Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/27/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/27/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny and Will talk at home about everyone going all out for Arianna's birthday. They talk about not having to worry about Nick's murder for once.

Sami asks EJ if he thinks Lucas shot Nick. EJ says all they know is that they are not responsible. Sami talks about Nick trying to point at his murderer. EJ points out that Lucas was there.

Lucas wants Hope to tell him that she believes he didn't kill Nick.

Nicole asks a nurse about Daniel and she says he'll be there in half an hour. Brady appears and notes she seems desperate. Nicole asks if he knows where Daniel is.

Daniel approaches Eric and says he thinks they should talk. Eric agrees. Daniel thinks back to Nicole promising to tell the truth. Daniel asks Eric if he talked to Nicole about everything. Eric responds that he has.

Theresa makes a call, pretending to be sick and says she's going to stay home. She says to herself that Brady will be there in a couple of hours as she thinks back to seeing JJ with Paige.

JJ studies with Paige at home. He tells her that he thought it was so cool that she accepted Bev and Rory studying with them because he knows Bev isn't her favorite person. Paige points out that they didn't show and it's just them.

Bev and Rory study in the park. Bev complains about Paige. Rory suggests getting high. Bev opens a paper and tells Rory to look at this.

Sami worries about Lucas. EJ asks if she thinks he would go that far to kill Nick. Sami tells EJ that she doesn't know but she thinks they need to postpone the wedding.

Hope brings up all of Lucas's lies so far. Lucas admits he was scared. Hope suggests he shut up and pray that the report doesn't match his gun.

Sonny gets a call from Victor and asks how he is. Victor says he's fine and has a business proposition for him. Sonny suggests meeting at the club but Victor says it has to be at the mansion so he'll see him in ten minutes. Sonny hangs up and tells Will about it. Victor looks over the newspaper about Nick's murder.

Brady asks Nicole what's going on. She insists that she just needs to find Daniel.

Daniel tells Eric that he's very sorry. Eric thinks back to what Nicole told him about Daniel and says Daniel's not as sorry as he is. Daniel knows this is hard and talks about asking why it happened. Eric says he certainly never saw this coming. Daniel tells him that no one feels worse than he does about this. Roman interrupts and says he has to talk to Eric. Eric asks if it can wait but Roman says it's important and they need to deal with it now.

EJ asks Sami about delaying the wedding. Sami says she's just worried about everything that has happened. EJ suggests they can just have a small wedding and kisses her. EJ gets a text from his contact at the police station that they got the report back on the gun and they are holding Lucas. Sami decides she has to get down there. Sami tells EJ that she will handle it and get Lucas a lawyer.

Will tells Sonny that he will take Arianna for a walk and then drop in on Gabi's photo shoot. Sonny kisses him goodbye and exits.

Theresa looks up the Salem High class of 2014 online and looks up JJ and Paige.

Paige and JJ continue studying and they end up kissing.

Bev shows Rory the paper is her results when she got tested for STDs after being with Cole. Bev assures she's negative. Bev tells Rory that Paige doesn't know why she was tested or what the results were and suggests pretending she got tested because of JJ and that she's not negative. Bev tells Rory that she's going to make things hell for Paige and suggests he get with it. Bev decides she's going to do it.

Brady tells Nicole that he's trying to make sure her life doesn't go to Hell again and asks why she's looking for Daniel. Nicole claims it's because of what he did in having drinks with Theresa. Brady asks a nurse about Theresa but she tells him that Theresa called in sick. Nicole asks Brady if he hasn't learned since Kristen and tells him that Theresa is no good for him. Brady responds that Nicole is no good for him like she wasn't for anyone else. Brady gives it five minutes before her happiness with Eric blows up in her face.

Roman gets a call and steps away. Eric tells Daniel that he has to take care of this and tells him about not talking until he knew how he felt. Daniel says he knows it must be hard and he must not be happy with him. Eric replies that he's not happy with him at all.

Lucas insists he's innocent and doesn't need a lawyer. An officer brings in the ballistics report and she says they are going to need a warrant. Hope prepares to leave but Sami bursts in questioning everything. Hope tells her to knock themselves out as she exits.

Sonny meets with Victor and says he seemed urgent. Victor reveals he's been keeping an eye on at him the club and thinks it's time to move on to bigger and better things.

Daniel talks to Eric about the truth coming out and how he feels about Nicole. Eric doesn't want to discuss Daniel's feelings about Nicole ever. Roman comes back and takes Eric away.

Nicole tells Brady that Eric is the best thing to happen to him and they are happy together. Brady mocks her. She says she will do whatever it takes to be with Eric for the rest of her life because she's finally happy. She says he could be happy too if not for Theresa. Brady asks whose life will end up in disaster first and says his money is on hers as he walks away. Nicole gets a text from Daniel to meet at the Pub and says this can't be good as she exits.

Will brings Arianna to the DiMera Mansion and greets EJ. Will asks about Sami but EJ says she had to step out. Will says Sami told him to come by for a present she forgot to give Arianna. EJ mentions something coming up. Will asks if he's going to keep it from him. EJ admits that Sami is at the station where Lucas is being questioned a second time for Nick's murder.

Sami talks with Lucas about being questioned again. Sami asks him to tell her the truth if he shot Nick.

Sonny appreciates that Victor wants him to move up but he's happy where he is and has a nice life. Victor says being comfortable is good but this is an offer, he doesn't think he will want to refuse.

JJ and Paige continue kissing until the doorbell rings. JJ answers the door as Bev and Rory arrive asking about the study group.

Nicole goes to the Pub. Daniel arrives and thanks her for coming as he wanted to do this in person. Daniel says he spoke to Eric which shocks her.

Rory goes to get some chips from his car and JJ goes with him. Bev jokes with Paige that he might not come back. Bev tells Paige that they both like JJ but she just wants to be his friend so she suggests they could be friends too.

Roman and Eric sit outside the town square. Roman asks what's going on with him when getting married will burn his last bridge back to the priesthood. Eric argues that it's already gone. Roman asks him not to marry Nicole because she's poison and he's going to get hurt.

Nicole tells Daniel that she didn't want him to talk to Eric. Daniel says they ran into each other which was bound to happen. She asks what Eric said. Daniel says he was upset with him and seemed more mad at him than her. Nicole asks what Daniel said. Daniel says he's glad it finally all came out but he seemed tense like he could explode any minute but then Roman interrupted so he left.

Lucas tells Sami that he did not kill Nick. She asks if he can prove it. Lucas says he doesn't have to but Hope does. Lucas mentions being there that night but says Nick was shot before he got there. Lucas says he couldn't call the police because he had a gun. Sami realizes Lucas was going to kill Nick to stop him from keeping Arianna from Will. Sami tells him it's the sweetest thing and hugs him.

EJ tells Will not to worry about Lucas. Will wonders why they would even suspect him and blames himself. EJ tells him not to blame himself as that won't help anything. Will mentions going to see Gabi's photo shoot at the club. EJ calls it a great idea and goes to look for Sami's present that she left. EJ leaves his phone and gets a text. Will sees it, reading that a search warrant has been issued for the murder weapon.

Victor shows Sonny the plans to open a startup in Indonesia. Sonny doesn't understand but Victor calls it a golden opportunity. Henderson arrives and informs Victor that the police have arrived with a search warrant.

Bev tells Paige that she and JJ have always been just friends. Paige questions what she said to her at the club. Bev says she was just in a bad mood and didn't mean any of that.

Outside, Rory tries to convince JJ to dump Paige. Rory thinks Paige is stuck on herself. JJ suggests he be nice to Paige or walk away. Rory agrees to walk away and says JJ has been a lousy friend since he met Paige. Rory tells him to have fun studying without him. Rory goes back in and says he's out of here as he doesn't need this crap. Bev follows after him and whispers to give her five minutes as Rory exits. Bev notes Rory is really pissed and asks to talk to JJ alone.

Brady goes to see Theresa and shows up with two bottles. Theresa notes that he's early. Brady says he's there to party and kisses her.

Daniel talks on the phone at the counter while Nicole realizes that Daniel and Eric don't know anything so this is perfect. Daniel returns to Nicole and asks what's wrong. Nicole talks about Daniel betraying her by talking to Eric. Nicole argues that this has to stay private as Eric is in an emotional state and they don't know what he's going to do. Nicole hopes they can get through this. Daniel asks if he said anything about being reinstated as a priest. Nicole says he hasn't yet and assumes he will ask one day to see the papers. Nicole says right now, she has to focus on Eric and they are not important. Nicole asks Daniel to stay out of it and ends the conversation. Nicole goes to leave but Daniel stops her and says there's one more thing.

Eric is sick of people telling him how to feel about Nicole. Eric says he's in love with her and storms off.

EJ gets another text that Will sees that they are searching the Kiriakis Mansion. It worries Will as EJ returns with the present. EJ asks if he's okay. Will says he has to go. EJ brings up Nick trying to blackmail him. Will says he shot EJ and Lucas took the blame. EJ suggests against any of it coming out. Will thanks EJ and says he has to go as he exits.

An officer returns asking Lucas why he's still there. Lucas asks if he can go. He says he only can't leave town. Sami tells him not to argue and takes Lucas out.

Victor tells Sonny to stay there while he handles this. Victor goes to the door where Hope hands him the search warrant. Victor wishes her luck as Hope heads upstairs. Sonny calls Will.

Bev takes JJ outside and tells him that he has to help Rory pass and graduate. Bev says Rory is going to the park to get stoned so JJ has to help him.

Rory calls Paige, saying he tried to text JJ, and asks if he left his textbook.

Brady and Theresa get undressed and kiss on the couch. Brady stops for a drink. Theresa asks if something is wrong. Brady says nothing and mentions John calling earlier. Brady continues until Theresa asks to slow down. She says she doesn't want him to pass out on her when they are just warming up. Brady then brings up cocaine.

Daniel tells Nicole that he just wanted to say he's sorry as he knows he put her through a lot of pain and whatever Eric decides, he wishes her all the best. Nicole thanks him and says she has to go. Daniel stops her again. Nicole says they've talked and asks him to stop. Nicole asks him not to say anything to Jennifer because they need their space. Daniel says he understands. Nicole hopes so and says her future is at stake here so this is goodbye. Nicole says she means it and says goodbye then exits the Pub leaving Daniel confused. Nicole is happy that they don't know anything and says it's amazing. Nicole gets a call from Eric, who asks her to meet at her place now. Nicole notes that he sounds upset as he hangs up.

Will sits in the town square with Arianna and talks to her about taking her to Gabi and then he has to go do something. Will tells Arianna that he loves her very much forever.

Hope searches the Kiriakis Mansion and finds a gun which she puts in a bag. She goes downstairs and Victor assumes she found what she was looking for. Hope figures he knew what they were looking for. Hope exits. Victor heads back in to the living room where Sonny is leaving a message for Will to call him back. Sonny says he has to go but Victor stops him and tells him next time he wants a man murdered, he comes to him.

Theresa decides she'll make some coffee. Brady brings up her cocaine dealer but Theresa says she deleted his number. Brady says she must still have it somewhere.

JJ agrees to go find Rory. Bev thanks him and he walks off. Paige looks for Paige's textbook but finds the STD test results that Bev planted. Bev goes back in and smiles when she sees Paige looking at it. Bev then confronts her and asks what she's doing.

Daniel goes to the hospital and thinks back to Nicole saying goodbye. A nurse tells him he's needed upstairs so he rushes off.

Nicole goes home and worries about Eric maybe knowing. Eric arrives and decides maybe she's right that they should elope and leave Salem for a long time, maybe forever. Nicole excitedly hugs him and promises he won't regret this.

Sami returns home and tells EJ about Lucas being in the park when Nick was shot and planning to but he was already shot. Sami mentions Lucas being let go like the police had someone else. EJ toasts to Lucas being off the suspect list. Sami wonders then who did do it.

Hope sends the gun to be tested at the station. An officer sends her in where someone is waiting for her. Hope heads in to her office where Will is waiting. Hope asks about him wanting to see her. Will informs Hope that he came to confess. Will says that he killed Nick Fallon.

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