Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/13/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/13/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will sits with Abigail at the club. Sonny and Ben bring their order. Will says he was just filling Abigail in on Gabi's plea deal. Ben goes back to work while Sonny sits with them. Abigail notes that she wouldn't want Gabi to go to prison for life. Abigail mentions that Nick is still family but Gabi was not the friend she thought she was after finding out what she did to Melanie. Will asks what she did to Melanie.

Kate walks through the town square on the phone, talking about when they will be coming home. Kate says to have all ducks in a row to show everyone who is really in charge of DiMera Enterprises as she turns around to see EJ approach.

Daniel sits at home going over papers. He stops in frustration and thinks back to arguing with Jennifer. He gets up and looks at a photo of Jennifer and then a photo of he and Melanie. He grabs his phone.

Jordan talks to Rafe about how hard it must have been to say goodbye to Gabi. Rafe feels he let Gabi down just like he did their sister Arianna. Jordan tries to encourage him. Hope joins them and wants to talk to Rafe about Gabi's case. Rafe thought the case was closed but Hope says there's one more issue to deal with.

Sami walks through the Pub as Marlena enters. Sami says she was just filling Caroline in on Gabi's situation. Marlena mentions Gabi going to prison. Sami assumes Marlena thinks she belongs in the cell next to her.

Rafe tells Jordan that it's going to take awhile so she should go. Jordan offers to stay but Rafe says it's something he should deal with on his own and he'll call her later. Jordan exits. Hope tells Rafe that Gabi admitted to another crime against Melanie.

Abigail explains to Will and Sonny how Gabi hired Andrew, who kidnapped Melanie. Will is surprised but Abigail thought he knew. Will says he had no idea. Abigail thinks if Gabi would've come forward then maybe none of this would've happened and Nick could still be alive. Sonny tells Abigail not to blame herself as they all could have made different decisions. Arianna starts to cry so Will decides they should get her home. Will and Sonny exit with Arianna while Ben returns and looks over at Abigail.

Kate finishes her call, saying she can't wait to see them too. Kate says she's glad she ran into EJ and thanks him for getting Gabi a decent plea bargain. EJ asks what she's really up to.

Marlena calls that an interesting thing to say and asks Sami if she thinks she deserves to be in prison. Sami responds that she doesn't but knows how judgmental Marlena is. Marlena argues that Sami and Kate tried to murder Nick. Sami retorts that she was helping Gabi. Marlena says Gabi doesn't blame them. Sami thinks Marlena does. Marlena wants her to take responsibility for her actions. Sami questions if she wants her to turn herself into the police and go to prison.

Daniel calls Melanie about helping Gabi since they were friends. She calls it a bad time but then mentions wanting to visit. Daniel says she usually has a reason not to but it would be great to see her. Daniel says he misses her and finishes the conversation, telling her that everything is fine.

Ben calls Jordan and asks how things went with Rafe. Jordan feels it was a mistake to go to the courthouse as he needed more space. Ben encourages that it's not her but the situation. Ben tells her that Rafe will need her. Ben offers to come keep her company. Jordan says she's fine and thanks him. Ben says they'll talk soon and hangs up.

Hope explains to Rafe about Gabi, Andrew, and Melanie. Hope adds that none of it matters now as she considers the case closed. Hope says she was only telling Rafe because it was part of Gabi's confession and it will become public knowledge soon. Hope mentions that Melanie found out but some people need to be filled in such as Maggie and Daniel. Rafe offers to be the one to tell Daniel. Rafe thanks her. Hope tells him not to blame himself for what happened to Gabi. Rafe then exits.

Marlena tells Sami that she doesn't want her to go to prison but wants her to show some regret for what she did to Nick. Marlena brings up it being six months after shooting Bernardi. Sami thinks she wants her to apologize for her whole life. Marlena doesn't want her to end up like Kate. Marlena tells Sami to show a little remorse for what she's done. Sami says she won't because they are talking about Nick so the only regret she has is that he was pulled out of the river before he died.

Ben returns to Abigail and offers to go on a walk. Abigail doesn't think she would be good company. Ben insists that it would be nice to get out so she agrees.

Will and Sonny return home. Will talks about being surprised to find out that Gabi was involved in Melanie's kidnapping. Will calls it crazy. Sonny stops him and says there is something he has to tell him. Will realizes that Sonny knew. Will says he knew there was always something about Gabi that Sonny didn't like. Will brings up that they aren't supposed to have secrets and that they share everything. Sonny apologizes and says not this time.

Kate tells EJ that she doesn't know what he's talking about then asks if he was eavesdropping on her phone call with Stefano. Kate says they were just catching up. Kate thought he would appreciate that they are getting along. EJ brings up Kate saying she would never forgive him. Kate claims they don't hold grudges and EJ should learn from that.

Marlena says Sami can't mean that but she says she does. Sami brings up Nick almost getting Will killed and trying to take Arianna away. Marlena argues that Nick was a human with a family and nobody had the right to kill him. Sami complains about Nick being sick and twisted. Marlena plays the voicemail from right before Nick was shot. Marlena notes the desperation and torment in his voice and says there is always hope. Marlena says Nick was trying to get help but never had the chance. Sami questions that and says he had plenty of chances but blew them all. Sami asks if they were just supposed to let him torture them. Sami feels change was never going to happen. Sami tells Marlena that she is glad Nick is dead for good this time. Sami gets up and storms out of the Pub.

Rafe goes to Daniel's. Daniel asks how it went with Gabi. Rafe tells him that she's on her way to prison. Daniel says he's sorry to hear it and talks about Gabi being caught up in a terrible situation. Rafe says he has something else to talk about. Daniel asks if it's Nicole. Rafe says no and asks why. Daniel says it's complicated. Rafe says it's something else about Gabi.

Ben and Jordan walk through the park. They sit down on a bench. Ben asks her about living in London. She talks about times with her parents and wishes she paid more attention to her dad's teachings. Ben asks about Jack's book. Abigail talks about his story and how it sold well. Abigail mentions it possibly becoming a film. Abigail calls her family complicated. Ben feels they are accomplished. Abigail notes that she doesn't know a single thing about his family and asks why he never tells her about them.

EJ walks through the town square on the phone, wanting to know everything Stefano does. Sami joins him and EJ asks about Caroline taking the news on Gabi. Sami says she knows it's better than going to trial. Sami asks about EJ's phone call. EJ tells her that he ran in to Kate talking to Stefano. Sami asks what she said about her now. EJ says nothing but feels it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Sonny explains to Will how Nick blackmailed Chad to keep him quiet about the kidnapping and how Justin drew up the agreement that he couldn't tell anyone. Sonny swears to Will that he would've told him if he thought it could hurt him to not know. Will forgives him and says so much sense makes now. Will says Nick always had this over Gabi as control from the very beginning. Sonny admits he was angry at Gabi for a long time but he knows she felt horrible. Will says now Gabi's admitted it to the police so everyone knows and it's going to get ugly.

Rafe tells Daniel that killing Nick wasn't Gabi's first crime. Rafe says Gabi should've probably gone to prison for what she did then to Melanie. Daniel asks what he means. Rafe explains that Gabi is responsible for hiring Andrew.

Hope goes to the Pub and sits with Marlena. Marlena asks how she is holding up. Hope feels she let Nick down as family. Marlena says everyone thinks what could've changed and they can only do things differently in the future. Marlena says the people who don't have regrets should concern them.

Sami complains to EJ about Kate. EJ talks about Stefano planning to show who is really in charge of DiMera Enterprises. Sami says he better not try to take that away from EJ. EJ doesn't think Stefano would unsettle their solid ground. Sami thinks he may be desperate to get Kate back.

Ben tells Abigail that his family is boring. Abigail doubts it. Ben asks more about Abigail's travels. Abigail thinks Ben was only asking to distract her from Nick and Gabi. Abigail thanks him. Ben says he honestly did want to hear about London and learn more about her. Abigail talks about Nick being the smartest person she knew and how Gabi had a bright future ahead of her but now it's a waste. Abigail thinks one bad decision led to things spiraling out of control. Ben assures her that it won't happen to her. Abigail thinks back to being with EJ and asks what if it already has.

Rafe explains to Daniel how Gabi was desperate to get Chad's attention which is why she hired Andrew and then Gabi didn't say anything when Andrew kidnapped Melanie. Daniel brings up that Melanie was almost killed and asks how Gabi could do that. Rafe mentions that Melanie found out just before leaving town. Rafe adds that Nick was using the information to blackmail Gabi. Daniel realizes that is why Melanie acted strange on the phone when he brought up Gabi. Daniel wonders why Melanie never said anything. Rafe says she must have agreed to stay quiet but never forgave Gabi. Rafe apologizes. Daniel tells him it's not his fault and talks about how hard it must be on him as well. Rafe then reveals that he didn't just find out as Gabi told him shortly after telling Melanie and he admits that he encouraged Gabi not to tell anyone else.

Will and Sonny sit together and talk about Gabi not coming home and how strange it is without her. Sonny states that they had a good thing going. Will tells him they still do and they kiss.

Daniel questions Rafe advising Gabi not to confess when he's a cop. Rafe feels he was protecting his sister. Daniel asks what about Melanie. Daniel realizes this was a reason Melanie left town. Daniel notes that now that Gabi is in prison, Melanie mentioned wanting to come visit. Daniel tells Rafe that if he would have told Gabi to just come forward and take responsibility then Melanie may have never left. Rafe apologizes and exits.

EJ and Sami continue to talk about Kate and Stefano. Sami feels Kate would do anything to stop their marriage and is now trying to get in Stefano's ear. Kate walks by so Sami tells EJ that she's going to put her in her place and goes after her.

Ben asks Abigail what she's talking about. Abigail says she's made her share of terrible mistakes. Ben jokes with her and then kisses her.

Daniel calls Melanie back and talks about finding out. Daniel says he wishes she confided in him and he's having a hard time wrapping his head around it. Daniel can't believe Gabi would do something like that and is sorry Melanie had to go through it. Daniel says it's hard when someone you think you know well ends up disappointing you as he looks at a photo of Jennifer.

Rafe goes to the club and gets a call from his mom. Rafe tells her that the sentencing is over and he was just about to call her. Rafe informs her that the judge accepted the plea so it's 10-20 years with possible parole. Rafe tries to tell her that this is good news and asks her not to cry as it's the best they could have asked for. She wants to talk to Gabi but Rafe informs her that she's already on the way to prison. Jordan enters the club. Rafe tries to promise his mom that he will check on Gabi but she hangs up. Jordan watches with a sad look.

Sami and EJ catch up with Kate outside the town square. Sami questions what game Kate is playing and tells her to get ready to lose. Kate says this is why Stefano should be running the company because he takes care of problems unlike EJ, who runs to Sami. Sami accuses Kate of trying to stop their wedding. Kate questions why she cares what she says. Kate asks if it's because they know she's right. Kate declares that there can only be one Mrs. DiMera in the mansion and tells Sami that it won't be her.

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