Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/18/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/18/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope sits in the club finishing a phone call with Abe about Gabi. Aiden arrives and says he was looking all over for her to tell her that justice may be served.

EJ talks on the phone about the upcoming board meeting.

Sami talks with Abigail outside of the DiMera mansion. Sami apologizes for taking her away from Jordan and talks about Rafe getting through this. Abigail realizes Sami still cares about Rafe. Sami says he's a great guy that her kids love. Sami says she would invite Rafe to the wedding but he can't stand EJ. Sami talks about Abigail accepting EJ and seeing what kind of man he truly is. Sami tells Abigail that she appreciates her friendship and there's no one she would rather have help plan their day.

JJ approaches Marlena in the town square and tells her about making a 96 on his final. He asks if she ever found Jennifer after wanting to talk about Eric. Marlena says she did. JJ asks if it was about Eric eloping with Nicole. Marlena asks how he heard about that. JJ says he just overheard Nicole telling somebody and notes that Marlena looks upset about it. Marlena says she's not the only one upset about it.

Nicole asks Eric if he's going back to the priesthood. Eric says he doesn't know what he's going to do yet as it's all uncertain. Nicole tells him he has the proof. Eric says it will take a lot more like her.

Jennifer begs Daniel for another chance. Jennifer knows they can get through this and she kisses him until he kisses her back. Daniel stops and says he can't do it.

Sami and Abigail head inside. Sami talks about EJ preparing for the board meeting and then he will be all theirs.

EJ continues talking in the living room on the phone about the board meeting. EJ insists he and Stefano will be in complete agreement as he hangs up. EJ looks at Stefano's portrait and wonders where he is and what he's up to.

JJ tells Marlena that he told Daniel and Jennifer about Nicole's plans to elope and both looked upset. JJ hopes it works out. Marlena says the same and JJ walks off.

Eric sits with Nicole and says the bishop wants to be absolutely sure he's not lying about being set up so he's going to want to speak to her and Daniel. Nicole agrees to do anything to help and clear him. Eric tells her not to say anything she doesn't mean.

Daniel tells Jennifer that part of him wants to be with her and move on but he knows in his heart that it can't be fixed. Daniel doesn't know what to think other than that he needs to be alone and she needs to leave. Jennifer thinks it sounds like he's giving up on them. Daniel says he never said that. Jennifer explains how when she told Eric, she didn't know where he was and he was going to leave with Nicole. Daniel talks about her thinking he would let Nicole lie to Eric. Jennifer says they have been over this. Daniel tells her that the problem is what drove her to tell Eric, that she was convinced that he didn't have the courage or integrity. Jennifer knows how it hurt him but doesn't understand why it's a deal breaker. Daniel thinks he would just disappoint her again. Jennifer insists that she loves him. Daniel says he loves her and wants to find a way past this but can't see that way. Daniel says he wants her to believe in him and see him for who he thinks he is.

Sami and Abigail enter the living room. EJ mentions still having a lot of calls to make but he can do that anywhere so he'll get out of their way as they plan the wedding. Sami stops him and kisses him.

Hope has no idea what Aiden is talking about. Aiden brings up the ballroom that they couldn't book. Hope tells him to forget it as they'll never get that room. Aiden begins setting cards up like dominoes. Aiden tells Hope that Mr. Howell will regret messing with St. Luke's. Mr. Howell arrives and Aiden greets him. He tells Aiden that whatever game he is playing is going to end right now.

Eric tells Nicole that he has no faith that she would tell the bishop the truth about him. Nicole asks what that would get her now. Eric says she's been lying for months and lied to and about Daniel too. Nicole says she did that because she loves him. Eric argues that love based on lying is a lie. Eric declares he won't ever believe anything she ever says to him again. Marlena appears and asks why would he.

Aiden says he doesn't know what he's talking about. Mr. Howell says his message sounded like a threat and tells him there's nothing he can do about him having the ballroom. Aiden continues setting up his dominoes. Mr. Howell tells him that he's doing it wrong. Aiden knocks them all down so Mr. Howell notes that he couldn't do that with real dominoes and asks what they are. Aiden reveals that they are all parking tickets that Mr. Howell got. Aiden points out that he could be looking at jail time. Hope starts to call a tow truck but Howell wants this to go away so he agrees to make a deal for the Salem Inn ballroom.

Sami talks to EJ about planning the wedding. Sami goes to get her notes. Abigail tells EJ that this is impossible. EJ says they will get through it. Sami comes back in and couldn't find her notes. Sami asks if EJ still has calls to make. EJ says it's nothing that can't wait. Sami excitedly says all three of them can put their heads together to make the wedding a day to remember as they all go to the garden.

Nicole asks Marlena if she enjoys judging. Nicole tells Eric that she will talk to him later after he cools off. Nicole exits. Marlena sits with Eric and asks if he wants to talk. She thinks he could use someone to talk to that's on his side. She asks him what happened.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she wouldn't be with him if he wasn't this kind, generous, amazing man. Daniel tells her not to patronize him. Jennifer says she loves him so much and asks what they do. Daniel declares that they need time apart. She asks how much. Daniel says probably more than they would like. Daniel adds that it's best if she leave her key so she does and she then exits.

Mr. Howell makes the call canceling his booking. Hope calls in to then book the ballroom for the St. Luke's gala. Aiden rips up Howell's contract and jokes with him about the parking tickets as he exits. Hope finishes the call and says Aiden just doesn't give up. Aiden says not when it comes to fighting for the people he cares about. Aiden stops before leaving and tells Hope that there is something he needs to say to her.

Jennifer goes home and sits down looking upset.

Daniel sits in his office and looks at a photo of Jennifer on his desk. He then puts it away in the drawer. JJ arrives and says he came to see Jennifer but she's not there or answering her phone so he has to brag to someone about acing his history final. Daniel congratulates him. JJ says he might make the honor roll and credits Daniel getting through to him. JJ brings up Paige. Daniel says she seems like a great girl. JJ says he will see her again at dinner that Jennifer is having to celebrate his graduation. JJ asks if Daniel is coming.

Eric explains to Marlena that Nicole exonerating him would mean losing him to the priesthood so she didn't tell him what she had. Marlena asks how he found out. Eric admits it was from Jennifer. Marlena understands the last time she spoke to Jennifer. Eric knows he came down hard on her for questioning Nicole's story before and he apologizes for that now, adding that she has every right to say I told you so.

Nicole goes to her hotel room and looks at the newspaper, where she finds out about Gabi going to prison. She worries about Rafe and gets her phone to call him.

Sami takes EJ and Abigail through the garden and points out her favorite place for the wedding. Sami goes over where all the chairs will go and how everyone will walk down the aisle. Sami mentions Abigail walking down the aisle which she questions. Sami thought Abigail knew that she wanted her to be the maid of honor. Abigail questions her wanting her to be in the wedding. Sami admits she doesn't have a lot of girl friends and her sisters are out of the country. Sami says it hit her that there is no one she would rather have standing next to her on the most important day of her life than Abigail.

Aiden tells Hope that he read about Gabi being transferred to women's prison today and he's glad she opened up to him about how tough it is for her. Aiden tells her that she has his number if she needs to talk. Hope thanks him and adds that watching him operate with Howell made her smile when she wasn't sure that was possible today. Aiden declares that his work is done then. Aiden exits.

Daniel tells JJ that he won't be able to make the dinner and apologizes. JJ notices that Jennifer's picture is no longer on his desk and asks what that's about. Daniel tells him to talk to her. JJ asks what happened. Daniel informs him that they are taking a break.

Jennifer sits alone and thinks back to happy times being with Daniel. She then breaks down crying.

JJ asks Daniel if the break is because of him. Daniel assures him that they are proud of how he got his life together. JJ feels bad. Daniel says he still wants to see JJ if he needs anything. JJ asks if this is it for he and Jennifer. Daniel hopes not but says he will always hold a special place for her. Daniel suggests JJ go talk to Jennifer. JJ just doesn't get it. Daniel apologizes and wishes things were different. JJ says he does too. They shake hands and JJ then exits.

Nicole calls Rafe and leaves a message that she loves him and will always be his friend. She says she will keep calling until he answers and she wants to see him. Nicole adds that she seems to be of very little use to anyone right now. She tells him to take care of himself then hangs up.

Marlena hugs Eric and says she knows how much he is hurting right now but promises it will get better. Eric thanks her for having faith in him. Eric exits the Pub and Marlena follows out.

Sami tells EJ to tell Abigail how serious she is about wanting her to be the maid of honor so he does. Abigail says she can't because the wedding is the same day as JJ's graduation. Sami says she already checked in to it and made sure that everything important will be before the graduation. Abigail then agrees to be the maid of honor. Sami thanks her and goes back to planning. Sami has Abigail stand with EJ and hold hands in her place to see how it looks. Abigail pulls away and says she can't do this as it is so wrong. Sami asks if she's alright. Abigail says she's not. Sami then says she knows exactly what is going on here.

JJ comes home where Jennifer is going through a box. Jennifer asks how his exam went. He says it was fine and then mentions seeing Daniel. JJ asks if it's really true. JJ tells her that she has to fix this.

Daniel sits at the window of his office. He gets up and puts his lab coat on then opens the door to greet someone.

Nicole goes to leave but Marlena arrives and questions if she's going somewhere. Nicole says she's not talking to her but Marlena walks in.

Eric runs into Hope in the town square. Hope says she was just going to call him as they were able to book the ballroom for the gala. Hope apologizes if news about St. Luke's is a bad subject since he knows there was a parting of ways. Eric says maybe but maybe not.

Marlena questions if Nicole is proud of herself. Marlena talks about Eric giving her a job and putting his faith in her. Nicole says she loved him for that. Marlena questions her keeping the evidence from him and how she could do that to someone she loved. Nicole says she would've given him the documents but she knew Marlena wouldn't do it. Nicole says Marlena couldn't stand how happy he was with her and that she wouldn't give up. Marlena declares that Nicole has now destroyed any chance she had of being with Eric.

Sami tells Abigail that she's so sorry for making her stand there with EJ and hugs her. Sami says she must have stood in the garden so many times with Chad. Sami talks about knowing Chad broke her heart and she didn't even think about it. Sami apologizes. Sami asks her to still be the maid of honor as she can't imagine the day without her.

JJ tells Jennifer that things are going to be okay. JJ points out that things have messed up before but they always get back together. JJ asks if she's going to figure out how to make this right.

Daniel meets with someone in his office and talks about a surgery. She comments on everyone saying he's the surgeon to see. Daniel is ready to schedule the procedure and the woman introduces herself, revealing to be Eve Baron.

Eric tells Hope that there is a possibility of him coming back to the priesthood. Hope is happy for him and says she will keep her fingers crossed. Hope hugs him and then leaves to go back to work.

Nicole wants Marlena to get out. Marlena doesn't want to spend another moment with her. Marlena stops and tells Nicole that she needs to give up any thought of still being with Eric. Marlena says Eric now sees her as a devious, neurotic liar so it's over and Eric will go back to being a priest. Nicole says not without her help. Marlena asks why he would need her help. Nicole tells her that the bishop wants her to verify Eric's story but after the way she and Sami talked to her, she won't verify anything so Eric can kiss his holy orders goodbye.

Abigail agrees to remain maid of honor. Sami says they don't have much more to do and she's hungry. EJ wants to push through and get it done. Sami goes in to get a snack. Abigail tells EJ that this is torture and asks how she is supposed to do this. EJ encourages her to just smile and get through it. Abigail questions having to stand there while Sami marries a man that she slept with.

Sami calls Harold that they are ready for the snacks they discussed. Sami starts to go back but stops and looks back at her purse.

EJ tells Abigail that all Sami is thinking about now is wedding plans so if she gets through the next couple of days, she'll never have to see them again. Abigail pulls away in frustration.

Sami stops and opens her purse, where she pulls out an envelope.

Abigail tells EJ that she's trying to keep it together but Sami is being so happy and sweet. Abigail says this is nuts and she can't take this. EJ says they can't change what happened, they can only agree it was a mistake and move on. EJ says Sami has no idea nor will she ever.

Sami sits with the envelope and pulls out the photo of EJ and Abigail kissing.

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