Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/8/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/8/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ and Paige continue kissing onto the couch.

Eric and Nicole sit together at the Pub, talking about being engaged and getting ready to tell people. They agree to tell Daniel and Jennifer first. Nicole tells Eric that this whole horrible mess is over.

Daniel picks up the shredded evidence paper to Chyka and begins to read it. Daniel thinks back to questioning Nicole about it.

Abigail walks through the park. She stops and says she has to tell her as she has to hear the truth from her. Abigail turns and then stops in her tracks as Ben approaches. Ben asks if she's okay. Abigail says she's fine and asks why wouldn't she be.

Gabi walks through the town square and sees Jordan talking on the phone. Jordan is planning a flight to San Francisco and says she's not coming back. Jordan hangs up as Gabi approaches and asks if she's going somewhere.

Sonny unlocks a box at the Kiriakis Mansion with two guns inside. Sonny thinks back to Nick's threats as he picks up a gun.

Nick says anybody else would question Will being fit to be a father. Will then punches Nick in the face. Nick says they've both been waiting a while for this day.

Ben notes Abigail is shaking and asks if she wants to talk. Abigail repeats that she's fine and storms off.

Nick and Will fight. Will wants him to just leave. Nick says he will once he gets Gabi and Arianna back. They continue fighting until Rafe breaks it up. Will screams that he will kill Nick before he takes his daughter away from him.

Gabi questions Jordan about a one way flight and her leaving. She asks why she's leaving.

JJ and Paige continue kissing until they both decide to stop.

Nicole tells Eric how happy she is. Nicole says Daniel isn't answering so they are going to her place so they then exit the Pub.

Jennifer catches up to Daniel in the woods so he hides the papers. She asks if he heard her calling him.

JJ apologizes to Paige for getting carried away. She says it was mutual. JJ says he's really going to miss her when she goes to Stamford. Paige points out that it's four months away. JJ apologizes for being a jerk before. Paige says he already apologized and she understands what he's been through. JJ hopes they can figure something out because he really likes her. Paige responds that she likes him too. JJ asks her out for tomorrow night and she accepts.

Daniel claims he didn't hear Jennifer. She shows him that she found her necklace in the cabin. Jennifer says they can leave now and asks if Daniel is okay. Daniel says he's not exactly.

Nicole continues talking to Eric about her ring and all the gifts he's given her. Nicole talks about his trust and faith in her. Nicole says she has something for him that she's had for a long time and was waiting for the right time to give. Nicole compares it to her ring and calls him the best kind of gift as they kiss. Nicole opens the drawer and pulls out a present. Eric says she didn't have to but Nicole says she did.

Jennifer can't believe she asked if Daniel is okay when of course he isn't after what happened with Liam. Jennifer suggests they just go since Daniel has surgery in the afternoon and she found her necklace so there's no reason to stay. Daniel agrees and they leave.

Jordan tells Gabi that it's not what it sounds like as it's complicated. Gabi asks about Rafe but realizes he doesn't know. Jordan says she didn't want to upset him. Gabi points out that Rafe is in love with her. Gabi spots Abigail and calls her over. Gabi asks Abigail to talk to Jordan because she's leaving tomorrow and not coming back. Abigail is surprised and asks about Rafe. Jordan asks if they think she would be doing this if she didn't have to.

Rafe calms Will down and tells him to think about Arianna. Nick taunts Will that he won't kill him. Nick tells Rafe that Will was threatening him. Rafe says he's not a detective right now but Gabi's sister. Rafe threatens to slam Nick if he doesn't leave now. Nick wishes Will luck in court as he walks away. Rafe holds Will back. Rafe tells Will that he's just playing in to Nick's hands.

Sonny raises the other gun from the box and aims it. Sonny then loads the gun. Sonny puts it in his bag and then locks the box back up. Sonny then exits.

Jennifer comes home and is greeted by JJ and Paige. Paige mentions hearing what happened and she's glad they are alright. Jennifer asks if they were leaving. JJ says just Paige is. JJ tells Jennifer that Paige got into Stamford. Jennifer praises her. Paige says she can still hardly believe it. Paige decides to go. JJ says he will call her later about tomorrow as she exits. Jennifer tells JJ that she likes Paige and doesn't think she's the only one who does. JJ smiles.

Eric opens his present and it's a new camera. He tells her that she didn't have to do this but she insists. Eric uses it to take a picture of them as his first picture with it. Eric thanks her and says he loves it and her as they kiss. Eric asks Nicole why she felt she had to do this. Nicole says she knows how much he has given up to be with her.

Gabi brings up how Jordan feels about Rafe and questions what's wrong. Jordan says she has things to do and asks Gabi to let her handle this her way as she hurries off. Gabi complains that this is so unlike her. Gabi says she had held onto the idea that Rafe and Jordan were good because Rafe deserves to be happy. Abigail asks if Nick has done something else.

Nick walks past the Pub wiping blood off his lip from the punch and he runs into Ben. Ben accuses him of upsetting Abigail again. Ben questions if he gets a thrill from it. Nick tells him that he's jumping to conclusions as there's a lot of reasons Abigail could be upset or scared without him. Ben says he knows Nick has something to do with why she's unhappy. Nick says maybe but he's not the root cause. Ben tells Nick that he doesn't like him very much. Nick advises Ben that Abigail is complicated and he's asking for a lot by getting involved in her life. Nick then tells Ben that Abigail is way out of his league as he walks away.

Rafe tells Will that it all worked out for Nick since Will attacked him and threatened his life in front of a cop. Will complains that he talked about taking Arianna away from him. Rafe doesn't think Gabi wants to take Arianna from him but Nick knows how to work her. Rafe wants to help Will but he has to be smart. Will doesn't know how to beat Nick while Gabi is doing whatever he wants. Rafe says it won't last. Rafe tells Will to go home and put ice on his bruise and to stop letting Nick play him. Will walks off.

Nicole tells Eric that she knows how much being a priest meant to him as it wasn't just a job but his life. She is so sorry about what happened. Eric tells her it's not her fault but Kristen's. Eric says Nicole didn't take his vocation from him. Nicole talks about how incredible the day has been since he proposed. Eric tells her to focus on their future. Nicole agrees to no more looking back. Eric says they tried everything to prove he should be a priest but there was no proof so he thinks that means God wanted them to be together. Eric suggests they accept it and move on to building a life and family together. Eric says he couldn't bear to lose the priesthood and didn't think he could get through it but she got him through it. Eric says he's a happy and lucky man who loves her. Nicole says she loves him too and he has no idea how much. Eric shows her the picture they just took and says they look madly in love and meant to be together.

Jennifer asks JJ if everything is okay. JJ says he just has something to do unless she wants him to stay so she's not alone. Jennifer says she's good so JJ exits. JJ gets a text from Bev asking to hang out. He responds that he will see her at the Pub.

Rafe goes to the club and asks Ben where Sonny is. Ben doesn't know. Rafe tells him to have Sonny call him. Ben stops Rafe and asks if they can talk about Jordan. Rafe isn't in the mood but Ben says he needs a favor.

Gabi tells Abigail that there is nothing new but horrible tension all the time through the custody agreement. Gabi insists it will be fine. Abigail doesn't understand the tension since Gabi and Will always worked everything out. Abigail asks if it's Nick stirring everything up. Gabi says no but Abigail takes it as yes. Abigail says she will trust Gabi but isn't sure she can when it comes to Nick. Gabi tries to leave but Abigail stops her and tells her that Nick knows about a horrible mistake she made. Abigail tells Gabi that this is fun for Nick. Gabi doesn't believe it. Abigail explains that Nick is taunting and threatening her so she doesn't know what he will do next. Abigail says she can't tell her what she did but Nick could ruin her and Jennifer's lives. Abigail asks Gabi to talk to Nick and get him to do the right thing. Gabi worriedly says no.

Nick walks back out of the town square looking for his phone. The man that EJ paid off appears in the gateway.

Bev and JJ meet at the Pub. Bev talks about going to the movies but JJ tells her that he can't go out with her like a date. Bev asks why. JJ informs her that he and Paige are going to try again. JJ says she can hate him but he hopes she doesn't.

Nicole goes to Jennifer's looking for Daniel but she tells her that he had to perform surgery. Eric steps out on a call. Jennifer assures Nicole that Daniel is fine. Nicole feels she always ends up hurting the people she loves. Jennifer understands that Nicole was trying to save their lives. Nicole worries that she wouldn't have been able to live with herself if she took Daniel away from Jennifer.

Abigail asks Gabi what it is. Gabi explains that Nick doesn't listen to anyone but himself. Gabi apologizes and hates that Abigail is upset but there's nothing she can do. Gabi cries that Nick hates when people tell him what to do. Gabi then rushes off. Abigail worries that Gabi is in worse shape than she is.

Rafe questions Ben wanting a favor. Ben calls it a big one. Ben wants him to talk Jordan out of leaving Salem. Rafe says he did that a couple of weeks ago. Ben informs him that things changed and she's taking off. Ben says he can't change her mind so he's hoping Rafe could. Ben is surprised that she didn't tell Rafe but then says that's good. Rafe argues it's not good. Ben thinks that means she's scared that he can talk her out of it. Ben tells Rafe to convince Jordan that it's worth it to stay.

Sonny goes home and calls out to Will but he's not home. Sonny sits down with his bag and pulls out the gun. Will then comes home so Sonny hides the gun back in his bag. Sonny notes Will's bruise and asks what happened. Will responds that Nick happened. Sonny looks back to his bag.

JJ explains to Bev that he feels like he screwed up and he won't blame her if she doesn't want to be friends. JJ tells Bev that they are friends and he really likes having her as a friend. Bev says she couldn't hate him but gets so frustrated with him. Bev admits JJ is a really good guy. JJ says he had to be honest with her. Bev says he did the right thing and she was going back and forth on going out anyways. They agree that it probably would've been a disaster. Bev decides they are better off friends. Bev brings up a problem there too and says Paige doesn't like her or Rory so if JJ gets with her then he could be looking for all new friends.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she loves Daniel and loves the idea of he and Jennifer together. Jennifer thanks her. Nicole is glad it's all over. Jennifer talks about pushing all that out of her head but something that Liam said didn't make sense. Nicole says Liam is crazy. Jennifer brings up Liam thinking she was crazy for being friends with Nicole and wonders what he meant by that.

Daniel goes home and pulls out the shredded paper evidence.

Nick searches for his phone while EJ's man watches. Nick finds his phone and walks away.

Sonny holds ice on Will's bruise while Will talks about Rafe being right that he played in to Nick's hand. Will feels he screwed up. Sonny argues that Nick pushed his buttons. Will brings up that Rafe could get called to testify now. Sonny brings up that EJ could call hundreds of people that would want Nick dead. Sonny talks about Nick's power. Will worries that he could send them all to prison. Sonny swears to Will that he will not let Nick take Arianna. Will feels that there is nothing he can do. Sonny says no Kiriakis has ever accepted that. They kiss and Sonny tells him that he loves him and won't let anything bad happen to him as they kiss back onto the couch, knocking over Sonny's bag. Will picks it up and questions it.

JJ tells Bev that his friends are his friends and Paige will come around eventually. Bev asks if she'll really want to be friends. JJ wonders why not and calls Bev great. Bev hugs him as Paige walks past the Pub. Bev sees her through the window and says her and Paige as friends would really be something.

Nicole tells Jennifer that Liam just hated her for trying to help them. Eric comes back in an asks if Nicole told her yet. Nicole then shows Jennifer the ring. Jennifer hugs her and tells her it's amazing.

Daniel reads the shredded paper and thinks back to talking to Nicole about all she did for Eric and all the times she almost told Daniel about something she did. Daniel goes over all these moments repeatedly in his head.

Eric and Nicole sit with Jennifer.

Daniel looks worried after going over the papers.

Jordan meets Rafe outside the town square and kisses him. Rafe asks Jordan if she was even going to tell him that she was leaving.

Abigail goes to the club. Ben says Sonny isn't in yet. Abigail says she came to see him. Ben apologizes for intruding but Abigail apologizes for being rude. Ben understands she was upset. Abigail admits she was. Abigail says it's her fault as she messed up pretty big and a lot of people are going to be hurt by it. Ben doesn't think she seems like someone that would hurt people. Abigail argues that he doesn't know her. Ben agrees but feels like he does.

Will asks Sonny what's in his bag. Sonny pulls it back and says it's just tools but Will pulls out the gun and asks if he was going to shoot it. Will questions why Sonny had a gun.

Nick walks through the park with his phone. EJ's hired man follows from the bushes and pulls out his gun.

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