Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/19/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/19/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John shows up at the Kiriakis Mansion with something he says Brady is going to want to see.

JJ and Paige go to the club. Paige's phone rings while JJ heads inside, looking for Sonny but finds Theresa.

Hope interviews Lucas about Nick. Lucas questions things. Hope brings up Lucas shooting EJ in the past.

Sami tries to walk off but EJ's hired man stops her and says not so fast. He says she knows who he is so it's in her best interest to do what he says.

Allie dreams of Nick's shooting and wakes up screaming. She cries about seeing Nick with blood on him as EJ tries to comfort her.

Nicole paces in her room and looks at her ring. She takes it off and sets it on the table. Eric arrives at the door. Eric hugs her and says he missed her. She tells him that she'll always be there if he wants her. Eric notices she's not wearing her ring and asks what happened to it. He brings up her swearing to never take it off. She claims her hand is swollen as she turns away and holds back tears. Eric asks what's wrong and why she's crying. Eric says they can fix whatever it is and asks her what's wrong.

Lucas tells Hope that she knows all about his shooting EJ. Hope compares it to the Nick situation and brings up Lucas's record. Hope's phone rings and she says she'll be right there then hurries out.

EJ tells Allie that it was just a bad dream but she complains about it being real as she saw the blood. Marlena tells her it's over now. EJ promises she's safe now. Allie cries that Nick is dead. EJ wants her to go to sleep but she says no, worrying that she will just see it all again.

Sami asks EJ's man what he wants. He wants to see EJ in half an hour. Sami argues that they can't be seen in public but he insists and tells her to tell EJ not to be late as he walks away.

JJ doesn't want to deal with Theresa. She questions him and looks outside to see Paige. Theresa asks about JJ being on a date and if she's met the real JJ.

Brady asks John what it is. John says he had to call in a lot of favors with the ISA but it's time. John talks about Brady doing better with not drinking. John tells Brady that he'll tell him more on the jet. Brady questions what he's talking about. John informs Brady that he has everything they need to track down Kristen.

Lucas waits in Hope's office as she then returns. She asks about the last time he had contact with Nick. Lucas says it was a few months ago when he met with a Mad World employee. Lucas talks about rarely dealing with him at work. Hope warns him that lying to her is not a good plan.

Sami comes home and asks what's going on. Marlena tells her it's okay as Allie just had a nightmare. Sami wants to know what to do to help her. Marlena says she has to go through it. The phone rings so Marlena goes to answer it. Sami motions for EJ. Sami tells Marlena that she can go as she handle things now. Marlena agrees and tells her to call if she needs anything. Marlena exits. EJ asks Sami what happened. Sami tells him that they are in big trouble.

Nicole tells Eric that she messed up and it's never going to be okay. Eric asks what she means. Nicole says she hurt someone she cares about. He asks if she means shooting Daniel. Eric argues that it was an accident and she saved Jennifer's life. Eric states that Nicole would never intentionally hurt someone she cares about. Nicole talks about being confused and desperate to do the right thing but being left with consequences. She tells Eric that she wanted to do the right thing but she didn't.

JJ wants to forget they saw each other but Theresa mocks how he used to be. JJ says he's not that person anymore and he doesn't do drugs. JJ says he'll never go for someone like her. Theresa says it doesn't change who he is and he can't keep up this act. Theresa says Paige will find out soon who he really is. JJ argues that she knows and Theresa can't mess this up for him. Theresa says there has to be something he forgot to tell her like how he came to have sex with her. JJ says he grew up and now she couldn't pay him to. Theresa argues that he hasn't changed and the real JJ will come out. He calls her a pathetic user. Theresa says he's just like her. JJ tells her to shut her mouth. Theresa says that's the JJ she wants Paige to see.

John tells Brady that he knows where Kristen's been so they can find her. Brady questions him referring to them as 'we'. John says this is their chance for Brady to move on.

Hope again asks Lucas when he last had contact with Nick. Lucas says he already told her. Hope brings up the text messages sent before Nick was shot. Lucas questions calling that contact. Hope again asks him. Lucas admits they texted but claims he doesn't remember what it was about. Hope reveals his service provider does and pulls out papers.

Johnny interrupts EJ and Sami. Allie wakes up and goes to play with Johnny. Johnny tells them not to worry as he'll keep an eye on her. They run upstairs. Sami cries about this situation affecting their children. EJ asks Sami what happened. Sami tells him about running into his man and gives him the message that he said not to be late.

Eric hates to see Nicole this way. Nicole says she's earned it. Eric argues that she doesn't deserve to feel this way. Eric knows how she used to be and how people still treat her but that's not her. Eric praises her and tells her how much she means to him as they kiss. They kiss onto the bed and begin undressing.

Brady tells John to take it to the police and let them find Kristen to lock her up but he doesn't want to spend another moment on her. John argues that this is their chance as they were both her victims. John says Brady will never be okay. Brady claims he's fine and has moved on. Brady says he's getting along fine without him and walks out.

JJ walks away from Theresa and joins Paige outside. JJ suggests they go somewhere else now.

Marlena goes to see Gabi and talks about everyone being concerned for her. Marlena brings up Nick but Gabi doesn't want to talk about him.

Hope reads the text message exchange between Lucas and Nick showing Lucas asking where Nick was at and him being shot in the park. Hope says they found Nick's phone which is how they know about the text. Hope asks Lucas what exactly happened between them when he went to the park.

Sami asks if EJ's man wants money and if he's blackmailing them. EJ prepares his gun. Sami asks if he can't send someone else as she argues that he doesn't have to do this. EJ insists and kisses her then exits.

Brady goes to the club and finds Theresa at the counter. Brady finishes her drink.

Eric and Nicole continue kissing as they make love in bed.

JJ and Paige go to the Pub instead. Paige talks about looking into class registrations for next fall. She talks about studying psychology and there always being more to people. Paige asks him what's wrong. JJ claims nothing but Paige asks why he's been edgy since leaving the club. JJ says he just likes the Pub better but Paige can tell something happened.

Theresa tries to start small talk with Brady and then asks what's on his mind. Brady responds "us".

Gabi talks to Marlena about bouncing around different emotions with Nick and how everything was changing. Gabi talks about Nick going to New York and then coming back. Marlena says things might be a bit of a relief. Gabi agrees then disagrees and says she just doesn't know.

Hope wants an answer from Lucas. Lucas says he didn't see Nick or go to the park. Lucas says he wanted to give him a piece of his mind but he never went to the park. Lucas tells Hope that he went to the town square to pick up Allie instead. Hope demands Lucas's phone. Lucas questions her and she says she got a warrant.

EJ meets his man in the park. He notes EJ being right on time. EJ pulls his gun out behind him and says it's unfortunate for him.

Allie returns to Sami in the living room with balloons that Johnny gave her. She asks where EJ is. Sami tells her that he had things to do and will be back soon.

EJ's man tries to get through to EJ but EJ isn't hearing it and threatens him. EJ tells him that he made a mistake and his time is up as he aims the gun at him.

Sami tells Allie that they can all get more balloons tomorrow. She asks if EJ will come. Sami says he will as they are family and will always be together.

JJ suggests to Paige that they just have a good time and not be analytical. Paige thinks JJ has just been acting weird. Paige says it's hard to have a good time if he's going to act like this. Paige wants JJ to admit that something is wrong. JJ claims nothing is wrong but Paige says there is.

Theresa sits with Brady and brings up her being innocent. Brady points out that she did lie about Liam and things could've turned out worse. Theresa talks about not seeing another way out. Brady understands she was scared. Theresa jokes that she's a selfish bitch. Brady credits her for owning that and they toast their drinks.

Marlena tells Gabi that they have lots of feelings when someone close dies and there's nothing wrong with feeling relief. Gabi admits she is relieved to not be fighting with everyone now. Gabi says instead of dwelling on how Nick made her life difficult, all she could think about was how much he loved her. Gabi says Nick could be so sweet and gentle. Gabi believed part of him really wanted to change. Marlena believes that too. Marlena thinks remembering the good times is a good way for Gabi to move on.

Hope checks Lucas's phone and notes him deleting the texts to Nick. Lucas says he deletes them all the time. Hope finds a text conversation with Will along with every text with Sami. Hope accuses him of deliberately deleting the texts with Nick after he died. Lucas claims not to recall. Hope warns that his service provider will tell them exactly when he deleted them. Lucas insists he didn't kill Nick. Hope questions him looking guilty. Lucas admits to deleting the texts because he knew how it would look. Hope tells him that it's too late. Lucas questions if she's going to arrest him now.

EJ returns home. Sami asks where he's been. EJ says he was busy but he's fine. EJ tells her that it's okay and they are safe.

Eric and Nicole lay in bed together and kiss. Nicole brings up him not wanting it like this. Eric says not to question it. Eric says waiting stopped being important. Nicole is sorry they can't get married in the church. Eric tells her that there are no more regrets as he wanted this time to be right and it was. Eric says being with her was like an affirmation that they are what they are together. Eric tells her he loves her. Nicole says she loves him as they kiss.

JJ stops Paige from leaving and asks where she's going. Paige thinks he wants to be alone since he won't tell her what's wrong. JJ tries to convince her to stay but Paige says goodnight and walks out.

Brady finishes his drink and decides to go. Theresa makes sure he isn't driving. Brady thanks her for the laughs as he hasn't had a lot lately. Brady then exits. Theresa follows him out and tries to take his keys. Brady jokes with her and she gets the keys. Brady asks how he's supposed to get home. Theresa suggests giving him a lift. Brady picks her up and starts kissing her.

Sami questions EJ about what the man was doing. EJ puts the gun back up. Sami asks him about taking the man's money. EJ says he didn't need to and reveals that he didn't kill him. EJ pours the money out and says that's why he wanted to see him. EJ says the man knew not to cross his family. EJ reveals to Sami that the man didn't do the job he was paid for, meaning someone else killed Nick.

Hope tells Lucas that he's not under arrest. She tells him there's a cop waiting outside with a warrant to search anything of his that could be evidence. Lucas tells her that he didn't do it. Hope responds that his statement has been preserved for the record. Lucas asks if she can talk to him like a human now. Hope warns him to pray that nothing else is found against him. Lucas asks if she thinks he did this. Hope calls him a person of interest. Lucas insists he didn't do it. Hope asks him to prove it. Hope asks for his passport so he doesn't leave town as he stays and faces whatever they find.

Nicole lays with Eric as he sleeps and says she'll never let him go.

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