Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/11/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/11/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan visits Gabi. She thanks her for coming. Jordan asks why she had Abe call her and not Rafe.

T works at the club where Rafe is seated. Rafe turns down making an order as EJ then arrives to meet with him. EJ wants to keep him in the loop on Gabi's case and shows him the plea deal.

JJ and Paige continue kissing until Paige's phone rings. She gets up and answers the call from her mom, who informs her that she is home so JJ starts rushing to get dressed.

Sami catches up with Marlena outside the Pub.

Nicole tells Eric that she heard him and knows what he wants but she won't do it. Nicole declares that she's not taking the ring off ever. Eric says it won't mean anything anymore. Nicole asks him to listen as he doesn't know the whole story as Marlena and Sami enter. Marlena questions what story.

Daniel repeats to Jennifer that Nicole was going to have one last chance to tell Eric and he would've been there to tell him himself if she didn't. Daniel asks if she believes him. Jennifer says she believes he's a kind, amazing, and caring man that she loves with all her heart. Daniel points out that she's not answering his question.

Nicole tells Marlena that she's not a part of their private conversation. Sami says they are now. Marlena thought they were supposed to be gone by now. Sami is confused. Eric informs her that they were going to elope but now they are not.

Jennifer sits with Daniel and talks about it being a long, hard day so she just wants to be with him to remind herself how lucky they are. Jennifer doesn't think they need to talk about this right now and asks if it can wait but Daniel doesn't think it can.

Paige thought her mom wasn't coming home and then she says she is coming home this week. JJ is relieved and Paige tells her mom that she's not doing anything and nothing is going on which confuses JJ.

Gabi tells Jordan that she doesn't want this to change how she feels about Rafe.

Rafe asks EJ what the bottom line is here. EJ says Gabi's sentence would be 10-20 years if she accepts the deal. EJ calls it generous which Rafe questions. EJ points out that it's murder one. Rafe argues that Gabi was psychologically abused by Nick and questions Arianna being taken away from her for ten years. EJ warns that if it goes to trial, Gabi's confession in Melanie's kidnapping would have to come out as well as the explosions. Rafe understands. EJ assures him that he worked hard to get the best deal they could. EJ says the judge will see it tomorrow if there are no objections and Gabi signs it. Rafe assumes that's what EJ wanted from him.

Nicole says this is private. Sami questions the plan to elope and telling Marlena but not her. Nicole tells her it's not about her. Sami asks why it was cancelled. Marlena asks if Eric is alright. Eric says they just have a lot to figure out. Marlena asks if the wedding is off altogether.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he loves her and how he couldn't imagine life without her. Daniel says this is about them and what they mean to each other. Daniel says him not being honest before was what came between them but he knows she would never lie to him. Daniel asks her if she doesn't think he would've been honest with Eric if Nicole never told him.

JJ questions Paige not mentioning that her mom was out of town. Paige thinks it's no big deal. JJ asks more about it. Paige explains that her mom hasn't come to Salem yet as she sent her on her own. Paige mentions it being her cousin's house. JJ points out Paige going out of her way to make her mom think she was alone tonight. JJ asks if Paige has even told her mom about him.

Jordan tells Gabi that she would never judge her or Rafe. Jordan knows Nick made her life Hell. Gabi says it doesn't justify what she did. Gabi says she has to pay but Rafe shouldn't have to. Gabi knows it's killing him. She cries about Rafe being the big brother everyone wishes they had. Jordan assures her that he would do anything for her. Gabi cries about not wanting Rafe to be alone and she's so grateful that he has someone like Jordan in his life.

EJ tells Rafe that he's not asking him to twist Gabi's arm if he doesn't think the deal is good. Rafe says he will support Gabi in whatever she wants. EJ calls him a good brother. Rafe stops to thank EJ and says it's a good deal that's probably better than anyone could've got. EJ adds that he will continue to fight even if Gabi decides to go to trial. EJ believes no child should be deprived of their parent. EJ then exits. T comes back over to Rafe and asks if it would be okay for him to visit Gabi. Rafe says she would appreciate it. T adds that he's sorry about all of it. Rafe says he is too.

Eric asks Sami not to gloat or smile as this isn't an easy time for him. Eric says he'll tell what happened but he just can't right now. Marlena understands and says they will go while he talks with Nicole. Marlena and Sami exit. Nicole asks Eric to just listen to her. Eric tells her that he's done listening.

Daniel needs to know what Jennifer is thinking so they can put this behind them. Jennifer admits that she believes Eric would have never found out if she didn't tell him the truth herself.

Paige assures JJ that her mom knows they are dating and offers to call her to prove it. JJ says he believes her. Paige then admits she may not have told her everything. JJ assumes she left out the drugs and the trial. Paige wants her mom to meet him first and insists that she will love him because he's one in a million.

Gabi asks Jordan to promise to look out for Rafe and e-mail her updates. Jordan agrees to do her best but admits she doesn't know where things are going. Gabi thinks she does know. Jordan promises to do everything she can to see that Rafe is happy as they hug.

Marlena and Sami go to the town square. Marlena brings up Sami's glee. Sami calls it good news. Marlena points out that Eric is hurting and she's worried about him. Marlena thinks Sami is hoping she'll be distracted by Eric's troubles but she won't forget what she did to Nick at the river. Sami tries to talk but Marlena says she has patients to see. Marlena tells Sami that running away from your troubles never works as she then exits.

Eric tells Nicole they are done but Nicole says they aren't and stops him. Nicole wants to figure things out and fix them but Eric says they can't. Nicole questions his forgiveness. Nicole says she's done everything God wanted for so long. Eric asks if she's blaming God for her lies. Nicole says every time she wanted to tell the truth, God had another plan. Eric questions her claiming this as God's will. Nicole says she was stunned and didn't know what else to do. Eric says they have been through all of this. Nicole brings up Eric defending her in the past. Eric says he didn't know what she had done. Nicole says she believed nothing was more important than their love. Eric says their love was based on a lie. Nicole continues saying God made it so hard for her to tell him. Eric brings up Daniel forcing her hand and then she wanted to elope and how she lied about Daniel being in love with her. Eric questions if that was God's will. Nicole shouts back that she forgave Eric when he accused her of raping him and she cries out why can't he forgive her.

Daniel questions how Jennifer could think that. She points out that he didn't tell Eric and kept giving Nicole chances. Daniel explains that he wanted her to be the one to tell Eric. Jennifer argues that he would've kept giving her chances. Daniel admits Nicole lied to him many times but he made it clear that it wasn't happening anymore. Jennifer says Nicole always finds a way. He asks if she thinks he's that dumb to let her keep manipulating them. Daniel questions her not trusting him to do the right thing. Jennifer says it's not him but Nicole. Daniel shouts that she knows him so she brings up Daniel lying for Nicole before.

Jordan joins Rafe at the club and talks about Gabi. Jordan insists this wasn't his fault but Rafe says he doesn't know that.

EJ joins Sami in the town square and asks if she's alright. Sami says she was just thinking about Eric. EJ asks if something happened. Sami calls it amazing news that he broke up with Nicole. EJ calls it fast and wonders why. Sami says she has no idea but is just happy that the wedding is off unlike theirs despite everyone saying they wouldn't last. EJ tells Sami about running into Kate earlier and how Kate was out of town with Stefano.

Nicole brings up Eric accusing her of rape and calls it violent and painful. Nicole says it killed her to know he thought that of her. Nicole recalls him begging for her forgiveness and she didn't think she could but he kept telling her that God loves her. Nicole says he inspired her to be a good person so she found it in her heart to forgive him. Nicole says she forgave him because she knew he needed it the same way she needs it now.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he did lie for Nicole when she was pregnant to protect her from EJ. Jennifer points out that not being the only time. She says she knows he was trying to help Eric and understands he wanted Nicole to tell him. Jennifer calls it a pattern that he doesn't like to lie but he will for a good enough reason. Jennifer complains that Nicole manipulating him is another pattern. Jennifer says they wanted to believe Nicole changed but she won't. Jennifer doesn't think Daniel realizes the hold Nicole has on her. Daniel questions what she is saying. Daniel asks if she really thinks he is in love with Nicole.

Paige tells JJ that she had a really great time tonight but things went a little faster than she's used to. She says she really wants to take it slow and hopes he understands. She adds that she's not sure she can trust herself. She repeats that she had a really great time and she's okay if this is where it ends. They hug as Paige comments on feeling lucky. They kiss goodbye and JJ exits.

Jordan asks how Rafe could think it's his fault. Rafe says Gabi warned him not to go after Nick. Jordan assures him that he couldn't get Nick to back off. Jordan mentions Ben hating Nick after just two meetings. Rafe asks what happened. Jordan talks about Nick giving Abigail a hard time and Ben wanting to help her. Jordan suggests maybe Nick wanted someone to put him out of his misery. Jordan tells him not to dwell on something he can't change. She tells him that he's coming with her.

Sami questions what Kate is up to and hopes she's not getting back with Stefano. EJ doesn't know. Sami wants to find out and doesn't want Kate living with them. EJ informs her that Kate talked to Stefano about them as she was upset about Sami throwing her under the bus. EJ adds that Kate will try to turn Stefano against the wedding. Sami says no way in Hell and declares that she's going to kill her.

Nicole tells Eric that she never wanted to hurt him and just wanted to remind him of who he is and everything he taught her. She knows she betrayed his trust and their love but she says he did the same thing to her and they got past it so now they are in the same place with the roles reversed. Nicole asks if it's too much to hear those three words. Eric turns and tells Nicole that he forgives her.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she doesn't think he's in love with Nicole. Daniel says the conclusion is that he's amoral then. Daniel talks about Eric's loss and how Jennifer thought he would let him believe the lie because he's susceptible to Nicole's lies. Daniel questions Jennifer thinking he would've picked protecting Nicole over telling Eric the truth. Jennifer says that's what he did. Daniel says he did for two days because he wanted Nicole to come clean. Jennifer points out that she didn't. Daniel says it would've been up to him so if she didn't do it first, he would've done it. Daniel questions her not knowing that. Jennifer guesses they will never know now.

T finishes visiting with Gabi. She thanks him for coming. T says he'll be back. Gabi calls it a crazy year but she'll have time to think about how she should've done things differently like with him. She calls him adorable and says things were going to work out for them before Nick showed up. She wishes she would've told him how she felt. They hug before he leaves.

Jordan asks Rafe to come home with her so she can try and make things better. Rafe says he can't. Jordan didn't mean to upset him. Rafe says things are just too messed up right now so he thinks he needs to be alone right now. Jordan decides she'll see him tomorrow then and she exits.

EJ sits with Sami and warns her to never says she's going to kill someone in public. Sami calls it a figure of speech and questions Kate. Sami doesn't think Stefano will stop their wedding. EJ tells her to forget about Kate and he'll promise she won't have to worry about Stefano because nothing is going to stop this wedding.

Nicole asks Eric if he forgives her. Eric says he's been struggling with this knowing what he needs to do. Eric says he can forgive as it's what God demands of him but forgetting what she did is entirely different. Eric declares that he can forgive but will never forget as he then exits the Pub, leaving Nicole crying.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she loves him and this has nothing to do with how she feels about them. Daniel knows she's being honest and that's important so now he's going to be honest. Daniel thought she knew him so well but now he's not so sure she knows him at all which means he doesn't really know her either. Jennifer tries to talk but Daniel says he has to go. She tries to stop him but Daniel exits, leaving Jennifer calling out to him.

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