Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/23/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/23/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail questions what EJ is doing as he takes her purse and looks through it, saying he just has to be sure. EJ dumps her purse to make sure she's not wearing a wire as he takes her phone. Abigail calls him sick and says she knows exactly what he did. EJ admits that he paid a man to kill Nick. She questions how he could do that to her cousin. EJ argues that Nick was going to expose them and ruin her life. Abigail slaps him and argues it's not about her but about EJ. Abigail says Nick threatened EJ so he murdered him to protect his own ass.

Gabi, Will, Sonny, Sami, Kate, and Marlena celebrate Arianna's birthday at their apartment. Sonny takes pictures of Gabi and Arianna to send to Rafe. Marlena goes to get the cake while Sami and Kate go to get presents. Sami asks Kate where Lucas is. Kate says she texted him but he hasn't replied. Sami says something very important must be keeping him from Arianna's birthday.

Hope accuses Lucas of lying just like he did about the text. Lucas insists he didn't meet with Nick which Hope calls another lie. Lucas argues that he didn't see Nick until he stumbled in to the town square. Hope says she knows Lucas was in the park and accuses him of shooting Nick.

Daniel wonders why Eric hasn't called and says Nicole must have told him the truth by now. Daniel speaks aloud about Nicole lying.

Eric asks why Daniel doesn't want them to be married. Nicole says she didn't want to tell him but claims that the truth is Daniel is in love with her. Eric says that doesn't make any sense since he loves Jennifer. Eric asks when this happened. Daniel calls Eric.

Marlena steps aside with Gabi and asks how she is. Gabi says she's feeling a little better and talking to her really helped. Gabi says she will just never understand why Nick made it so hard for everyone to get along. Marlena tells her to focus on Arianna being safe and loved. Gabi talks about school and modeling. Gabi looks forward to all the times they are going to have like this.

Lucas repeats to Hope that he didn't go to the park or kill Nick. Hope brings up the dew on the ground in the park and matching the dirt from the park to Lucas's shoes. Hope reveals that puts Lucas at the scene of the crime around the time of the shooting.

Nicole asks Eric not to answer the phone and let her explain first before she talks to Daniel. Eric instead answers the phone. Daniel asks if he's with Nicole.

EJ tells Abigail to calm down as she complains that she didn't think he actually did it. Abigail argues about EJ's involvement. EJ talks about setting the process in motion. Abigail brings up EJ saying he would try to convince Nick when he already hired someone. Abigail says she's going to tell Hope and questions if he's going to hire someone to kill her too. EJ grabs her and tells her to shut up and listen. EJ says when he finishes then she can leave. Abigail doesn't want to hear anymore. EJ pours out the money he got back from his man. EJ informs her that the man he hired didn't do it.

Sami talks to Marlena about Allie's nightmares. Marlena thinks she will be fine. They talk about helping her through it. Marlena says she has a lot to do so she has to go. Marlena wishes Arianna a happy birthday and thanks everyone before leaving. Kate sits with Gabi and thanks her for being generous about the custody agreement. Gabi says that's what she wanted all along for Arianna to be surrounded by the people who love her. Sonny tells Will about sending the pictures to his parents. Will wonders where Lucas is and hopes he gets there soon. Sonny brings up EJ and Sami says he has a lot on his plate right now.

Abigail accuses EJ of lying. EJ asks why he would tell her all of this if it wasn't true. Abigail thinks he's just trying to get her to keep quiet. EJ insists that the man didn't do it and gave the money back. Abigail questions why she should believe him now. EJ says that she knows when he's lying and called him on it the other day. EJ tells her that he is not responsible for killing Nick as someone else did it.

Eric tells Daniel that he is with Nicole and talking about something very important so he will have to call him back. Eric hangs up. Daniel notes that he sounded like hell so Nicole must have told him the truth. Daniel guesses he should've trusted her. Daniel then gets a call from Chloe and tells her that he will mail Parker's toy to her as he exits.

Nicole thanks Eric for not saying anything to Daniel. Eric says not yet. Nicole thinks it's best if he hears the whole story from her first. Eric asks her what's going on.

Arianna asks about Kate's necklace. Kate calls it a gift from an admirer. Sami asks to speak with Kate in private so they step out.

Abigail says it doesn't change the fact that EJ hired someone to kill Nick but someone beat him to the punch.

Lucas tells Hope that the dirt must have been from before since he was in the park earlier in the week. Hope tells him that his matches from that night. Hope tells Lucas to start again with the truth.

Marlena runs into Daniel in the town square. Daniel talks about mailing Parker's toy. Marlena talks about their children. Daniel asks if she's okay. Marlena asks if he has a minute to chat about Eric.

Nicole apologizes for being all over the place. Eric questions this being why she and Daniel were upset when he and Jennifer came in. Eric asks about Jennifer. Nicole says it's complicated. Nicole talks about Daniel getting upset about the engagement and claiming that he blurted out that he loves her. Eric argues that it doesn't make sense. Nicole says they have a long history and spent a lot of time together. Nicole tells him that they kissed once before they got back together. Eric asks if she has feelings for Daniel too. Nicole says no and assures that Eric is the only man she loves. Nicole says this is why they have to do exactly what she's about to say.

Will thinks Sami and Kate taking it outside will be a tradition. They joke about them fighting. Gabi wonders if it's about the necklace. Will isn't sure but mentions Sami being upset about a text message earlier. Sami and Kate walk back in arguing. Sami apologizes for causing a scene and decides to go. Sami says goodbye to Arianna and thanks everyone. Will asks Sami about her and Kate getting along. Sami says they had a truce for dealing with Nick but that's over. Will suggests they grow up. Sami hugs him and says she just can't stand to be there with Kate any longer. Sami exits. Kate asks if anyone wants more cake.

Lucas agrees to tell Hope the truth. Hope asks what exactly happened that night. Lucas admits he was in the park that night but it was after Nick was shot. Lucas says Nick was on the ground, covered in blood and not moving when he got there. Hope questions why he didn't call the police. Lucas says he knew he would look guilty and thought he was already dead. Hope questions if Lucas would have left him to die anyways.

EJ tells Abigail that admitting to their affair or accusing him of killing Nick won't help anything. Abigail questions clearing one's conscience hurting innocent people. EJ says they might not be innocent but Jennifer, JJ, and his children are. EJ tells her this is something they have to live with for the rest of their lives. Abigail goes to leave but Sami arrives and asks what she's doing there.

Daniel and Marlena sit together in the town square. Marlena brings up her and Eric hitting a rough patch because of Eric's feelings for Nicole. Marlena says she's come to realize she's been a little unfair to Nicole.

Nicole tells Eric that she didn't want to tell him this because Daniel is a good friend. Eric questions if Daniel has told Jennifer. Nicole says they can't say anything. Nicole says they need to keep their distance from Daniel and give him time to realize he loves Jennifer, not her. Nicole tells Eric that they need to go to Vegas and elope. Eric argues they will have to deal with this afterwards but Nicole says not if they don't come back.

Sami assumes Abigail came to check on Allie. Abigail talks about how difficult that night was. Sami asks how she is. Abigail says she's fine and Sami walks her out. EJ gets a call. He asks when that happened and asks to be kept posted.

Lucas knows he should've called for help and maybe Nick would still be alive. Hope argues it wouldn't have made a difference since he still hated him. Lucas insists that he didn't do it. Hope wants to believe him but so many things don't add up. Hope questions Lucas leaving the Pub and not getting to the park for ten minutes. Lucas says he didn't go there right away so Hope asks where he went. Lucas admits he went to get a gun.

Marlena tells Daniel how difficult it was to hear that Eric was marrying Nicole. Marlena still feels that Eric's place is with the church. Marlena talks about Eric still not being vindicated from what Kristen did to him. She calls it unfair. Marlena says she focused all her anger on Nicole. Marlena points out that Nicole has been the one trying to prove Eric's innocence so she has to respect Eric's choice to love and marry her. Daniel isn't sure why she's telling him this. Marlena tells him that he was right when he told her not to get on Nicole for what happened with Chyka. Daniel tells her that there is no reason for her to apologize.

Eric questions Nicole wanting to leave Salem, their friends and family. Nicole suggests an extended honeymoon then asks what's so great about Salem when they could have a fresh start after last year. Eric says he would take a fresh start on his own choice not because of Daniel's feelings. Nicole thinks they owe Daniel for all he has done for them. Eric brings up her reasons for eloping but he's not sure it's a good idea. Nicole tells him that there is something else. She says Daniel asked her to hold off on getting married until he clears his feelings up. Eric says he has a lot of nerve. Nicole is afraid that Daniel will keep them from being together. Eric suggests he have a chat with Daniel.

Will asks Kate about her necklace. She admits the necklace and ring are both from Stefano. Will can't believe it. Kate assures that she's not back with him but it's none of anyone's business. Will questions her accepting things from Stefano when he always expects things in return. Will and Sonny wonder what could go wrong.

Sami walks Abigail out and says she wanted to talk to her alone. Sami thanks her for her tutoring sessions and being so patient. Sami feels she wasted her time since now after everything that happened, she doesn't see a honeymoon in Italy and isn't sure about the wedding maybe being postponed. Sami hopes she comes whenever it does happen. Sami suggests Abigail bring Ben. Abigail asks why she would say that. Sami says she saw them together and thought they were close. Abigail thanks her and promises to come. Sami thanks her for coming to check on Allie and says she's welcome anytime like family. Sami hugs her.

Nicole asks Eric to stay away from Daniel as it could get ugly. Eric argues that it already is ugly and he's not going to fight just talk. Nicole thinks it's too early. Nicole suggests Eric text Daniel that they talked about everything and that he will need a day or two to process everything before they talk again. Eric agrees.

Marlena asks Daniel if she hit a nerve. Daniel doesn't think she has to apologize for trying to protect her son. Daniel gets Eric's text and tells Marlena that they will have to finish another time. Marlena thanks him for listening. Daniel tells her to hang in and everything will be okay as she walks away. Daniel says to himself maybe not and wonders if the text means Nicole finally told Eric the truth or she stole his phone and texted him herself. Daniel wonders what's going on over there.

Nicole thanks Eric for texting Daniel. Eric decides he will go for a walk. Nicole knows it's a lot to process and asks him not to say anything to anyone. Eric still thinks Daniel needs to come clean to Jennifer. Eric comments that keeping secrets from those you love always blows up. Eric tells her he loves her and kisses her goodbye then exits. Nicole remarks about things blowing up in her face. She tells herself that she's not giving up and this just might work if she can keep Eric and Daniel apart long enough to elope. Nicole says she just has to convince Daniel that she told Eric the truth. Nicole cries that she's sorry to do this to Daniel but she can't lose Eric now as she exits.

Sami returns to EJ in the living room. He asks how the birthday party was. She says it was fine. EJ guesses Kate was there. Sami tells him about Stefano showering Kate with jewels. EJ talks about Kate saying she's not interested. Sami doesn't think it's innocent and believes that Stefano will want to trade. EJ tells her not to worry as Kate is about to have much bigger problems on her plate. Sami asks what he means. EJ says he got a call from his contact at the station that Hope has been grilling Lucas for two hours. Sami realizes that's why he wasn't at the party. Sami remembers that Lucas was already questioned and asks EJ if he thinks Lucas shot Nick.

Hope asks where Lucas got the gun. Lucas says he got it from Kate's house. Hope asks if he went to kill Nick. Lucas says yes but then says no. Lucas talks about Nick threatening Will. Hope asks about the gun. Lucas admits he threw it in the river. Another cop brings an envelope in to Hope.

Nicole goes to the hospital and asks a nurse if Daniel is there. She says he will be there later. Nicole calls Daniel.

Daniel walks through the town square and sees the call from Nicole. He looks up and sees Eric walking through first and decides to approach him. Nicole leaves a message asking Daniel to call her as soon as he gets it. Nicole wonders where he is. Daniel approaches Eric and says he thinks they should talk. Eric agrees.

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