Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/13/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/13/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel looks over the shredded papers. He thinks back to Nicole telling him about destroying important papers that could've helped someone. Daniel wonders why out loud as Nicole calls but Daniel ignores it.

Nicole calls Daniel from the Pub, wanting to tell him the good news but he doesn't pick up. She says everything is perfect and she's going to be so happy as Marlena arrives and asks her what's going on.

Jennifer goes to Daniel's and hugs him while crying.

JJ and Abigail sit at home talking about Nick. JJ mentions never knowing him very well but he didn't like him much. JJ says he knows they were close but Abigail quickly shoots that down and says they weren't close and now he's dead.

Sami talks on the phone to EJ, worrying about the kids and asks EJ about going to a meeting. Sami asks if he's forgotten that they murdered Nick last night. Sami tells him that she feels guilty and can't help it so she needs him to come home. Sami hangs up and turns around to see Eric appear in the doorway.

Anne talks to Theresa at the hospital and brings up Nick.

Maggie sits at home looking at a picture of Nick on her phone. Brady enters and hugs her.

Jennifer tells Daniel about Nick's death. Daniel says he was in surgery and hasn't seen the news. Daniel asks what happened. Jennifer informs him that he was murdered.

Sami asks Eric what he heard. Eric asks what she's done. Sami says she didn't mean to and runs up and hugs him. Sami says she feels so guilty and will hate herself for this forever.

Nicole asks Marlena if she talked to Eric today. Marlena says she hasn't as she slept in but she had a question for her about the night on Smith Island.

Jennifer explains to Daniel how Nick was rushed to surgery but it was too late. Daniel asks about who did it. Jennifer says Hope is staying involved but there are no clues or leads. Daniel asks how her kids are holding up. Jennifer says JJ didn't know Nick well but Abigail was there when Nick collapsed. Jennifer decides she needs to get back in case Abigail needs to talk. Daniel offers to go with her and tells her to call if she needs him. Daniel says he's sorry this happened. Jennifer knows Nick wasn't his favorite person because of what he did to Melanie.

Abigail apologizes to JJ for snapping at him. JJ understands she didn't sleep much. JJ talks about being surprised that she was so angry after she was crying last night. JJ says he thought they were close. Abigail says they weren't for awhile because Nick wasn't who she thought he was. JJ asks what happened. Abigail thinks back to Nick's threats. Abigail tells JJ about Nick starting a custody battle between Gabi and Will. Abigail says Nick used her to get Aiden as his lawyer. JJ notes that she pretty much hated Nick and then watched him die. Abigail says she didn't want that. JJ talks about feeling guilty when someone dies. Abigail turns away. JJ thinks there is something else that she's not telling him that isn't about Nick.

Theresa tells Anne that the silver lining is that people will stop talking about Liam. Anne talks about Hope being on the case. Anne assures her that no one knows about her giving Liam the key to Daniel's apartment. Theresa says it's time to get focused.

Brady asks Maggie if she's okay. Maggie says she just keeps thinking about Nick. Maggie says Nick was doing great and turning into a fine young man but was never the same after getting into pills. They talk about his prison time. Brady says it's too bad Nick didn't reach out for help. Maggie says she's going to a meeting because that's what she does in time of crisis. Maggie invites Brady to go with her.

Sami cries to Eric that she didn't mean for any of this to happen. Eric asks what she meant by what's done is done. Sami informs Eric that Nick was shot last night and died. Eric questions why Sami is feeling guilty.

Brady is glad Maggie has AA but says it's not for him. Maggie suggests meetings could have changed Nick's life. Brady says everyone makes choices. Brady says he has to deal with work and offers her a ride but she declines. Maggie hugs him and tells him to be safe as he exits.

Anne and Theresa talk about Theresa's relationship with Brady.

JJ talks to Abigail about what a screw up he has been and how she never judged him. JJ says he won't judge her either. JJ suggests she talk to him but the doorbell rings. JJ answers and it's Paige. She tells him that she heard about his cousin so she wanted to say how sorry she was. Abigail joins them and says it's sweet of her. Abigail says they are upset but it's over and there's nothing they can do about it. Abigail talks about being unable to go back in time. Abigail declares the fact is that somebody murdered Nick.

Sami tells Eric about Allie seeing everything with Nick. Sami worries about Allie ever getting over it. Eric says they can hope. Eric says he's still confused as to why she feels guilty. Sami gets a call from Lucas and she asks about Allie. Eric pulls out his phone.

Daniel repeats to Jennifer to call if she needs anything. Jennifer is thankful that Daniel is okay as she talks about him being shot. Daniel assures her that he's fine. Jennifer says they are so lucky. Daniel agrees and they say I love you to each other. Jennifer asks Daniel about what he's dealing with. Daniel says he just has to work some things out and get to the bottom of it.

Marlena asks Nicole why she went to Smith Island in the first place. Nicole asks what's going on and why she would ask that. Marlena says she's just confused and asks how she knew Jennifer was there. Nicole talks about Marlena always questioning her and asks what she's accusing her of now. Marlena says she's not accusing her of anything. Nicole says her goal is to build a good and happy life even when something bad happens. Nicole talks about Marlena always being suspicious of her. Nicole compares it to how Marlena acted with Kristen. Marlena questions her having this response to an innocent question. Nicole gets a call from Eric. Eric says he knows they were supposed to meet but he's with Sami and something has come up so he needs to see Marlena. Nicole tells him that Marlena is there and hands her the phone. Marlena asks if everything is okay. Eric tells her that Sami needs her right away.

Daniel goes to see Maggie. Maggie tells him there isn't anything he could've done. Maggie mentions that Nick wasn't his family. Daniel asks how she is. Maggie says she's keeping busy and trying to help people. Maggie says she's trying not to think of all the help she didn't give Nick. Daniel brings up Maggie giving him a place to stay when he got out of prison. Maggie feels it isn't the same as being close and making sure he had the support he needed. Maggie says now he's gone and it's too late. Maggie cries that she will live with that for the rest of her life as Daniel hugs her.

Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells Sami that she wished she knew so she could have tried to help. Sami mentions texting her. Marlena asks about Allie. Sami says it's tough and she's worried. Marlena insists that she will get through it. Marlena brings up a child psychiatrist.

Jennifer goes home and sits with Abigail. They talk about what happened. Jennifer asks how she's feeling now. Abigail says she has to say this and Jennifer is the only person she can say it to. Abigail states that Nick is gone and he was family and it's sad when someone dies so young but she's decided that she won't cry about it anymore because the truth is, Nick turned out to be someone she didn't even recognize. Abigail calls Nick a total bastard.

Nicole goes to the park crime scene. Eric arrives. Nicole is unaware of what happened. Eric informs her that Nick was shot to death last night.

Sami talks to Marlena about Allie seeing Nick collapse. Marlena gives her the number for a child psychiatrist. Marlena tells Sami that she's worried about her and suggests she talk to a professional as well so she can be completely honest. Sami questions if she thinks she isn't being honest with her.

Nicole checks her phone and sees Nick's death all over the news. Nicole mentions running into Marlena and not telling about their engagement. Eric agrees they should wait but he hates waiting since he knows how happy she is. Nicole says at least Jennifer knows and is thrilled so only one other person needs to know.

Daniel talks to Maggie about Parker. Maggie brings up Daniel being shot on Smith Island and worries about if she lost him. Daniel tells her that's over and he's not going anywhere as he hugs her.

Abigail tells Jennifer about Nick convincing Gabi to fight for full custody and using her. Abigail says she's angry now. Abigail cries about how they used to be really close until what he did with Melanie and Gabi. Abigail states that she wishes Nick just never came back from New York.

JJ and Paige walk out of the town square. He tells her that Jennifer loved that she came by. Paige says she just came by to say she was sorry and asks about JJ not liking Nick much. JJ talks about Nick being weird and getting in to trouble. JJ talks about the Horton family.

Theresa sits at the club and Brady joins her. Theresa talks about being unsure if he would come. Brady asks if she's heard about Nick's murder. Theresa says she heard and it's really terrible as he was so young. Brady says they weren't close but Maggie was like a second mother to him. Theresa tells Brady that she wanted to talk about them. She talks about Brady backing off to help Daniel and Jennifer. Theresa asks if they're good now.

Marlena tells Sami that she didn't say she was lying but knows this could haunt someone for years. Marlena notes Sami and Nick not being on the best of terms so his death could bring up mixed feelings. Marlena tells her that the only way to deal with this is to open up to someone she trusts. Marlena offers to be that person to talk to.

Theresa tells Brady that she accepts some responsibility for not telling earlier about Liam but she wasn't the villain here. She asks again about them and if they can start up again. Theresa orders drinks for them.

Maggie tells Daniel about Julie saying Nick pointing at the people in the town square. Maggie admits Nick had enemies but felt he was trying so hard lately to do the right thing. Maggie says a lot of people try but a lot keep making bad choices. Maggie decides she will call Melanie. Daniel thinks it's a good idea and decides he will go home. Daniel tells her he's there if she needs anything. They hug and say I love you as Daniel then exits. Daniel pulls out his phone and says there's no time like the present for Nicole.

Nicole tells Eric about Daniel being a friend for a long time and has been rooting for them so she can't wait to show him the ring. Eric mentions wanting to see Maggie. Nicole gets a text from Daniel to come over. They kiss goodbye.

Sami tells Marlena that if she ever wants to talk, she'll be the first to know but right now she just wants tea. Sami goes to make tea while Marlena decides to check her phone. Marlena sees the texts Sami sent her that she missed and then checks her missed calls.

Brady tells Theresa that he's been seeing things a little differently. Brady says he's in a different place now. Brady adds that he's not saying he doesn't want to see her again but being away changed things for him a bit so he wants to take it slow and see what happens. Theresa tells him that's fine. Theresa toasts her drink and says they aren't done.

Paige talks to JJ about no family being perfect and brings up him meeting her mom which surprises him. JJ talks about it being a big deal to meet the family and says he was embarrassed when Paige met his family. Paige praises Jennifer. JJ calls Paige beautiful and hot as they kiss.

Abigail cries to Jennifer that she's a terrible person for saying this as Nick hasn't even been dead for a day. Jennifer understands she's upset. Abigail comments that she doesn't think Nick deserved it. Abigail wonders what is going to happen now. Jennifer insists that the police will find who did this to Nick.

Marlena listens to her voicemail from Nick that he was leaving when he was shot. Sami walks in and drops her glass when she hears it.

Eric visits Maggie. Maggie says she's going to focus on happy people and good things. Maggie talks about Daniel, Nicole, and Jennifer making it home safe and that being a great blessing. Eric agrees. Maggie asks if things are going great for he and Nicole now. Eric says they are very happy and he didn't think that was possible but Nicole changed it all.

Nicole goes to Daniel's. She is excited to share her news and says it can't wait. Daniel's tone gets serious as he tells her that she's right, it can't wait.

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