Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/6/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/6/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole imagines killing Liam and being called a murderer by Eric. She meets with Debra at the club. Debra tells her about hearing what happened and being proud of Nicole. Nicole worries about what Liam had on her. Debra says she went back to the safety deposit box but there was nothing there. She asks Nicole what she expected to find. Nicole thinks back to Liam's threats and wonders where he put it. Debra asks what Liam had on her.

Rafe tells Kate that he's not sure if Gabi really loves Nick as he thought she understood it was all based on a lie while Jordan approaches.

Bev finds Paige in the town square.

Rory goes to see JJ and jokes about finding Jennifer and Abigail hot as he talks about hearing what happened. JJ doesn't want to talk about it.

Nick says the whole family thinks Abigail's so perfect, if only they knew the truth that she is nothing but EJ's whore. Abigail slaps him. Nick laughs.

Sami picks up the phone number that EJ was about to call and tells him to do it. EJ reminds her that if they do this, it cannot be undone. Sami says she gets it and gives EJ the phone to make the call.

Eric sits in Jennifer's office with papers and his phone.

Jordan joins Kate and Rafe and says she can explain. Kate claims she was just telling Rafe how lucky he is to have her. Rafe asks Jordan what is going on. Jordan says he seemed upset. Rafe says it's just Nick. Jordan asks if something happened. Rafe says Gabi just won't listen to him when it comes to Nick. Kate talks about Nick getting into Gabi's life by lying then asks Jordan if she agrees that it's terrible.

Abigail tells Nick to stop laughing at her. Nick responds that she probably never slapped someone before. Abigail tells her not to call her that again. Nick remarks that whores get paid. Nick brings up seeing the photos and Abigail taking EJ's clothes off. Abigail says she never pretended to be a saint. Nick talks about her and Will always being considered better than him. Nick says he owned what he did and didn't let the Bradys cover what he did. Nick remarks that Alice would be rolling in her grave if she saw those photos as he laughs.

EJ makes the call and says he needs something taken care of. The man on the other line asks if he knows who he is calling and says he doesn't do business over the phone. They agree to meet as soon as possible.

Nicole tells Debra that she doesn't want anyone to know what Liam had on her. She adds that no one can know they talked about this. Debra says she doesn't have to worry as she's leaving town tonight. She hopes they put can Liam behind them. Nicole says it's still so hard to watch someone die. Debra insists he got what was coming to him and now can't hurt her anymore. Debra tells Nicole that she won and then she leaves the club.

Kate again asks Jordan if she thinks it's terrible to have a relationship based on lies. Rafe stops her and says she doesn't have to weigh in on his problem. Rafe gets a call from work and says he will be right there. Rafe tells Jordan he will see her later and thanks Kate as he then exits. Jordan starts to go but Kate wants to have a talk. Jordan tells her to go to Hell. Kate says she can't believe Jordan almost blew her con wide open. Kate warns her to sharpen up her game to play in her league.

Rory asks JJ what's wrong since everything worked out and Liam's dead. JJ doesn't want to think about any of it. Rory gets that JJ is in a bad mood because of Paige.

Paige brings up what happened to Jennifer and asks Bev if she's talked to JJ. Bev doesn't answer so Paige starts to walk away but Bev tells her to wait.

Abigail tells Nick that she doesn't care what he thinks of her but it would destroy Jennifer, who has been through enough. Nick asks if she's afraid that Jennifer would be disappointed in her along with Maggie, Hope, and Julie. Nick suggests they'd blame it on EJ or even him and she'd be fine. Abigail asks why he's doing this. Nick argues that she did it and this time it's going to come out. Nick says EJ will be singing the blues when Sami is done with him and then Sami will come gunning for her. Abigail asks why he couldn't just leave it alone. Julie arrives and asks what's going on.

The man agrees to meet EJ at the park and asks if he understands the terms. EJ says he does and hangs up. EJ reminds Sami that there is no stopping this after he gives the money. Sami says Nick is determined to destroy Will's life, their lives and everything important to them so she sees no other way to stop him. EJ tells her not to worry as he will be stopped. EJ and Sami kiss before EJ exits.

Bev shows Paige texts from JJ that everything was okay. Bev talks about how tight her and JJ are. Paige says she was just worried about him. Bev says now she doesn't have to be. Bev says she doesn't know what happened with them but she knows JJ is over her. Paige walks away.

JJ questions Rory bringing up Paige when he's with Bev now. Rory feels Paige was different. JJ says it doesn't matter as she's leaving in a couple of months so he didn't want to waste his time. Rory tells him to calm down. JJ tells him to stop talking about Paige then. JJ realizes he's going to be late and they hurry out.

Nick tells Julie that everything is fine. Julie thinks Abigail sounded very upset. Nick says Abigail was just telling him about problems with a co worker. Abigail says this is something she has to handle herself. Julie asks how Jennifer is. Abigail says they are all glad to be alive. Abigail then exits. Nick decides he'll go too but Julie stops him and says she's going to buy him coffee and then he can tell her what was really going on with them. Julie and Nick head back into the town square and walk past the man that is meeting with EJ.

Eric calls Nicole and asks if she has time to get together. Nicole says she always has time for him. They agree to meet in the park. Nicole asks what's going on. Eric says he just needs to see her. Nicole says she's on her way.

Jordan asks Kate why she didn't tell Rafe what she knows then. Kate says she liked playing with her and isn't going to tell Rafe until she has the full story because she'd make up a cover and Rafe would believe it. Kate says she'll have the full story soon. Jordan tells her to call it off because she's leaving Salem. Jordan tells Kate that she wins.

Allie goes into the living room and asks Sami for help on her homework. Allie wants her to explain the science to her but Sami calls it complicated. Allie then tells her that Nick explained it which surprises her.

EJ goes to meet with the man outside the town square but Rafe arrives.

JJ starts his community service. Bev greets him. JJ asks what she is doing there. Bev says she came to check on him but JJ says he doesn't have time to talk. Bev tries to talk but JJ wants to get his work over with and tells her that she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Kate tells Jordan that she will figure it out. Kate hopes Jordan doesn't leave because she wants to see her face when she can tell Rafe what a fraud she really is. Kate then exits the Pub.

Sami asks Allie when she saw Nick. Allie mentions staying at Julie's one night when Lucas had to go out of town. Allie says Nick was nice and smart and explained science to her. Allie brings up that Nick said she'll grow up to be smart and beautiful like Sami. Sami asks about Allie liking Nick. Allie says he is Ciara's favorite cousin and hers too now. Sami says she has something to do and runs out.

Nick and Julie sit together at the Pub. Nick admits that he and Abigail had an argument. Julie brings up what happened to Jennifer. Nick says he always screws things up. Julie says everybody knows how hard he's been working to make a better life for himself. Nick says he can only go up from where he was. Julie says they've all let the past go so he should too. Julie tells him to focus on his future.

The man exits the area as Rafe greets EJ. EJ asks what he's doing there. Rafe says he was passing by and wanted to say something to him. Rafe brings up EJ representing Will in the custody agreement and says he's glad. EJ questions that. Rafe says he knows what Gabi's lawyer is asking for and it's insane. Rafe says it's not what Gabi wants but Nick. Rafe says if Will has to deal with Nick, he's glad he has EJ looking out for his rights. EJ thinks they can reach a fair agreement. Rafe offers his hand and says he appreciates what he's doing. They shake hands and Rafe then walks away. The man returns to his seat on the bench.

Jordan finds Rafe outside the club and says she was looking for him. Rafe asks if something is wrong. Jordan kisses him. Rafe asks her to go back to his place and they walk off.

Nicole stands in the park wondering where the hard copy of the evidence is. She assumes Liam must have hidden it or it was on his body so the police have it. She tells herself not to panic. She says she can convince Hope that Liam didn't get it from her. Nicole worries that Liam could've sent it to Eric and that's why he wants to meet. Eric then arrives and says she's just the person he was looking for.

Julie tells Nick that she had a past to live down too. Julie says she was different person but ended up with a wonderful husband and a happy life. Julie talks about being Tom and Alice's first grandchild and not living up to the Horton name. She regrets that it took her so long to realize the family loved her no matter what she did. Julie talks about realizing it and giving her family a chance. She suggests Nick do that too as it's never too late.

EJ sits next to the man on the bench. He orders EJ to put the bag on the bench so he does. EJ gives him the name of Nick Fallon. The man tells EJ 24 hours or less as he takes the bag and leaves. Sami rushes up and tells EJ that they have to stop him but EJ tells her that Nick is a dead man.

Jordan takes Rafe to the bed. Rafe is surprised by what's gotten into her. Jordan says she doesn't want to talk and kisses him.

Bev understands JJ needs his space so she'll leave. JJ promises to be better next time she sees him. JJ goes back to work and then runs into Paige. Paige says she covered for him with Russ so he won't lose his hours. Paige adds that she's glad Daniel and Jennifer are okay. She says she was going to call. JJ asks why bother. Paige asks what is wrong with him.

Eric talks to Nicole about meeting and says he wanted to hold her all night long as he couldn't stop thinking. Eric brings up an e-mail he got this morning that really helped him put his future with her in perspective. Eric takes Nicole to show her what he's talking about. He takes her to a stone bench with three papers that he got this morning which he printed out to show her.

Nick tells Julie that he's got his job with Kate and an incredible family. Nick talks about never thinking he'd be happy again but turning his life around. Nick says he couldn't have done it if Julie hadn't believed in him. Julie says she knew he needed a break and now he is going to get what he deserves.

Sami talks about needing to stop the man. She tells EJ about Allie getting close to Nick so she worries about how to explain it to her. EJ tells her that Nick is charming Allie to turn her against her and then he'd destroy her life just the same. Sami thinks they can still find another way to deal with Nick. EJ says he had no remorse when he gave the money because he knew he would be ridding the town of a monster who destroys lives. EJ then tells Sami that he would've done this with or without her consent. Sami understands. EJ gets a text from Abigail that she needs to see him at Jennifer's office now. EJ tells Sami that it's just work he has to get to. EJ promises Sami that they will get through this together as they exit.

Paige tells JJ that she thought they were friends and got each other then it was all over because she got into Stamford. Paige argues that she did nothing wrong. JJ says she's still leaving him behind so he asks why he should even bother talking to her.

Rafe and Jordan make love in bed.

Sami walks past the Pub where Nick greets her. Sami walks away and Nick follows.

EJ meets with Abigail and asks why they are meeting. She brings up Nick. EJ already knows. Abigail worries that Nick is going to ruin this and it's all going to come out in the worst way. EJ argues that it won't. She tells EJ that she is going to tell Jennifer that they slept together.

Nicole questions Eric wanting her to see an e-mail he printed out. Eric reveals they are the pictures he took of her and saw how beautiful she looked. Eric says it made him realize that he needed to get his life back. Eric jokes about not being good at talking about his feelings. Nicole turns over each picture and each one has a word with it, revealing "Will you marry me?" Eric tells her to say yes and nothing can ever keep them apart again.

The shredded paper evidence remains in the bushes in the woods.

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