Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/29/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/29/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ tells Jennifer that he's heading out as he wants to talk with Daniel. Jennifer looks down. JJ asks if they are okay. Jennifer says they're fine but he has a lot on his mind these days. JJ asks what now.

Daniel sits at home and thinks back to Nicole saying goodbye to him. Daniel concludes that Nicole only sounds like that when she's up to something.

Eric goes to Nicole's with his suitcase and asks if she's ready to get married. Nicole confirms with him that no one saw him with the suitcase. She can't believe they are doing this. Eric says by tonight they will be Mr. and Mrs. Brady. Nicole gets a call from Daniel and Eric asks if she's going to answer.

EJ finishes a call at home as Sami walks in and asks about being ready for the shareholders meeting. EJ talks about preparing after being distracted. Sami blames herself. EJ says it's because of Nick. Sonny arrives and says he got the message and asks what's it about. Sami says the message was for he and Will so she asks where's Will.

Abe goes to Hope's office and asks if she's ready. Hope wonders how to arrest a kid she's known since birth. Abe understands that Hope doesn't want to believe that Will killed Nick.

Rafe and Jordan go visit Gabi and Arianna. Rafe talks about Arianna's birthday. Gabi mentions having no idea where Sonny and Will are.

An officer brings Will in to a room at the station. Will doesn't know why when he already confessed. The officer says his orders were just to bring him there.

Hope asks Abe if he buys Will's confession. Abe says Will had the means, opportunity, and motive. Hope agrees that Nick made sure of that and decides to get this over with as they exit.

Sonny asks Sami about not talking to Will. EJ thought they should sit together and talk about Nick's murder. Sami mentions Lucas being off the hook. Sonny says he didn't sleep much last night. EJ asks why. Sami asks if something happened. Sonny says Will made him promise not to say anything. Sami says that's not okay and demands to know what's going on.

Will waits around and thinks back to his wedding. Hope and Abe come in with a copy of his statement. Abe informs Will that he is under arrest for the murder of Nick Fallon.

Eric questions Nicole not taking the call. Nicole says she has nothing else to say to him. Eric doesn't think it's right to ignore him. Nicole answers and asks what he wants. Daniel asks what she thinks he wants. Nicole says she can't talk right now and will call him back. She hangs up. Daniel wonders what she's up to. Eric notes that she was pretty abrupt with him. Nicole doesn't want to have that conversation again and doesn't want to talk about his feelings in front of Eric. Nicole adds it wouldn't be fair to them on their wedding day.

Jennifer tells JJ that life gets complicated but she's sure he will figure this out. JJ asks if she thinks Daniel is home. Jennifer says probably. JJ questions if they are talking. Jennifer says she's just giving him time to figure out a problem.

Eric tells Nicole that she doesn't have to protect him as he understands Daniel not getting over her. Nicole just doesn't want to talk about it. Eric says he's going to St. Luke's to say goodbye and he wants her to call Daniel while he's gone. Nicole promises to make him happy and tells him not to take too long as she's excited to start their adventure. They kiss goodbye and Eric exits. Nicole calls Daniel back. He asks her what's going on. Nicole apologizes for hanging up on him and says this isn't easy for her and Eric. Daniel tells her to put Eric on the phone because he wants to talk to him. Nicole says he has plenty of time to talk to Eric and asks him to back off. Daniel questions if she's trying to keep him from talking to Eric. She says he promised to give them time. Daniel tells her that he's coming over but she says no. She tells him that she will come to him. Daniel hangs up and answers his door as JJ arrives. JJ notes he looks stressed and asks what's going on. Nicole tells herself that she just has one shot at this and it has to work.

Gabi shows Rafe and Jordan her modeling photos. They praise the pictures while Gabi goes to get coffee for them. Rafe and Jordan talk about Gabi seeming okay. Rafe hopes she's realizing that having Nick out of her life is a good thing.

EJ and Sami ask Sonny what happened. Sonny reveals that Will confessed to Nick's murder. Sami is upset and EJ hopes someone went with him. Sami wants to get there and wonders why no one called her. EJ suggests they wait. Sami questions him but EJ tells her to stay.

Will asks if he just signs his statement and then they are done. Hope tells him to read through every word and then sign it. Will agrees. Hope steps aside with Abe and mentions calling the assistant DA. Abe says he hates this as much as she does then he steps out.

Jordan takes Arianna to her room while Gabi sits with Rafe. She admits she feels better. Rafe asks what happened. Gabi talks about being confused ever since Nick came back. Rafe says Nick wanted her to feel that way. Gabi adds that she never wanted this to happen to him but she can see things clearly now and knows what she wants. Rafe mentions seeing the custody agreement. Gabi says it will all be settled soon. Rafe says it's great that things are really working out and he's happy for her. Gabi feels she got lucky. Rafe talks about her growing up and says he's proud of her.

Sami tells EJ that they are wasting time. EJ says she can't go in there ranting and raving. EJ asks Sonny what Will did. Sonny tells them that Will confessed to shooting Nick with Victor's gun. Sonny admits that he took the gun initially but Will talked him down from shooting Nick. Sonny tells them about the cops having the gun now. EJ asks if there is anything else. Sonny says Will is determined to take responsibility for this as he doesn't want anything like Lucas taking the fall for him before. Sami says they are going there. Sonny wants to go with them but EJ tells him to stay home. Sonny says he wants to see his husband. EJ understands but wants to focus on keeping Sami calm. Sonny says he will get there and asks them to help Will. EJ says he will do everything he can.

Will finishes reading the statement and concludes it is what he said. Hope asks if it's what he did. Will knows she doesn't want to believe it but says what's written is what happened. Will prepares to sign it when Abe returns with the assistant DA who says Will can sign that.

Gabi mentions not knowing where Will and Sonny are. She prepares to go with Rafe and Jordan. They take Arianna out while Gabi leaves a note for Will and Sonny that they went to get groceries. Gabi exits.

Eric goes to see Jennifer. He asks if it's a bad time. She says she's always happy to see him. Eric says it's not a social call as he came to give her his resignation. Jennifer doesn't believe him but realizes he's not joking.

Daniel tells JJ that everything is fine or will be. JJ mentions Jennifer saying he had a problem and he offers to do anything. JJ says he owes him for telling him to be honest with Paige since it worked out great. Daniel is glad to hear. There's another knock on the door and Nicole arrives. JJ decides to leave. He thanks Daniel and exits. Daniel questions Nicole not bringing Eric. She says they need to talk about this alone. Daniel says they already said all that needs to be said. Nicole questions Daniel going all out for JJ but not lifting a finger for her. Nicole says he did her a favor but it changed things between them permanently.

Eric tells Jennifer that he loved working for her and appreciated it. Jennifer assumes he got a better offer. Eric says he can't tell her. Jennifer says she's happy if he's happy. She suggests they all go out to celebrate but Eric tells her to talk to Daniel before making plans with he and Nicole.

Daniel questions Eric not turning on Nicole. Nicole says not yet but it has to stay between them and doesn't need him checking on her. Daniel says Eric is his friend so he wants to know how he's feeling. Daniel argues that Nicole's not telling him something and demands to know. Nicole tells him that she and Eric are leaving town. Daniel questions Eric being okay with that. Nicole says they talked about and he knows they need privacy. Nicole blames Daniel and declares that he won. Nicole announces that their friendship is over.

Sonny goes home and sees Gabi's note. Gabi comes back in with Arianna. She asks Sonny to get the groceries while she puts Arianna down. Sonny says he wants to talk to her first. Gabi asks where Will is. Sonny says he will explain. Gabi takes Arianna to her room. She comes back in and asks what Sonny wanted to talk about. Sonny suggests she sit down. Gabi just wants to know. Sonny informs Gabi that Will confessed to killing Nick.

Will questions not being able to sign his own confession. Abe brings up Will not having a lawyer. Will argues that he waived his right and there is no case as he plead guilty. EJ and Sami arrive. EJ says he will be representing Will and ask for a moment alone to talk with him as Sami hugs Will.

Daniel questions them not being friends anymore. Nicole knows what she did was her fault and the risk she was taking but it was her risk and her life that Daniel took over. Daniel argues that he could've gone forward with it but didn't. Nicole says Daniel pushed and threatened her so now she may lose Eric. Daniel questions if she was going to live her life with that lie. Nicole says it was her choice. Daniel shouts what about Eric's choice and all the people she hurt. Nicole says Daniel can't demand answers and explanations for her anymore. Nicole yells at him to stay away from her and Eric because he's only going to make things worse. Nicole storms out crying.

Jennifer thought everything was straightened out with Daniel and Nicole. Eric suggests she just talk to him. Eric says he has to go. Jennifer notes that he's acting mysterious. Eric tells her that he values their friendship. Jennifer gets a call from Daniel. She asks if Eric wants to say hi. Eric says he has no time and exits. Daniel asks Jennifer if she's free for lunch. Jennifer says she is and asks if he's okay. Daniel responds that he will be.

Nicole runs into a woman in the town square who she recognizes from work. She drops her flight information. Sally asks her about her trip and if she's eloping. Nicole admits that she is with Eric. Sally wishes her luck and they walk their separate ways. JJ walks up from nearby and watches Nicole go.

Rafe and Jordan sit in the park talking about Arianna. Rafe jokes about imagining Jordan's past since she won't tell him about it. They joke around and end up kissing.

Sonny tells Gabi that EJ is at the station so he can keep this from getting worse. Gabi questions what can be worse than Will confessing. Sonny says it's what Will wanted and he couldn't stop him. Sonny says they need to be strong for Arianna. Sonny says he's going to the station. Gabi worries. Sonny hugs her and says he will keep her posted as he then exits. Gabi wonders aloud what Will has done.

Sami questions Hope not calling her. Will states that he told her not to. Will doesn't want a lawyer but EJ tells him he can't do this without one. Sami takes Will's statement and refuses to let him sign it.

Rafe tells Jordan that she makes him crazy and happy. Rafe feels at home with her. Rafe says Gabi, Will, and Sonny worked their problems out so Arianna has a network of people around her to give her a good life so today he's a happy man. Jordan kisses him.

Gabi holds Arianna and tells her how much they love her. Gabi says she and Will would do anything for her. Gabi says the last thing she wanted was for Arianna to grow up without one of them which Nick never understood. Gabi cries that little girls need their dad and says they love her so much.

EJ asks for a moment alone with Will so Sami sits to the side. EJ questions what Will is doing. EJ brings up Will being at his house and happy last night. He wonders what happened in the time between and what brought him there. Will says he thought he was going to get away with it but then he saw EJ's text messages that the cops were searching the Kiriakis Mansion. Will insists that he took the gun, pointed it at Nick and pulled the trigger just like he did to EJ years ago except this time he killed a guy.

Abe and Hope return to her office. Abe knows it's frustrating to go over the file when nothing is changing. Hope agrees that nothing's changed and walks out.

Nicole returns home and tells herself that it's all going to be okay if she just makes the plane. She texts Eric to hurry home as she's ready to go.

Eric goes to the park in front of St Luke's statues. He gets Nicole's text and responds that he will be there soon but has one more thing to do. Eric walks then stops and looks back at the statues.

Daniel brings JJ his keys that he left at his apartment in the town square. JJ asks Daniel about Nicole's big news. Daniel is confused. JJ says he doesn't have to keep quiet as he just heard Nicole talking to her friend about how happy she is that she's eloping with Eric.

Abe finishes a call as Sonny enters. Sonny tells him that the guard won't let him in to see Will. Abe says he's in with EJ and Sami right now. Sonny wants to know if EJ is getting to defend Will. Abe says he won't need a defense if he signs the confession which he seems determined to do.

Sami questions Will. Will talks about Lucas going to prison for what he did. Will complains about Sami and Kate being in this because they were trying to take care of weak Will. Sami argues that no one thinks that. Will tells Sami and EJ that they can't stop this as it's done but Sami disagrees.

Gabi takes Arianna and prepares to leave when Hope arrives.

JJ goes to the hospital and runs in to Jennifer. Jennifer goes to get him flyers. JJ mentions it's pretty crazy news about Eric. Jennifer asks what he means. JJ tells her about Eric and Nicole eloping. Jennifer is shocked and JJ realizes she didn't know either. JJ notes that Daniel looked pretty freaked out too.

Eric talks in front of the statue to God about getting married now being the plan. Eric hopes God blesses their marriage and makes it about honor and trust.

Nicole packs her bag and there's a knock on the door. She excitedly answers expecting Eric but instead gets Daniel looking angry.

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