Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/20/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/20/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope sits in her office going over the photos of the suspects. Aiden arrives and asks if she has a second. Hope would like a few minutes away from the case. Aiden says she has the perfect distraction and takes her out with him.

JJ shows up for community service and asks Russ if he's seen Paige but he tells him that she didn't show up for her shift. JJ texts Paige asking if they can meet and talk. Paige ignores the text and heads into the club.

Marlena runs into John in the park.

Brady wakes up on Theresa's couch where she greets him.

Jennifer lays in bed with Daniel where she is taking care of him after he tripped over a box of hers in the basement. She kisses him and says she's the luckiest woman on earth. She talks about Nicole and Eric's wonderful news and kisses him.

Nicole lays in bed with Eric. She thinks back to Daniel threatening to tell Eric what she did. Eric wakes up and smiles at her. He asks if she's okay but she says she's not. Nicole says there's something she should've done last night.

John says he's glad he ran in to Marlena. She's not sure there is anything for them to talk about as the divorce is proceeding. She asks if he's seen Brady and if he wasn't very receptive. Marlena tells John that he can't be surprised and tells him to face the fact that there is nothing here for him anymore. Marlena then walks away.

Brady decides he should take a shower. Theresa suggests taking it with him. Brady says they need to get something straight about last night.

Jennifer kisses Daniel and says she wants to talk to him about something that he doesn't want him to get mad about. She brings up Daniel and Nicole being upset. She feels it's something bigger but he tells her not to worry about it. Jennifer hopes Nicole is not asking him to do something that he doesn't want to do.

Eric asks Nicole what she needs to do. She reaches over and puts her ring back on. She declares that she's never taking it off again as they kiss.

JJ checks his phone and says he can't believe Paige is ignoring him then says maybe he can. He texts her again as she exits the club.

Aiden and Hope go to the Pub to talk about planning the Gala. Aiden informs her that he's got a new plan to get the Salem Inn booked.

Theresa doesn't understand as she thought they had a good time. Brady says they did. She asks if he remembers last night. Brady says he does but he wasn't thinking clearly. She asks if he's saying it was a mistake when she thought they worked through everything. Brady gets a call so Theresa steps out as he answers the call from John. Theresa remains at the corner to listen in. John is glad he answered. Brady asks what he wants. John says he wants to apologize but Brady says it's too late and hangs up. Brady apologizes to Theresa and suggests they go out for a drink after all.

Daniel assures Jennifer that Nicole is not making him do anything. She asks what's going on. Daniel brings up having to video chat with Parker and knowing Jennifer has a lot to do. Daniel promises to talk to her later. They kiss goodbye and Jennifer gets out of bed. Jennifer apologizes that Nicole makes him unhappy. Daniel says he didn't say that. Jennifer says he didn't have to because she knows Nicole can get complicated. Jennifer then heads to the shower. Daniel texts Nicole asking if she's okay and how Eric took the news.

Nicole tells Eric this is better than a dream come true as they kiss. Eric says he'd love to spend all day with her but has to go. Eric gets out of bed. Nicole checks her phone and sees Daniel's text. She states that she has to find a way out of this.

Aiden tells Hope that he pulled a few favors to set up a fake e-mail account. Hope is unsure. Aiden explains that he will send an e-mail to change Mr. Howell's schedule.

JJ goes to see Daniel and talks about never really paying for what he did. JJ says if it wasn't for Daniel, he would be in prison right now and how he had to blackmail Theresa to stop her. Daniel says he wouldn't be feeling guilty if he was anything like Theresa. Daniel insists that JJ is a good guy. Daniel encourages owning up to mistakes and says Paige will respect him for it. JJ thanks Daniel and exits. Daniel goes back to focusing on Nicole and checks his phone with a message from Nicole to meet her at the club. Daniel says he'll be right there and hurries out.

Aiden and Hope return to her office. Aiden continues trying to convince Hope to go with his plan to get the ballroom back for the gala. Hope remains unsure about fraud, lying, and cheating. Hope says he'd be setting Mr. Howell up. Aiden insists it's for the children. Aiden gets an e-mail from Howell that he knows what he's up to and it's not going to work. Aiden calls him a jerk as Hope laughs at him.

Brady and Theresa eat and drink at the town square. Brady tells her that he's glad he stayed but now he has to go. Theresa asks to see him tonight. Brady says he has a lot on his plate but he will call her. They kiss goodbye.

Paige goes to see Jennifer and talks about really liking JJ but something upsetting him on their date last night. Paige talks about JJ not saying what was wrong so she walked out. Jennifer appreciates her honesty and tells her about JJ having a hard couple of years. Jennifer encourages Paige to give JJ the time to open up. Jennifer assures her that it's not about her. Paige thanks her and exits. JJ comes home as Paige is leaving. JJ asks what she was doing there. Paige admits she came to see him. JJ asks her to take a walk with him so they go together.

Eric goes to see Marlena and asks if she's going to say anything about the engagement. Marlena knows his feelings for Nicole but questions him rushing into marriage. Eric says he's not rushing as they fell in love a lifetime ago. Eric talks about nearly dying and knowing there's no time to waste. Eric doesn't want to listen to Marlena run her down. Eric tells Marlena that she's going to have to learn to accept it. Marlena brings up Eric and the church. Eric says he didn't turn his back on the church. Marlena just wants his happiness. Eric understands. Marlena wants him to take time to be certain that his calling is really over before he makes a lifelong commitment to Nicole.

Daniel arrives at the club to meet with Nicole. She thanks him for coming so fast. Daniel asks what she wanted to show him. She informs him that Brady got back with Theresa and talks about how she can't believe it. Daniel doesn't want to talk about Brady right now. Nicole says this can't wait cause Brady could go back to using. She asks if he even cares. Daniel says he does care about Brady, Eric, and her. He asks how Eric took the news. She looks away and he realizes she hasn't told him.

JJ and Paige go to the park. JJ admits to her that he ran in to Theresa at the club and that's why he wanted to leave. She asks why he didn't tell her. He says seeing her made him think of all the awful things he did before. JJ says it made him think that he wasn't good enough for her. Paige tells him to let her decide that.

Brady sits at home looking at the drinks. He shakes his head and leaves the room. He starts to head upstairs when the doorbell rings. He opens the door and John arrives. Brady asks what he wants. John says he doesn't like how they left things so he wanted to look him in the eye. Brady tells him that he doesn't want to talk to him or see him or hear his apology. John realizes Brady's been drinking.

Hope tells Aiden that they still don't have a venue so they should focus on finding a new place. Aiden thinks there's always something they can do and he's determined to keep the tradition. Hope asks him to run his plans by her first. Aiden says maybe and decides to get back to work. Aiden exits. Hope admits the distraction was nice. Jennifer arrives with coffee for them. She asks how it's going. Hope says it's not really going. Jennifer mentions Abigail being interviewed. Jennifer is sorry that Hope has to take this case. Hope is determined to find out who killed Nick. Hope asks if Jennifer is okay. Jennifer says she's fine and came to check on her so she doesn't need to be bothered by anything else. Hope wants Jennifer to talk so she admits it's Nicole.

Eric tells Marlena that he doesn't understand why God never allowed him to be publically exonerated and he probably never will be. Marlena argues that they don't know that. Eric doesn't want to dwell on it and thinks it was God's will that brought him back to Nicole.

Nicole tells Daniel that he's right that she hasn't told Eric the truth yet. Daniel understands why it's so hard and that she's scared but this can't go on as she has to tell him now. Nicole says she tried but one thing led to another and they made love. Daniel says Nicole has now made it so much worse. Nicole argues that they could stay together. Daniel says it will be Eric's decision but he needs to know the whole story. Nicole asks why he's trying to ruin things for them. Daniel says they've been through this and it's not his fault. Daniel questions her wanting him to let it go. Nicole argues that it wouldn't do any good. She begs him not to punish her this way.

Brady tells John that what he's doing is his business. John says he's not judging him but Brady feels that he is. Brady calls him a not so great dad. Brady tells John to show him he cares by staying away from him. Brady shuts the door on him. Brady pulls out his phone and texts Theresa that he will see her later.

Theresa walks through the town square and gets Brady's text. She smiles and walks on.

JJ admits it should be Paige's choice who she hangs out with. Paige tells him that she likes hanging out with him but wants him to feel like he can talk about whatever matters. They kiss as Theresa walks by and sees them.

Jennifer tells Hope that Nicole has upset Daniel but she doesn't know what it is. Hope assures her that Daniel will tell her. Jennifer talks about trusting Daniel and being friends with Nicole but knowing how she operates. Jennifer knows Daniel wants to see the best in Nicole but she also knows he would do anything to help her. Jennifer has a sick feeling that Nicole is going to ask Daniel to do something that he will regret.

Daniel tells Nicole that he cares about her very much and that's why he thinks it's so important for her to tell Eric the truth. Nicole asks what if she won't. Daniel says she knows the answer to that. Eric enters the club. Daniel warns her that if she won't do it, he will. Eric looks up from his phone and sees them.

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