Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/3/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/3/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail sits at the club with a photo. Ben approaches and questions where she got that.

Rafe asks Sami about Gabi. Sami informs him that she's at the police station as she has been arrested.

Marlena goes to Hope's office and says she got her message. Hope tells Marlena that there's been a development in the case as Gabi confessed to killing Nick.

Gabi cries to EJ that she's going to prison for a long time. EJ argues that Nick provoked her and brings up that Nick only got four years for the murder he committed. Gabi says she shot him to make sure that Arianna would be around people who loved her. Gabi cries that she's never going to see her again.

Brady and Theresa kiss on the couch. Theresa wants to stay there and never leave. Brady agrees and reaches over for more cocaine.

Nicole says she never meant for it to happen. Nicole cries that she just wanted to love him but Eric replies that what she did had nothing to do with love. Nicole argues that what they have is love. Nicole says she can prove that he still loves her. She tells him to come with him so she can prove what they have is real but Eric says not anymore. Nicole says he doesn't understand why she kept the evidence from him. Nicole says there is something she needs to show him. Eric says it's too late but Nicole asks him to do this one last thing for her. Nicole tells him to give her a chance and then she will accept whatever he decides.

Rafe questions Gabi's arrest. Sami informs him that Gabi shot Nick. Rafe starts to argue but Sami tells him that Gabi confessed.

Marlena is surprised to hear Gabi confessed. Hope tells her that EJ is talking to her. Marlena asks about her telling her. Hope suggests Marlena talk to her so she agrees. Marlena says she spoke to Gabi at Arianna's birthday and she tried to convince her that everything would be just fine. Hope says Gabi was so desperate to protect her family that she put three bullets in Nick.

EJ tells Gabi that she will always have parental rights and will have access to her. EJ assures her that Arianna will grow up knowing her. EJ says they will do everything they can to keep her sentence to a minimum. EJ brings up Gabi telling Hope that Nick was blackmailing her. Gabi explains telling about hiring Andrew, who kidnapped Melanie. EJ asks if she's not going to tell about anything else. Gabi asks if he wants to know if she's going to tell her that Kate and Sami helped her throw Nick in the river.

Brady's phone rings from work. He tells Theresa that he's taking a personal day and they kiss.

Abigail is holding a picture that she edited of Ben and Gabi. Ben says he really doesn't like taking pictures. Abigail questions it and Ben apologizes. She asks if he's not mad. Ben says he's just not in to cameras. Abigail gets a call and steps away. Ben then rips up the photo.

Sami tells Rafe that they've all been trying to reach him but his phone is off. Jordan says she's so sorry. Rafe rushes off to the station. Sami tells Jordan that they tried reaching her too. Jordan says they had a day off. Sami says Gabi is in a lot of trouble and needed her brother. Jordan questions if Sami is blaming her.

EJ tells Gabi that she understands what would happen to Kate and Sami. Gabi cries that she won't say anything as they were trying to help her and didn't want her to go to prison. Gabi says she won't say anything but brings up Percy. EJ informs her that he's gone. Gabi asks about the pictures Nick had. EJ says none of that exists anymore. Gabi cries that they were trying to help her so she never wants to hurt them. Gabi wonders what would've happened if she just told the truth from the beginning about what she did to Melanie but she was so scared of going to prison and now she's going anyway. Hope enters with Marlena to suggest that Marlena talk to Gabi. EJ makes sure it will be off the record. Marlena says she's there as a doctor in confidence. EJ tells Gabi that it may be a good idea and exits. Marlena sits with Gabi and says she doesn't have to talk if she doesn't want to. Gabi cries that she does.

Nicole brings Eric back to her hotel room. Eric asks what she wanted to show him. Nicole opens her suitcase and gives Eric the photo that he took of his first sunrise in Africa. She reminds him that he gave it to her for helping him get through it. Nicole talks about the connection they still have. She says Eric gave her the ring because they are in love. Nicole tells Eric that she loves him more than she ever did before. She asks him to say something. Eric questions that being proof of their love. Eric asks if that's it. Nicole says there is one more thing. Nicole admits she would've taken her lie to the grave with her and carried it around for the rest of her life. Nicole thinks it's a sign of how much she really loves him. Eric tearfully says he can see that. Eric asks her about choosing not to tell the truth and keeping it from him. He asks what she was thinking and how she was feeling. Nicole tells him that she felt like being torn apart. She talks about coming so close to telling him and how she just wants to share her life with him. Nicole insists that she wanted to share what she knew and did. Eric questions her going through her whole life tormented by what she did to him. Eric declares that torment is finally over.

Brady and Theresa finish having sex on the floor. Theresa suggests they go out to eat and then come back to continue. She suggests they can shower together as they kiss. She gets up and heads to the shower.

Jordan asks Sami what she has against her. Sami says she just thinks it's a big mistake to talk Rafe into turning his phone off when he's a cop. Jordan says she must not know him very well. Sami brings up being married to him and knowing him longer. Jordan understands she's upset and has a lot more to worry about than her as she walks off.

Abigail returns to Ben and asks where Sonny is. Ben tells her that he said he couldn't come in but didn't say why. Abigail talks about how rough it's been lately for Will, Sonny, and Gabi. Ben asks if she thinks things will ease up when they find out who did it. Abigail doesn't know and recalls Nick trying to point at someone that night so it might be someone they know. She asks if he's heard any more about the case but he says no. Abigail wonders what's going on.

EJ thanks Hope for bringing Marlena in. EJ thinks they can reduce Gabi's sentence. Rafe bursts in questions where Gabi is and what Hope is doing. Hope tells him that she's with Marlena. Rafe questions what EJ is doing there. EJ says he is Gabi's attorney. Rafe questions if he talked her into this and what he's doing to her.

Gabi talks to Marlena about her and Nick's love at first then everything changed when she got pregnant. Gabi cries that she felt like Nick was trying to control her life. She cries about thinking Nick changed. She recalls Nick snapping when she told him she wouldn't go to New York with him. Marlena asks what she means. Gabi thinks back to Sami telling her to never say a word and tells Marlena that she can't tell her this. Marlena tells her that the police can't monitor this so whatever she tells her is in confidence and stays between them.

Ben tells Abigail that when he heard her and Gabi talking about their modeling days, he had to look up her photos online. Abigail says it's embarrassing but Ben says she was beautiful and even more so now. Jordan walks in and sees them.

Hope tells Rafe to calm down as EJ was already there when Gabi came in on her own to confess. Hope tells him that EJ volunteered to represent her. Rafe argues that there's no way Gabi did this and it must be because of someone. Sami enters and then exits with EJ. Sami asks EJ if Gabi said anything about anything. EJ assures her that she won't about the night at the river.

Gabi confesses to Marlena about hitting Nick with the rock and thinking she killed him. Gabi talks on about Kate and Sami getting there.

Hope tells Rafe that the case was already made against Gabi as she had the murder weapon in Arianna's diaper bag on the night of the murder. Hope reveals photos of Gabi from the hospital security cameras. Hope informs him that forensics found powdered residue in the diaper bag. Hope tells Rafe that Gabi killed Nick.

Nicole questions Eric. Eric says her conscience is clear now. Nicole says she only wants him. Nicole thought Eric was showing compassion and understanding. Nicole asks him to say something. Eric shouts back that he can say one final thing.

Theresa and Brady eat at the town square. She tells him that she knows he's coming down and suggests a little more. Brady starts to turn it down but looks over and sees John then says it's exactly what he needs. She passes him a little more and he walks away. John then approaches Theresa and tells her they need to have a talk about Brady.

Jordan joins Abigail and Ben. Abigail asks how it's going and she says it's fine. Ben pours her coffee and Jordan goes to a table. Abigail tells Ben that she's going to take care of some work. Ben asks if she'll be doing more modeling. Abigail responds that she would if he joined her then exits. Ben goes to Jordan and asks what's wrong.

Marlena asks about Sami being there. Gabi explains how Kate called Sami and they were going to call the police. Gabi cries about how Sami thought Nick was already dead and Kate said they needed to get rid of the body. Gabi tells Marlena that they dragged his body and dropped him in the river. Gabi says they thought he was dead but he wasn't.

Eric asks Nicole if she still has the evidence to clear him. Nicole says no as Daniel has it. He questions Daniel not trusting her with it. Eric goes to storm out but she stops him. Eric tells Nicole that she let the church believe everything that was said about him. Eric knows how hard she worked to help him but then took the choice away from him.

John questions Theresa and Brady drinking in the middle of the day. Theresa doesn't see how it's his business. John responds that Brady will always be his business.

Gabi tells Marlena about shooting Nick. She talks about seeing him in the town square and thinking that he just won't die but then he did. Gabi says it was better because it was quiet and people could love each other again. Gabi cries that Kate loves Will, Sami loves Arianna, she even loves Sonny and they could all be a family. Gabi says Nick just didn't know how to love like that. Hope interrupts and brings Rafe in. Gabi breaks down crying and hugs him.

Jordan tells Ben that Gabi killed Nick and she's been arrested. Ben says Abigail is going to freak out. Jordan didn't feel it was her place to tell her.

Abigail walks out of the club and runs into EJ. EJ says he didn't mean to scare her the other day but didn't want her to say anything to hurt anyone. Abigail goes to leave but EJ tells her that the murder has been solved.

Hope brings Sami and Marlena to her office and asks Marlena what her impression was. Marlena explains that Gabi felt under stress for a long time because of Nick. Marlena says Gabi felt she had no choice. Hope asks if she would say she's insane. Marlena says that everyone has said Gabi knew it was wrong. Hope thanks her for talking to her and exits. Sami talks about feeling terrible for Gabi and wanting to help her. Sami sees Marlena's look and asks what exactly Gabi said to her.

Brady returns to John and Theresa. He tells John to get lost. John says he won't watch this happen to him. Brady says no one asked him to watch. Brady tells John to move somewhere else. John tells him to knock it off. Brady then punches John in the face and they begin to fight.

Jordan tells Ben that she shouldn't have told him about Gabi but she felt guilty as part of her felt relieved. Ben asks if she really thought he did it.

Abigail asks EJ who killed Nick. EJ says he is representing the person so he can't say. EJ tells her that police have the person in custody and walks away. Abigail then gets a text and looks shocked.

Gabi tells Rafe that she's so sorry for letting him down.

Marlena tells Sami that she knows she can't tell her what Gabi said and Gabi knew that too. Marlena says she can't tell her or the police or anyone. Sami realizes that Gabi told her. Marlena asks if there's something she wants to tell her. Sami then says no. Marlena says ok and exits.

Eric tries to leave but Nicole stops him and swears to change and never lie again. She begs him not to leave but he pushes past her and storms out. Nicole cries that she doesn't know what she'll do if she loses him. Nicole picks up the sunrise photo that he dropped and smashed as she breaks down crying.

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