Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/7/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/7/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole turns over each picture and each one has a word with it, revealing "Will you marry me?" Eric tells her to say yes and nothing can ever keep them apart again. Nicole calls it the sweetest, most romantic proposal and agrees to marry him as they kiss.

Jennifer bandages up Daniel's gunshot wound.

JJ says Paige's still leaving him behind so he asks why he should even bother talking to her. Paige says she isn't leaving for months. JJ doesn't want to do this anymore but Paige says they are going to.

Will and Sonny go over one of Will's papers at the club. Will feels his paper was dark because of Nick making their lives miserable. Will doesn't know if he can take it anymore and doesn't know what to do. Hope interrupts and asks what they are talking about Nick doing.

Nick follows Sami out of the town square and says he wants to know what's going on.

Abigail tells EJ that she is going to tell Jennifer that they slept together. EJ tells her she can't. Abigail says she doesn't want to but it's better than finding out from Nick. EJ assures her that Nick won't say anything and asks her to promise not to do this.

Nicole can't believe it as she's so in love with Eric. Eric feels the same and says they aren't finished yet. Eric takes Nicole's hand and puts the ring on her finger. They agree they're a perfect fit and they hug.

Daniel tells Jennifer to stop blaming herself for Liam. Jennifer feels she should've figured it out. Daniel says she dated him for like five minutes. Jennifer tells him that there is something he doesn't know.

Hope asks if Nick is making things difficult again. Will says he started it by asking for a custody agreement. Hope asks what it has to do with Nick and if Gabi wants to move with him. They tell her that's what Nick wants. Hope gets a work call and agrees to talk to Nick tomorrow. Will hugs her and thanks her. Hope tells him not to worry as she exits. Sonny asks if he thinks Hope can get Nick to back off. Will wonders how she can when Nick can ruin their lives so he's not afraid of anyone.

EJ assures Abigail that Nick won't tell anyone. Abigail brings up the pictures and questions EJ knowing about them. Abigail realizes Nick is blackmailing EJ and asks if he thought he'd just write a check to get Nick to go away.

Sami tells Nick that she still can't figure him out. Nick asks if she's tried with how much she hates him. Sami says she hates things he's done and brings up what he's done for Allie. Nick calls her a great kid. Sami praises his wedding gift to Will and Sonny. Nick says he likes his family and likes helping Allie figure out math and science. Nick says he envies what Will and Sonny have. Nick asks Sami if it ever occurred to her that maybe he just wants to fit in. Sami asks if that's true and if it's really what he wants. Sami adds that if it is then maybe it's not too late.

JJ questions what Paige wants. She wants to talk but JJ doesn't think it will do any good. JJ says dragging it out won't change anything.

Jennifer tells Daniel about how Liam flipped out when she broke up with him. Daniel asks why she didn't tell him. Jennifer admits she should have but was afraid that Daniel would try to fix it for her and she'll never make that mistake again. Daniel argues that she couldn't have seen this coming. Daniel tells her not to worry as Liam is dead and it's over. Daniel hugs her.

Nicole tells Eric that she loves the ring and will wear it for the rest of her life. Eric says they have a wedding to plan and has to call Sami about wedding plans. Nicole jokes about Sami marrying EJ. Nicole says all she cares about is being with the man she's waited for forever. They talk about telling everyone. Nicole thinks they should tell Daniel and Jennifer right away. Nicole suggests going now but Eric mentions that Hope will be interviewing them about what happened.

Abigail tells EJ that Nick will take his money and still tell. EJ disagrees. Abigail brings up Nick laughing about what Sami would do after seeing the pictures. Abigail worries that Nick will tell the whole world and EJ can't make this go away. EJ tells Abigail to pull herself together.

Sami tells Nick that if he really wants his family to trust him then maybe he should try seeing things from their perspective like Will's. Sami asks Nick how hard it would be for Will to only see Arianna every other weekend. Nick says Gabi will make it work. Sami isn't sure what Nick wants and says Gabi listens to him. Sami wants Nick to stay out of it and stop seeing Gabi for a little while. Nick asks if she thinks that will make people accept him. Sami thinks it's his best chance if he just slows down and takes a big step back. Sami thinks it's amazing that he understands this. Nick changes his tune and tells Sami to understand that it is never going to happen.

Nicole asks Eric about Hope wanting to see them. Eric wonders why she's so bothered by it.

EJ apologizes to Abigail but says the situation with Nick is fixable. EJ tells her to calm down and realize he's right. EJ tells her not to add to what happened to Jennifer. Abigail felt she had no choice. EJ asks her to let him fix this. Abigail asks EJ to promise to let her know if he can't fix it. EJ promise she'll be the first to know but insists it won't happen. EJ tells her to stay calm. Abigail calls that impossible as she then exits.

Will tells Sonny that he needs to take a walk. Sonny reminds him that EJ is on his side. Will worries that Nick won't stop until he gets what he wants. Will brings up Nick possibly raising Arianna. Sonny assures that won't happen. Will kisses him goodbye and exits the club.

Sami asks Nick about what he just said. Nick says maybe he did want to fit in or maybe he was just messing with their heads because he knows they'll never accept him so he might as well stop begging for approval and get what he wants. Nick says he wants Gabi so they are going to be together and he's going to spending a lot of time with Arianna. Nick tells Sami to tell Will that if he minds his manners then maybe he'll let him come by and visit once and awhile.

Paige follows JJ home and says he can't take off now. JJ asks why she keeps bugging him. Paige asks why he's acting like she did something wrong by being accepted into a college. She tells him that he might as well talk because she isn't leaving until he does. JJ points out that she is leaving. Paige says it will be next September. JJ brings up his mom almost dying and his dad dying. She asks if that's why he's so mad at her because it will be too hard to say goodbye. JJ knows it sounds stupid. Paige disagrees.

Will walks through the town square and comes across Abigail. She asks if he's been avoiding her. Will says no and asks why he would be. Abigail tells him that she gave Nick the lawyer and would've never done that if she knew it was for the custody case. Abigail cries about how bad she feels. Will says Nick used her like he does all of them. Abigail tells him he'll never have to apologize for bashing Nick to her.

Sonny spots Nick at the club and tells him to get out. Nick tells Sonny to get used to him being around because he's not going anywhere.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she lost the necklace that Daniel gave her in all the commotion and Hope couldn't find it either. Jennifer wants to go back to the cabin to find it but Daniel says he will go. Daniel talks about finding things that are lost.

Nicole tells Eric that she isn't worried, she just doesn't want to talk to the cops on the day her dream came true. Eric brings up that she'll be right in the middle of a breaking story. Eric feels that she is worried. Nicole then says she'll tell him exactly why she wants this to end. Nicole said a voice inside her total that his proposal was a life changing moment so she doesn't want to relive last night. Eric hugs her and apologizes. Nicole says she could've killed Daniel. Eric points out that she didn't want to hurt him thus didn't commit a sin. Eric gets a text from Hope that she's ready to see them. Eric tells her that the sooner they do it, the sooner it will be behind them.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she can handle this. Daniel calls her the strongest woman he knows but he wants to be there when she finds the necklace. They exit together.

JJ tells Paige that he's not looking for sympathy and doesn't know if this makes sense. She understands he loved his dad and didn't get to say goodbye. JJ mentions Jack calling him the night before he died and he ignored it. JJ recalls playing poker so he let the call go to voicemail. JJ adds that he's never told anyone but he always thinks about what he could've said to him if he took the call. Paige points out that he wouldn't have known. JJ says he would have heard his voice one more time. Paige doesn' tthink he should feel guilty. JJ talks about idolizing Jack and then finding out bad things from his book. Paige asks about him trashing the store window. JJ says he couldn't even talk about it. JJ says Paige came around and she was great to talk to but then she was going to. Paige thinks it's normal. JJ feels like a loser. Paige understands he doesn't want to hurt. JJ tells her that she can't know how that feels. Paige responds that she can because her dad is gone too.

Sonny asks Nick if it's going to bother him that he has to blackmail Gabi to be with him. Sonny says Gabi knows what he's holding over her but just won't say it. Nick argues that Gabi remembers they were good together. Sonny asks him about ruining Will's life. Nick responds that Will is an expert at ruining his own life.

Sami goes home and sees Johnny's family drawing and cries as EJ enters.

Nick brings up Will having sex with Gabi and Chad revealing it at the wedding. Nick says if not for that, he would be with Arianna. Nick warns that Gabi knows she'll end up in prison if she turns her back on him. Nick says Gabi made a lot of bad choices in her life like what she did to Melanie. Nick adds that if the cops find out, she'll never get close to Arianna again. Sonny argues that he doesn't care about Gabi at all and just wants her to do what he wants. Nick tells him to pray that Gabi does. Nick says he is sick of them all acting like they have the power or options. Nick warns that they all need to learn how to stay in line because he's the one with all the cards now.

Paige explains to JJ that her dad took off and she used to wonder if it was her fault. JJ had thought nothing bad ever happened to her. Paige says everybody handles things differently. Paige gets why he reacted to her leaving. Paige brings up wanting to get to know him after hearing him play guitar even if saying goodbye will be just as hard for her.

Hope meets with Nicole and Eric at the Pub. Hope says everyone is clear so all they have to do is sign their statements. Nicole asks if the crime scene did any more investigating. Hope say they did at Liam's home. Nicole asks if anything was found. Hope asks if this is on the record or personal.

Daniel and Jennifer go to the cabin. Jennifer wants to get this over with and says the necklace is either inside or out in the woods. Daniel tells her to check the cabin while he checks the woods. Jennifer says she loves him and thanks him for doing this as they kiss.

Sonny goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Henderson tells him that everyone is out for the afternoon. Sonny says he's just there to pick up something his mom left him upstairs.

Sami cries to EJ and shows him Johnny's family picture where he wrote "I love my family". EJ says he'll do anything to keep their family together. EJ offers to go find the man he hired but Sami tells him not to stop it because she wants him to make Nick pay for everything he's done once and for all.

JJ asks Paige if she meant all that or just wanted him to feel better. Paige asks if she would've walked all this way otherwise and then they kiss.

EJ holds Sami and tells her to believe that they are doing the right thing.

Abigail walks through the park. She stops and says she has to tell her as she has to hear the truth from her. Abigail turns and then stops in her tracks.

Sonny unlocks a box at the Kiriakis Mansion with two guns inside.

Nick walks out of the town square where Will approaches. Nick says first the mom, then the husband and now the golden boy himself. Will says they have some things to clear up. Nick argues and keeps calling the golden boy. Nick brings up Will getting away with things in the past. Nick says anybody else would question him being fit to be a father. Will then punches Nick in the face.

Jennifer finds the necklace underneath the couch at the cabin. She opens the door calling out to Daniel that she found it.

Daniel searches the crime scene area of the woods for the necklace. He spots the shredded paper evidence in the bushes.

Nicole apologizes to Hope for always being a reporter. Hope says she can't talk on the record but can tell her that nothing relevant was found. Hope gets called back to work. Eric thanks her and Hope exits. Nicole excitedly tells Eric that it's over as they hug.

Daniel picks up the shredded evidence paper addressed to Chyka and begins to read it.

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