Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/30/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/30/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ mentions pretty crazy news about Eric. Jennifer asks what he means. JJ tells her about Eric and Nicole eloping. Jennifer is shocked and JJ realizes she didn't know either. JJ notes that Daniel looked pretty freaked out too. Jennifer realizes that must be why Eric quit his job. JJ questions it and wonders if that means he's not coming back. Jennifer admits that's how it felt. Jennifer wonders if he was really saying goodbye.

Eric remains in the garden with the statues, praying. Marlena arrives and notes that he looks preoccupied with a lot on his mind. She decides to leave him to it but Eric stops her and says he's glad she passed by. Eric informs her that everything is about to change.

Nicole packs her bag and there's a knock on the door. She excitedly answers expecting Eric but instead gets Daniel looking angry. Nicole asks what he's doing there and says they are done. Daniel walks in anyways. Nicole says they have nothing left to say but Daniel disagrees.

Gabi takes Arianna and prepares to leave when Hope arrives. Gabi tells her that Will and Sonny aren't there but Hope says she's there on police business.

Lucas goes to Hope's office and finds Abe and Sonny. Lucas says Hope called him and asks what's going on and what Sonny is doing there. Sonny tells him that it's Will.

Will tells Sami and EJ that they can't stop this as it's done but Sami disagrees. EJ tells Will not to do this and that they can fight this. EJ argues they don't have a case without a confession. EJ thinks they can still beat it but he can't help him if he signs the statement.

Gabi invites Hope in. Hope asks if she was on her way out. Gabi says they were just going to the park. Gabi asks about her being there on police business. Hope informs Gabi that Will just confessed to killing Nick.

Will says he understands. Sami asks why. EJ tries to convince him to fight this. Will doesn't want a trial. Will wants to step up and take responsibility. EJ tells him to stay free because a lot of people count on him. Sami tells him to think about Arianna and Sonny. EJ argues that Nick drove Will to this. Sami points out that a lot of people wanted Nick dead.

Hope notes that Gabi doesn't seem surprised. Gabi admits Sonny told her earlier. Hope questions Gabi going to the park. Gabi says Arianna needs sunshine and fresh air. Hope agrees and says she will make this quick as she just wants to confirm things from Will's statement.

Marlena tells Eric that seeing him there seemed like old times. Eric tells her that he's not going back to the priesthood. Marlena says she accepts his marriage to Nicole if that's what makes him happy. Eric mentions having to tell Roman and asks to keep it between them as he reveals to her that they are eloping today.

Daniel asks where Eric is. Nicole says she doesn't know. Daniel questions why they are leaving Salem. Nicole says they have things to figure out. Daniel reveals that he knows they planned to elope. Daniel declares that ends right here.

Gabi asks Hope how Will is. Hope says he's determined to sign his confession but hasn't yet. Gabi asks if he has a lawyer. Hope mentions that EJ and Sami are with him. Gabi asks if that means EJ is representing him. Hope doesn't know as Will doesn't want a lawyer. Hope tells Gabi that if Will signs the paper, there's nothing anyone can do for him.

EJ warns Will that he will be throwing his life away. Will talks about letting Nick blackmail him and letting Lucas take the punishment for what he did in the past. Will argues that Lucas's criminal record should've been his and declares that Lucas has suffered enough.

Lucas asks Sonny if he believes that Will did this. Sonny says he can't. Sonny talks about how Will has been happy lately with Arianna's birthday. Sonny and Lucas agree that if Will did it, they would've been able to tell.

EJ continues trying to convince Will as Abe enters and informs Will that Lucas is there to see him. Will doesn't want to see him and wants everyone out. Sami argues but Will says he has that right and Abe tells them to leave. EJ tells Will to remember what he said. Sami assures Will that Lucas is proud of what he did and the sacrifice he made for him. Sami tells Will to talk to Lucas before he does anything else because he owes him that.

JJ tells Jennifer that it's all he heard but notes that it's bugging Jennifer. Jennifer says Nicole is her friend and she worked with Eric so she doesn't understand why they didn't tell them. JJ tells her that Daniel looked upset about it.

Daniel accuses Nicole of not telling Eric a thing. Nicole argues that he just wanted to break them up. Daniel says he just wanted her to have a fresh start. Nicole claims Eric understood and forgave her so they were going to elope to get away from everyone who hates her. Nicole says Daniel got what he wanted and their friendship will never be the same. Daniel questions not telling him about the wedding. Daniel suggests he call Eric to congratulate him. Nicole doesn't want him involved. Nicole tells Daniel that they are going to Vegas like they both want and there's not a damn thing Daniel can do about it.

Marlena asks Eric why they are eloping. Eric says it's what they both want. Marlena offers a party but Eric says they are going to be gone awhile. Marlena questions leaving Salem. Eric insists that he's not running away and she's not driving him away. Eric tells her that he forgave her for what happened at Brady's wedding and for what she said about Nicole.

Daniel questions what Nicole is afraid of and why she doesn't want him to talk to Eric. Daniel says that Eric wanted to tell him something. Daniel realizes that Nicole never came clean. Nicole tells him to go to Hell. Daniel pulls out his phone to call Eric. Nicole tries to stop him. Nicole admits that she tried to tell him but he was so trusting and she couldn't imagine how he would look at her if he knew she lied to him. Nicole says she couldn't hurt him like that so she didn't tell him the truth.

Marlena tells Eric that it sounds so final and asks how long it will be. Eric says he doesn't know. Marlena mentions that he was gone from Salem for years last time. Eric says they will always be together. Marlena says it's not the same. Eric hugs her and tells her that it will be okay. Marlena doesn't understand why Eric has to go.

Daniel questions Nicole not saying anything about Chyka or the evidence. Daniel remembers Eric looking upset and wanting to tell him something. Nicole claims she doesn't know. Daniel says Eric was upset with him. Daniel questions what she said. Nicole says it doesn't matter. Someone appears outside the door as Daniel declares that he's not letting this go. Nicole admits to Daniel that she told Eric that Daniel was in love with her.

Will agrees to see Lucas if Sami and EJ leave. Abe goes to get Lucas. Sami refuses to leave. Will doesn't want to be double teamed. EJ tells Will not to sign anything without him reading it first. Sami tells Will to just listen to EJ. Sami asks Will to listen to Lucas and give him a chance. Lucas enters so Sami and EJ exit. Lucas hugs Will.

Sami and EJ go join Sonny. Sonny goes to leave but EJ stops him and asks where he's going. Sami asks what it is.

Lucas tells Will that he loves him and nothing will ever change that. Will says he finally gets that. Lucas reminds him that he is a dad.

Hope and Gabi play with Arianna. They talk about babies and how some things never change.

Lucas understands doing anything for your kid. Lucas says that's why he had a gun and planned to meet with Nick. Will questions it. Lucas says he was just going to mess with Nick. Will tells Lucas it wasn't the murder weapon so he can't try to claim it. Lucas says someone already gotten to Nick. Will says he killed him. Lucas asks him to say it to his face. Will tells Lucas that he did it and needs to step up.

Sonny says he needs to go see Will but EJ says Will doesn't want to see him and he needs his help. EJ asks about the gun from Victor's and why it wasn't destroyed. Sonny says the police surprised them and Victor wanted to get him out of the country because he thought he shot Nick just like they are thinking. Sami asks Sonny if he did it and if Will is protecting him.

Marlena asks Eric if EJ is driving him away. Eric says it's not EJ and asks her not to ever cut Sami off because of EJ. Eric asks Marlena to check in on Jennifer as well. Marlena asks what's going on with Jennifer.

Daniel questions Nicole telling Eric that he's in love with her. Nicole cries that she was desperate and didn't know what to say. She says Eric could see there was a problem. Daniel questions why she couldn't have said something else. Nicole talks about wanting Eric to stay away from him. Daniel realizes Nicole would've said anything about him to make it happen. Nicole argues about their love. Nicole talks about everything she did to clear Eric's name. Someone continues listening in from behind the door. Nicole argues that Eric wants her and loves her now so she didn't want to cause him any more pain so she destroyed the evidence. Nicole says Eric is happy and she's happy. Daniel questions if she is. Nicole begs him not to say anything to Eric or anyone. Jennifer is revealed to be the one listening in. Daniel asks Nicole if she really thinks she'll never have a problem if he doesn't say anything. Daniel says he will take her to Eric so she can tell him. Daniel says he will watch and wait until it's clear that Eric knows everything. Nicole questions why he's doing this to her. Daniel says it's because he cares about them and he cannot let her go on with this lie. Nicole brings up Daniel lying to protect JJ and lying to protect her from EJ in the past. Daniel questions who this lie is protecting and argues that it's not the same. Daniel tells her that every lie comes out and it's better if she tells. Daniel threatens to tell Eric himself if she doesn't and then asks where Eric is.

Eric tells Marlena that Jennifer just lost Nick and is carrying a lot after the mess at Smith Island. Marlena tells him not to worry about her and mentions that she has Daniel. Eric says everyone needs more than one person. They talk about Marlena always being there for him as they hug.

Will tells Lucas that he can't hide behind anyone else like before. Will knows Lucas protected him and he thanks him for that. Lucas questions him not fighting. Will says it would be best for everyone. Lucas brings up Sonny. Will says he would do anything for Sonny.

Sami asks if Will is protecting Sonny because he has to be covering for someone. Sonny asks if she honestly thinks he would let Will go to prison for him. Will says she knows how much he loves him. Sami apologizes and admits she knows. Sami says she's just scared for Will. Sonny says he is too as they hug.

Lucas tells Will that he knows how Sonny feels about him and that Arianna needs him. Will asks Lucas to stop making it harder than it already is.

EJ goes over Will's statement with Sonny. EJ asks about the gun being in the closet and when he last saw it. Sonny admits that Will had it when he got home.

Lucas asks what EJ said about the case. Will says he wants him to fight. Lucas mentions his hatred for EJ but tells Will to listen to him because he knows what he's doing. Will says he listened to EJ, Sami, and Lucas. Lucas questions if he did. Will says he gets what he's saying but it needs to stop now. Will opens the door and calls for the guard to tell Abe to bring his confession because he's ready to sign.

Gabi continues playing with Arianna at home. Gabi tells her that she will always have her. Hope comes back and watches them as Gabi tells Arianna to always remember that. Hope mentions that she will have to send over forensics later. Gabi says she doesn't. Gabi says she wanted to spend as much time as she could with Arianna. Hope understands. Hope tells her that they should go. Gabi takes Arianna and exits with Hope.

Marlena goes to see Jennifer but she's not home and JJ answers the door. Marlena says she was just looking to talk to Jennifer about Eric.

Nicole agrees to go with Daniel. She admits it's better if he hears it from her. Nicole tells Daniel that Eric is at the church. Daniel says he will drive. Daniel goes to leave but gets paged to the hospital. Nicole tells him to go and she'll still tell Eric. Daniel tells her that he believes in her but he will check. Nicole says she knows and tells him not to worry. Daniel tells her that it's better this way. Daniel exits. Nicole breaks down crying. She looks through her purse and pulls out her phone then calls Eric. Eric answers and greets her as the love of his life. Eric tells her that he's on his way and can't wait to be married. Eric asks if she called because she wanted something. She doesn't answer so Eric asks what's wrong and if something happened. She tells him that Daniel is out of his mind. Eric asks if he did something to her. Nicole tells him to sit tight and she will come to him. Nicole hangs up and exits. Eric hangs up as Jennifer approaches and tells him not to say anything but to just listen to her.

Abe brings Will the confession and Will says he's ready to sign. Sami, EJ, and Sonny come in and tell Will not to do it.

Jennifer goes home and JJ tells her that she just missed Marlena as she wanted to talk about Eric.

Eric stands alone in the garden, furious. Nicole arrives and tells him that there's been a change of plans and they need to leave town now. Nicole says she booked an earlier flight so they can leave now. Eric slowly turns to her.

Will declares that he's made his decision. Abe points out that he waived his right to counsel. Sami and EJ argue against it. The assistant DA says they can be witnesses as he exits with Abe. Sonny tells Will that he doesn't have to do this. Will just wants it to be over. Hope arrives with Gabi and asks if he signed it yet. Will says he keeps trying. Gabi tells him not to. Will says he made up his mind. Gabi announces to Will that she knows he didn't kill Nick because she did.

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