Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/9/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/9/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate sits at the Pub with Will. Will tells her that this isn't about her but about Gabi.

Abigail enters. Gabi asks her not to say anything until she knows the truth. Abigail says she knows that she confessed and knows Nick was family but Gabi is her friend. Gabi disagrees and says that she was never her friend.

Paige suddenly recognizes Ben and remembers that Ben used to live in Miami. Ben says she must have him confused with someone else. Paige insists that he worked at a diner and asks if he doesn't remember.

Daniel texts Rafe that he heard about Gabi and to call him if he needs to talk. Daniel says he has to check in with Nicole but decides to wait a minute and then there's a knock at the door. Daniel gets up to answer it and it's Eric.

Jennifer comes down the stairs on the phone with Maxine, who tells her that Daniel is on his way home. Jennifer says she'll head to his place. She opens the door to leave but Nicole appears. Jennifer says she has to go but Nicole tells her that she's staying right there.

Ben tells Paige that she must have him mixed up with someone else. Paige calls it strange. JJ and Sonny joke about a long lost twin. Ben goes along with it.

Bev meets with Cole outside the town square. She asks about him being let out. Ben says he is broke and asks for her help. Bev says she will need a favor first. Bev brings up Paige. Cole talks about liking her body. Bev says Paige is a total bitch and is now hanging out with JJ. Bev brings up that JJ didn't go to jail while Cole did. Bev asks Cole to drop some joints in to Paige's purse. Cole agrees to it and Bev says she will take it from there.

Eric apologizes to Daniel for not calling first. Daniel says it's no problem and invites him in. Eric asks about the evidence to clear his name. Daniel says it could be what he'd been looking for. Daniel apologizes for what Nicole did to him. Eric replies that he didn't come to talk about Nicole and asks to see the papers.

Jennifer realizes Nicole is upset and understands she has something to say but says it needs to wait so she can get to Daniel's to meet up with Rafe and find out about Gabi. Nicole yells at her that she's not going anywhere as she hates her and will never forgive her.

Kate asks Will about Gabi. Will says she's holding up well. Will adds that Gabi never would've let him take the blame and Arianna's the only person on her mind.

Abigail doesn't understand why Gabi said she was never her friend. Gabi says she wanted to be her friend. Gabi reveals to Abigail that she hired Andrew, who kidnapped Melanie. Abigail is confused. Gabi recalls Abigail being suspicious of her and she admits she wanted Chad so she hired Andrew to be her stalker to make Chad more protective. Gabi tells Abigail that she's not her friend because she betrayed Melanie and her.

JJ says they have to go. JJ repeats to Sonny to call any time if he needs anything. Sonny agrees. Paige says the same. Sonny thanks her. Paige apologizes to Ben for the mix-up. JJ and Paige exit.

Cole questions why he should help Bev get JJ when he hates JJ. Bev says she hates Paige and wants to get even. Bev points out that Cole needs the cash. Bev says they'll trade. She gives him half the money now. Cole questions how he's supposed to get the joints into her purse. Bev says she will do the thinking.

Paige tells JJ that she just remembered the guy in Florida was named Kevin. JJ then gets a text from Bev, asking to meet up.

Eric tells Daniel that he's truly sorry because Daniel has been an amazing friend every step of the way. Eric says he's not blaming him. Eric notes that he was angry and harsh with him at the town square. Daniel understands that Nicole set them up. Eric feels he should've trusted him. Daniel tells him that there's no need to apologize as he at least knows the truth now. Eric declares that he now understands everything.

Nicole argues that Jennifer had no right and questions how she could do that. Jennifer questions her barging in to her home. Nicole complains that she and Eric lost everything because of her. Jennifer argues that Nicole brought all her problems on her own. Nicole says she was dealing with them but it wasn't enough for Jennifer. Jennifer shouts that Eric is her friend. Nicole says Eric is the love of her life. Jennifer says Kristen almost destroyed Eric's life. Nicole replies that Jennifer finished that job today. Jennifer says Eric lost his vocation because Kristen hated Marlena. Nicole argues that all Eric needed was her and her love. Jennifer accuses her of lying. Nicole says she just didn't want Eric to see the papers right away. Nicole says she's not lying about her love. Jennifer talks about Nicole making Eric suffer for months. Nicole claims that she would've told Eric in her own way but Jennifer doesn't believe her. Jennifer declares that if not for her, Eric would've never known the truth.

Gabi tells Abigail that she didn't know Andrew was crazy or about the kidnapping. Gabi says she should've paid for what she did then she would've never been in this position. Abigail realizes that Nick knew about this and was holding it over her. Gabi cries that Nick talked about sending her to prison. Gabi repeats that she should've paid for what she did. Abigail asks if Melanie knows. Gabi admits that's part of the reason she left Salem. Abigail questions Gabi holding this inside all this time. The cop comes in and notes that the court is getting ready. Gabi apologizes to Abigail and says she deserved to know the truth as she hurries out. Abigail breaks down crying.

JJ and Paige walk through the town square where Bev approaches. Bev says she's glad to see them together. JJ talks about being at Sonny and Will's, seeing Arianna. Bev brings up the STD test report. JJ says it's cool. Bev mentions making it clear that JJ had nothing to do with it. Bev is glad everything is okay. Bev asks JJ if he could help her study for her physics test. JJ looks to Paige and she okays it. JJ agrees to study with Bev for an hour. Paige says they'll meet at the club in an hour. Bev texts Cole to go to the club. She thanks Paige and says she won't keep JJ long.

Will talks to Kate about Arianna growing up without a mother. Kate says it's sad but she'll survive. Will says he and Sonny will make sure of it and they will visit Gabi at every chance. Will worries that Arianna will never know her mother like other kids. Kate stops him.

Paige goes to the club and finds a friend named Cece. Paige mentions meeting JJ there while Cole sits nearby.

Daniel shows Eric the evidence papers and explains how Liam put it back together to blackmail Nicole. Eric thanks him and is glad someone thought he had the right to know.

Jennifer says she knew she was going to try to get Eric out of town and maybe never came back. Nicole insists she would've told him. Jennifer says she would have had to eventually but they would already be married and Eric could never be a priest again. Nicole questions what is the matter with her as she thought she understood. Nicole says Daniel gave her no choice to tell Eric. Jennifer says she doesn't know that at all.

Paige talks about her excitement. Cole walks by and bumps into her and spills his drink on her. Paige goes to the restroom to clean off. Cole asks Cece to go help Paige so she does. Cole stays behind with Paige's purse.

Sonny and Ben sit with Arianna. Sonny talks about Paige thinking she knew him from Florida. Ben claims he gets that a lot. Will comes home and greets them. Sonny asks about Gabi. Will says he did what he could to make her feel better but it's scary as she knows a very long nightmare is ahead of her. Will mentions Abigail showing up and that maybe she'll cheer her up. Ben asks about Abigail. Will says it's hard on the whole family but they will get through it. Ben gives them his best and says Arianna is lucky to have them. Ben then exits.

Eric decides he should be alone when he reads the papers. Eric apologizes again to Daniel. Daniel understands Nicole can do a number on people. Eric says maybe some day they can talk it through. Daniel tells Eric to take his time with the papers. Daniel adds that maybe one day he can find a way to forgive Nicole for this. Daniel says at least they both can be glad that Nicole told him the truth. Eric stops and reveals that Nicole wasn't the one who told him the truth.

Nicole continues questioning what's wrong with Jennifer. Nicole insists that Daniel backed her into a corner to tell Eric. Jennifer questions if Nicole really would've told Eric the truth. Jennifer doesn't believe she would've told him. Nicole calls it crazy and repeats that Daniel was going to tell him. Jennifer questions how many chances Nicole had and how many promises she broke. Nicole talks about having no choice. Jennifer talks about Daniel always being so compassionate. Jennifer says Nicole just manipulates Daniel and twists things. Jennifer calls it so sick. Nicole argues with her. Jennifer thinks Nicole would've tried to convince Daniel to never tell Eric. Jennifer complains that Nicole is tearing Daniel apart because he cares about the truth and her very much. Nicole then asks if Jennifer is jealous of her and Daniel.

Ben runs into Abigail at the hospital and mentions talking to Will to check on her. Abigail thanks him. Ben asks her about finding out the truth. Abigail says it turns out Gabi wasn't her friend.

Gabi is let out of court to see a visitor and it's Kate, who she did not expect. Kate knows she's not her favorite person and won't pretend that she's sorry that Nick is dead. Kate says she understands perfectly. Kate says the only thing she's sorry about is that Gabi got caught.

JJ helps Bev study in the town square. Bev thanks him and mentions this time next year being in college. Bev says it's a good thing that Paige will be all the way in California and brings up drugs. JJ questions what she's talking about. Bev tells him that it turns out Paige is more of a party girl than people think. JJ questions her. Bev says it's the word going around. JJ declares they are done and storms off. Bev says they'll see.

Paige returns to find Cole with her purse and questions what he's doing. Cole hides the joints behind his back.

Daniel tells Eric that he doesn't understand. Eric then reveals it was Jennifer who told him. Daniel wonders how that's possible. Eric suggests he talk to her about it. Eric then exits.

Jennifer tells Nicole that it has nothing to do with jealousy. Nicole disagrees and brings up her and Daniel being close for a long time and living together before. Nicole says there was a time they went a lot further and she doesn't think Jennifer has ever gotten over it. Jennifer stops her and says it's not about her. Jennifer says Nicole is always twisting things to make it look like what it's not. Jennifer says it won't work. Jennifer tells Nicole to face reality that she lied to Eric and the truth came out. She tells her that she made her bed and to go lie in it. Nicole then exits.

Ben asks Abigail what's going on since she seems messed up. Ben understands if she doesn't think Gabi is a friend because she killed Nick. Abigail tells him that it's something else. She tells him about going to see Gabi to try and help but it turns out their whole friendship was a lie. Abigail says she obviously didn't know who Gabi was at all.

Gabi tells Kate that the judge said yes to almost everything EJ asked. Kate questions her case being expedited. Gabi talks about EJ's plans for the sentencing hearing. Kate asks about the circumstances. Gabi tells her not to worry as the night at the river won't be mentioned. Kate thanks her. Gabi says she knows Kate and Sami were just trying to help and maybe none of this would've happened if she listened. Kate tells her not to beat herself up because she knows exactly why she did what she did. Kate states that a mother will do anything to protect her children including murder.

Eric sits alone outside the town square reading the files. He shuts them in anger and cries.

Daniel calls Jennifer and says they need to talk. Jennifer agrees and asks him to come over. Daniel says he will be there right away.

Nicole returns to her hotel room, complaining about Jennifer. Nicole slams her bag on the floor and cries that this can't be happening. Nicole repeats it's not going to happen.

Cole hides the joints in his pocket and claims he was looking in her purse for tissues to clean up the mess. She questions him ignoring the napkins and asks what he was trying to do with her purse. Cole tries to explain. Paige questions if he spilled coffee on her on purpose. JJ arrives and asks what Cole is doing there. Cole runs away. Paige explains to JJ what happened. JJ goes outside and pins Cole against the wall, asking where he thought he was going.

Kate tells Gabi that Arianna is going to have a good life. Kate promises to always tell Arianna how much her mother loves her. Kate says she'll explain things when she's older so she knows that her mother loved her so much that she sacrificed everything to make sure she was safe. Gabi thanks her and they hug as both cry.

Will tells Sonny that Gabi is strong. Will talks about being in the same position and facing life without them. Sonny questions him thinking he'd go to prison for him and doesn't want to talk about it anymore. They kiss. Will says it's going to be difficult but they will make this work for Arianna. Sonny says she'll have a great life and they agree to visit Gabi as often as they can. They declare they can make this work. Arianna cries so Will and Sonny say in unison "Daddy's here." They kiss and then go check on Arianna.

Cole tries to run from JJ but JJ grabs him. Cole punches him. JJ punches him back. Paige rushes out to stop the fight. Cole shoves JJ back against the brick wall and JJ collapses to the ground causing Paige to worry.

Jennifer paces at home. The doorbell rings so she answers expecting Daniel but it's Eric. Eric can't find the words. Jennifer tells him that she's sorry and hugs him.

Daniel opens his door to see Nicole. Nicole starts slapping him until he grabs her arms to stop her.

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