Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/16/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/16/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel threatens to tell Eric if she doesn't. Nicole says he can't do this and she won't let him. She grabs the papers and tries to run out but she opens the door as Eric and Jennifer arrive. Eric asks what's wrong.

Ben and Abigail kiss in the park.

Hope interviews Kate. She asks if Kate owns a handgun. Kate replies doesn't everyone.

Sami and Lucas talk with Allie at the DiMera Mansion. They send Allie to finish her game. Sami asks Lucas how things went with the psychiatrist. Lucas thinks it went good and Allie will be okay. Sami worries if Allie will ever be okay after seeing Nick bleeding.

EJ walks through the town square and pulls out his phone. His hired man appears in the town square and sees him. EJ spots Sonny and asks if he's alright. Sonny responds that he's not.

Will brings up Nick calling him an unfit father and threatening to take Arianna away. Will states that if Rafe hadn't pulled him off, he might have killed him. Marlena asks if there's something he'd like to tell her. Will thinks back to finding Sonny's gun. Marlena tells him that there's nothing he can't tell her.

Ben and Abigail continue kissing until Ben stops and says he can't do this.

Lucas talks with Sami about not pushing Allie to talk until she's ready. Lucas asks about Will. Sami says she heard from him this morning and he's focused on Arianna and Gabi. Sami is worried about Allie while Lucas is worried about Will. Sami asks if Lucas thinks Will did this.

Sonny points out to EJ where Nick collapsed. EJ thinks he seems more than a little rattled. Sonny thinks back to Will holding the gun.

Marlena tells Will that she has all day. Will thinks back to Sonny telling him that he was going to shoot Nick. Will tells Marlena that he just feels so guilty because Nick's dead and he just feels relieved. Will then declares he's glad Nick is dead.

Kate talks about how Hope knew she had a gun. Hope asks Kate where she was last night. Kate says she didn't have a gun but admits she would've been tempted to use it if she had it the last few times she saw Nick.

Eric asks Nicole about telling Daniel the news. Nicole says she couldn't be happier. Jennifer notes that they seem upset and asks what happened. Nicole looks to Daniel. Eric asks if this is about Nick and mentions talking to Maggie. Daniel knows it's been rough on her. Eric talks about it for Jennifer too. Daniel says that's not what they are upset about at the moment. Eric asks what the problem is then.

Hope questions Kate providing herself with means, motive, and opportunity. Kate talks about everyone hating Nick and says she didn't kill him. Hope brings up Kate hiring Nick and asking why she felt like killing him. Kate doesn't feel like sharing since she didn't kill him. Hope finishes. Kate agrees to let her know if she remembers anything helpful. Kate then exits.

Abigail asks Ben what just happened. Ben brings up Nick's murder and says Abigail is beyond upset so he felt like he was taking advantage. Abigail calls it really sweet. Ben says he really likes her. Abigail says she likes him too. Abigail gets a call and says she'll be right there. She tells Ben that she's needed at the station for questioning.

Sami assures Lucas that Will did not do this. Lucas tells her to calm down as he never said he did or thought it. Lucas says he's running late and has to go so he goes to say goodbye to Allie. Lucas tells Allie that he loves her as he hugs her.

Sonny tells EJ that Hope already called him in for questioning. EJ asks how it went. Sonny talks about he and Will telling Hope about Nick pushing for the custody agreement. Sonny talks about something good coming out of this with that. EJ is confident they can come up with a fair custody agreement.

Marlena tells Will that Nick was trying to manipulate Gabi into hurting him so she understands he feels relieved that threat is gone. Will says he wasn't just relieved but glad he's dead which he's never felt before. Marlena knows he felt like Nick was out to get him. Marlena gets a text from Sami to come over. Will feels she will be treating their family for awhile. Marlena says she doesn't have to rush but Will has to go. Will thanks her for talking and exits the Pub.

Will goes home where Sonny is. Sonny tells him that Gabi took Arianna out. Will asks if Sonny took the gun back. Sonny brings up getting stopped and questioned first but he returned the gun. Sonny assures that it's locked up and no one saw him. Sonny tells Will that he is going to be called in too. Will informs him that he already went in on his own. Sonny asks why he would do that. Will thought they should hear from him that he threatened to kill Nick.

Roman enters Hope's office and asks about the interviews. Hope talks about the lab checking the bullet. Roman asks about a suspect but Hope says there's too many variables and too many suspects. Hope says all they know is that Nick was not a popular guy.

Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion. Sami talks about Allie just playing a game. Sami hopes Marlena could spend some time with Allie while she has to go to a work meeting. Marlena questions her being unable to get out of it. Sami says it won't take long and she'll be right back. Sami can't stand that Allie had to see Nick die. Sami blames herself. Marlena asks how she could've known what was going to happen.

Nicole again looks to Daniel and says he's right as they were talking about something upsetting and they weren't finished. Jennifer notes that Nicole was leaving. Nicole admits she was walking out and shouldn't have. Nicole asks for a few more minutes with Daniel to sort it out. Daniel agrees they can try. Eric doesn't get what's going on. Nicole takes Eric outside to try and explain. Nicole says she needs to fix it with Daniel and needs a few more minutes. Eric wants to be sure she's alright. She insists she is and it's not a big deal. Jennifer asks Daniel if he's sure he's happy about Eric and Nicole's engagement because it doesn't seem that way. Daniel tells her that they weren't arguing about that. Nicole comes back in with Eric. Eric suggests they give them time to wrap up whatever it was. Jennifer agrees and Daniel does as well. Jennifer and Eric exit to take a walk.

Lucas meets with Kate at the Pub. He talks about Allie being pretty shut down. Kate encourages that she will get through it. Lucas asks if anything has been happening since Nick died. Kate talks about being grilled by Hope. Kate says she had nothing to hide. Lucas brings up Kate hating Nick's guts. Kate tells Lucas that she told Hope she would've pulled the trigger if she had a gun when she last saw Nick.

Hope begins interviewing Abigail. Hope asks about her arguing with Nick the last time she saw him and what it was about. Abigail thinks back to Nick threatening her. Hope asks what's wrong.

Sami tells Marlena that she's just upset that Allie saw what happened. Marlena tells her to stop driving herself crazy. Sami brings Marlena in to see Allie. Sami mentions having to go out as she hugs Allie.

Eric and Jennifer walk through the park, wondering what is going on. Jennifer notes that Daniel was furious.

Daniel doesn't know what else there is to talk about as Nicole won't change his mind. Nicole says he's made it clear that she has to come clean even if that means she will lose Eric. Daniel argues that Eric was happy being a priest so he can be again. Nicole asks if he understands why she did it. Daniel understands she loves Eric but not lying to him about the most important thing in his life. Nicole says Daniel would've been happy if he didn't find out and they'd all be friends for life. Daniel says he saw the papers and nothing will change that now.

Eric says maybe he was surprised but doesn't know why he's upset. Jennifer points out that Daniel said that wasn't what they were arguing about. Eric talks about them not wanting to say what it was about.

Daniel tells Nicole that she knows what she has to do. Daniel talks about Nicole wanting to clear his name before. Daniel adds that he's just not upset for Eric but worried for Nicole. Daniel questions her being able to live with this and thinks she hadn't thought it through. Daniel tells her that she can make this right. Nicole asks how and argues that Eric will hate her. Nicole compares it to Daniel lying to Jennifer to protect JJ. Daniel argues that it's not the same. Nicole asks him to stay out of this but Daniel refuses. Nicole asks him not to tell Jennifer. Daniel says she will find out. Nicole asks him to let her tell Eric first. Daniel argues that they don't have time since they already know something is wrong. Nicole wants him to hear her out.

Marlena sits with Allie and asks if she slept okay. She says she did. EJ asks if Allie is tired but she snaps back that she doesn't want a nap. Marlena says no one will make her do anything she doesn't want to do.

Will sits with Sonny and notes that he's being so quiet. Sonny says he's just trying to figure out why he would go to the police and voluntarily admit he threatened to kill a guy that died later. Will brings up Rafe breaking up the fight and hearing his threats. Sonny asks if Rafe talked him into it. Will says Rafe will be questioned too so he'd have to tell what he heard. Sonny feels they won't let this go and will keep pushing. Will says Sonny put the gun back so it's gone and they can't tie that to them which means they can't prove a thing.

Abigail tells Hope that it just bothers her that she was fighting with Nick the last time she saw him. Hope asks who started it. Abigail says she did because he tricked her into giving Aiden's name for Gabi. Hope asks why she felt tricked. Abigail explains that Nick didn't tell her the lawyer was to cut Will out of Arianna's life. Hope questions Abigail about being with Ben last night. Abigail gives his name but doesn't know his last name.

Sami calls EJ asking about Allie. EJ says she's fine and went to sleep. Sami can't help thinking about what they've done. EJ insists that they will see her through this. Sami has to go and hangs up. Sami walks off while EJ's hired man follows her through the town square.

Nicole calls Eric. He asks how it's going and if they finished talking. Nicole asks him to meet at her place. Eric asks if she'll tell him what the argument was about. Nicole says she came to tell Daniel about the news and then remembered accidentally shooting him. Nicole says she couldn't let it go as Daniel is a great friend that she loves. Eric asks if they worked it out. Nicole says she will tell him all about it when she sees him. Eric agrees to be there and tells her that Jennifer will be on her way to Daniel's. Nicole hangs up and tells Daniel that Jennifer is on her way back. Nicole tells him that Eric will tell Jennifer the story so he can just let it rest for the night. Daniel asks if she will be explaining all of it to Eric. She says she will and then walks out.

Sonny tells Will that he would do anything to protect him. Will feels the same. Sonny assures that they will get through this together. They say I love you and kiss.

Hope asks Abigail about Ben being supportive of her at the hospital like they were close yet she doesn't know his last name. Abigail says it just hasn't come up. Hope asks if Ben knew Nick. Abigail thinks back to Ben breaking up their argument. Abigail notes that Ben must have met Nick while working at the club. Hope asks if they were friendly. Abigail suggests asking Ben but says they weren't from what she saw. Abigail admits that Ben got into it with Nick while they got into an argument. Hope asks what Ben did. Abigail explains that Ben just got Nick to back off from her. Hope asks if Abigail felt threatened by Nick. Abigail says he was just really angry so she did feel threatened. Hope finishes the interview and says there will be more questions later. Abigail exits the office. Hope then looks at a photo of Lucas.

Kate tells Lucas to calm down. Lucas questions Kate telling Hope that she owns a gun. Kate didn't see a point in lying since Hope knows. Lucas says he doesn't own a gun. Kate says she didn't kill Nick so they have nothing to worry about. Kate exits. Lucas thinks back to texting Nick and finding he was in the park.

Sami walks out of the town square finishing a call. EJ's hired man approaches.

Abigail goes to the club to see Ben. He asks how it went. She tells him that his name came up. Ben asks why. Abigail explains that Hope has known her all her life and saw him at the hospital with her. Abigail brings up that she didn't know his last name. Ben tells her that it's Rogers. Abigail informs him that she told Hope about Ben breaking up their argument and is sorry for dragging him into this. Ben assures her that it's alright as he wasn't doing anything he didn't want to do and didn't want her to feel bad.

Kate goes home and finds her gun is missing.

Lucas arrives at Hope's office and asks about her wanting to see him.

EJ and Marlena watch over Allie as she falls asleep on the couch. Marlena thinks she could be out for awhile and doesn't imagine she's slept well after all she has been through. Allie dreams of Nick's shooting and wakes up screaming.

Sami tries to walk off but EJ's hired man stops her and says not so fast.

Jennifer goes back to Daniel's. Daniel tells her that he's fine. Jennifer is trying to understand. Daniel doesn't want to talk about Nicole anymore. Jennifer agrees they don't have to talk about anything and they kiss.

Nicole paces in her room and looks at her ring. She takes it off and sets it on the table. Eric arrives at the door.

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