Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/14/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/14/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole goes to Daniel's. She is excited to share her news and says it can't wait. Daniel's tone gets serious as he tells her that she's right, it can't wait. Nicole assumes he just heard about Nick and asks how Maggie is doing. Nicole says it's sad and made her realize that there is something she needs to confess to him right now.

Eric goes to see Jennifer and tells her how sorry she is about Nick. She thanks him and calls it such a shock. Jennifer can't imagine who would do something so horrible. She invites Eric in.

Aiden goes to Hope's office and asks if she has a minute. Hope invites him in. Aiden assumes she is going to cancel the meeting about the school gala. She asks him to take care of that and he agrees. Aiden is sorry to hear about her cousin and offers to do anything he can. Hope asks Aiden to explain why his card is in Nick's wallet.

Marlena listens to her voicemail from Nick that he was leaving when he was shot. Sami walks in and drops her glass when she hears it. Marlena is startled and asks Sami why she got scared by hearing Nick's voice.

EJ runs into Rafe at the town square. Rafe notes how the square is totally normal like nothing happened last night. EJ calls it a tragedy. They talk about Allie witnessing it. EJ goes to leave but Rafe notes it's strange how it happened. Rafe remarks to EJ that Nick was a problem to a lot of people but now that he's gone so are those problems. Rafe calls it convenient.

Will and Sonny prepare to sneak the gun out so Sonny can get it back to Victor's but Gabi enters and asks what's going on. Will thought she'd be asleep but she can't sleep because of Nick. Sonny says he's going to run errands and will be back for Arianna. Will gets a text to remind him about family court tomorrow.

Aiden tells Hope about Nick contacting him to represent Gabi in the custody case.

Sami tells Marlena that hearing Nick's voice freaked her out. Marlena understands Sami didn't like him but she didn't want him dead. Sami disagrees and says after all he did to Will, she did want him wrong.

EJ brings up Rafe being attacked by an enemy of Nick's last year. Rafe points out that guy being dead now too. EJ suggests another one of those guys from prison could've murdered Nick. They talk about having their problems with Nick and not shedding any tears. EJ remarks that Rafe is a much better shot than he is. EJ then walks away.

Eric tells Jennifer that he'll do anything he can for her. Jennifer suggests he talk to her about Nicole to get her mind off of it. She asks what his plans are.

Nicole complains about accidentally shooting Daniel and promises to never pull a stunt like that again. Daniel knows she never meant to hurt him but sometimes she makes bad choices. Nicole says she was just trying to save his life. Daniel brings up how determined she was to stop Liam and how she wanted him dead like it was personal. Daniel asks her what that was. Nicole says it was personal because Liam tried to kill them so he had to go. Daniel points out that she never threatened him with the gun. Daniel talks about Liam dying and Nicole not wanting him to say anything. Nicole says she doesn't want to hear from a liar and doesn't want to talk about him. Nicole says she came to apologize again and needs him to know a secret. Daniel tells Nicole that she can share anything with him. Nicole shows him the ring and announces she's getting married.

Gabi tells Will and Sonny that she will call Aiden and cancel the custody hearing. Gabi says they all love Arianna and there's better ways to handle their problems than family court. Gabi goes to get her phone. Sonny says it looks like everything will work out. Sonny kisses Will and exits but runs into a cop outside, who tells him that he needs him to come with him.

Marlena thinks Sami is connecting what happened to what she wanted. Marlena assures that Nick's murder had nothing to do with her. Sami has Marlena check what time Nick left the message and they realize it was when he was killed. Sami tells her to play the message again so she does. EJ walks in and the message catches the gunshot. Sami complains to EJ that Nick was shot while leaving a message that he wanted to change. Sami hugs EJ as Marlena watches.

Eric talks to Jennifer about Nicole telling Daniel and how close they are. Jennifer admits being uncomfortable at first by how close they were and lying to Eric about being together. They talk about it being to clear his name and Nicole doing it out of love. Eric comments that Nicole was risking her life and everything. Jennifer points out that if she had gotten the proof, she would've lost him to the church.

Nicole talks to Daniel about how important he has been to her and how she wouldn't be with Eric if not for him. Daniel looks away so she asks if something is wrong. Daniel responds that something is very wrong.

Gabi calls Aiden and cancels the hearing. Will thanks her. Gabi says it was the right thing to do. Will tells her that she doesn't have to say anything because everyone knows Nick was pressuring her. Gabi says they'll never know now if Nick had changed and she goes to check on Arianna. Rafe arrives and greets Will. Will tells him that Gabi is checking on Arianna but Rafe tells Will that he came to see him about Nick.

Sami continues complaining to EJ. Marlena says she has to get the message to Hope right away. EJ agrees that it's evidence. Marlena says somebody has to pay for what happened to Nick.

Sonny is brought in to Hope's office for questioning. She tells him that this might take awhile as he sits and puts down his bag where the gun is inside. She tells him to relax and not be nervous as it's just standard procedure with all witnesses. Sonny argues that he didn't witness anything but Hope brings up that he was at the town square where Nick arrived bleeding. Sonny says everyone else was there too. Hope says she will be interviewing a lot of people. She asks if he remembers anything that could help them catch Nick's killer.

EJ thanks Marlena for coming over and mentions Sami relying on her. Marlena says goodbye and exits. EJ tells Sami that she has to be a lot more careful about what she says. EJ brings up Sami saying the message heard "him" shoot Nick. Sami cries about not realizing. EJ tells her that it's a good thing for them, Arianna, Sonny, Will, and everyone that Nick is gone. Sami says that's why they did it. EJ reminds her that they need to be extremely careful when questioned.

Hope asks Sonny about the last time he saw Nick before he was shot. Sonny recalls Nick being at the club and they talked a little. Hope records that witnesses indicated their encounter there was heated. Sonny questions being a suspect. Hope tells him that everyone is and asks him to go over the last time he saw Nick again.

Gabi comes back out and asks Rafe what he's doing there. Rafe says he just came by to see Will and Arianna. Gabi says Arianna is asleep. Rafe offers to get Gabi someone to talk to if she needs. Gabi says she's upset but handling it and hugs him. Gabi thanks Rafe for always having her back. Gabi tells Will that she has to go do something so he agrees to watch Arianna as she exits. Rafe asks Will if Gabi is really okay. Will thinks she will be. Rafe suggests they talk about what happened last night as they sit down. Will says he has nothing to hide. Rafe says the same and they agree not to hide what they do know. Rafe brings up the custody hearing. Will informs him that Gabi just cancelled it. Rafe knew they could handle things on their own. Rafe asks Will about the custody hearing. Will mentions hearing it about it last night not long before Nick was shot. Rafe brings up Will fighting Nick and saying that he would kill him.

Aiden goes to see Jennifer and gives her condolences on Nick. Jennifer goes to make more tea. Eric mentions to Aiden how they met at Daniel and Jennifer's party but they weren't in the best mood. Aiden remembers Eric's date being Nicole and how they were upset. Eric tells him that things are now absolutely perfect.

Nicole says she can see it in Daniel's eyes and asks if he thinks she pushed Eric into this. Nicole says it's no secret that she has wanted to be with him but it was his idea as he really loves her. Daniel says that's not the problem. Nicole says he's scaring her and asks if he changed her mind about wanting them to get married. Daniel says they will have to decide for themselves. Nicole says they have and asks what is going on since this is the best thing to ever happen to her. Nicole asks Daniel to be happy for her and be a friend. Daniel argues back that he is but maybe he's been too much of a friend. Nicole asks if he's jealous even though they are just friends. Daniel says they are just friends and had grown to trust each other. Daniel says they had their problems but they got past all of it. Daniel recalls getting involved romantically but ended up coming close as friends. Nicole wonders why he can't be happy for her then. Nicole says Daniel taught her about love and Eric is everything to her. Daniel talks about Nicole risking everything to help Eric but he can't understand what he just found out.

Sami and EJ sit with Johnny and Sydney and explain what happened to Nick and Allie seeing it. They ask them to be the best brother and sister for Allie. Sami tells them to come if they have any questions and promise to keep them safe. They have a family hug.

Aiden tells Jennifer to let him know if he can do anything for her or her family. Aiden talks about understanding tragedy as he exits.

Sonny tells Hope that Nick told him he would get everything he wanted including a custody agreement to give Will no rights. Sonny admits he got in his face. Hope thinks it sounds like he was pretty angry.

Will admits to Rafe that he was really angry at Nick. Will notes that people just say things when mad. Will asks if Rafe really thinks he killed Nick.

Sonny admits he was angry and mentions talking to Hope that night. Hope asks if there is anything else he thinks she should know about Nick's death. Sonny thinks about the gun but says there is nothing else. Hope finishes and lets him go.

Rafe tells Will that it doesn't matter what he thinks as he's worried about how he looks. Will asks if he's going to tell Hope about his fight with Nick. Rafe says no, Will is going to tell her.

Sonny returns to the Kiriakis Mansion to the box and begins wiping off the gun.

Marlena goes to see Hope and tells her that she has something important that she's going to want to hear. Marlena informs Hope that Nick called her last night and she didn't get the message until this morning. Marlena plays the message for Hope.

EJ tells Sami that this will pass. Sami argues that the cops won't stop looking. EJ tells her that his man has left town and is never coming back. Sami still feels awful. EJ tells her that Nick had a choice and he warned him repeatedly but Nick made the wrong choice. EJ tells Sami that Nick is the only one to blame for the fact that he had to be murdered. Gabi walks in and says excuse me.

Eric comments to Jennifer on it being awhile. He says Nicole loves drama so maybe she's dragging on telling Daniel. Eric wonders why they haven't heard anything yet.

Nicole is confused. Daniel says he found out that she changed. Nicole says this doesn't make sense. Daniel brings up why they went after Chyka. Daniel says they wanted proof to clear Eric's name and Nicole wanted a choice. They go over Chyka getting away and not finding the proof. Daniel says he believed that Nicole never found the proof but she had it. Daniel tells Nicole that she took it away. Daniel declares that he knows the truth and won't let her deny it.

Gabi apologizes for not calling ahead of time. She asks about Allie. Sami says they will get through this. EJ suggests calling off a few of her modeling plans but Gabi wants to keep working. Gabi asks about her trip to Argentina. EJ says he will check on it. Gabi informs them that she canceled the hearing and wants the custody agreement done away with so it's completely 50/50. EJ is glad to cancel and Sami hugs Gabi.

Hope listens to the message on Marlena's phone. Hope says they will need to have a tech get a copy of it and assumes the killer took Nick's phone. Marlena asks if she's okay. Hope says she just didn't expect to hear that. Marlena apologizes for not warning her. Hope says the whole thing is so sad. Hope talks about putting off contacting him. Marlena tells her it's not her fault. Hope states that Nick wanted to change but someone took that away from him and maybe the call will help find who did it. Rafe then arrives with Will.

Sonny puts the gun away in the box.

Eric worries about Nicole not answering his texts and if they decided to celebrate. Jennifer decides they should go over there and Eric agrees that a surprise is a great idea.

Nicole doesn't know what Daniel is talking about. Daniel reveals the shredded papers and tells Nicole to explain that.

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