Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/15/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/15/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope states that Nick wanted to change but someone took that away from him and maybe the call will help find who did it. Rafe then arrives with Will. Will apologizes for interrupting. Rafe asks about Nick's last words so Marlena explains that he left her a voicemail as he was being shot.

Jordan sits at the club telling Ben about having nightmares after seeing Nick covered in blood. Ben comments that not many people cared about Nick. Jordan asks about Abigail.

EJ finds Abigail outside the town square.

Daniel reveals the shredded papers and tells Nicole to explain that. She continues to claim not to know what he's talking about but Daniel thinks she does and tells her to come clean.

Will asks Marlena what Nick said. Marlena explains that he was reaching out for counseling. Rafe suggests he could have been pretending. Hope asks what Will is doing there. Will says he needed to talk to her about something. Rafe offers to stay but Will says he'll be okay so Rafe exits. Marlena tells Will to call when he's done as she exits. Hope asks Will what he wanted to talk about. Will tells her it's about Nick. Will informs Hope that right before Nick was shot, he threatened to kill him.

EJ tells Abigail that he wanted to check in. She brings up having to explain to Sami. EJ comments that she seemed well taken care of. EJ asks about her being in shock. Abigail says she was but shouldn't have been. Abigail says she should've known by now who EJ is and what he does. Abigail points out that as soon as Nick let EJ knew he knew about them, he was as good as dead.

Jennifer's phone rings before she and Eric leave. Jennifer assumes it's Daniel but it's Caroline. They talk about Nick. Jennifer encourages Caroline on how generous she was with Nick. Jennifer gives the phone to Eric to talk to her. Eric assures her that she did all she could for Nick.

Nicole tells Daniel that she doesn't know what the papers are. Daniel demands she look at them so she does. Nicole realizes it proves that Chyka gave Kristen the drugs and clears Eric's name. Nicole acts happy that he found them. Daniel questions Nicole saying she's never seen them before. Nicole claims she would've given them to Eric if she had seen them and says she'll do it right now. Daniel stops her.

Marlena catches up with Rafe in the town square and asks if he has a minute. She asks if Will is in a lot of trouble. Rafe tells her that everything is going to be fine but he'll let Will fill her in on the details. Rafe asks about Allie. Marlena tells him that Lucas is taking her to see a colleague of hers. Rafe thinks Gabi should see someone as well and hopes Marlena will check on her. Marlena agrees and says she's glad to help as Gabi is like family to her. Rafe comments that Nick did a number on her before he died so he's glad that Nick isn't around to hurt Gabi, Will, Arianna, or anyone anymore. Rafe remarks that whoever killed Nick did them all a favor. Marlena notes it sounds like he thinks Nick deserved to die.

Hope begins to interview Will and asks about his threats to kill Nick. She asks why. Will explains that they got in a fight that Rafe broke up. Hope asks what they were arguing about. Will goes over Nick convincing Gabi to do the custody agreement. Will states that Nick was trying to take his daughter away from him again and called him an unfit father so he punched him but he didn't kill him. Hope asks Will where he was last night when Nick was shot.

EJ knows Abigail is upset but tells her to calm down and not overreact. Abigail questions him thinking she's overreacting. Abigail brings up EJ not letting her tell Jennifer the truth and how EJ swore Nick could be reasoned with. EJ tells her to keep her voice down. Abigail said EJ promised their secret would stay secret and he really kept the promise.

Nicole pulls away from Daniel and asks why he's acting like this. She claims to have never seen the papers in her life. Daniel accuses her of lying. Nicole says she's confused, upset, and hurt. Daniel explains that he went to Smith Island and found the papers in the woods. Nicole says it doesn't make any sense. Daniel says at first, he thought she lost them there but then thought about how weird she was with Liam. Daniel says he never understood why she didn't tell him that she suspected Liam but then realized that Liam had these papers on her. Daniel believes Liam blackmailed her. Nicole says he has it all wrong. Daniel brings up finding a similarly shredded paper in her drawer. Daniel shouts that she had evidence all along to prove Eric's innocence and didn't say a word.

Will tells Hope that he returned a book to the library and went straight to the town square. She asks if he had a gun in his possession. Will says no and insists he did not kill Nick. Hope finishes for now and thanks him. Hope adds that she talked to Sonny already which surprises Will. Will repeats that he's telling her the truth and asks if she believes him. Hope says right now, she can't rule out anyone as a suspect.

Ben tells Jordan that Abigail was in shock. Jordan notes that Abigail is a friend and thinks Ben likes her. Ben calls her nice. Jordan didn't know they were so close. Ben says they have just talked before. Ben talks about standing up for her with Nick. Jordan questions if he fought Nick and if he still has his gun.

EJ tells Abigail that she knows how many enemies Nick had. Abigail knows a lot of people had motive but EJ had Stefano's contact list. She accuses him of handling this professionally. EJ argues that's not how it happened. Abigail says Nick threatened him and ended up dead in DiMera fashion. EJ grabs Abigail and tells her that she knows him. EJ swears he would never do that to Nick. Abigail responds that she knows him very well and knows he's a world class liar. Abigail then walks away. EJ quietly agrees.

Nicole asks Daniel why she would track down Chyka and not show Eric the proof. Daniel says something must have changed. Daniel asks if she made a deal with Chyka. Nicole swears that he overpowered her. Daniel assumes she got the evidence after he left then. Nicole insists that she doesn't know the papers. Nicole brings up Stefano and suggests he could have behind this to frame her with Kristen. Nicole calls it the only explanation as she would never betray Eric. Nicole asks him to stop with these horrible accusations and wants to know why he can't believe her.

Rafe tells Marlena that he wouldn't say Nick deserved to die but he just went around sticking his thumb in people's eyes. Rafe brings up how Nick treated Will. Marlena asks if that's why Will went to see Hope. Rafe says he'll let Will give her the details. Rafe talks about ending up in the hospital because of Nick's enemy from prison and suggests Nick had that affect on a lot of people. Rafe says he doesn't really care as he's just glad Nick is out of Gabi's life for good.

Ben questions Jordan thinking he shot Nick. Jordan says she doesn't think that but wants to know about the gun. Ben says she knows why he had that gun. She warns him about not having a permit for it. Ben tells her to make sure no one finds out about it. Jordan tells him to be careful and then exits the club.

Hope talks on the phone about photos that could be helpful. She hangs up and EJ arrives for questioning. EJ doesn't feel the need for an attorney and says he knows his rights. Hope begins the interview. Hope mentions recently receiving some very interesting photos of he and her cousin that she hopes he can explain. EJ thinks about the photos of he and Abigail.

Jennifer tells Eric that she lost track of her family in Nick. Eric asks if she ever turned him down when he reached out. Jennifer feels she should have reached out to him. Eric talks about Nick making terrible choices. Eric tells Jennifer to forgive Nick and herself. Jennifer agrees to try and thanks him for listening. Jennifer says it's not easy to talk to Daniel about Nick because of what he did to Melanie.

Daniel tells Nicole that he really wants to believe her but he can't. Nicole thought he was her friend. Daniel says he is and he knows her. Daniel knows she wants to admit the truth. Nicole claims she's telling him the truth. Daniel accuses her of lying for months. Daniel brings up her not letting him touch the bag of shredded paper she had. Nicole questions why she would save them. Daniel says she knew what she did wrong and brings up her saying the papers could save someone. Daniel talks about what Nicole did to Eric. Daniel says she shredded the papers but put them back together because she wanted to do the right thing. Daniel screams at her to tell him the truth. Nicole breaks down and cries that it's all true. She admits she could've cleared Eric and she didn't. Nicole cries that's what she did to the best man she's ever known.

Jordan goes to the hospital where Rafe surprises her with flowers. Rafe kisses her and says the flowers are for her being so nice to Gabi last night. Jordan feels she didn't do anything. She asks if there's any idea who shot Nick. Rafe says Hope is questioning everyone but there's no real leads. Jordan asks Rafe who he thinks killed Nick.

Abigail goes to the club and thanks Ben for being sweet last night. Ben asks how she's doing today. Abigail says she's a little numb and shaky then decides she wants caffeine. Ben pours her a coffee but notes that she's not okay.

Hope notices EJ isn't too anxious to turn over the photos. He turns them over and is relieved to see a picture of Nick leaving his office. Hope points out that Nick looks upset. EJ looks at the next photo of himself leaving the office right after Nick. Hope thinks he looks angry. EJ asks what her point is. Hope informs him that those pictures were taken the day Nick was murdered. Hope says it could be a coincidence but suggests he get his attorney.

Daniel questions why Nicole didn't tell Eric. Nicole swears she meant to. Nicole explains finding the evidence in the safe after Chyka left and how she went home to tell Eric but then Eric told her that he left the priesthood to be with her. Nicole brings up how long she had been waiting to hear that so she couldn't do it. Nicole repeats that she just couldn't despite knowing it was so selfish. Nicole convinced herself that Eric had already made the decision. Daniel argues that Eric could've proven to everyone that Kristen raped him and it changes everything. Nicole admits that's what she was afraid of. Daniel questions how Liam got ahold of the papers. Nicole talks about putting the papers back together while worrying about losing Eric. Daniel again asks about Liam. Nicole explains that she took the shredded papers to burn them when Liam showed up. Nicole talks about not knowing who Liam was at the time. Daniel goes over how Liam blackmailed her. Nicole says she would've never forgiven herself if anything happened to Daniel or Jennifer. Daniel questions if she shot Liam to keep him quiet. Nicole says no and she was trying to save Daniel's life. Nicole talks about how much Daniel means to her and how he was her best friend but now he hates her and will never forgive her. Daniel responds that she's wrong, he does forgive her.

Eric tells Jennifer that they haven't told Marlena or Sami about the engagement yet. Jennifer offers to help. Eric wants her to tell them that Nicole has changed. Jennifer agrees to try. Jennifer says she and Nicole are great friends now. Eric talks about things changing. Jennifer comments on never seeing Nicole so happy. Jennifer says they have so much to celebrate and they exit together.

Marlena and Will meet at the Pub. They talk about Will being interviewed by Hope. Will tells Marlena that he hated Nick and he's glad that he's dead.

Ben takes Abigail outside to the park to talk. Ben understands her cousin was murdered and she could use a friend. Abigail tells him that he was right, she did feel guilty. Ben thinks it's just hard because of the way things ended between them. Abigail wishes she tried harder to work things out with him. Ben tells her it's not her fault and the murder had nothing to do with her. Abigail isn't so sure.

EJ tells Hope that the photos don't prove anything and she must be desperate. Hope asks what they were arguing about. EJ asks who says they were arguing. EJ admits that they had a minor disagreement. Hope thinks it was serious. EJ says it was business about his ideas at Mad World being similar to some of his projects. Hope points out that Nick could've cost him a lot of money and suggests that a motive. EJ calls it shoddy police work. EJ says if that's his motive, she can't show an opportunity. EJ says he and Sami were walking around the town square when he was shot and there's plenty of witnesses. Hope says EJ wouldn't do his own dirty work and suggests having someone else make the shot.

Nicole hugs Daniel and thanks him for his forgiveness. Daniel knows how much she struggled with what she did and how much she loves Eric. Nicole says she does and vows to make him really happy. She asks if Daniel is not going to tell him. Daniel says no but she is going to.

Rafe tells Jordan that a lot of people hated Nick so it's hard to narrow down the suspects. Rafe says ironically if he was working the case, he'd put himself at the top of the list.

EJ says he should've known Hope would try to pin the crime on his family. EJ says if she has any legitimate questions, she knows where to find him. EJ then exits her office.

Marlena doesn't think Will means that as he's not capable of that kind of hatred. He asks if she's sure. Will brings up Nick calling him an unfit father and threatening to take Arianna away. Will states that if Rafe hadn't pulled him off, he might have killed him. Marlena asks if there's something he's trying to tell her.

Hope talks to Julie on the phone about the case and says no one can tell her who Nick was pointing at. Hope looks over the photos and says it will take time to question everyone.

Ben tells Abigail that he feels like he's making things worse. He offers to go but she asks him to stay with her. Abigail says it's not him, she just doesn't know how she will ever forgive herself for what happened. Ben argues that she's too hard on herself and is a good person. Abigail disagrees. Ben says they haven't known each other long but he already knows that she's an amazing person with a really kind heart. Ben states that he's never met anyone like her and then they kiss.

EJ walks through the town square and pulls out his phone as he's being watched.

Nicole tells Daniel that she can't tell Eric because they are going to be married. Daniel thinks that's more reason to come clean and questions her marriage being based on a lie. Nicole argues it would be based on a lie. Daniel threatens to tell Eric if she doesn't. Nicole says he can't do this and she won't let him. She grabs the papers and tries to run out but she opens the door as Eric and Jennifer arrive.

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