Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/4/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/4/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady tells John to get lost. John says he won't watch this happen to him. Brady says no one asked him to watch. Brady tells John to move somewhere else. John tells him to knock it off. Brady then punches John in the face and they begin to fight. Theresa sees Hope walking by on her phone so she jumps up to stop the fight as Hope then rushes over as well.

JJ goes to the park and finds Bev seated on the bench. He thinks back to Paige telling him about the STD test paper. JJ approaches Bev and tells her that they are going to get a couple of things straight right now.

Paige goes to the Horton house looking for JJ but Abigail tells her that he's not there and she doesn't know where he is or care. Paige apologizes and goes to leave but Abigail says it's her and apologizes for talking to her like that. Paige asks if she's okay. Abigail says she is but then cries that she's definitely not okay.

Jordan tells Ben that she knows he owns a gun and was furious about how Nick treated Abigail. Ben questions if she doesn't think he's any better than Nick.

Will and Sonny blame themselves for Gabi shooting Nick. Will assures him that it had nothing to do with him.

Gabi apologizes to Rafe. Rafe feels he's the one who let her down. Gabi calls him the best brother but Rafe argues that he let Nick drive her to shoot him and a good brother would have never let that happen.

Bev asks JJ if he's mad about something. JJ tells her about making a big deal of telling Paige about the STD test. Bev claims she was trying to reassure Paige and can't believe he's coming down on her like this.

Paige asks if Abigail wants to talk. Abigail says she just has a lot going on and isn't feeling well. Abigail mentions having cramps but being out of Midol. Paige gives her some and Abigail thanks her. Abigail says she found out something awful about Nick and Gabi. Paige asks about it. Abigail feels like she's lost Gabi too.

Brady tells Hope that he was just telling John to leave them alone. John complains about Brady walking around high and says he won't walk away. Hope suggests they find a better way to disagree or she'll haul them both in. John's phone rings and Brady mockingly asks if it's Kristen. John asks about the news about Gabi. Brady asks what's going on. Hope reveals that she's been arrested for murder.

Gabi cries to Rafe about letting Nick control her. Rafe wishes she came to him and told him. Gabi says she had so many reasons that she couldn't. Rafe questions shooting Nick being the better plan. Rafe says Nick drove her to it but Gabi blames herself. Gabi says she won't make excuses or let Rafe make them for her. Gabi declares this time she has to pay.

Bev tells JJ that she was trying to keep Paige from thinking bad about him. JJ assures her that it just made them closer. Bev tells him to have fun with her while he's still around. JJ tells her that he's going to and says it will be the best summer ever as he walks away.

Sonny continues blaming himself for bringing the gun into the apartment. Sonny says he has to call the club. Will tells him that they were both caught in a sick situation and did things they wish they didn't. Will asks him to try not to feel guilty. Sonny agrees to work on it as they hug.

Jordan tells Ben that he's nothing like Nick and never will be. Ben admits he has a temper. Jordan says she doesn't know what she thought after hearing about it. Jordan says she got scared, remembering what happened before. Ben says neither of them could ever forget that. Ben tells her that they are in Salem now and nobody else knows what happened. Ben says this whole thing with Nick is over. Jordan worries that it will never be over for Rafe as he feels so guilty since he felt responsible for Gabi. They mention that it's the same way Jordan always felt about Ben.

Rafe questions Gabi trusting EJ and suggests another criminal lawyer. Rafe asks how she knows that EJ isn't doing what Sami thinks is best. Gabi says no lawyer would get her off for killing Nick. Rafe worries that there's no guarantees if she pleads guilty. Gabi says as horrible as Nick was to her, he didn't want to kill her. Gabi states that she had no right to take his life.

Abigail thanks Paige for the Midol and for listening. Paige says she's always there to listen. Abigail comments on JJ liking her so much. JJ then walks in and asks what's going on. Paige says Abigail can tell him as she promised to call her mom. Paige steps out to make the call. JJ asks Abigail if they were talking about him. Abigail says no as something really bad happened and suggests he sit down.

Hope says she had a feeling Will was covering for either Sonny or Gabi so she confronted Gabi first and she broke down to admit everything. Hope tells Brady and John to remember that no matter how painful things have been, nobody died. Hope suggests they stop thinking about themselves and being selfish to focus on real problems. Brady says she made herself clear and walks away. Theresa decides she should call her parents.

Ben gets a call from Sonny. Sonny asks about the paychecks and says he can't get by to sign them so he asks Ben to bring them by. Ben agrees to do so and says he'll see him soon. Ben tells Jordan that he has to go. Ben assures Jordan that what she said about Gabi and Rafe won't go any further.

Gabi brings up Marlena. Rafe points out that she's Sami's mother and questions how much she said to her. Gabi says he can't act like nothing is her fault. Rafe recalls holding her when she was born and knowing she's not a bad person. Gabi cries that she's done some very bad things and has to face the consequences. Gabi adds that she one day has to explain it to Arianna and doesn't want Rafe to fix it for her. Gabi cries that she'll never forget all he's done for her and she loves him so much but it's time that she stands on her own. She asks Rafe if he gets that.

Theresa checks on Brady at home from the fight. Brady worries about Rafe. Theresa asks about Rafe being married to Sami. Brady mentions being good friends with Rafe before and suggests he should go see him. Theresa points out that he's not in the best shape and suggests he call instead. Brady agrees.

Rafe tells Gabi that their brother Dario called and wanted to know why he stopped hearing from her. Gabi asks him to tell him what happened because she can't face it right now. Rafe asks about mom. Gabi cries that she can't or she'll fall apart. Rafe agrees to tell her too. Gabi apologizes for making him do this. Rafe hugs her. A cop opens the door announcing another visitor as Will then arrives. Rafe is glad Will is there so he can go make the calls. Gabi assures him that she'll be okay as he exits. Gabi asks about Arianna. Will tells her that she started saying "mama". Gabi cries and hugs Will.

Ben goes to see Sonny. Sonny lets Ben hold Arianna as he signs the checks. Sonny notes that the overtime isn't on the checks and decides to call the accountant while Ben talks to Arianna.

Rafe walks out of the town square making a phone call wanting information on Nick's time in prison before Gabi's plea. Rafe hangs up as Jordan arrives. She asks about his call. Rafe says it was an old FBI friend that is sick of him asking for favors. Rafe wishes he could do something for Gabi. Jordan can't imagine how hard this is for him. Rafe recalls when their sister Arianna died and how he promised to take care of Gabi. Rafe talks about when Gabi was a little girl. Jordan hugs him.

Abigail tells JJ that Paige came by looking for him but saw that she was a wreck and was really great. JJ asks what will happen to Arianna. Abigail says she didn't even think of it. JJ mentions not seeing Will and Sonny. JJ decides he will go over there and tell them he can babysit if they ever need. JJ invites her to come with him but Abigail says there is something she has to do first.

Hope goes to the park and thinks of people to call including Julie and Maggie. She sits down and looks at a photo of Bo on her phone. She wonders how she's supposed to get through this without him. She wonders what to say to Ciara and then asks out loud where Bo is and what's more important than his family. Aiden then appears.

Jordan tells Rafe that he did nothing wrong. Rafe agrees that making about him won't help Gabi either. Jordan tells him that Gabi will have an awful time ahead but won't die like her sister did so he can still support her. Rafe agrees and says she managed to make him feel better. Rafe mentions having to call their mother. Rafe wonders how to tell her that her baby is going to prison.

Gabi tells Will that she went into a trance after shooting Nick as she felt so relieved and like everything was going to be okay. Gabi says she snapped out of it when Sonny told her that Will confessed. Will tells her that she doesn't have to explain but she insists. Will tells her that he was covering for Sonny because he thought he did it and it never entered his mind that it was her. Gabi brings up the day they met. Will recalls when Sydney was missing and Gabi helped him put up flyers. Gabi says it feels so long ago and wishes they could see this coming. Will tells Gabi that she's still his best friend. Will blames Nick for pushing her to the edge but Gabi says she did it which means she has to pay.

Theresa tells Brady that she might go see Will since he's family. She tells him to be good as she exits. Brady grabs his phone and calls Rafe. Brady gets his voicemail and leaves a message saying he hadn't talked to him in a long time but heard about Gabi. Brady loses his train of thought and rambles before just saying he's sorry and hanging up.

John goes to the Pub and calls Marlena, leaving a message saying he just heard about Gabi so he knows she must be upset about Will and Arianna so he's there if she wants to talk about it.

Hope tells Aiden that she wasn't expecting to see him. Aiden says he was in court all morning and needed a break. Aiden asks how she's doing. Hope says she's great. Aiden notes her smile that she forces when she's upset. Aiden asks if she feels like talking about it. Hope cries that it's complicated. She apologizes. Aiden understands she's having a miserable day. Aiden mentions hearing about Gabi's confession at the courthouse. Aiden says he called and left a message offering to represent her. Aiden asks Hope what it's like for her. Hope says she just wanted to believe that Nick had changed. Aiden says Nick had a mind of his own and Gabi wasn't asking for help. Hope argues that Aiden didn't know the situation. Aiden says maybe she's right but he knows her better than she thinks.

Bev exits the club and gets a call. She says she heard they were back and wants to see them too. Bev says she wants to catch up on what they've missed including the new and improved JJ.

JJ and Paige to see Sonny. JJ introduces her to Sonny. They head inside where Sonny introduces them to Ben. Sonny mentions JJ being Abigail's brother. JJ asks about Ben knowing Abigail. Ben says she seems great. Sonny notes Arianna just went to sleep. JJ tells Sonny that he's sorry.

Gabi talks to Will about taking care of Arianna. Will assures her that he and Sonny will talk about her all the time. Gabi talks about bringing her to visit. Will says they will write her every day to tell her everything Arianna does. Gabi cries about not being there when she learns to walk. Gabi says she's happy that Arianna has Will and Sonny or else she'd go crazier. Will promises to take good care of her. Gabi cries about only seeing her every once and awhile and not being able to help her understand. Will hugs her.

Jordan sits with Rafe as he talks to his mom on the phone. Rafe says he knows it's hard. Rafe wishes he could say everything is going to be okay but he can't. Rafe promises to call as soon as he hears anything. Rafe hangs up and tells Jordan that it was brutal. Jordan says there was no gentle way. Rafe brings up his mom wanting him to be the older brother to look out for his sisters. Jordan argues that he did all he could but Rafe feels he didn't even come close.

Hope tells Aiden that he doesn't know her as well as he thinks. Aiden disagrees and talks about misjudging her at first. Aiden says he's been more observant since then. Aiden says he sees a good decent person and someone who doesn't give herself enough credit for the good she does. Aiden tells Hope that he will continue to think of her as an awesome lady. Aiden tells her to admit that he's right.

Theresa returns home with Chinese food. Brady tells her that he's going. Theresa suggests more cocaine and Brady agrees to it.

JJ gives Sonny all of his contact information if he needs anything. Ben asks Paige how Abigail is taking it. Paige notes that she's pretty upset. Paige suddenly recognizes Ben and remembers that Ben used to live in Miami.

Rafe apologizes to Jordan for snapping at her. Jordan assures that there's nothing he could've done. Rafe says everything seemed so simple before. Rafe tells her those days are over. Jordan knows how hard it's going to be and where his focus will be but no matter what, she's there. Rafe hugs her.

Will tells Gabi that they will get Arianna through this and find a way to make her understand. Will says he'll handle that while EJ handles the legal stuff. Gabi tells him that she loves him and to tell Sonny the same as they hug. The cop returns announcing another visitor. Will tells Gabi that he will be back and then exits. Abigail then enters. Gabi asks her not to say anything until she knows the truth.

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