Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/21/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/21/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie sits with Jennifer at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie tells her about Julie going with Nick's body for his funeral and to see his mom. Jennifer suggests a memorial for Nick but Maggie isn't sure anyone would come.

Kate calls Lucas about meeting. Lucas says he will text her. Kate thinks back to her gun missing and says to herself that she knows Lucas took it and will deal with it but first things first.

Sami joins EJ in the living room. EJ asks about Allie. Sami says she wants to go back to school. EJ thinks it would be good for her to get back to a normal routine. Sami reminds him that none of this is normal and says they have to talk about this. Sami says if it wasn't their guy who got to Nick, they have to figure out who did.

Lucas and Will meet at the Pub. Lucas notes that they haven't talked since Nick's murder. Will asks why he wanted to talk about that and what there is to say.

Gabi and Sonny talk at home. Sonny encourages her to eat breakfast. Sonny notes that EJ is coming over with the new joint custody agreement for them to look over. Gabi tells him to stop and walks away.

Daniel tells Nicole that he cares about her very much and that's why he thinks it's so important for her to tell Eric the truth. Nicole asks if she won't. Daniel says she knows the answer to that. Eric enters the club. Daniel warns her that if she won't do it, he will. Eric looks up from his phone and sees them. Eric goes over and greets Nicole with a kiss. He again points out the looks on their faces and asks what's going on and why they look so upset.

EJ asks Sami why they should care who killed Nick as long as he's gone and they don't have blood on their hands. EJ talks about Nick running around threatening everyone all day. Sami is afraid that someone they love will spend their life in prison for killing Nick.

Will doesn't know what Lucas wants him to say. Lucas brings up his custody hearing. Will informs him that Gabi cancelled it and they will have EJ draw up something simple and fair. Lucas is happy and asks how Gabi is doing. Will says she's still in shock since she and Nick had such a complicated relationship. Lucas remarks that a lot of people could say that and asks Will how he feels about Nick's death.

Nicole tells Eric that it's Brady being back with Theresa and drinking. Eric agrees that it's bad news but not totally unexpected. Eric asks if that's what has them upset. Nicole says it is as she's worried but Eric notes that Daniel isn't saying anything. Eric asks them why they are both so upset.

Maggie says most people never met the Nick that she wants to remember. Maggie cries about old memories. Jennifer goes to get her some more water. Victor comes home and Maggie hugs him.

Sonny apologizes for upsetting Gabi. She tells him not to apologize. She says everyone has been acting sensitive since Nick died and it's making her crazy. Kate arrives and tells Gabi they need to get some things straight.

EJ tells Sami that she can't really think Will would shoot Nick. Sami brings up that he shot EJ in the past. EJ tells her that he's a different person now but Sami feels that Will was desperate. EJ wants her to have more confidence in her son. Sami believes Will would do anything for his daughter and Nick gave him every reason to want him dead.

Will admits to Lucas that it's been a huge relief having Nick out of their lives. Will brings up when he was shot and being on painkillers and remembering when Nick was hooked on them. Will talks about Nick's time in prison sending him over the edge. Will tells Lucas that he saved him because if he went to prison for shooting EJ then who knows what kind of life he would have had. Will tells Lucas that he owes him so much.

Daniel tells Eric that he is very concerned about Brady but they were discussing something else. Nicole claims it was her accidentally shooting Daniel. Eric thought they worked through that. Nicole feels guilty still but Eric says that has to stop since Daniel is fine. Daniel doesn't want to go over the past but the present. Eric then asks Daniel to be his best man. Nicole reveals that she was going to ask Daniel the same thing. Nicole calls Daniel the best friend she's ever had and she wants him beside her. Eric decides he could take Jennifer as his best person then. They agree and Nicole says as long as they are married, that's all that matters to her. Eric says they wouldn't be here if not for them. Daniel steps away for a refill. Eric asks her why Daniel seems so distant and tense.

EJ tells Sami that Will would be in shock and unable to hide it if he shot Nick. Sami talks about the police investigating and how they will be all over Will. Sami brings up if they find out that Will did shoot EJ. EJ says that secret died with Nick. Sami wonders who else knew. EJ talks about all of Nick's enemies. EJ says he will keep tabs on the investigation and tells her to keep out of trouble. EJ says he has a meeting and will be back as quick as he can. They kiss goodbye and EJ exits.

Kate tells Gabi that the police are going to want to talk to her. Gabi says she has nothing to hide. Kate wants to get things straight about the last time Nick died.

Lucas says sometimes it seems like Nick was dealt a lousy hand but it doesn't justify what he did. Lucas tells him not to forget that he was evil and nasty. Will questions if Lucas is suggesting that Nick got what he deserved.

Nicole tells Eric that she thinks Daniel is fine. Eric says he's not acting like himself at all. Nicole suggests they close the subject. Nicole then asks how things went with Marlena. Eric says they went will since she didn't say anything negative. Nicole assumes she didn't congratulate them either. Nicole is glad they talked. Eric brings up that he has to tell Sami next. Nicole offers to go with him to tell her. Daniel returns and says he got a text from work so he has to go but he wants to finish their conversation. Daniel asks Nicole for a ride back home. She tries to say she was going with Eric. Eric says he can go alone but Daniel says they can have the conversation here in front of Eric. Nicole then agrees that Eric's right and kisses him goodbye. Nicole exits with Daniel as Eric is left confused.

Lucas tells Will that he's just saying he's not surprised considering how Nick was. Will mentions EJ coming over to finish the custody agreement. Lucas hopes everything goes well. Lucas adds that he's there if he wants to talk about anything. Will tells him the same. Lucas tells him he's proud of him as they hug. Will then exits the Pub.

Sonny questions Kate bringing that up. Kate says Gabi has a history of blurting things out so she doesn't want her to spill to the police about the night at the river and being blackmailed. Gabi questions why she would say that. Kate talks about her being under pressure. Gabi says she handles it well. Gabi declares that now that Nick is out of her life, no one is going to push her around. Gabi goes to check on Arianna. Kate tells Sonny that she'll apologize but Sonny tells her not to try to fix things when she's in a mood. Sonny offers to talk to her later. Kate thanks him but says she's right that Gabi needs to keep her mouth shut. Kate then exits. Sonny comments to himself that he thought things would get easier with Nick out of the picture.

Eric goes to see Sami. He says he's been worried about her but she says not to be. Eric asks about Allie. Sami tells him what's been going on. Eric tells her he's there if she needs anything. Sami asks what he came for. Eric admits there's something to tell her. Sami doesn't want any more bad news. Eric says it's good news and he hopes she will be happy for him. Eric informs her that he and Nicole are getting married as soon as they can. Sami questions if he's completely lost his mind.

Victor thanks Jennifer for taking care of Maggie. Jennifer says Maggie usually takes care of all of them. Jennifer decides she'll go since Victor is home. Victor tells her how happy she is that she and Daniel worked things out and that things worked out on Smith Island. Victor talks about Nicole shooting Daniel. Jennifer says Daniel sees the good in Nicole. Victor thinks Daniel will learn the hard way. Maggie says the important thing is that Daniel and Jennifer are happy together. Jennifer hugs Maggie. Maggie thanks her for coming as Jennifer then exits. Victor asks if there's anything he can do to track down Nick's killer or if the police have any leads. Maggie doesn't think so. Victor brings up Nick's time in prison. Maggie admits she wouldn't be surprised if the killer is someone they all know.

EJ runs into Will at the town square and says he was just on his way to his place with the custody agreement. Will is sure the agreement will be fair. They walk off together.

Gabi comes back out of her room and asks Sonny about Kate being gone. Sonny tells her that Kate is just trying to help as she really cares about her but has a unique way of showing it. Will comes in with EJ. EJ talks about going over the agreement together. Gabi agrees that they should do everything together when it comes to Arianna.

Lucas meets with Kate at the club. Lucas asks what she's so worried about. Kate says she doesn't care about work right now as their phones could've been bugged. Kate admits that she thinks Lucas killed Nick.

Eric asks Sami to be happy for him. Sami shouts about it being bad news and how Nicole has done nothing but cause her misery. Sami questions how he could do this to her. Sami calls her a selfish, greedy bitch and she can't believe Eric is marrying her. Sami continues shouting about Nicole. Eric brings up those things being said about Sami and he doesn't talk about her marrying EJ. Eric insists that Nicole has changed. Sami shouts that she can't save him from destroying his life. Eric responds that nothing can come between them.

Nicole brings Daniel home and he questions her continuing the lies. Nicole talks about how happy Eric is and having to destroy his life. Daniel tells her that things are going to get worse and she can't change his mind that what she is doing is wrong. Daniel declares it has to stop right now. Nicole says she hates lying to Eric but doesn't know what else to do. Daniel tells her there's only one thing she can do. Nicole argues that they are happy after all they have been through. Nicole says she might not deserve it but Eric does. Daniel says Eric doesn't think he has another choice. Daniel says Eric's calling and vocation is his life. Daniel says Nicole robbed him of that and their whole relationship is based on a lie. Daniel again threatens to tell Eric if she won't. She shouts at him to stop with that. Nicole says this is her life too and her dreams coming true. Nicole asks Daniel to just leave it alone.

Victor asks why Maggie would think they would know who murdered Nick. Maggie talks about all the people who despised Nick and how he tried to get back in to Gabi's life. Maggie brings up the custody agreement that Nick was involved in. Maggie gets a call from Julie and steps out. Victor toasts to knowing Nick is rotting in Hell.

Lucas questions Kate. Kate thinks he did the world a tremendous favor. Lucas asks why Kate thinks it was him when so many people wanted Nick gone. Kate feels Lucas was at the top of the list.

EJ goes over the custody agreement with Will and Gabi. EJ goes over the custody going to each one if the something happened to the other. Gabi states that she has a problem with that.

Eric talks to Sami about Nicole risking her life for him and how EJ did nothing to find Kristen. Eric says Nicole wanted to give him his life back. Sami tells him to stay away from Nicole if he wants his life back. Eric declares that he doesn't need his family's support when he has friends that want him to be happy. Sami remarks that he sounds like Brady. Eric tells her to worry about her own wedding and he will worry about his as he storms out.

Daniel questions Nicole wanting him to look away like it's no big deal. Nicole talks about her and Eric's happiness. Daniel talks about how willing she was to help Eric. He brings up that Jennifer was nearly killed because Nicole didn't come forward with what she knew and how she tried to kill Liam and almost killed him instead. Daniel tells Nicole to do what is right. Daniel says he is her friend but is also Eric's and he has a right to know what she's done. Daniel guarantees that one way or another, Eric will know. Nicole says fine, she will find Eric and tell him the truth. Daniel calls Eric and leaves a message, asking him to call him after he speaks to Nicole. Nicole calls him a bastard and says now he's just hurting her. Daniel argues that she's hurting herself. Nicole says she needs to do this and will. She asks for some time to pull herself together as she walks out crying.

Sami walks out of the town square, complaining about Eric marrying Nicole. She gets a call and says she will be by to pick it up herself as she walks off.

Will asks Gabi what's wrong. Gabi wants it in writing that Rafe gets to see Arianna. Will says that's not a problem. Gabi asks about Sonny's rights and she wants it clear that if something happened to both of them, that Arianna stays with Sonny. Gabi wants to make it clear that Sonny is her other dad. Sonny smiles as Gabi talks about Sonny being a part of Arianna's life and wanting to protect his rights. EJ decides he will find a way to insert that in to the agreement. Sonny thanks Gabi and hugs her. Will thanks her and they hug as well.

Lucas questions Kate putting him at the top of the list. Kate knows he was upset about the custody hearing. Lucas tells her that he would never do that. Kate tells him to drop the act because her gun is missing and he's the only one that could've taken it with only one reason that he would do it.

Jennifer goes to Daniel's. She asks him what's going on. She says she just saw Nicole speed away and he's upset again so whatever is going on has him completely on edge. She asks him to tell her what's going on.

Nicole comes home to Eric. Eric tells her that things didn't go well with Sami while she doesn't look too happy herself. Nicole says there is only one way to do this and that's say it out loud. Nicole declares that they need to elope.

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