Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/28/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/28/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady asks if Theresa still has her cocaine dealer's number. She asks why he asks. Brady talks about having bad times with cocaine and it being dangerous. She talks about always using the best stuff.

JJ goes to the park looking for Rory, wondering where he went.

Paige looks for Rory's textbook but finds the STD test results that Bev planted. Bev goes back in and smiles when she sees Paige looking at it. Bev then confronts her and asks what she's doing. Bev rips the paper away and says it's private. Paige tells her that she saw it was an STD test and asks if she's okay. Bev tells her she's fine and not to tell JJ. Paige asks what JJ has to do with this.

Gabi finishes her photo shoot at the club. Abigail arrives and greets Gabi, asking how it's going. Gabi shows her that Arianna is sleeping through it all. Abigail looks over and sees Ben with Arianna.

Victor tells Sonny the next time he wants a man murdered, he comes to him. Victor says he knows what happened, that Sonny wanted Nick dead and decided to do it himself.

Will informs Hope that he came to confess. Will says that he killed Nick Fallon. Hope stops him and calls Abe. She tells Will that he needs his lawyer but Will says it won't change the fact that he killed Nick.

Victor talks to Sonny about getting that Nick had to be stopped and he knew Sonny took a gun. Victor says he should've came to him. Victor notes that Sonny put the gun back missing three bullets.

Hope tells Will that she can't let him do this. Will says it's not her call. Abe enters and asks if there's a problem. Will says he killed Nick. Hope stops him again and suggests an attorney. Abe reads Will his rights.

Sonny realizes Victor was trying to protect him with the job in Indonesia. Victor says they have to get him out tonight. Victor says Sonny made a big mistake using that gun as the report will trace it. Sonny wants to find Will but Victor says he has to go now. Sonny goes to leave but Victor stops and realizes Sonny didn't kill Nick, Will did.

Abe and Hope have Will sit down to record his statement. Will waives his right to an attorney. Hope says he will still need one when it's time for a plea. Hope says Will already gave a statement that he was innocent. Will says he lied and now wants to tell the truth.

Aiden talks on the phone at the Pub about looking for a venue still for the gala. Marlena approaches and comments that the auction is taking over his life. Aiden says Hope has her hands full at work so he's staying busy. Marlena brings up Aiden asking about her personal services and then he dropped it.

Paige asks Bev again what JJ has to do with this. Bev says she just doesn't want anyone knowing about it. Paige says she specifically said JJ. Bev says Paige was the one snooping around and will sometimes find things she doesn't want. JJ returns.

Brady tells Theresa that any coke seems to take him off the rails. Theresa talks about it being different for her. She says she gets why he doesn't want to take the risk and goes to make coffee. She mentions that she didn't actually delete the dealer's number. Brady suggests giving him a call. Theresa asks if he wants some. Brady says probably not but maybe she would like it so he's buying. Brady decides he'll go get some more vodka and clear his head. Theresa offers to go but he insists. Brady kisses her and exits.

Abigail approaches Ben and comments on him and Arianna. She says it's nice of him. Ben says Will was going to watch her but had to do something and he was there anyways. Abigail offers to hang out with them and Ben is glad to have her. Gabi talks with the photographer about not having the guy for the shoot and then looks over at Ben and Abigail.

Will insists that he did this all on his own and no one else knew.

Victor asks Sonny if he's right that Will shot Nick. Sonny thanks him but says he can't say anything. Victor wants to help and asks him to tell him everything. Sonny says he loves him but he has to go and exits. Victor worries that Sonny has to leave town or it will be too late.

Will tells Hope and Abe about Nick continuing to push to get Gabi back and take Arianna away from him. Will reveals that Sonny came home with a gun from Victor's one day. Will talks about talking him out of it and putting the gun in the closet. Will says as far as Sonny's concerned, that's where the gun stayed until after the murder.

Aiden tells Marlena that his issue cleared itself up. Marlena tells him that she's there if he needs to talk. Roman interrupts. Aiden asks if they know each other. Roman reveals that they used to be married. Aiden thanks Roman for taking one for the team and says he owes him. Marlena asks about it. Aiden tells Marlena about Giselle's terms to have Roman as her date. Marlena laughs about it.

Theresa's cocaine dealer shows up and sells her the coke.

Brady wanders through the town square with a bottle. He stops and stares at a window. He stops, puts the bottle down and starts to text Theresa that something has come up and he'll see her tomorrow. Brady turns around to see John.

Abigail and Ben talk about Arianna. Gabi approaches and says they need Ben's help. Gabi informs Ben that the model didn't show up so they could use him. Abigail calls it a great opportunity but Ben says that he's not interested.

Will talks about trying to stay level headed until the custody agreement came out. Will says everyone told him to relax but then he found out that the court date was set and Nick was playing them the whole time. Will says Nick was going to have the final say on what happened to Arianna. Will mentions Nick calling him an unfit father. Will says he went back and got the gun. He lied about being at the library. Will says he went to the park and shot Nick Fallon.

Marlena continues joking with Roman about his date. Aiden says he has to get to a meeting and it was nice seeing them. Aiden exits. Marlena resumes joking about Giselle. Roman jokes back that Marlena must be jealous.

John asks Brady if he's interrupting his text. Brady says it can wait and doesn't want him to be judgmental. Brady shows him his bottle. John says he's had enough for one night. Brady suggests John have a drink with him. John takes the bottle and pours it out then walks away.

JJ says he couldn't find Rory. Bev tells him not to worry. Paige mentions him calling. Bev decides she will go find him. Bev asks JJ to get her a soda so he heads to the kitchen. Bev advises Paige not to jump to conclusions and assures her the STD test doesn't have to do with JJ so she shouldn't say anything to him. JJ comes back with her soda and Bev exits. JJ asks Paige if he's missing something between them.

Gabi repeats that the modeling would pay $500 and tries to convince Ben. Ben apologizes but says he's not interested. Abigail doesn't get it and thinks it's great. Ben points out another guy they could use. Gabi says she knows him and goes over there. Abigail tells Ben that she doesn't get it. Ben says he just didn't want to do it. Abigail wants to know why.

Abe asks Will if he had the gun on him at the town square after the shooting. Will says he hid it in the park then went back to get it after leaving the hospital. Will says he wiped it down and hid it back in the closet then Sonny took it back without knowing. Hope talks about Will hiding it from everyone. Hope wonders why he decided to confess.

Sonny goes to the club looking for Will. Abigail asks if he's alright. Ben says Will left earlier. They ask if he's ok. Sonny gets a call and rushes out.

Will talks about how awful this has been since he killed his own cousin. Will says he has to find a way to live with what he did and confessing was just something he had to do.

Victor calls Sonny and tells him he will have him picked up and taken to the airport. Sonny says he has to find Will. Victor says he will find him but needs Sonny gone. Sonny refuses to leave Will. Victor reveals he knows Will is at the police station. Sonny hangs up worried and rushes off.

Paige admits to JJ that she accidentally saw Bev's paper on STDs. Paige talks about Bev repeating it had nothing to do with him. She thinks it was all a big game for her. JJ tries to assure her but Paige wants to drop it. JJ thinks something more is bugging her.

Brady returns to Theresa. She points him to the cocaine.

Will tells Abe and Hope that no one has to know until he goes to enter his plea. Abe agrees. Hope says they have enough to hold him overnight and won't arrest him until tomorrow. Sonny arrives outside the door and they hear him arguing with the officers. Hope has no idea how he found out. Sonny gets in and asks why Will is there. Hope says she will let Will tell him. Hope and Abe exit. Sonny asks Will what he has done.

Paige tells JJ that it kind of hit home how different they are. Paige feels she played it safe and never experimented. JJ thinks she's lucky. Paige says she's not experienced like he is. JJ says he's not a virgin but never did anything with Bev. Paige says she's not worried about Bev. Paige talks about hearing JJ's music and thought she knew what kind of person he was. JJ asks if she thinks he's different now.

Gabi goes back to Abigail and Ben and asks about seeing Sonny earlier. Abigail says he rushed out looking for Will. Gabi thanks Ben for watching Arianna. Gabi takes Arianna out to head home. Abigail is glad she stopped by. Ben calls it a good diversion as real life hasn't been fun. Abigail is glad Ben hasn't been questioned anymore. Ben suggests she stick around so she agrees. Ben goes to get her favorite drink.

Brady sits with Theresa and the cocaine. Brady asks if she did any yet. Theresa says she waited just in case cause he was undecided before. Brady decides there's nothing wrong with a little bit.

Sonny questions Will confessing. Will says he swore that Sonny had nothing to do with it. Sonny tells him that he cannot do this. Will says he can't have other people taking responsibility for him. Will talks about people sacrificing for him all of his life. Will declares now he has to do what he has to do and he can't keep having people do things for him. Will asks Sonny if he understands.

Paige kisses JJ and tells him it's her not him. Paige says he's everything she thought he was. Paige says the way she looks at things get messed up sometimes because her life isn't perfect. Paige talks about her dad leaving when she was young and seeing her mom get treated bad by guys. Paige says that's not him and kisses him again. Paige gathers her things and says they both have finals and if she keeps kissing him then she won't be able to stop and they'll flunk. JJ jokes that it would be worth the risk. Paige wishes him luck on his finals. JJ walks her out. Paige says when finals are over, they will have all sorts of time as she then exits.

Abigail asks Ben how he likes his job. Ben says it's a cool place and Salem's okay as he's always finding new things he likes about it.

Brady and Theresa finish the first batch of cocaine and then kiss onto the couch. Theresa points out that there is plenty more.

Hope and Abe go over their report on Victor's gun and not being a perfect match. Hope suggests Victor did something to the gun as he knew they were coming for it. Abe says Victor knows then that Will killed Nick. Hope asks if they know that. Abe says it's what they have recorded.

Gabi goes home with Arianna, looking for Will and Sonny but they aren't home. Gabi talks to Arianna about having a fun day and life getting better for them all.

Sonny wants to talk to Hope but Will stops him and says they know everything there is to know. Will tells him that tomorrow he will be arrested and this nightmare will be over. Sonny calls it just the beginning and questions he and Arianna living without him. Will says he will know Sonny and Arianna are okay. Hope comes in and says it's time. Sonny pleads with Will and wants to call EJ. Will tells him not to as they will only make things worse and make it harder than it needs to be. Will says if Sonny loves him, he will promise him. Sonny promises him and they hug then kiss goodbye. Will exits with Hope leaving Sonny looking sad.

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