Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/22/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/22/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate tells Lucas to drop the act because her gun is missing and he's the only one that could've taken it with only one reason that he would do it. She tells him to come clean. Lucas then admits that he took her gun.

EJ exits the Pub and gets a call from Abigail. She tells him that she can't do this anymore. She made up her mind and is not going to continue this lie. EJ doesn't think they should have this conversation on the phone. Abigail says she has to tell the truth. EJ brings up what's at stake. EJ suggests they meet first. EJ says he will text her when he's free. Abigail agrees to wait for his text. EJ hangs up in frustration then turns around to see Rafe, who asks what's going on.

Jordan finds Abigail in the town square and asks if she's okay. Abigail says she's fine but thinks she got a friend in trouble. Abigail then tells her it's Ben.

Hope interviews Ben and asks about his argument with Nick on the day he was shot and killed.

Jennifer says she just saw Nicole speed away and Daniel's upset again so whatever is going on has him completely on edge. She asks him to tell her what's going on. Daniel says it's a complicated long story. Jennifer says she has time and wants to hear it.

Nicole says there is only one way to do this and that's say it out loud. Nicole declares that they need to elope and they need to do it today.

Kate says she was hoping it wasn't true. Lucas asks for the benefit of the doubt and suggests she try to figure out why he would take her gun.

EJ asks Rafe what he means. Rafe reminds EJ that he asked to meet. EJ remembers. Rafe asks if he's going to confess to Nick's murder. EJ laughs it off and says they have their work cut out for them. EJ gives Rafe the custody agreement to look over.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he promised Nicole that he wouldn't discuss her issue with anyone until she deals with it. Daniel expects that she has already dealt with it so it's probably over at least he hopes so.

Eric questions Nicole wanting to get married today. Nicole doesn't want to wait. Eric says they aren't in a rush but Nicole says they are because someone wants to keep them apart.

EJ and Rafe sit together at the Pub as Rafe looks over the agreement. EJ points out that the part where Rafe gets right in to Arianna's life. Rafe is happy and appreciates it. EJ talks about him being important to Arianna. Rafe notes that it seems fair to him but he will have someone else look at the papers. EJ asks him what is wrong. Rafe has a hard time believing EJ did this out of the goodness of his heart. EJ says Gabi asked him to. Rafe thinks there's more to it and suggests honesty. Rafe asks EJ what's in it for him.

Abigail and Jordan talk about Ben being with her the night that Nick died. Jordan asks if she's worried about getting him in trouble. Abigail tells her that Ben is being questioned by the police right now because she told them that Ben and Nick had a fight.

Ben tells Hope that he did fight with Nick before the day he died. Ben asks if she thinks he had a motive to want him dead. She asks him what they fought about.

Kate asks Lucas what reason he had for stealing her gun. Lucas brings up Allie and not wanting her around guns. Kate says she takes care of that gun. Lucas argues that he got it easily. Kate questions him taking it at the same time that Nick ends up dead. Kate says she raised him to be a better liar than that.

Eric asks Nicole who wants to keep them apart. Nicole says it's not just one person but multiple people so she doesn't want to wait around and let it happen. Nicole asks about Eric telling Sami and Marlena about their engagement. Eric says they never expected them to be thrilled. Nicole argues that Eric can't change their minds. Nicole insists that Marlena will never accept her while Sami will do everything she can to change Eric's mind with every trick in the book. Nicole declares that she will not let anyone keep them apart.

A knock on the door interrupts Daniel and Jennifer. It's Maxine and Abe who hope they aren't too early with a pie and potato salad. Jennifer admits they completely forgot about their plans. Abe says they can do it another time but Jennifer says they are still going to do it now and takes them to the kitchen.

Nicole tells Eric that he is the love of her life and she doesn't want to lose him again. Eric feels the same way. Nicole says she loves him and if he wants to marry her as much as she does then they will elope. Nicole says she just has this feeling that it's now or never. She asks what he says.

EJ says he can't blame Rafe for being wary but despite their differences, he thinks they can agree on children. Rafe agrees it's the only thing they agree on and then exits.

Jordan questions Ben fighting with Nick. Abigail explains that Ben was protecting her and they got into it and then he was there the night Nick died so he had to be questioned. Jordan says she has to go and rushes off.

Hope asks what happened between Ben and Nick. Ben explains that he didn't know him but saw him treating Abigail badly and didn't like it. Hope asks about being friends with Abigail. Ben says he didn't know her well but he wouldn't watch a man treat a woman like that. Ben says it looks like he was threatening her. Hope gets a call and finishes with Ben for now. Ben exits. Hope receives something on her computer.

Lucas tells Kate that he's not lying and doesn't care if she believes him or not. Lucas starts to storm out but Kate says she believes him and apologizes for hurting his feelings. Kate starts talking about work and needing him to take some meetings in Croatia. Lucas questions her wanting him to leave. Lucas tells her that he had to surrender his passport to Hope. Kate declares him a suspect. Lucas insists that he did not kill Nick. Kate says he wanted too though which is the real reason he took her gun. Lucas admits that.

Jennifer tells Maxine and Abe that they just got preoccupied so now she will go get the salmon that she forgot to pick up. Abe offers to go with her so they exit. Maxine tells Daniel that she feels so guilty. Daniel says they are the ones that forgot about lunch. Maxine says she was using them as a crutch. Maxine talks about being grateful when Jennifer suggested this group lunch. Maxine says she and Abe talked about being more than friends but it felt a bit off and awkward. Maxine reveals to Daniel that she and Abe decided they like being friends so they aren't going to complicate things. Daniel likes to see her happy so he wants whatever she wants. Maxine calls him the best friend anyone could ever have as they hug.

Eric understands Nicole's concerns and this not being easy for her. Eric suggests maybe eloping is the best thing for them. Nicole excitedly hugs him and says she's already checked flights to Las Vegas. Eric admits that would be kind of fun. Nicole says they would be away from all the naysayers and kisses him. Nicole talks about just having to pack a bag. Eric then tells her that they can't get married tonight. Nicole says she can take her vacation days and he can take a few days off. Eric thinks Daniel and Jennifer would need some notice as he suggests they should come with them.

Lucas talks to Kate about being so upset after hearing what Nick was doing to Will. Lucas insists that he didn't kill Nick and by the time he got the gun, someone beat him to it. Kate asks if this is the story he told Hope. Lucas says no because he's not crazy. Kate tells him to let this be the last time he tells the story. Kate asks where the gun is. Lucas reveals that he threw it in the river because he panicked and lost his mind. Kate says now Hope suspects him and she does too. Kate thinks that's what he wanted. Kate accuses Lucas of setting himself up. Lucas says she's lost her mind and storms out.

Ben walks out of the town square and gets a call from Jordan, asking if he's okay. Ben says he's fine and Hope just had some questions about Nick. Ben tells her that it didn't come out that they are brother and sister. Jordan says she was worried but not just about that. Ben tells her that they won't find out, their secret is safe, and he won't find them. Abigail approaches Ben so he hangs up. She asks how it went. Ben says it was nothing. Abigail is relieved and hates getting him involved. He tells her that there is nothing to be sorry about as she told the truth and he wouldn't expect anything less.

Jennifer talks to Abe in the town square and tells him that she's worried about Daniel because he isn't talking about something. Jennifer doesn't think she can be patient in this situation.

Maxine notes that something is up with Daniel but he says he's alright. Maxine says she told her deal so he can tell his but Daniel says it's not something he can talk about. Maxine tells him to spill. Daniel says he just feels like he failed someone and it's killing him. Maxine asks who it is. Daniel says it's just a friend but he doesn't know if this person can see him as a friend again.

Nicole tells Eric that it would be such a big trip while Daniel and Jennifer have their jobs and kids so she thinks they would feel pressured. Eric says they can say no but they are their friends and strongest advocates. Eric thinks they would be hurt if they didn't ask them to come. Nicole worries that it could get out that they are eloping. Eric assures her that they won't say a word. Nicole thinks it could slip out. Eric realizes she isn't telling him something. Nicole claims there's nothing to tell other than that she wants to marry him. Eric doesn't understand why she isn't being honest with him. Nicole says he's right that she's not being honest with him and she thinks it's time she told him the truth.

Jordan meets with Rafe in the club and can't believe Rafe didn't tell her about Ben being questioned. Rafe says he can't mix his professional and personal lives. Jordan admits she has no reason to be upset with him and knows he can't reveal information about the case. Rafe is glad she understands and tells her that he won't lie to Hope so if she asks, he will tell her that Ben is her brother.

Ben asks Abigail if something else is bothering her. Abigail thinks back to accusing EJ of killing Nick. Abigail admits she has to tell them everything she knows about Nick. Ben asks what the problem is. Abigail says once she takes care of something, it won't be a problem as she walks away.

Lucas returns to Hope's office. He remarks that he's seen her more this week than he has in years. Hope asks him one more time what happened that night. Lucas asks if she's going to try and catch him making a mistake. Hope says she has no questions, she just wants to hear one more time what happened that night.

EJ sends a text to meet him at the house. Kate approaches him in the town square and asks him about the custody agreement. EJ says Will and Gabi are happy with it. Kate tells EJ to tell Stefano that the necklace gets him nowhere with her. EJ questions her keeping Stefano's jewelry close to her heart as he walks away.

Daniel tells Maxine that he's forcing his friend to make a hard decision. Daniel talks about being accused of playing God in the past with his former wife Rebecca before she died. Daniel says things worked out then but he doesn't think this friend will ever forgive him.

Nicole tells Eric that the truth is that she has issues. She asks him not to be mad at her. Eric says he's just confused which is why he doesn't think they should elope but take time to work out the issues. Nicole suggests they just go now and she will explain everything. Nicole brings up Daniel being upset and acting strange so she's pretty sure Eric has an idea what this is about.

Rafe asks if it would really be so bad if everyone knew Ben was her brother. Rafe says he's tried to stay out and respect her privacy. Jordan loves him for not questioning her about it and the trust he's given her. Jordan suggests maybe this will turn out okay. Rafe tells her that he loves her and will protect her no matter what as they kiss.

Abigail arrives at the DiMera Mansion to meet EJ. EJ thanks her for coming. She doesn't see the point and says she's made her decision. EJ pulls her in close.

Maxine tells Daniel that he's so not okay. Abe says he has to get to the station. Maxine decides to go as well. Jennifer thanks them for coming. Maxine suggests Daniel tell Jennifer about his situation. Maxine and Abe exit. Jennifer goes to Daniel and asks if he's ready to talk.

Eric asks Nicole if this issue has something to do with Daniel. He brings up Daniel leaving him a message earlier and plays it. Eric asks what Daniel is expecting her to tell him. Nicole says she never wanted him to hear this. Eric asks her to tell him. Nicole informs Eric that Daniel doesn't want them to get married.

Jordan tells Rafe that she understands if he has to tell Hope the truth but asks him to tell her first. Rafe agrees if she promises not to try to leave town again. Jordan tells him that she could never leave him no matter what and kisses him. Jordan then exits the club.

Lucas finishes telling Hope about the night Nick died and hearing Allie's scream then seeing Nick. Lucas says he's told her everything. Hope accuses him of lying just like he did about the text. Lucas insists he didn't meet with Nick which Hope calls another lie.

Abigail questions what EJ is doing as he takes her purse and looks through it, saying he just has to be sure. EJ dumps her purse to make sure she's not wearing a wire as he takes her phone. Abigail calls him sick and says she knows exactly what he did. EJ admits that he paid a man to kill Nick.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's waiting on a call but will feel better talking with her about it afterwards. Jennifer decides to go back to work then and jokes that he can do the dishes. She kisses him goodbye and tells him that she's ready to listen when he's ready to talk as she then exits. Daniel says to himself that he's gotten no call back from Eric and nothing from Nicole so he wonders what's going on.

Eric asks Nicole why Daniel doesn't want them to be married. Nicole says she didn't want to tell him but claims that the truth is Daniel is in love with her.

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