Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/2/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/2/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe and Jordan kiss in bed. They talk about being cut off from the rest of the world. Rafe says they are both off duty so the rest of the world can take care of itself.

Hope arrives with Gabi and asks if Will signed it yet. Will says he keeps trying. Gabi tells him not to. Will says he made up his mind. Gabi announces to Will that she knows he didn't kill Nick because she did. EJ tells Gabi not to say another word.

Jennifer looks at a photo of her, Daniel, Nicole, and Eric at home. She thinks back to telling Eric the truth.

Eric stands alone in the garden furious. Nicole arrives and tells him that there's been a change of plans and they need to leave town now. Nicole says she booked an earlier flight so they can leave now. Eric slowly turns to her. Nicole asks what's going on. She asks if he just got a call from Daniel. Eric says no. She asks why he's so upset and if he can explain in the car since they have to go. She asks why he's not moving and if he's ready. Eric asks about Daniel. She mentions him acting crazy. Eric suggests helping him. Nicole says they have to go. Eric argues that they can't run away from a friend. Nicole says he has plenty of help. Eric suggests going to see Jennifer and telling her what's going on. Nicole argues that it's a bad idea because it's none of their business. Eric stops her and tells her that they aren't going anywhere.

EJ declares that he will be representing Gabi and she won't be making a statement. The DA questions what's going on. EJ says Will is innocent and prevents Gabi from saying any more. EJ asks for some time with his client. The DA agrees to twenty minutes. Hope says she's calling Rafe. Gabi tells Will that she would've never let him go to prison for her. Will tells her to listen to EJ and let him help her because this isn't black and white. Everyone exits leaving EJ with Gabi. EJ says he'll see what they can do to get her out of here.

Nicole tells Eric that he's such a good person. Eric talks about Daniel being in love with her and keeping it a secret from everyone. Nicole says Daniel needs to tell Jennifer not them. Nicole says their plane leaves in an hour. Eric says it doesn't feel right. Nicole thinks it would just make things worse and asks him to trust her. Eric says he's been doing that every minute until now when she started pushing the trip. Nicole says he wanted to elope too. Eric says he wanted a lot of things that he won't have now. Nicole doesn't understand. Eric says he knows. Nicole says he lost her. Eric agrees and questions how she could do this.

Rafe and Jordan talk about his progress and they joke together as they continue kissing. Jordan tells him that she's so glad she's there. Jordan recalls getting a call from Kayla and almost not coming to Salem. They continue kissing and begin to undress.

Sami, Lucas, Will, and Sonny go in to another room at the station. Will worries about Arianna. Sonny can't believe that Gabi killed Nick. Sami can't believe Will was going to prison for Gabi. Will says Gabi didn't know where the gun was so how could she have. Sami and Lucas question what he was doing then if he didn't think Gabi did it. Sonny states that Will thought he was protecting him.

Gabi tells EJ that she just wants this over. EJ says Will was saying the same thing. Gabi says Will was lying while she killed Nick. EJ encourages her to fight against the DA and wants to help her. EJ asks what she told Hope. Gabi says she told her that she killed Nick and didn't give any details. EJ goes over potential motives. Gabi doesn't want to lie. EJ encourages that she can beat this. Gabi asks if someone else would get blamed. EJ says crimes go unsolved every day. Gabi says not this one because she killed Nick and wanted him dead. She says she shot him three times and killed him.

Sami talks about not confessing to crimes they didn't commit. Sonny talks about thinking Will was mad enough to do it and asks if he thought he would let him take the blame. Sami hopes they learned a lesson. Sonny says he learned he has the bravest husband around as they hug.

EJ tells Gabi to think about Arianna. She thinks back to Arianna's birthday. EJ tells her to focus. Gabi says she did this for Arianna and now every time she holds her, she can only see the gun. Gabi says she thought she could live with this but she can't. Gabi says Nick was trying to take Arianna away from the people who love her and she couldn't let that happen.

Hope enters and tells Will that he's cleared and can go. Will doesn't want to leave Gabi. Hope tells him that the social worker has Arianna. Sami tells him that she will call him with any news. Sonny tells Will they should get Arianna. Will tells Hope that he's sorry for her loss. Will exits with Sonny. Hope talks about seeing Gabi say goodbye to Arianna and it feeling familiar.

EJ asks Gabi about Nick threatening Arianna. Gabi says Nick wouldn't let her go as he owned them. EJ thinks they can use that. Gabi argues that they can't without putting Sami, Kate, Will, and Sonny in prison too. Gabi says she looked at every possible angle but Nick had her until she got him. Gabi says her going to prison is the only way he doesn't win. Gabi insists that she picked up the gun and shot an unarmed man so she should go to prison. Gabi says she has to confess. EJ wants to try to get her the best plea possible.

Sami asks if Hope spoke to Rafe yet. Hope says it's going straight to voicemail. Sami worries that this is going to kill him.

Rafe and Jordan continue making love.

Eric asks Nicole if she wants to deny what they both know. Nicole claims she doesn't know what he's talking about. Eric says Daniel isn't in love with her and is just a friend but she just wants to trash him so he doesn't believe what he wants to tell him. Eric tells her to stop lying. Nicole questions him and who is filling his head with this nonsense.

Jennifer tries calling Daniel but gets voicemail. She decides she needs to talk to him in person. Marlena arrives. Jennifer mentions JJ telling her that she stopped by earlier. Marlena enters, wanting to talk about Eric. Jennifer asks if she spoke to him today.

Eric explains to Nicole that Jennifer went to her hotel room and heard she and Daniel's argument. Nicole calls it impossible. Eric informs her that Jennifer told him everything so he's giving her a chance as he wants to hear it from her.

EJ asks Gabi if she's ready as Hope returns with the DA. EJ tells her that the statement won't be filed until the plea deal is in place.

Lucas returns to Sami looking for Hope. Sami tells him that she's taking Gabi's confession. Sami asks about Arianna. Lucas says she's playing. Lucas says this is the last day they would want Arianna to remember. Sami says she will as the day her mother was taken away from her.

Gabi talks about Nick being determined to control her life. Gabi recalls overhearing Nick arguing with Sonny. The DA asks how Nick could put Gabi in prison. Gabi explains what she did two years ago in hiring a guy to stalk her to get Chad's attention away from Melanie. Hope remembers and is surprised to learn that Gabi hired Andrew. Gabi says Nick used that information to take her and Arianna away from everyone they loved. Gabi says Nick wasn't going to let go and she didn't want Arianna around that.

Rafe tells Jordan that this is the best day off he's had in a year. Jordan suggests coordinating their schedules more often and kisses him. Rafe talks about her being a flight risk. Jordan says she's here. Rafe tells her to realize he's not going anywhere either and they kiss.

Jennifer asks Marlena how Eric seemed to her. Marlena says he was really happy so she can't ask for more than that. Marlena says when he was leaving, he said the strangest thing that she should look out for her. She asks what that means.

Eric tells Nicole that he knows her look and sees the wheels turning on how she can get away with it. Eric brings up that she had proof that Kristen drugged him with hard evidence to clear his name and he could still be a priest but she destroyed it. Eric asks if that's what happened. Nicole admits that it's true but says it's not the only true thing as it's complicated. Nicole says she didn't set out to lie to him or hurt him as that's not how it happened. Eric asks her how it happened.

Jennifer tells Marlena about her and Eric becoming friends. She calls him thoughtful to the core and a generous man that she must be very proud of. Marlena says he's always been like that. Marlena adds that she's going to miss that. Jennifer says Eric might not be leaving town after all.

Nicole tells Eric that she searched for the evidence because she couldn't let it go and she wanted to help him which is why they went after Chyka. Nicole talks about finding the proof in the safe. She talks about the day she came back to tell him but he had news for her that he had made his choice. Nicole talks about Eric being so sure that he didn't want to go back to the church and he was finally happy. Eric remembers. Nicole says she couldn't take that away from him or them. Nicole admits she didn't want to lose him and couldn't let him go.

The DA asks about Gabi knowing where the murder weapon was. Gabi says Will and Sonny didn't know she was there but she heard them talking about putting the gun away. Gabi says as soon as they left, she got a call about the court date. Gabi says Nick wanted her baby away from Will and he wasn't going to stop until he made it happen.

Marlena asks Jennifer why she would say that when Eric said he was leaving tonight. Marlena gets a call and has to go. She says she will check on her later. Jennifer says she will be alright and asks her to give Eric her best. Marlena agrees to and exits.

Nicole talks about just wanting this moment and then trying to tell him but they were getting closer and closer. Nicole says Eric kept choosing their life and love so she decided it's what he wanted. Eric says it's what he didn't know. Nicole says it kept getting harder so she destroyed the evidence. Eric asks how Daniel knew. Nicole explains that Liam found it and blackmailed her. Nicole says that after Liam died, Daniel found it. Eric brings up the whole mess of Jennifer almost dying and Daniel being shot. Eric accuses Nicole of putting people at risk to protect her own lie.

Rafe and Jordan get dressed. Jordan thanks him for changing her life and they kiss.

Will sits at home with Arianna and tells her that he's so glad he's there. Sonny joins them. Will promises that he and Sonny aren't going anywhere and they will do whatever they can to fill in the blanks for her.

Gabi talks about getting a message from Nick to meet in the park because he had great news. She talks about the last time getting physical. She cried that Nick did not know how to take no for answer. Gabi recounts finding the gun and loading it. Gabi says she knew what she had to do so she went to the park and saw him there. Gabi says he was on the phone and didn't see him so she went behind him and fired the first shot then he turned around and was so surprised. Gabi adds that she fired two more shots and talks about him following her to the town square with three bullets in him. Gabi cries that he wouldn't leave her alone. Hope asks where the gun was. Gabi says she put it in her bag and was going to put it back. The DA questions her covering her tracks. Gabi wanted it to be like it never happened so she could forget but she couldn't. Gabi cries about seeing Nick every day and night. Gabi says the last time she saw him, he was so surprised like he didn't know what he had become to her and wanted another chance. Gabi says she took that away from him.

Will puts Arianna to sleep and goes back to Sonny, who gets off the phone. Sonny tells him that they have to process Gabi so they won't see her for awhile. Sonny asks what just happened with them. They agree never again as Arianna needs them. They tell each other to always tell each other everything. Sonny jokingly calls him a romantic idiot and says he wouldn't have let him go to prison for him as they hug.

The DA questions if Gabi is voluntarily stating that she shot Nick three times. Gabi says that she is.

Rafe and Jordan walk through the town square where Sami runs up, questioning why Rafe isn't answering his phone. Rafe says it was off. Sami realizes he doesn't yet know about Gabi. Rafe asks what happened. Sami hugs him and says she's so sorry.

Hope and the DA finish up. the DA tells EJ that next time, if there's any justice, he will be the one confessing. EJ tells Hope that everything depends on the plea deal. Gabi cries to Hope that she's sorry as she knows Nick had good in him. Hope says it could've been different and agrees that Nick didn't deserve to die as she exits. EJ sits with Gabi and asks if there's anything he can get for her. Gabi begs to be able to hold Arianna and cries that she never wants to let go but she knows she's going to prison and is never going to see her daughter again.

Jennifer goes to the hospital looking for Daniel but is told that he will still be in surgery for another three hours.

Nicole tells Eric that she wasn't protecting a lie. Eric shouts that people could have died. Nicole says she tried to stop it and never meant for it to happen. Nicole cries that she just wanted to love him but Eric replies that what she did had nothing to do with love.

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