Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/2/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/2/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe and Jordan wake up in bed together. They talk and Rafe tells her that he loves her then they kiss.

Abigail talks to Will on the phone, explaining what all happened with Liam. Abigail tells Will that she is at the club looking for Sonny but Will informs her that Sonny is at home. Will is glad Jennifer is alright and they hang up. Abigail hangs up and is startled by Ben.

EJ is on the phone at home. Liam runs in and shows him their family photo with Santa Claus.

Kate meets with Percy in the office. Percy talks about one of Nick's ideas. Percy thanks her for the raise. Kate says she will pay him more than he's worth to be rude to him.

Gabi and Nick talk in the park about the custody agreement. Gabi doesn't think it's set but Nick tells her that the custody agreement is exactly how it should be.

Sami goes to see Will and complains about Gabi. Will tells her not to worry about the custody agreement. Sami says she won't stand by and do nothing.

Nick tells Gabi that she needs to call Aiden and request a court date as soon as possible. Nick tells her to lock this down and get it done.

EJ looks at the photo and asks where Johnny got it. Johnny says Lucas sent it. EJ compares the Santa photo to the surveillance photo of Percy.

Percy tells Kate about Nick doing most of his work at night and talks about how creative he can be. Kate remarks about dropping Nick into the river.

Nick tells Gabi that Sami won't settle for anything less than what she wants. Nick brings up Sami calling her an unfit mother and says that Sami will do everything in her power to take Arianna away.

Sonny agrees with Will that he can't see Gabi taking Arianna away from them. Sami brings up Nick and says Gabi does whatever he says. Sonny brings up Nick's criminal record but Sami informs him that's not an option. Sami explains that Nick threatened to send them all to prison if his past is brought up in court.

Jordan tells Rafe that she's never said I love you to a man before so she says it again for Rafe and they kiss.

Abigail questions Ben listening in on her conversation. Ben says he was bringing her usual order and happened to overhear. Abigail tells him that it's none of his concern. Ben agrees and admits he was wrong to come in between her and Nick. Ben thinks it's not out of line to ask if she's okay.

EJ talks to Johnny about Santa. Johnny says Santa was funny because he said greetings. EJ remembers Kate and Gabi calling Percy, "Mr. Greetings". EJ thanks Johnny for the picture and makes a call asking for information on Percy.

Kate gives Percy files for Nick to sign. Kate comments that Percy seems nice so she wonders how he can be so comfortable as a lackey to someone like Nick. Percy responds that they all do what they must. Kate agrees and exits.

Will refuses to believe Sami and insists that Gabi understands their role in Arianna's life. Will says Nick might know their weaknesses but Gabi is a mother so he knows she will stand up to Nick because she knows what's best for their daughter which means them staying in her life.

Gabi tells Nick that Will would never let Sami take her baby away from her. Nick tells her to think about Sami getting involved before. Nick brings up EJ being Will's lawyer. Gabi worries about the custody agreement saying Will and Sonny only see Arianna every other week. Nick tells her that she could still let Will see Arianna whenever she wants. Gabi is unsure. Nick hugs her and tells her she doesn't need to decide right now as there's no pressure. Nick pulls a gift out of his bag and says it's to show her that he believes in her. Gabi opens it and it's a glass with their names on it like the one he gave Will and Sonny. Nick thinks their love is just as special. Nick talks about all they have overcome together. Nick tells Gabi that he wants them to be a couple again and says he knows that's what she wants too.

Abigail apologizes to Ben for being rude. Ben understands she had a tough night. Abigail says she had no reason to snap at him. Abigail tells him that she is fine. Ben is glad it's all over and everyone's okay. Ben goes back to working.

Jordan tells Rafe that she feels silly for saying it. Rafe is flattered to be the first person she said she loves. Jordan says she's never felt as safe as she does in his arms.

Gabi asks Nick what getting back together has to do with Will and Arianna. Nick talks about trying really hard and putting the bad stuff behind them. Nick points out not putting everyone in prison but they refuse to believe he's changed except for Gabi. Gabi asks what his point is. Nick says everyone not giving him a second chance might make them do everything to keep he and Gabi from Arianna.

Sami tells Will and Sonny that it does seem like they have a great relationship with Gabi so maybe she won't shove the custody agreement on them. Sami says EJ will deal with Nick so it will all work out. Sonny agrees. Sami decides she feels so much better now. Sami suggests planning a play date with Arianna, Johnny, and Sydney at the park. Sami exits and says she has to find a way to put the screws to Gabi and knows just the person to do it as she pulls out her phone.

Jordan tells Rafe that they can't stay in bed all day. Rafe says he doesn't have work for awhile but gets a text from Sami, saying it's important. Jordan tells him he should take it and asks what it's about. Rafe says he has a pretty good idea.

Nick asks Gabi about Rafe being unable to stand him and not accepting them as a couple. Gabi says Rafe doesn't tell her what to do. Nick says Gabi's investment with Arianna is the only one that counts. Nick takes Gabi's phone and says he's going to call Aiden to request a court date as soon as possible. Nick tells her that it's the only way for her and Arianna to stay together. He hands Gabi the phone and she tells Aiden to go ahead with the custody agreement and requests a court date. Gabi hangs up. Nick tells her to be sure not to tell anybody about the court date request. Nick says he has everything under control. Nick kisses her and exits.

EJ goes to see Percy in his office.

Jordan walks through the park and Kate approaches. Jordan tells her it's a wonderful day that even seeing her can't ruin.

Rafe goes to the Pub to meet with Sami. Sami asks him to please talk sense in to Gabi. Rafe questions her wanting him to get involved now instead of telling him to back off. Sami says circumstances have changed since Arianna is involved. Sami tells Rafe about the custody agreement making Will and Sonny look bad. Sami explains that she doesn't blame Gabi but Nick. Rafe says he can't help with half the story so he wants to know everything now. Rafe asks what happened with Nick that everyone is keeping from him.

EJ greets Percy and talks about Percy knowing who he is. Percy brings up Nick coming. EJ says Nick devotes his life to screwing up peoples' lives and he'd make arrangements if Nick did show up. EJ says he's counting on Percy's cooperation. EJ asks Percy about taking the photo of he and Abigail. Percy admits doing it at Nick's request. EJ asks if he knows how much better everyone's lives would be if he left Nick in the river.

Gabi goes home and Will greets her. Gabi apologizes for being late. Will says it's no problem as Arianna is asleep. Will asks if everything is okay. Gabi calls it a meaningless question. Gabi tells Will that she's really sorry. Will says she's scaring him and asks what she's sorry for.

Kate asks Jordan why she would think she intended to ruin her day. Kate says she has no issue with Jordan and Rafe. Jordan doesn't believe her. Jordan says she was a different person when she first came to town. Kate doesn't believe her transformation was all due to Rafe. Kate doesn't believe that Jordan is the person she says she was before she met Rafe.

Rafe tells Sami that he can't get through to Gabi without knowing what he's dealing with. Rafe asks Sami what is going on. Sami thinks back to the night at the river and says she can't tell Rafe. Sami says there's a very good reason for Rafe to not know the story. Sami complains about the custody agreement. Rafe questions Gabi agreeing to it. Sami says it's Nick's idea and he hired the lawyer. Rafe doesn't think Gabi would ever do that to Will. Sami points out that Nick is in charge here but she can't tell Rafe how or why. Rafe talks about no one trusting Nick and says he hasn't changed a bit. Rafe texts Gabi to meet him now. Rafe says Gabi is going to tell him everything and guarantees there is no way she is going to keep Will from Arianna.

Will shouts at Gabi not to take Arianna away from him. She swears that he can see her whenever she wants. Will questions her being sorry. She says it's because of Nick. Gabi tells him that everything has to be okay. Gabi insists that Nick has changed. She says she has to believe it or she will lose her mind. Gabi goes in to see Arianna. Will hurries out of the apartment.

Abigail meets with Nick in the town square and apologizes for what happened with Ben. Nick tells Abigail that he's worried about her. Nick brings up what happened to Jennifer and warns Abigail that getting involved with the wrong guy can come back to haunt her.

EJ asks Percy if anyone else knows about the photo. Percy says no. Percy admits that he was instructed by Nick to follow Abigail to Smith Island. Percy's phone rings but EJ disconnects it and threatens him.

Abigail asks Nick what his point is. Nick claims he's talking about Ben unless there's someone else she's been seeing lately. Abigail tells him that she's not seeing Ben or anyone. Nick brings up how Ben was acting. Abigail tells Nick that he's out of line and he got intense the other night. Nick asks if she means dangerous and if she's saying there's a reason that she should be afraid of him. Nick asks if she's saying he has to pay the price for Ben assaulting him. Abigail asks what is wrong with him. Nick asks if them being family means anything. Nick calls Ben a stalker since he happened to know where they were. Abigail questions where all this is coming from. Nick tells her to start drawing a distinction between the people who care about her and the people trying to control her.

EJ tells Percy to consider his relationship with Nick terminated. EJ tells him that there will be two men downstairs that will take him home and get rid of everything related to Nick then they will put him on a plane back to Devin. EJ asks if they understand one another. Percy says he is a practical man. EJ says Percy has tested his patience. Percy rushes out of the office.

Sonny meets with Will outside the town square. Will tells him about what just happened with Gabi. Sonny says Gabi is lost because Nick has complete control over her. They talk about Gabi being unable to fight Nick because he can put them all in prison.

Gabi sits at home looking at the glass Nick gave her. Rafe arrives and asks how it's going. Gabi asks who told him about the custody agreement.

Jordan calls Kate desperate and bitter. Jordan mentions Kate shipping Sheryl off since she couldn't help her. Kate calls her paranoid that she's out to get her. Jordan suggests they stop lying. Jordan says Kate hasn't found anything on her because there's nothing to find. Kate thinks back to finding Jordan's fake IDs. Kate agrees to stop lying and suggests they get it all out in the open to end it right now. Kate calls Jordan a professional liar but says she has bigger fish to fry at the moment. Kate tells her to enjoy her happy time with Rafe for now and suggests maybe Rafe won't care when the truth comes out. Jordan argues that there's nothing. Kate warns her not to push her. Jordan calls her a bully that can't accept that Rafe dumped her. Kate says she won't let Rafe be hurt by who she was, is, or who she plans to be next as she calls her Joan Cooper, the name from her fake ID.

Rafe tells Gabi that it doesn't matter because he knows she wouldn't limit Will's time with Arianna to every other weekend. Gabi turns away and says that's exactly what she wants.

Will talks to Sonny about Nick controlling Gabi and worries that they could lose Arianna. Sonny says he doesn't care what they have to do but they are not going to let that happen.

Sami meets Abigail at the club to talk about Nick. Sami tells Abigail that Nick is trying to take Arianna away from Will and Sonny so she needed someone who can convince Nick that it's a terrible idea. Abigail says she knows exactly who to call.

Nick goes to the office to see Percy but finds EJ in his place. EJ tells Nick that if he wanted his attention, he has it.

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