Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/12/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/12/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady wakes up at Theresa's, saying he'll never party like that again. Theresa informs him that he got a tattoo last night. Brady sees a big heart with an arrow on his arm.

Jordan walks through the town square and sees Sami and Kate talking. Sami argues with Kate about Stefano.

Julie meets with Hope at the club. Hope shows Julie the plea deal.

Rafe goes to visit EJ at the station. Rafe asks if he thinks the judge will accept Gabi's plea. Rafe believes Gabi did the world a favor. EJ thinks the deal may go through. Rafe questions the best case scenario being Gabi getting 10-20 years in prison. Gabi comes in and hugs Rafe.

Kate tells Jordan that they were having a private conversation. Jordan says they were quite loud and people were staring. Sami decides she will go. Sami warns Kate about the last time things went south with her and Stefano. Kate compares it to her and EJ. Sami walks away. Jordan stops Kate and asks what she said to Sami about her.

Victor goes to Will and Sonny's. He tells Will that he heard about Gabi's case and offers to do anything he can. Will mentions Sonny telling him that Victor offered to help. Victor comments on what Will was willing to do to protect Sonny and how he's lucky. Sonny comes in and hugs Victor, saying he's lucky to have him.

Gabi tells Rafe about talking to their mom today and she could barely talk. Gabi cries and says she doesn't know how she would get through this day without him. Rafe says he needs to know that this is definitely what she wants to do. Gabi states that she is guilty so she has to pay for all that she did. Rafe says he understands and she always has his support. Gabi just wants to get it over with. Gabi asks EJ if everything will be settled this morning. EJ says the judge has final say but he doesn't see any problems unless Nick's family objects.

Julie calls the plea deal a joke and questions Nick's family knowing about it. Hope mentions not hearing from them so she assumes they are okay with it. Julie has a problem and doesn't think Gabi will be put away long enough. Julie argues that it's anything but justice.

Theresa tells Brady that the tattoo is temporary so it will wash off. Brady is bothered by not remembering what he did. Theresa offers him breakfast but he's not hungry. Theresa offers him some cocaine instead.

Kate tells Jordan that they wouldn't waste time talking about her. Jordan questions Sami suddenly having animosity towards her. Kate says Sami feels that way about everyone eventually. Jordan questions it coming after Kate accused her of misleading Rafe. Kate brings up her fake IDs and says she didn't share anything with Sami. Jordan wonders why Sami is so angry with her. Kate says when she has the proof to expose her, everyone will hate her including Rafe so she doesn't know why she would stick around for that.

Will talks about Arianna still sleeping. Sonny tells Victor about how Arianna kept waking up for her mom. Victor talks about how difficult it will be for them. Victor talks about Brady's mom dying when he was a baby. Will says Gabi will still see her. Victor exits. Will wants to support Gabi in person. Sonny assures him that she will be okay.

Gabi worries about someone in Nick's family objecting and getting her life in prison. EJ notes it is a possibility. Rafe asks if any of the Hortons are coming. EJ says his parents and grandparents chose not to come but they don't know if Hope, Maggie, or another relative will decide to weigh in. Gabi asks EJ if she will be able to see Arianna before she goes to prison. EJ thinks the judge will allow it and if not, he will fight it. Gabi thanks him and doesn't know how to say goodbye.

Julie questions Hope about the plea deal. Hope tells her that the DA, governor, and mayor were concerned about bad publicity and don't want a trial dragging on. Julie complains that they are acting like Nick deserved it. Ben interrupts and talks about how Nick was a maniac that attacked Abigail. Julie doesn't want his opinion and Hope sends him away. Julie complains about everyone pouring it on Nick. Hope says Nick made a lot of people angry. Julie questions whose side she is on. Hope tells her that she is devastated but they can't pretend Nick was innocent in all of this. Hope doesn't see how a long trial will help anyone. Julie disagrees. Hope says she has to get going to the court. Julie says she will be there and she doesn't care what anybody else thinks. Julie states that she will make sure Nick gets the justice he deserves.

Brady tells Theresa that he needs a shower and he can't party like that every night. Theresa says she understands and doesn't care what they do as long as they are together. Brady goes to shower. Theresa declares there's no way he's ending his love affair with this. Victor then arrives, asking where Brady is.

Jordan goes to the club and orders a tea from Ben. He asks her what's wrong. She says she's just worried about Rafe when Gabi's hearing is this morning. Ben asks why she isn't with him. Jordan says she's not sure he wants her there.

Sami goes to see Will and Sonny. Will talks about Gabi's hearing starting and Sonny talks about preparing to take Arianna. Sami tells them that EJ will make sure Gabi gets to see Arianna. Will talks about Gabi being gone for ten years and not being able to raise her child. Sami says they will make sure Arianna wants for nothing. Will worries that the judge might not accept the plea, sending Gabi to prison for life.

Rafe and EJ bring Gabi to the court and talk with Hope. EJ thinks the plea will go as planned but Julie arrives and says not if she has anything to say about it. Julie says that Gabi took Nick's future away from him so she's here to do the same to her.

Theresa tells Victor that Brady is in the shower. Victor walks in. Victor tells her to get Brady out there. Theresa questions him insulting her and ordering her around in her home. Victor compares her to her mother and says she knows what she's up to. Brady comes out and tells him to stop.

Hope tells Julie that this isn't the time or place. Julie says she will have her say in the court room and she will convinced that Gabi doesn't deserve to get away for murder. Rafe argues that Gabi is taking full responsibility for her actions. EJ pulls Hope aside and questions her. Gabi questions Julie about ten years away from her baby not being enough. Rafe compares it to Nick's time in prison for killing a man. Julie argues against it and says Gabi knew exactly what she was doing. Julie wants the world to know how much love Nick had and how many people loved him. Julie declares that she will make sure they get justice.

Jordan talks to Ben about how upset Rafe was and how he wanted to be alone. Ben asks if that's what he really needs. Ben tells her to do something about it since they are in love. Ben tells her not to second guess herself. Jordan says she knows they are both sick of that. Ben says they finally have a chance at a normal life and tells her not to blow it. Jordan thanks him for the talk. Ben wishes her luck as she exits.

EJ steps aside with Gabi. Gabi worries about Julie doing all it takes to make the judge turn down the agreement. Gabi worries about everything coming out and going to prison for life. They are called in to see the judge. Hope stops Julie and tells her to think carefully about what she's planning on doing. Julie says they let Nick down when he was alive but she's not going to now. Julie's phone rings and Hope suggests she answer it.

Will wonders why they haven't heard anything when it should be done by now. Sonny suggests a delay. Will gets a call from Rafe and says they will bring Arianna over right now. Sonny asks what was said and Sami asks if the judge accepted the plea.

EJ, Rafe, and Gabi come out of the court room. Rafe asks if Gabi is okay. Hope comes out with Julie. Gabi approaches and thanks Julie, saying she doesn't know how grateful she is. Julie tells her not to thank her as Nick's parents and grandparents are generous people and felt to call her to say they didn't want to see an extended trial or Nick's name dragged through the mud again. Gabi apologizes. Julie tells her that sorry doesn't cut it. Julie knows Nick was far from perfect but she treated her like family because she thought Gabi loved him. Julie now hopes she serves every minute of her 20 years and develops some empathy for what Nick went through. Julie exits with Hope. EJ assures Gabi that it won't be anywhere near that long. Gabi comments that it still feels like forever. Gabi asks Rafe about seeing Arianna. Rafe tells her that she's on her way.

Brady tells Theresa that she's out of shampoo and sends her to go get some. Theresa kisses him goodbye and exits. Brady questions what Victor is thinking. Victor mocks his tattoo. Brady asks what he's doing here. Victor says he needed him and asked around then John said he'd be here. Victor questions Brady missing a whole day of work. Brady says he always gets the job done but just had a rough day. Victor says he should talk to Rafe about a rough day. Brady says he left him a message. Victor says Rafe is the only friend he has left and a message shouldn't be enough. Victor asks about Maggie and how he's barely been there while Maggie's nephew was murdered. Brady says he had a lot on his plate. Victor tells him to stop making excuses or he'll disown him. Brady asks how many times he disowned Phillip. Brady tells him to go. Victor tells him to make some changes now or he'll kick him out on his drunken ass as he then exits.

Gabi talks to Rafe at the station and says she can't talk to their mom right now. Rafe agrees to tell her. Gabi worries about how she will react. Rafe thinks she should be ashamed of him because he let their sister Arianna down and now her. Gabi says he's not to blame as he's more than just a big brother, but the dad she never had. Gabi talks about all Rafe gave up so she could have a good life. Rafe talks about how important she is to him. Gabi cries that she will miss him so much as she hugs him. Will and Sonny arrive with Arianna. Gabi holds her and cries.

Victor goes to the club. Ben jokes about knowing his favorite coffee thanks to Sonny. Victor turns around to see Kate seated. Victor says she has some explaining to do as he heard she was out of town with Stefano. Victor questions if she completely lost her mind.

Gabi sits with Arianna and talks about how hard it will be to say goodbye. Gabi says she will have a wonderful life. Will insists that she will be a part of it again soon. Gabi hopes not to serve the whole sentence. Gabi talks about not being there for her but she will miss her every second. Will assures that they will talk about her every day and she will know all about her. Sonny adds that they will send photos and videos and will come see her so much. Will tells Gabi that she will always be a part of Arianna's life. Gabi says she loves her so much and calls her an angel and miracle.

Sami goes to the court room and thanks EJ as no one could've gotten a better deal. EJ is glad that Julie kept her mouth shut which surprises Sami. EJ says Gabi is lucky it didn't go to trial. Jordan shows up looking for Rafe. EJ tells her that he's with Gabi. Jordan goes on and finds him. Jordan says she thought he could use the support. Rafe thanks her and she hugs him.

Gabi tells Arianna that she has to go away soon but that she will be surrounded by people who love her. Gabi jokes with them about singing to Arianna. Gabi praises Sonny. Sonny thanks Gabi for bringing Arianna into his life and says Gabi is his family just as much as Arianna. Gabi tells Will that she believes he was meant to be a part of her life. Gabi cries that Will became her best friend and they've gone through everything together and she's going to miss him so much. Gabi says she will miss all of them. Will says he will too and jokes with her that she's stuck with them always. An officer comes in and announces that it's time.

Kate questions Victor spying on her. Victor informs her that he was keeping tabs on Stefano not her. Victor questions if she's fallen for him again. Kate says she hasn't but it wouldn't be any of his business. Victor notes that she is his employee and being with his competitor is not good business. Victor warns her to measure her next move carefully or she may find herself out of a job.

Theresa returns home and asks about Victor. Brady says he left. Theresa offers to join him in the shower. Brady says he has to go to work. Theresa decides she should too. Brady then says before he goes, he thinks they should do another hit. Theresa agrees and gives him the cocaine.

Will and Sonny walk through with Arianna. Sami asks how they are holding up. Will says they are okay and Gabi is trying to be so brave. Gabi is brought in for transfer. Gabi thanks EJ and Sami for their support. Sami hugs her. Gabi tells Jordan to remember what she promised her. Jordan says she won't forget. Gabi tells Rafe that Jordan will take care of him. Gabi tells Rafe not to be sad because she will use this time to become a better person that he can be proud of. Rafe says he already is proud of her and hugs her as she cries. Gabi tells Arianna that it's goodbye for now and tells her how much she loves her. Gabi cries and Hope escorts her out. Gabi gives one final look back at everyone before leaving.

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