Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/5/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/5/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan calls Kate a bully that can't accept that Rafe dumped her. Kate says she won't let Rafe be hurt by who she was, is, or who she plans to be next as she calls her Joan Cooper, the name from her fake ID. Jordan realizes Kate broke into her apartment. Kate asks what she's going to do about it. Kate asks what she thinks Rafe is going to do when he finds out she's not who he thought. Jordan slaps Kate. Kate warns that she will regret that. Jordan responds that she will regret being a nosy bitch and they start to fight.

Abigail and Sami sit together at the club. Sami asks about her knowing Ben and mentions seeing him with Jordan. Abigail didn't know they knew each other. Maggie arrives and Sami tells her that she needs her help with Nick.

Rafe tells Gabi that it doesn't matter because he knows she wouldn't limit Will's time with Arianna to every other weekend. Gabi turns away and says that's exactly what she wants. Rafe questions her meaning that and asks what Nick has done to her.

Nick asks EJ where Percy is. EJ informs him that he's been terminated. Nick decides he will get a hold of him and tries to call Percy but his phone was left there. EJ answers it with "Greetings".

Aiden and Hope walk through the town square. Aiden asks if she still wants to do this after everything that happened with Jennifer. Hope assures that Jennifer will be okay. Hope talks about it being hard to accept that sometimes you don't know people the way you think. Aiden agrees.

Sami tells Maggie that she knows it's not a great time after what happened with Daniel and Jennifer but they will be okay while she's not sure about her family. Sami informs Maggie that Nick has gotten involved in the custody agreement between Will and Gabi. Sami tells Maggie that Nick is trying to keep Will from Arianna.

EJ tells Nick that Percy admitted being behind the photo. Nick says he was wondering when he would find out. EJ talks about how Johnny or Sami could have picked it up. Nick says that was the point. EJ calls him stupid. Nick questions what EJ was thinking with Abigail. EJ tells him to shut up. Nick argues that he can't tell him what to do as he brought it on himself. Nick reminds EJ that he told him to keep Sami under control but she's trying to keep him from Gabi. Nick tells EJ that he has the power. EJ disagrees and says that will cost him dearly.

Aiden and Hope plan the gala. Hope brings up Giselle's refusal to participate. Aiden thinks they will be fine. Hope remembers she has to go since Ciara wanted to spend time with Roman and she wants to rescue him. Aiden stops her and says she can't do that.

Roman sits with Ciara at the Pub. Roman notes her not eating so he asks if something is wrong. Ciara asks if he loves her. Roman says of course he does. Ciara says he has to help her then or else everything is going to be ruined.

Kate shoves Jordan off of her. Jordan comes back and they continue fighting. Kate threatens to call Rafe and tell him everything as she shoves her away again.

Rafe tells Gabi that he loves and supports her but this is not right to keep Arianna away from Will or Sonny. Gabi argues that she's not trying to do that but this is a precaution. Gabi claims she's just trying to protect herself in writing and she would never stop Will or Sonny from seeing Arianna. Rafe asks what if Nick demanded it.

Abigail explains to Maggie that she referred Nick to Aiden. Sami talks about the agreement having Will see Arianna every other weekend. Sami blames Nick for pressuring Gabi into this. Abigail says she's tried talking to Nick. Sami adds that everyone has so they hope Maggie can get through to Nick to help him see what a mistake this is.

Nick asks if EJ is saying he would have no problem with Sami seeing the photo. Nick says they both know that Sami would never forgive him. Nick asks if he wants to make it to the altar this time and live a life with his children. Nick dares him to tell him again that he doesn't have the power over him. EJ warns that if one word of this gets back to Sami then Nick will be very sorry. Nick asks if that's the best he's got. EJ tells Nick that he can't begin to imagine what he could do to him. Nick asks what's the worst he could do to him, kill him?

Roman tells Ciara that he can't take Giselle to the gala. Ciara says he promised to help her so he can't let her down.

Hope asks Aiden why she can't pick up Ciara. Aiden thinks they should get some more work done. Hope questions why he's stalling. Aiden then claims he's just enjoying their time working together. Hope says she knows he's lying and says goodbye. Aiden hurries after her.

Jordan questions Kate, saying she knows nothing. Kate brings up her box of fake IDs. Jordan calls her deranged and says she won't let her get away with breaking into her apartment. Kate suggests calling the police meaning Rafe. Kate reminds her that she warned her not to hurt anyone she cares about. Jordan says Kate is the one who is in love with someone who doesn't love her back. Kate shouts that Rafe is her friend. Jordan says she's not hurting Rafe and adds that Rafe was never in love with Kate. Kate questions Jordan's aliases.

Rafe asks Gabi about not telling him about this. Rafe thinks Gabi was ashamed because she knew this was wrong. Gabi argues that she's making sure she is never separated from Arianna. Rafe says Will would never do that.

Sami asks Maggie for Nick not to know that she asked her to do this. Abigail thanks Maggie. Maggie exits as Sami hopes that he will listen to her.

Nick tells EJ that they both know he's not going to kill him because that's not who he is anymore. Nick thinks EJ is soft now and doesn't have it in him anymore. EJ asks if he's willing to bet his life on that. Nick doesn't think EJ killed Percy but just scared him and sent him away. EJ assures that he won't be as kind with Nick's punishment. Nick responds that there is nothing he could do that would begin to compare to what he went through in prison. Nick adds that he's not afraid of EJ. Nick tells EJ that his threats aren't empty so he should be afraid of him as he exits.

Roman tells Ciara that the last thing he wants to do is let her down but the school will be fine. Ciara asks why he's being mean. Ciara cries about missing Bo and only having him. Roman tells her not to do that and then reluctantly agrees to do it. Hope walks in and asks what he will do. Roman reveals he will take Giselle to the gala. Roman says it's no big deal as it's one night. Ciara calls it a wonderful cause and tells him she loves him. Hope hugs Roman and thanks him. Roman says he loves Ciara as he exits. Hope sits with Ciara and asks what just happened. Aiden arrives and says it's not Ciara's fault. Ciara tells Aiden good going.

Abigail apologizes for things getting out of hand. Sami thanks her since she doesn't have many friends. Sami is glad to see Abigail cares about Will and is willing to help him. Sami calls her someone that she can count on. Abigail feels she hasn't really done anything but Sami says she did more than she knows. Sami asks to call her again for another art lesson and says she'll be in touch as she exits the club. Ben comes by and asks Abigail if she wants a refill. She says no. Ben asks if everything is okay and she says it is. Ben asks if she needs anything else but she says no. Abigail stops him and asks how he knows Jordan.

Jordan asks Kate if she ever had a part of her life to put behind her but not letting it prevent her from living life. Jordan says her past is in her past and has no bearing on who she is now. Kate asks who she is going to be in the future and if it could come back to bite her and Rafe. Kate says if it's so terrible that she can't talk about it then it will never go away. Jordan states that Rafe is the only man she's ever loved so she will never hurt him. Kate brings up her lies. Jordan argues that she doesn't know the whole story. Kate tells her to tell her or Rafe then. Kate thinks she won't because it's too bad. Kate says she will still find out and will have the information to prove to Rafe that she is a liar and a fraud. Kate tells her to enjoy it while she can as she then walks away.

Maggie and Nick meet at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie says it's been too long. Nick blames working all the time. Maggie asks about the job. Nick says today was a hard day. Maggie hopes he still has time to socialize. Nick says things couldn't be going better. Maggie asks if he means with Gabi. Nick says he does but hoped to avoid a lecture. Maggie says no lecture but she's concerned. Nick asks who told her to be concerned.

EJ returns home and pours a drink.

Hope questions Aiden scheming with Ciara to manipulate Roman. Aiden takes the blame and admits he gave her the chocolates and watch as a reward. Aiden says Ciara offered to help and she was persuasive. Aiden says Hope has every right to be angry. Hope admits she appreciates that he owned up to it. Hope gets a text from Giselle. She says Roman worked fast and asked her out so Giselle will be at the gala with her artwork. Aiden is happy but Hope isn't so Aiden suggests maybe they should have Roman cancel but Hope smiles.

Ben claims to Abigail that Jordan just comes to the club often. Abigail mentions them being friends. Ben goes back to work.

Rafe questions who would keep Gabi from Arianna and if it's Nick threatening her. Gabi says things are fine between them and she wants them to stay that way. Rafe says he will find out himself even if it's from Nick. Gabi tells Rafe that anyone talking to Nick always makes things worse. Gabi hugs Rafe and asks him to promise not to talk to Nick. Rafe promises for now. Arianna starts crying so Gabi goes to check on her. Rafe exits.

Maggie sits with Nick and says she understands he got involved in the custody agreement. Nick claims that he was just trying to help Gabi. Maggie asks why he didn't come to her. Nick assumes Abigail came to Maggie that he was attacking Will. Nick complains that no one is on his side.

EJ continues his drink and thinks back to Nick's threats. EJ stands and walks up to the portrait of Stefano. He moves it revealing a safe behind it.

Hope sits with Aiden and Ciara in the town square and tells them that she doesn't approve of what they did but since it was for a good cause, Ciara is not in trouble. Hope doesn't want Ciara to use her sad face again. Ciara asks if she can have her chocolate and watch now. Hope says absolutely not. Aiden gives his sad face and says a promise is a promise. Hope agrees to one piece of chocolate.

Nick says he understands that everyone was glad when he left Salem. Nick says Abigail and Will aren't perfect but get treated like it. Nick brings up JJ getting a second chance but not him. Maggie says he got a second chance so she wants to see him make the most of it. Nick brings up hurting Melanie. Nick says he was a lost cause and let a lot of people use and abuse him but that's not who he is anymore. Nick says love changed him with Gabi. Nick swears that nobody will get in the way of them getting back together. Nick says he doesn't care what he has to do to make sure he gets the life he always wanted and then storms out.

Jordan goes to the club and tells Ben that they need to leave Salem because someone knows. Ben asks if it's Rafe. Jordan says it doesn't matter because they need to leave before someone else finds out. Jordan says they found the fake IDs. Ben thinks she's overreacting. Ben brings up Rafe being a cop so he would find her. Jordan worries about them finding out more. Ben tells her that the running has to stop so they aren't leaving and goes back to work. Jordan exits the club.

Kate walks past the Pub and runs into Rafe. She asks if he's alright. Rafe asks if she talked to Will. Kate realizes he knows about the custody agreement. Rafe says he tried talking to Gabi and he's not giving up on saving her from Nick.

Sami calls Maggie and asks how it went. Maggie says that Nick is convinced he's doing the right thing. Maggie says Nick just wants what is best for Gabi so she's confident that everything will be alright. Sami wishes she felt the same and hangs up.

EJ dumps out an envelope of stacks of cash and a phone number. EJ begins to dial when Sami walks in and asks what he's doing. EJ tells her to close the door.

Aiden, Hope, and Ciara each have a piece of chocolate. Hope brings up their discussion earlier about thinking you know someone when you don't. Hope says that's not always such a terrible thing as sometimes people can surprise you in a good way. Aiden responds that he knows exactly what she means.

Rafe and Kate sit together at the Pub. They thank one another. Rafe was ready to explode but is glad to have someone to talk to about this as he doesn't want to involve Jordan. Kate is glad they are happy but he can come to her anytime about this. Jordan walks in and worries that Kate is telling Rafe. Rafe tells Kate that he's not sure if Gabi really loves Nick as he thought she understood it was all based on a lie while Jordan approaches.

Gabi holds Arianna and talks about having to fix things with Nick. Gabi says Nick loves them both very much and in time she can learn to care for him and maybe even love him. Gabi says she doesn't have a choice. Gabi states that no one is going to take her away from Arianna.

Nick walks out of the town square where he finds Abigail. Nick questions her not staying out of it and going to Maggie to make him the villain. Abigail says she's just worried about Gabi. Nick tells her that it's none of her business. Nick asks if he always comes last. Nick says the whole family thinks she's so perfect, if only they knew the truth that she is nothing but EJ's whore.

Sami asks EJ what happened. EJ says he just came from seeing Nick and he realizes now that he will never let them live in any peace as his demands are always going to escalate. EJ says Nick has completely unhinged. Sami mentions asking Maggie to talk to him but not knowing if it helped. EJ states it probably made it worse. Sami asks what they do. EJ says he will not let Nick destroy his family and all they have fought for. Sami picks up the phone number that EJ was about to call and tells him to do it.

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