Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/17/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/17/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole goes to the Pub looking for Eric. She is told that he left. Nicole decides to wait and orders a double espresso. Sami arrives and asks what she did this time since she's sure Eric didn't dump her for nothing. Sami asks how she screwed it up.

Eric meets with the bishop and shows him the evidence to prove that Chyka worked with Kristen on the drugs. Eric hopes now the church and his name can be cleared.

Daniel goes to leave home but Jennifer arrives and says she had to come.

Will holds Arianna as Sonny wakes up on the couch. Sonny tells Will that he had brought Arianna out thinking that Gabi could sleep in.

Abigail comes across Ben in the town square. She's in a hurry while Ben tells her that he pushed too far yesterday and he will back off.

Jordan dreams of being in bed with Rafe and then wakes up alone.

Rafe wakes up in bed with Kate. Rafe rolls over and realizes what happened.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she tried calling and texting so they could have some time together. Daniel says he texted her back. Jennifer assumes he was swamped. Daniel thinks they need some space. Daniel talks about all he has to do at work. Jennifer disagrees and says they don't need space. Jennifer feels they just need to talk right now.

The bishop goes over the evidence as Eric talks about the drugs that were used on him. The bishop comments on someone clearly trying to destroy the papers and asks how he came by them.

Nicole tells Sami that it's too early and she has a headache so she wants her to go away. Sami asks why she looks so distraught and mocks her engagement. Sami asks why Eric dumped her. Nicole doesn't want to get in to it but Sami says she'll hear the whole story from Eric. Sami asks what she did to her brother.

Kate wakes up and greets Rafe. They agree that it was a mistake.

Will and Sonny talk about Arianna missing Gabi. Will says it will definitely be harder with just them but they will make it work. Sonny assures that they will be fine.

Ben tells Abigail that he will leave her alone from now on and tells her to take care. She stops him and says she just had a huge project on her. She tells him that she enjoyed their time in the park. Ben asks about her project. She tells him to give her two days and she will definitely see him. She adds that she can't wait to pick up where they left off and then walks away.

Eric informs the bishop that the papers came to him from Daniel. Eric explains that Daniel tracked down Chyka back in February which is when the evidence was found but it was Nicole that kept it hidden.

Nicole tells Sami that she committed a really big crime of loving Eric too much. Sami stops her and they start to argue over one another. Nicole brings up Eric accusing her of drugging and raping him but she forgave him and risked her life to clear his name. Nicole mocks Sami getting in bed with EJ when he could've helped Kristen. Nicole calls Sami a selfish bitch that made her brother suffer. Sami continues to question why Eric broke up with her. Nicole claims not to know and that Eric was confused. She thinks Eric will change his mind. Nicole thinks Eric will remember that she risked her life for him. Sami continues to argue and mock her. Sami just wants to know why he changed his mind. Nicole lets it slip that she had the proof which Sami questions.

Jennifer brings up promising to never let anything come between them again. She says the misunderstanding about Nicole hurt him more than she realized but she knows they can get past this if they talk. Daniel doesn't think now is the time. Jennifer asks when. Daniel starts to say never but stops and agrees to talk. Jennifer apologizes for telling Eric the truth about Nicole. Daniel says that was never what upset him. Daniel admits he wanted Nicole to have one more chance but gets why Jennifer did it. Daniel says the problem is what she thinks of him and the kind of person he is. Jennifer tries to explain but Daniel says she made it clear. Jennifer apologizes for mixing up her words but Daniel says she can't explain anything that will change how they feel as he gets it.

Rafe says they are on the same page. Kate agrees it couldn't have happened at a worse time. Rafe wonders why it did. Kate talks about seeing Rafe in terrible pain and being in a terrible place. Rafe questions if this was out of pity. Kate assures him that she enjoyed every second but blames it on them drinking. Rafe points out that he was drinking but she wasn't. Kate says it can't happen again and no one can find out or it would ruin everything.

Jordan gets a call from Ben. He invites her to the club for coffee but she says she can't. Ben insists so she agrees to be there soon. Jordan hangs up and looks at a photo of her and Rafe. Jordan says if only she could help him through this. Jordan decides she should go to his place and have it out with him right now.

Abigail goes to Will for help on planning Sami and EJ's wedding. Abigail says Sami dumped it on her yesterday and she needs help. Sonny and Will ask about EJ. Abigail says EJ was there too and she wants help. Sonny notes that people planning weddings are usually happy. Will realizes she doesn't really want to do it but Sami is making her.

Rafe assumes Kate means that Jordan can't find out. Kate admits that since she knows how they feel about each other. Kate decides she should go but they hear someone in the hall.

Jordan goes to the club and has coffee with Ben. Ben comments that it looks like she had a rough night. Jordan says she couldn't sleep and was checking her phone all night. Jordan figures that Rafe needs time alone to work through things but she's so used to being around him so last night was really hard.

Jennifer knows she hurt Daniel and wants to make it right and try to make him understand. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Daniel answers it and it's Maggie. Maggie says she just heard about Gabi and Melanie. She apologizes if it's a bad time. Jennifer tells her it's not. Daniel hugs Maggie as she cries.

The bishop tells Eric that he will go over the evidence and then will have to interview he, Daniel, and Nicole. He says any conclusion will be uncertain. Eric hopes he understands that he wouldn't have brought the papers unless he was positive they were authentic. Eric assumed a few days ago he would be out of Salem and married. The bishop says they'll see how it goes and he can't make any promises but perhaps his case could be re-opened. He adds that Eric's entire life and future could be changed. Eric thanks him for giving him hope.

Sami questions Nicole about Eric saying he loves her. Sami goes over the timeline of events. Nicole insists that Eric chose her and her love. Sami brings up Marlena always wondering what happened when Nicole was alone with Dr. Chyka. Sami asks if that's when she got the proof. Nicole says no and that she got it through her hard work at the station. Sami argues that she got the proof then but kept it from Eric because he said he loved her. Nicole tells her to stop making up stories. Sami calls her a selfish bitch. Nicole argues that Sami let Eric suffer so she could be a DiMera whore. They slap each other and begin fighting in the Pub.

Maggie talks to Daniel about Gabi setting it all in motion that Melanie could've died. Maggie talks about someone being totally different than what you thought as Daniel looks to Jennifer. Daniel assures Maggie that Melanie will be fine. Maggie wishes she let them know but now it might be too late.

Ben tells Jordan that Rafe is just still blaming himself for what happened to Gabi. Jordan argues that Rafe is not to blame. Ben says Jordan can understand because she put her life on the line for him and he will never forget that. Kate arrives and watches from a distance. Jordan says that Rafe needs more time so she will try to give him that.

Abigail talks to Will and Sonny about being unable to say no to Sami. Will is glad she said yes and thanks her. Will assures her that Sami will be appreciative. Will comments that EJ doesn't like a lot of people but he can tell that EJ likes Abigail.

Jordan exits the club. Kate goes to the counter and orders a coffee from Ben. She asks if Sonny is in. Ben says he will be in later. Kate says she will text him but actually uses her phone to take a picture of Ben.

Nicole and Sami continue fighting until Eric rushes in to break it up. Nicole and Sami continue to argue while Eric shouts that it's enough. Nicole argues that Sami would rather marry EJ than help Eric against Kristen. Eric tells Sami to leave. Sami questions him and calls Nicole a bitch. Eric pulls her aside. Sami refuses to leave. Eric thinks she should and tells her to stop harassing Nicole. Sami thinks she deserves it. Eric says that what Nicole said about Sami and EJ is true. Sami brings up Nicole lying to him and questions him taking her side. Eric says it's not about taking sides. Sami continues to argue while Eric asks her to leave. Eric tells Sami that he loves her but this isn't the place for this conversation. Sami complains about Nicole keeping the truth from him and he's asking her to leave instead. Eric argues that they both know that EJ knew what Kristen was doing and Sami will have to live with her choice. Sami gets emotional as Eric asks her to just go. Sami grabs her things and exits. Eric turns back to Nicole.

Kate goes to see Sonny and Will. She mentions bringing a teething ring for Arianna and that she saw Ben at the club. Kate realizes she left her wallet at the club and asks Sonny for Ben's last name which he gives as Rogers. Sonny offers to go get it for her but Kate exits on her own.

Rafe goes to the club and says he got Ben's text so he asks what he wanted to talk about. Ben says it's about Jordan.

Jordan runs into Abigail in the town square and asks how she is. Abigail says things are crazy and asks about Rafe. Jordan says Rafe is just trying to deal.

Daniel tells Maggie that they will video chat with Melanie when they get her schedule. Maggie suggests calling her when Parker comes home. Maggie says she has errands to run and tells them to take care. Maggie apologizes to Daniel for interrupting and exits. Jennifer questions Daniel about Parker's coming home party and asks if he was going to tell her. Jennifer then questions not knowing about Gabi being behind Melanie's kidnapping. Daniel points out that they haven't talked so she can't expect him to share the latest about his kids. Jennifer questions what is going on and if they are even friends anymore. Daniel suggests she sit down.

Rafe doesn't want to talk to Ben about Jordan. Ben says he's worried about her as all she wants is to help Rafe get through what happened. Rafe argues that Jordan is better off without him or he'll just screw up her life too.

Abigail talks about Rafe going in when times get rough and she's sure he'll come around eventually. Abigail stops and realizes she's across from the spot where Nick died. Abigail says it's weird how their lives have changed after that and a lot of people will never be the same.

Will finishes school work and talks about graduating. Will says he'll have to get a job. Sonny tells him not to pressure himself. Will thinks it's about time. Will realizes he's running late and goes to get ready. Sonny wonders if there's something they can do.

Nicole thanks Eric. He tells her that she shouldn't be there as there is nothing to say. Nicole was hopeful but Eric repeats that there's nothing for her here. Nicole asks Eric about his meeting with the bishop.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he thought she knew him better than anyone but what she said shocked him. Jennifer tries to say he doesn't understand. Daniel says he's been thinking non stop about what's going on between them. Daniel brings up his first wife Rebecca dying and how he lost himself and did things he's not proud of. Jennifer points out that he changed. Daniel says he did after he met her because she seemed to think he was a good guy. Daniel talks about being on top again. Jennifer thinks everything is still okay if they just put the Nicole situation in perspective. Daniel says that's what he did. Daniel says aside from his kids, Maggie, and a few friends, he doesn't give a damn what people think of him but he always cared what Jennifer thought. Daniel says Jennifer was the one person he wanted to have a good opinion of him. Jennifer claims she does but Daniel says he finally realizes she doesn't. Daniel says she can't hide her feelings as he saw in her eyes that she saw him as a liar. Daniel argues that Jennifer believed he would allow someone to be hurt and that he didn't measure up as a person. Jennifer cries. Daniel declares that he cannot be with someone who doesn't believe in him. Daniel states that she essentially told him that he's not the man she thought he was. Jennifer apologizes and wants to take it back. She begs for a chance to start over but Daniel says they cannot because she can't unsay what she said as it won't change what she meant. Daniel repeats that they can't.

Kate walks in the park on the phone to her contact about Ben somehow being connected to Jordan. Kate tells him to use Ben to finally get the truth on Jordan.

Ben questions Rafe wanting Jordan out of his life. Rafe says his track record with women sucks especially when they need his help. Ben asks who said she needs help. Rafe asks about her running scared from something. Rafe says he doesn't know a damn thing about her past or Ben's. Rafe adds that something is definitely going on but she won't tell him what it is and he's still trying to protect her like he did Gabi. Rafe adds that they know how that turned out so he won't make that mistake again. Rafe then exits.

Abigail talks to Jordan about wanting to write Gabi a note and asks when Rafe will go visit next but Jordan isn't sure. Jordan says Rafe hasn't opened up to her much since Gabi went to prison. Abigail understands he's closing people off. Sami approaches and says she was just looking for Abigail. Abigail says it's not a good time but Sami insists that Jordan will understand and talks about all there is to do. Abigail tells Jordan that they will talk soon while Sami rushes her off, talking about the wedding.

Eric tells Nicole that his meeting with the bishop was private. Nicole brings up all they have been through and the evidence she found. Nicole thinks she deserves to know if he's going back to the church.

Jennifer apologizes to Daniel for hurting him but insists it's not the end after everything they have faced and gone through. Jennifer argues that she loves him and doesn't know what she would do without him. She repeats being sorry for breaking their trust. She assures him that she thinks he's a wonderful, caring man and she knows he loves her. Jennifer knows they can get through this and she kisses him until he kisses her back.

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