Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/9/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/9/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate and Lucas talk at the Pub. Kate asks him how Houston was and asks about Sheryl. Lucas stops her and says Sheryl had plenty to say. Kate apologizes but says it obviously wasn't meant to be. Lucas doesn't think she should be glad Kate was using her. Kate calls her always a means to an end. Lucas hopes it was worth it. Kate says it was because Jordan is leaving Salem.

Rafe asks Jordan if she was even going to tell him that she was leaving. Jordan asks if this is from Gabi. Rafe reveals it was Ben that told him that she is leaving town.

Ben asks Abigail if the terrible thing she did is about Nick because he wouldn't feel bad if she did anything bad to Nick. Abigail asks Ben about not knowing Nick. Ben says he has noticed that it's not just him as no one likes Nick.

Will asks Sonny if he was going to shoot Nick. Sonny admits it.

Sami finishes a work call at home. EJ walks in asking if something is wrong. Sami complains about work. EJ tells her that she's finished for the evening. Sami doesn't want to sit around waiting for the hitman to call to say he's killed Nick.

Nick walks through the park with his phone. EJ's man follows from the bushes and pulls out his gun. Julie arrives so the man quickly pulls away and hides. Julie greets Nick with a hug.

EJ tells Sami to remember that she didn't do this. Sami says she put the phone in EJ's hand and didn't back away. EJ tells her to let it be his choice. Sami insists that she's fine but can't help thinking about the fact that Nick is going to be dead. EJ tells her that Nick made it necessary. Sami feels they are no better than Stefano now.

Lucas asks Kate if Jordan found out that she used Sheryl. Kate says no and doesn't think that would drive her away. Kate tells Lucas that they talked about Jordan's multiple identities. Lucas questions Kate breaking in to her apartment coming up. Kate says Jordan can't go to the police. Kate points out that Jordan is freaking out and running away now. Lucas calls her scary and asks if she thinks Rafe is going to thank her. Kate says she isn't looking for thanks. Lucas asks if she thinks Rafe will come crawling back to her. Lucas says she's pathetic and deluded if she thinks that.

Jordan questions Ben telling Rafe that she's leaving when they aren't friends. Rafe agrees and wonders why Ben told him instead of her. Jordan wants to explain. Jordan tells Rafe that she does care about him. Rafe explains that Ben wanted him to convince her not to leave. Rafe asks Jordan if she loves him. Jordan tells Rafe that she does. Rafe says he loves her too so she's not going anywhere and they kiss.

Ben points out that Abigail didn't answer. Abigail says it's not about Nick but her own mess that she has to figure out. Abigail assures that she's not in danger. Ben jokes about Abigail hating being rescued. Abigail says she doesn't need to be rescued but shouldn't have been so rude to him. Ben tells her to forget it. They agree to be friends.

Sonny tells Will that Nick threatened to put Gabi in prison if she doesn't do what he wants. Sonny talks about things escalating. Sonny says Gabi doesn't want to be with Nick but she's afraid. Sonny says Nick has come off the rails and wants to raise Arianna. Sonny declares that he won't let that happen to Arianna. Will looks at the gun.

Jordan tells Rafe that it's not fair as he doesn't understand. Rafe tells her to explain it then but she says she can't. Rafe talks about their love. Rafe says he knows something big has got her spooked but doesn't know what. Rafe tells her that he can help if she gives him a chance but not if she runs away. Jordan says she doesn't want to. Rafe tells her to listen to him and Ben then. Jordan asks how she ever deserved such an amazing man. Rafe tells her that they will be okay together and she will be okay here as they kiss.

Kate tells Lucas they should focus on the real problem. Kate informs him that Nick took Gabi to a lawyer for a new custody agreement so Will is only going to see Arianna every other weekend.

Will tells Sonny that they have to find another way. Sonny argues that there is no other way. Will brings up that he's shot someone before so he won't let Sonny live with that. Sonny didn't want him to know. Will questions Sonny planning to lie about this for the rest of their lives. Will says Nick is a big problem but this would ruin their lives forever and Sonny knows that.

Nick asks Julie if something is wrong as she sounded urgent. Julie says she wants to spend time with him. Nick asks why. Julie asks if she needs a reason then admits she's worried about him. Nick says he's fine. Julie brings up him fighting with Abigail and wants to know what's going on. Nick blames it on a lousy day and talks about everybody hating him. Julie disagrees but Nick doesn't think anyone other than her and Maggie care if he lives or dies.

EJ tells Sami that they tried every legitimate way to deal with Nick. EJ brings up that she and Kate would go to prison and Arianna would get taken away from Will for Nick. EJ says neither of them will subject Arianna to a lifetime with Nick as her dad. Sami agrees that they are justified. EJ says this was the only course. Sami asks why EJ felt he could deal with Nick differently and wonders if they tried every alternative. EJ insists that Nick did this. EJ says they are just defending the people they love and the world will be much safer without Nick in it.

Abigail tells Ben that she has to go. Ben says he'll see her around. Ben warns her to stay clear of Nick because he's trouble. Abigail thinks back to meeting with EJ. Abigail tells Ben that he may be not much longer as she exits.

Lucas questions how they got to a court room and realizes it's Nick. Kate brings up Nick hiring the lawyer. Kate says she has to find out if anything has been filed. Lucas complains about things getting out of control and says Nick doesn't belong in the middle of their family. Lucas declares that he's not going to let Nick use Arianna as a pawn. Kate agrees that Nick needs to be stopped.

Will questions Sonny getting the gun and tells him to put it back before Victor notices it's gone. Sonny promises to do so. Will gets a text to meet with Abigail. Will hates leaving Sonny with this. Sonny says he has to get to work and can't drop the gun off now. Will doesn't want the gun in the house. Sonny says he'll hide it in the closet and take it back first thing in the morning. Will tells Sonny that he loves him and can't believe he was willing to kill for him. They agree that it's not right. Sonny puts the gun in his bag and hides it at the top of the closet, saying it will be out of there first thing tomorrow.

Julie asks Nick who he thinks hates him. Nick talks about apologizing to everyone he upset for everything. Nick says it doesn't change anything. Julie says Gabi doesn't hate him. EJ's man remains in the bushes. Julie brings up the custody case. Nick argues that Aiden is just doing what lawyers do. Nick brings up that Will is the one who wanted the custody agreement. Nick feels everyone is overreacting. Nick claims he doesn't want to be at war. Julie brings up how Nick was when he came to town 8 years ago. Julie calls him still one of the smartest guys she ever met. Nick says he's done a lot of stupid things. She wants him to stop beating himself up. Nick says all he wants is a life with a little bit of happiness. Nick talks about people screaming at him for going towards Gabi. Julie tells Nick that he has to deal with his own demons. Nick asks what she means by demons. Julie says they all have them. Nick argues they all have problems and issues but freaks out over Julie saying demons. Nick asks if she thinks he's crazy.

Sami wants to go do something but EJ convinces her that it's best to stay. Sami wants to go play with the kids but EJ doesn't want them to sense something. EJ suggests they go for a walk so they exit.

Kate talks on the phone outside the Pub about the custody case. Kate finds out that the date is set for next week and asks to be kept posted.

Jordan tells Rafe that she will stay for him. Rafe asks if she means forever. Jordan says that's what she wants so she won't even think about going without talking to him. Rafe calls it a start. Jordan apologizes that he had to hear it from Ben. Rafe is glad and notes that Ben really seems to care about her. Rafe gets a text and has to go. They kiss goodbye. Jordan promises she'll be there when he gets back as Rafe walks away.

Lucas remains in the Pub. Allie joins him and asks if he's mad. Lucas says he's fine. Lucas says there's just a bad man doing bad things to a lot of people. Allie suggests maybe he'll go away. Lucas hopes so. Jordan enters and greets them. Allie tells her that there's a bad man on the loose. Jordan gives Allie her phone to play with as she sits with Lucas. Lucas tells her not to worry. Jordan mentions missing double dating with he and Sheryl. Jordan talks about liking her job, Salem, and Rafe. Lucas asks if that means she's sticking around. Jordan says it finally looks like she's going to be staying in one place for awhile.

Julie argues that she didn't say that. Nick brings up his past but repeats he's not crazy. Julie agrees but says he does have demons. Julie suggests he talk to a professional. Nick says he's done that and he thought it helped but he doesn't know. Julie says they are there for him and can get him through this. Julie suggests he call Marlena. Nick laughs off the idea. Julie thinks she can recommend someone objective so he can feel safe. Nick cries that it's been a long time since he felt safe as Julie hugs him. Nick says he doesn't want to be like this anymore. Julie tells him that things are going to change and he's not alone. Nick thanks her for not judging him. Julie says she has no right to judge anybody but she's exhibit A that things can get better. Julie offers to take him out to dinner and tell stories of her youth. Nick says it sounds good but he's going to stay there to clear his head. Julie encourages that things will get better. They say goodbye and Julie exits.

Will tells Sonny that he shouldn't be too long with Abigail. Sonny mentions that he may have to close at work and will let him know. They kiss goodbye. Sonny then tells Will that if it came down to it, he wouldn't hesitate as he would do anything for him. They then exit together.

Kate texts Lucas about the custody case going to court next week. Lucas texts Nick asking where he is. Jordan asks if everything is okay. Lucas says it will be. Nick responds that he's at the park. Lucas asks Jordan to watch Allie for half an hour as he has business to take care of. Lucas thanks Jordan and tells Allie goodbye. Lucas exits the Pub.

Kate goes to the club and meets with Sonny. She asks how Will is holding up. Sonny says he's as good as he could be. Kate asks if the court notified him but Sonny is surprised. Kate tells him to brace himself because it's about to get worse.

Will meets with Abigail at the Pub. Abigail notes he looks like hell. Will calls it a bad week. Abigail thinks it will come to an end soon as she talked to someone who thinks Nick will come to his senses. Will questions that. Abigail says she just has hope. Will calls Nick a human wrecking ball that won't stop or change. Abigail suggests maybe not. Will tells her that Nick will hurt anyone including her. She looks down so Will asks if Nick has something on her too.

Nick remains in the park and thinks back to positive talks with Rafe, Abigail, Kate, Sami, and Gabi. Nick sighs and pulls out his phone. Nick makes a call to Marlena.

Kate tells Sonny that her source says the court case is on the calendar for next week. Sonny questions not being told and Gabi not saying anything. Kate calls it an ambush. Sonny thought they would settle out of court. Kate says it shows that Gabi is not the one in control. Sonny adds that they know who is behind all of it. Kate agrees.

Gabi runs into Jordan with Allie in the town square. Gabi asks if she spoke to Rafe. Jordan says she did and is staying. Gabi gets a text from Rafe that he needs to see her. Gabi tells them to have fun and hurries off.

Will tells Abigail not to lie as he can see he's right. Will asks if this has to do with the guy she was seeing as it always seemed like he was married or something. Will assumes Nick knows but will keep it to himself if she does something for him. Abigail says it's not that polite. Abigail calls it so bad as if it got out, it would hurt so many people for no good reason. Will notes that she's a mess and suggests she tell him because he won't hold her hostage. Will gets a call from Sonny, who informs him about the hearing date for family court next week. Will is shocked. Sonny says it has to be Nick pushing her. Will says he has to go and they hang up. Abigail asks Will if he's okay and what happened. Will says he has to go and rushes out of the Pub.

Jordan brings Allie to the club. Jordan mentions seeing Ben but a woman at the bar informs her that Ben left in a big hurry awhile ago. Jordan asks where he was going or why. She doesn't know but notes that he was pretty upset.

EJ and Sami walk through the town square making small talk so people around know they are there. They sit together and EJ talks about their wedding but Sami says she can't do this. EJ tells her that it's almost over. EJ tells her not to think about anything but them. They talk about their first dance at the wedding.

Julie walks past the Pub. EJ's man walks by and sees her go.

Nick tells Marlena that Julie suggested he call so she could recommend someone for him to see professionally. Nick adds that he doesn't think he can go on like this and needs to shut it all down as it's time. Nick says he knows he's hurting people and himself and he doesn't want to do that. Nick says he can change it. Nick says it feels good saying that like maybe there's hope. Nick is then shot in the back. He turns around and is shot twice more in the chest. Nick collapses to the ground.

Sami finishes a call and tells EJ that the kids are asleep. Sami wonders what they would think if they knew what they've done. EJ says they are keeping them safe and that's all they need to know. Lucas approaches asking if they've seen Jordan and Allie. Sami thought Allie was with him and questions leaving her with Jordan. Lucas says he just had some business to take care of and it's no big deal.

Will and Sonny meet in the town square. Sonny is sorry to had to give him the news. Will is glad they have warning. Gabi walks up. Sonny questions hearing about the court date from someone else. Gabi says she's sorry but it'll be okay. Kate walks up and joins them. Ben walks through the town square. Abigail walks by and they exchange looks. Julie goes to the town square and takes a seat, commenting that the place filled up fast. Rafe walks in and sees Will, Sonny, Gabi and Kate. Jordan returns with Allie. Rafe smiles when he sees Jordan.

Allie screams, pointing forward causing everyone to look as Nick staggers through bleeding from the chest. Julie screams that he's been shot as Nick collapses. Rafe calls in for an ambulance. Julie holds Nick asking who did this to him as Nick, clutching his chest, stares up at the crowd of everyone in the town square.

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