls being interested in Frankie including one in particular.

Eve tells Daniel that the throat surgery will revitalize her singing career. Daniel says he's had pretty good success but there is one little problem.

Marlena calls Nicole crazy for blaming her and Sami. Marlena says Nicole just won't take responsibility for what she did to Eric. Nicole tells her to get out as she's not welcome in her home. Nicole forces her out as Eric then arrives.

Kate tells Victor that only two people would implicate her. Victor continues to accuse her of being with Stefano. Kate asks if he's jealous of them working it out. Victor says it's not personal. Victor tells Kate that she stole from their company so she got canned. Victor tells her to get out and Mad World security has orders to keep her out. Victor thinks she's taking this more calmly than he expected. Kate tells him to just wait and storms out.

Sami wants Abigail to convince EJ to stay. Sami jokes about picking the music. Abigail tells EJ it would be great to stay because of so many decisions. EJ agrees to stay. Sami brings up the song I Will Always Love You and suggests all romantic songs. Sami talks about it being all about their love and relationship. Sami comments that EJ can be very romantic in private. Sami says this is so much fun. Sami toasts to their wedding as a day none of them will ever forget. Sami brings up EJ's board meeting the day after the wedding. Sami wants to go over one more thing and has Abigail stand in for her with EJ. Sami takes a photo of them together. Sami sends EJ to the shed for flowers. Sami thanks Abigail and hugs her, saying she's having so much fun.

Kate goes to the DiMera Mansion looking for Sami.

Paige watches as Bev finishes an argument with Cole. She approaches Bev and asks about her knowing Cole. Bev asks why. Paige mentions him being the guy after her purse and that fought JJ. She asks if she knows him.

Jennifer tells JJ that the girl in particular was like her rival. JJ asks for her name. Jennifer looks through the yearbook and says some people are better left in the past where they belong.

Daniel tells Eve that it's not a medical problem but financial because it's an expensive surgery and not covered by her plan. Eve suggests running the tests first and then she will be able to pay for it. Eve tells him that it won't be an issue. Daniel comments that she seems driven to get back on stage. Eve replies that she's driven to do a lot of things.

Eric asks what's going on. Nicole tells him that Marlena is bragging to her. Eric asks if it was a good idea. Marlena says some things had to be said. Nicole tells her to wait until she and Eric work things out. Marlena brings up Nicole threatening not to help Eric with the bishop. Marlena says they have plenty to talk about now and walks away. Nicole tells Eric that she's glad he's there.

Kate searches the mansion for Sami and then goes out to the garden.

Sami tells Abigail to have some cake and mentions Abigail resisting temptation. Kate comes out and questions Sami. Sami asks who let her in and calls her deluded. Sami tells Kate that they don't have time for her rantings. Kate spills a drink onto Abigail. Sami and Kate then get into a food fight. Abigail tries to break it up and ends up in the middle of it while Harold yells for them to stop.

Bev tells Paige that he knows Cole from school and mentions that he was arrested for shoplifting. Paige asks what they were talking about. Bev claims he wanted drugs and she told him to go away so he left upset. Paige mentions her last final and Bev bets she aced it. Paige says she has to go and walks off. Cole comes back and Bev warns him that Paige was close to figuring out they were connected. Cole tells her that she didn't. Bev worries that Paige isn't as dumb as she looks.

JJ jokes with Jennifer about having a high school rival. Jennifer says they had some serious issues involving Frankie. The doorbell rings and Paige arrives. She excitedly hugs JJ, having finished her last final.

Eve finishes with Daniel. He tells her that she will be contacted about the surgery. Eve notes the photos of his kids on his desk and compliments them. She asks Daniel about the kids and his wife. Daniel says the kids come from two different moms but he's single now. Eve questions what's wrong with the women in this town then says she will find out on her own. Eve says she has a lot of catching up to do. She thanks him and exits.

Eric goes in with Nicole. She apologizes for getting upset with Marlena and swears she would never hurt him because she loves him. Eric gets a call from the bishop.

EJ runs back to break up the food fight between Sami and Kate. Kate accuses EJ and Sami of being behind her firing. Kate warns them about Stefano finding out. Sami tells Kate that Stefano will kick her to the curb. Kate argues that Stefano knows that she loves and supports him. Kate smears cake on EJ's shirt and warns that Stefano will know that he can't be trusted. Kate then storms off. Sami tastes some of the cake while EJ and Abigail look on in shock.

Jennifer tells JJ and Paige that she'll have a feast planned later. They prepare to leave. JJ checks with Jennifer to make sure she's okay first. Jennifer says she's fine and doesn't want to talk about it. JJ exits with Paige. Jennifer looks at a photo of Daniel on her mantle and then goes back through her yearbook. She comes across the photo of her mentioned rival, Eve.

Eve walks through the town square and looks at the Horton memorial, saying some things never change.

Roman finishes a call at the Pub. He turns and sees Marlena enter so he pretends to be on the phone with Giselle. He hangs up and then greets Marlena. Marlena comments on his girlfriend. Roman asks if she's okay. Marlena doesn't know why she lets Nicole get to her. Marlena says she always ends up hurting the people she loves instead of helping them.

Eric finishes his call with the bishop and tells Nicole that he's started reaching out to people for interviews. Nicole asks if she should be expecting a call. She tells Eric that she meant what she said about helping him and she is her friend. Eric knows they wouldn't be where they are if she didn't hide those documents. Eric says he knows she wants to make this right but he won't hold his breath. Nicole wants to talk but Eric says he's going to see someone he can trust. Eric reminds her that he wants her to take the ring off and then exits.

Sami sends Abigail with Harold to get cleaned up. EJ asks Sami what she did. She says it was nothing but EJ says she has never done nothing and Kate doesn't get that upset about nothing. Sami admits she told one of Victor's henchmen that they stole a formula from Mad World and made it seem like Stefano was in on it too. EJ sarcastically thanks her and complains about the upcoming board meeting. EJ feels Sami now gave Stefano a reason to be suspicious. Sami says she's not worried about Stefano and Kate as they can't beat them when they are a perfect team. She tells EJ that she didn't mean to go behind his back and talks about never breaking the trust between them. EJ goes to check in on things. Sami's smile turns serious after he leaves and she says out loud for him to just do that.

Jennifer sits with her yearbook and thinks back to when Eve married Jack in 1991. Jennifer says that's not what she needs to be thinking about right now as the doorbell then rings and Victor arrives. Jennifer calls it a surprise as he enters with an envelope. Victor says he wanted to bring her the latest figures from Jack's book. Victor says there was a spike when rumors of a movie deal came out. Victor adds that Parker is coming home today and Maggie wanted to have a get together for Daniel. Victor then looks down and sees her open yearbook with a picture of Eve. Victor remarks that he thought that tramp was long forgotten.

Eric visits Daniel at the hospital. Daniel asks how he is. Eric talks about finding out Nicole had been lying to him for months and mentions the church investigation. Eric tells Daniel that he's going to need his help.

Nicole lies in bed holding her ring. She gets a call from the bishop and asks what she can do for him.

Roman sits with Marlena and asks why Eric needs her help when they have evidence. Marlena feels she already messed things up. Roman says Nicole won't do anything and it's crazy for Marlena to blame herself. Roman encourages her about Eric.

Abigail joins EJ in the living room and calls what happened scary. Abigail notes how angry Sami was and worries about if she ever found out about them. EJ assures her that she won't. Sami comes in and checks with Abigail. Sami decides she will take Abigail home so they exit together.

Victor says he was wondering whatever happened to Eve. He asks about why she was looking at the yearbook. Jennifer explains that JJ found it and asked about Frankie which got her thinking about Eve. Jennifer says after all these years, someone can still get under your skin. Jennifer mentions not telling JJ about Eve being related to Theresa or marrying Jack. Jennifer doesn't want to complicate things further with JJ about Jack.

JJ works his community service and texts Paige that he will see her when she gets there.

Paige goes home and receives JJ's text. She hears a door inside and Eve comes out, revealing to be Paige's mom. Paige is excited and hugs her.

Daniel agrees to help Eric. Eric mentions Nicole being one person who could have a big impact.

Nicole talks on the phone about being called in to help Eric. She declares that he can forget about it as she has no intention of helping Eric tomorrow or ever.

EJ talks on the phone about the board meeting. Outside the living room, Harold talks on the phone to Stefano and tells him that he heard Kate say that Stefano knows she loves and supports him.

Kate walks out of the town square. Sami follows her and approaches. They face off and then suddenly they hug. Sami tells her it went perfectly. Kate agrees and Sami says she will be in touch as she hurries off.

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