Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/10/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/10/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Julie returns and goes to see Hope at her office. Hope asks about her getting back. Julie talks about Nick's family still being in shock. Julie questions when Hope was planning to tell her that Gabi murdered Nick.

Sami rushes through the town square to meet with Kate. Kate questions Sami wanting to meet and being late. Sami wants an update on her visiting Gabi. Kate brings up getting updated on everything else. They agree to talk elsewhere.

EJ visits Gabi and tells her about a plea deal that they can present to the judge soon. Gabi asks how long she'll stay in prison.

Cole tries to run from JJ but JJ grabs him. Cole punches him. JJ punches him back. Paige rushes out to stop the fight. Cole shoves JJ back against the brick wall and JJ collapses to the ground causing Paige to worry. Paige checks on JJ. JJ gets back up and knocks Cole down with a punch while Paige tries to convince him to let it go.

Eric tells Jennifer that he's just having a hard time. She understands and invites him in. Eric tells her that he spoke to Nicole and saw Daniel. Jennifer asks how it went. Eric says he might not know anything at all if not for her but now he knows everything and he just wanted to see her in person. Jennifer tells him that he needed to know the truth but she's sorry for everything especially Nicole breaking his heart.

Daniel opens his door to see Nicole. Nicole starts slapping him until he grabs her arms to stop her. Nicole calls him a son of a bitch and shouts that she should've killed him when she had the chance.

Julie talks about Nick's love for Gabi. Hope stops her and says Gabi wanted no part of Nick's fantasy. Hope tells her that Nick had a lot of them fooled about a lot of things. Julie tells her not to blame Nick too much. Julie wants to see Gabi but Hope says no. Julie insists that she wants to talk to her.

Kate and Sami walk out of the town square. They talk about Gabi not telling the DA about the night at the river. Kate mentions Gabi promising not to talk about it. Sami reveals that Gabi lied because she told Marlena as Marlena then approaches.

Gabi tells EJ that she thought she would be locked up forever. EJ brings up the possibility of parole. Gabi asks if she should take the deal.

Paige stops JJ from going after Cole. Cole runs away. Paige tells him that it's over so he should let it go. JJ wants to find him but Paige tells him no. Paige offers to call the police but JJ says no.

Eric shows Jennifer the evidence papers that Daniel gave him and explains how Liam was using them. Eric talks about wanting to be cleared and needing the evidence but Nicole destroyed it. Eric questions how she could do that. Eric slams the papers down, saying that Nicole swore she loved him.

Nicole cries that Daniel ruined her life and swears she could kill him. Daniel holds her trying to calm her down as Nicole cries that he wrecked everything. Daniel tries to tell her it's okay as she cries. She turns to him and asks why he destroyed her life when all she wanted was to be happy. Nicole says it's hard to believe that she felt guilty for shooting him. Nicole tells Daniel that she hates him. She talks about never trusting anyone except Daniel and she thought he was her friend. She says she let down her guard because she knew he cared and wouldn't hurt her.

Eric tells Jennifer that he wasn't the only victim as the church was too. Jennifer tells him that he can now prove himself. Eric talks about the publicity causing the church a lot of pain and now he hopes to restore the reputations. Jennifer asks Eric if he will go back to the priesthood.

EJ tells Gabi that the plea deal is not the only option as it could go to trial. Gabi wonders if she could avoid prison with a good case. EJ warns her that the prosecution will work against her. Gabi brings up the night at the river. EJ says they wouldn't find out about that but they would about Andrew. EJ brings up the possibility of Chad and Melanie having to testify. Gabi worries that they would blame her for the explosion in the tunnels. EJ says that's the risk. EJ tells her the plea deal is a good deal. EJ tells her to take her time, read it, and think about it. EJ says until she signs, the DA can change any part. Hope enters and announces Gabi has a visitor, Julie. EJ stands and says absolutely not.

Marlena stands behind Kate and Sami, listening in. Kate asks Sami how Marlena got involved. Sami talks about Hope bringing her in. They talk about Marlena being unable to say anything about it. Kate doesn't think it matters since Nick is dead and everyone knows who killed him. Sami worries about Marlena still knowing that they tried to cover up a murder. Kate agrees it's a problem and then they notice Marlena behind them. They greet her. Kate claims she was going to call and check on her. Sami and Kate talk about Marlena's look. Marlena talks about Kate making jokes when things are serious. Marlena asks if pushing Nick's body in the river amused her. Sami says she should know it wasn't funny at all. Kate says they tried to take care of Gabi in a horrible situation and asks Marlena what her problem is. Marlena responds that her problem is that Kate doesn't do anything to help others so she must have had another motive. Marlena believes Kate convinced Gabi to do something stupid and unthinkable. Sami argues that Marlena would've done the same. Marlena questions it. Kate brings up that Marlena is the one who showed the video of Eric having sex with Kristen to the church and questions who is the one with bad judgment.

EJ argues against Julie visiting Gabi but Gabi agrees to see her. Hope goes to get her. Gabi tells EJ that Julie must be in so much pain so she can't keep hiding from the people she has hurt. EJ notes that Julie was one of the few who loved Nick. Julie enters and quickly says she can't do this if EJ is in the room.

JJ tells Paige no cops because he can't do that to his mom again. JJ tells her that he and Cole go way back and it's all bad so he doesn't want his family even knowing he saw him. Paige thinks they need to get JJ to the hospital but JJ says he's fine. They walk off together.

Daniel tells Nicole that he's been a friend to her in every way but that doesn't mean he would refuse to do what was right and had to be done. Daniel says he gave her chances but she didn't tell Eric. Daniel adds that he can't understand why since she knew it would blow up in her face. Nicole says she didn't get a chance to because Jennifer beat her to it.

Eric tells Jennifer that he doesn't want to get into it as he doesn't know if it's possible and it's so much to absorb. Jennifer understands. Eric is glad he finally knows the truth and will always be grateful that she made sure he found out. Jennifer says she did what she had to do. Jennifer asks about him and Nicole.

Marlena questions Kate bringing that up. Sami says she does have a point. Marlena argues that she and Victor were trying to protect Eric from Kristen. Kate argues that they were trying to protect Gabi from Nick. Sami claims it was Kate's idea to drag the body to the river and not to call the police. Kate points out Sami proclaiming Nick dead. Marlena can't believe them. Marlena asks to speak to Sami alone. Kate threatens to make sure Marlena loses her license if she says a word about this. Kate walks away. Sami tells Marlena not to start with her because she knows what she is going to say.

Gabi tells EJ that it's something she needs to do and she'll be okay. EJ makes sure that Hope will stay in the room and this will be off the record. EJ exits. Gabi says she knows how Julie must feel but Julie says she doesn't know anything. Julie tells Gabi not to tell her what she feels. Gabi knows she must hate her and she doesn't blame her.

Eric tells Jennifer that he can't answer that or any questions about anything. Jennifer gets it. Eric says telling the truth must not have been easy for her either. Jennifer admits that Nicole had been really good to her and they worked really hard to be friends. Jennifer talks about Nicole not trusting and feeling attacked. Jennifer admits that what she did was a direct attack.

Daniel tells Nicole that he heard Jennifer told Eric the truth and questions why it's important since Eric had to be told. Daniel argues that eloping wouldn't have changed it because he would've tracked Eric down to tell him. Daniel tells Nicole that he made it clear. Nicole continues to blame Jennifer and says she didn't think Daniel would've told Eric. Daniel says he made it clear that it was going to happen. Nicole suggests Jennifer thinks he's a coward. Nicole says it doesn't matter as it's over. She thought Daniel was her only true friend but he wasn't. Nicole declares that Daniel and Jennifer are both dead to her. She adds that she's not giving up, this isn't over, and she's going to be happy as she then storms out.

EJ goes to the club where Kate is. EJ sits with her and asks about her business trip. Kate talks up Mad World. EJ tells her to stop playing games as they know she went to see Stefano.

Sami tells Marlena that she knows they are going to talk about her screwing up again and everything she screwed up in the past. Sami brings up Austin and Lucas. Marlena says she wasn't going to do that. Sami complains about her life. Marlena asks if it's still her fault.

Julie tells Gabi that she just got back from taking Nick's body to his family and asks if she has any idea how that felt. Julie questions if she has nothing to say or if she has any concept as to what she's done to their lives. Gabi thinks she has an idea because she's a mother. Julie tells her that Nick loved her and she saw how much Gabi cared. Julie asks her why she killed him. Gabi doesn't know if she could explain it all. Gabi says all she can say is that she couldn't take it anymore.

Cole meets with Bev in the park and tells her that Paige caught him. Bev questions him about the plan. Cole tells her to give him a break as it just didn't work. Cole tells her that it will work next time and guarantees it will happen. Bev tells him that there won't be a next time and calls him a loser then walks off.

Paige brings JJ to her place to take care of him even though JJ insists he's fine.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's. She hugs him and talks about wanting to see him. Daniel says he missed her so much. Jennifer apologizes for not getting to warn him about talking to Eric. Jennifer knows he understands why she did it. Daniel thinks he's figured it out since she knew he was in surgery and she decided to help out. Jennifer informs him that she didn't know he got called in but she heard he and Nicole arguing. Daniel questions her telling Eric. Jennifer says it was because she felt he deserved to know the truth.

Eric finishes a call with Caroline, telling her that the party is cancelled so she can go ahead and take the night off. Eric heads on in to the closed Pub and takes a seat to look over the papers again. Nicole then enters.

EJ questions Kate's resolve to hate Stefano and never let him back into her life. Kate asks who says she is. EJ doesn't believe her. Kate mocks EJ and Sami being on again, off again. EJ asks if that means Stefano is back in her life. Kate admits they talked about EJ and Sami. Kate says Stefano is all for the wedding but wants it postponed while she thinks EJ should cancel the wedding since she thinks bringing Sami back into the DiMera household would be a big mistake.

Sami apologizes for lashing out. Marlena understands and talks about her regrets. Sami knows she is always out for the best. Sami tries to explain that she and Kate were trying to protect Gabi and help Will.

Julie asks what Gabi couldn't take when Nick just loved her and had dreams for them. Gabi doesn't expect her to understand. Julie says Nick worshiped her. Gabi says he just worshiped the idea he had. Gabi says Nick owned her and would tighten his grip on her life. Julie asks why she didn't tell him to back off. Gabi says that would've set him off. She complains that Nick was trying to take Arianna away from Will. Julie questions Gabi murdering him. Gabi apologizes and cries that she knows what she did was wrong and can't change it. Gabi knows Julie loved him and repeats that she's very sorry. Julie responds that she hopes Gabi hates herself for the rest of her life. Julie then exits with Hope.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he was absolutely prepared to make Nicole tell Eric the truth. Jennifer says she knows Daniel is so kind and understanding but feels she knows Nicole better and doesn't think she would've ever told Eric. Daniel argues that she would've had to but Jennifer brings up Nicole's lies. Jennifer argues that Nicole twists things and convinces people and how she would've tricked Eric. Daniel insists that he would've got to Eric but Jennifer believes Nicole would've kept Eric in the dark forever. Daniel disagrees.

Nicole approaches Eric and says there's still so much that they need to talk about and she needed to see him. Eric says they won't have any long conversation about anything. Eric doesn't want to hear any more excuses or lies. Eric says there is one thing that needs to be said about the engagement ring that she's still wearing. Eric tells her that he doesn't want it back. Nicole asks what it means. Eric doesn't want to see the ring again so he asks her to take it off.

Hope brings Julie back to her office. Julie asks if Hope believes Gabi. Hope believes Nick didn't deserve to die. Hope says Nick had a lot of emotional problems and was making life Hell for a lot of people including those who cared about him. Julie questions a lot of people wanting him dead. Julie tells Hope that it's wrong and she doesn't care because Nick was sorry and deserved a second chance but Gabi saw to it that he didn't get one. Julie adds that Gabi doesn't deserve to get one either.

EJ questions Kate's 180 on Sami as he thought they were getting along. Kate tells him that Marlena happened and Gabi told her the river story. EJ questions Marlena knowing what happened. Kate explains that Marlena did a psych evaluation off the record with Gabi. Kate tells EJ that Sami threw her under the bus because she only cares about herself. Kate thinks EJ should keep that in mind. Kate then exits.

Marlena wishes Sami came to her with this. Sami questions how she can come to her with anything when she judges and condemns her. Marlena walks away so Sami goes after her.

Paige checks on JJ and he tells her that he's fine. Paige convinces him to stay and they kiss. They stop and Paige removes JJ's shirt as they then continue kissing.

Bev comes back to Cole and apologizes for calling him a loser. Cole says it fits. Bev talks about the plan and says she has another shot as there has to be a way to break them up.

Daniel repeats to Jennifer that Nicole was going to have one last chance to tell Eric and he would've been there to tell him himself if she didn't. Daniel asks if she believes him.

Nicole tells Eric that she heard him and knows what he wants but she won't do it. Nicole declares that she's not taking the ring off ever.

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