Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/1/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/1/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Liam and Daniel continue fighting over the gun. They go to the ground and Jennifer grabs the gun. Jennifer holds the gun as Liam pushes Daniel off. Daniel tackles Liam and they roll around the floor. Nicole grabs the gun from Jennifer and fires, accidentally shooting Daniel.

Eric and Hope hear the gunshot and go running towards it.

Nicole and Jennifer freak out over the gunshot as Daniel is unconscious and Liam is down as well.

Theresa finishes a call with her mom. Brady says he just realized how easily Theresa lies.

Abigail goes to see Maggie. Maggie mentions Daniel not calling to say goodnight like he always does. Abigail says she hasn't heard from Jennifer. Abigail tries to call but still gets voicemail. Maggie suggests they don't worry about it and they go to make cookies as Maggie insists Daniel will be fine.

Liam gets up as Jennifer worries for Daniel. Nicole tries to shoot Liam but the gun jams. Jennifer checks on Daniel as Liam grabs a nearby branch.

JJ sits at home studying. He thinks back to arguing with Paige. The doorbell rings. JJ answers and it's Bev, asking if he's ready for their date. JJ is confused but then says yeah. Bev thinks he forgot. JJ says it's just later than he thought it was. JJ invites her in and goes to get his phone. Bev says it's cool to hang out again as it's been awhile. Bev asks what happened with him and Paige.

Liam goes after Nicole swinging his branch at them. Liam taunts Jennifer about Daniel being dead. Daniel suddenly wakes up and grabs Liam. They fight again. Both fall to the ground and Liam lands on a sharp branch going through his body.

Theresa accuses Brady of just pretending to care in hopes that she would admit she drugged Daniel. Brady says they were wrong but suggests she should've told them about Liam sooner. Theresa cries that no one would've believed her. Theresa thought he was on her side. Brady says he is if she's completely honest. Theresa thinks he still wants her to admit something she didn't do. Theresa says she told him everything. Brady asks if she's positive that she will be in the clear when they ask if Liam had any help.

Jennifer holds Daniel on the ground. Nicole apologizes to him. Daniel says they need to check on Liam. Jennifer and Nicole try to stop the bleeding. Daniel wants to see if there is something they can do for Liam since he is a doctor. Jennifer tells Daniel that he can't move. Nicole agrees to check Liam's pulse but says no one could survive that. Jennifer tells her to be careful. Nicole says he looks dead. Nicole checks Liam's pulse. Liam grabs her and calls her a lying bitch.

JJ tells Bev that he just didn't see it working out. Bev agrees and JJ suggests they just stick to them tonight. Bev asks if anyone else is home. JJ says no. Bev says they could just skip going out and hang out here. JJ says he isn't sure when Abigail is coming home while Jennifer and Daniel could just show up so he decides they should go out and they exit together.

Daniel asks Nicole how Liam is doing. Liam mutters that Nicole covered up about Eric and Chyka. Nicole pulls away. Daniel manages to get up. Nicole tells Daniel to forget Liam as he's almost dead. Liam says to tell him. Daniel approaches and tells Liam to stop talking. Liam asks Jennifer why she couldn't love him and why it had to be like this. Jennifer says she's so sorry. Liam can't get the rest out and coughs then dies.

Brady tells Theresa they should talk about Liam. She thinks back to giving him the key. Brady notes that she shakes when he says Liam. Theresa worries about Liam being a psycho. Brady tells her that Liam will be caught by the cops. Theresa fears that he will get out on bail and come after her. Theresa repeats thinking Brady was on her side but now she says he thinks she's hiding something. Brady tells her that this is her chance to come clean.

Hope and Eric find Daniel, Jennifer, and Nicole. Hope checks on Daniel while Eric checks on Nicole. Jennifer tells Hope what just happened. Daniel insists that he will be fine. Hope sends a cop to make calls. Jennifer tells Hope that Liam admitted everything. Hope tells her that they searched Liam's apartment and found his bugging device and photos of Jennifer. Jennifer gives Hope the gun. Nicole apologizes for shooting Daniel. Eric tells Nicole that he can't believe he almost lost her. Nicole says he would have if not for Daniel. Eric doesn't understand why she came out alone. Nicole thinks back to Liam's threats at the safety deposit box. Nicole tells Eric they can talk later. Nicole says she left her purse at the cabin so Eric goes back to get it. Nicole approaches Liam's body and goes to search his pocket for the evidence against her but Hope returns and asks what she's doing.

JJ and Bev go to the club. JJ asks Bev how many college letters she's gotten so far. Bev says she got in to Salem U. JJ mentions getting his acceptance letter today as well. JJ talks about reconnecting with his family. Bev talks about Rory getting on the waiting list and how they could all be together again. JJ thinks the classes may be harder. Bev encourages and then Paige walks in.

Nicole tells Hope that she just thought Liam moved. Hope tells her not to touch anything as it's a crime scene and asks about what happened.

Theresa tells Brady that she did nothing wrong. She talks about trying to tell Daniel but getting treated like crap. Brady gets a text that the police found Liam. Brady tells her that it's all going to come out now.

Hope records Nicole's statement. She talks about running into Liam a few times. Eric comes back with her purse. Nicole wants to go down to the docks but Hope wants to finish. Hope asks if Liam threatened her. Jennifer recalls Nicole investigating Liam for her show and talking to his ex wife. Nicole explains that Liam spent his life looking for a replacement for his first wife. Nicole says she was trying to piece everything together. Hope thinks she should've called the police. Nicole says she couldn't get reception on her phone. Daniel is thankful she came. Hope is still confused that Nicole suspected Liam. Nicole tells them about running into Liam outside of Daniel's apartment. Hope continues questioning Nicole never calling the police. Daniel points out that she had no proof so she had to be careful. Hope finishes and says they can go. Daniel and Jennifer walk off together. Eric tells Nicole not to worry as Liam won't hurt her anymore and they follow out. Hope checks near Liam's body.

Paige walks by and JJ watches. Bev offers to go somewhere else but JJ says they are good. JJ talks about supporting Sonny by going to the club. Bev asks if Sonny could slip them some booze. JJ says Sonny isn't working today but offers to get them some sodas. Bev declines but JJ insists so he goes to the counter where Paige is. Paige says she doesn't get why JJ is so mad at her. JJ claims he's not mad. Paige says it's not like she kept a secret as she told him as soon as she found out. She asks why he blew up. JJ questions why put time in to getting to know someone when she is just going to disappear. JJ says there is no future. Paige asks if he's just not going to talk to her then. JJ says they are cool. Paige says it sucks because she had fun with him and it meant something to her when they got together. Paige says it obviously didn't mean anything to him.

Abigail gets a call from Jennifer and says they'll be right there. Abigail tells Maggie not to get upset as everyone is alright but they have to go to the hospital. Maggie says it doesn't sound good as they rush out.

Daniel gets stitched up at the hospital and checks with Jennifer. Jennifer says she just had some bruises but Nicole might need some x-rays. Jennifer is thankful that Daniel is okay. She can't figure out how he knew she was in trouble. Theresa arrives.

Eric talks with Nicole in a hospital room about not telling him about Liam. Nicole says he'll be the first to know next time. Eric talks about Nicole not getting the credit she deserves for always helping her friends and being selfless. Nicole can't believe she almost killed Daniel. Nicole asks Eric to check on him as she's scared that it's worse than what they're saying. Eric agrees to and exits. Nicole pulls out Liam's phone and finds the picture of the shredded paper he had. Nicole deletes it and says it's gone now but maybe not. Nicole puts Liam's phone down and smashes it then throws it in the trash can. She says it's definitely gone and now just wishes she knew what he did with the actual paper.

Daniel tells Jennifer about Theresa finally telling what she knew about Liam. Brady adds that Hope wasn't far behind them. Jennifer talks about being trapped with Liam then Nicole showed up. Theresa calls Liam a creep and comments that she's surprised Jennifer didn't pick up on that. Theresa asks what happened to Liam. Daniel informs her that Liam died. Theresa says that's good since he was trying to kill people. Abigail and Maggie arrive and they hug Daniel and Jennifer.

JJ tells Paige that it was fun hanging out. Paige asks why he's cutting her off instead of seeing where things go. JJ says he doesn't know. Paige tells him to forget it as he just needed an excuse to dump her. Bev interrupts and tells JJ that he got a call from Jennifer. JJ checks his phone and says no way.

Brady talks with Daniel and Maggie. Theresa walks away. Abigail talks with Jennifer about Liam. Jennifer says she was scared and she wouldn't be here if not for Nicole and Daniel. Abigail hugs her. Jennifer tells her that everything is okay now. Maggie tells Daniel that she can't believe that Theresa and Nicole didn't say something earlier. Daniel says they are fine now. Maggie hugs him and notes Daniel's wound, questioning what happened. Nicole explains what happened. Daniel insists that he's fine. Nicole keeps apologizing. Daniel calls Nicole the best friend anyone could ask for. Daniel jokes with Nicole about practicing her aim. Nicole is glad he's not mad at her. Hope arrives. Brady asks if there's any news. Hope says forensics did a complete search on all of Liam's belongings and found a few very interesting things. Brady asks if any evidence pointed to Liam having an accomplice. Hope says it links him to the drugs but it looks like he was working alone. Hope reveals that Liam also bugged Jennifer's home. Hope then reveals she found the key to Daniel's apartment. Daniel can't imagine how Liam got a key. Theresa thinks back to giving it to him as she worries. Hope states that forensics are checking the key for prints so they might get lucky. Hope says that's it and will call with any follow up. Theresa steps in and says she has something to say.

Paige asks JJ what's wrong. JJ says he isn't sure yet and thinks everything is okay. JJ tells Bev that he has to go. Bev tells him they can meet up another day and tells him to do what he has to do. JJ exits. Bev stops Paige and tells her they are going to get something straight.

Theresa tells Jennifer that she's sorry that she didn't tell her about Liam sooner or this could have been avoided. She mentions trying to tell Daniel but admits she should've tried harder no matter how nasty he was being. Theresa hopes Jennifer can find a way to forgive her. Jennifer nods. Theresa thanks her and says now at least everyone knows it wasn't her. Theresa remarks that it's terrible to be accused of something you didn't do. Jennifer admits she owes her an apology for blaming her. Jennifer says she's sorry. Theresa says it's over now. Brady decides to take Theresa home and they exit. Abigail asks about trusting Theresa. Jennifer says she doesn't but wants to focus on clearing Daniel's name so he can perform surgery again. Jennifer thanks Nicole again. Nicole says she should be thanking her. Jennifer calls her a great friend to both of them. Eric calls her an angel.

Bev tells Paige that JJ is with her and warns her to leave JJ alone or she'll be sorry.

Daniel goes home with Jennifer, Abigail, and JJ. JJ worries about Jennifer. Jennifer is happy to be with them. Daniel calls Chloe and tells her that everything is fine. Daniel says he will call tomorrow to talk with Parker. JJ tells Daniel they all owe him big time. Abigail decides they should give them some alone time. Jennifer jokingly asks them to never let Adrienne set them up on a blind date. Abigail exits with JJ. Jennifer promises Daniel to never leave his sight and they kiss.

Brady brings Theresa home. She says she understands that he was just doing what he thought was right as Daniel and Jennifer's friend. Brady apologizes for pushing and not listening and hurting her feelings. Theresa thanks Brady and asks if they can go back to having fun now. Brady says it's a possibility and they kiss. Brady tells her to take it slow and he's going to head home now but will call her tomorrow. Theresa tells him to drive safe and he exits. Theresa sits down and says Brady is not going to walk away from her because he's too good and too rich. She wonders how to pull him back in.

Eric and Nicole walk through the town square. Eric wants her to promise to never put her life at risk again. Nicole tells him not to worry. Eric doesn't know what he would've done if he lost her. Nicole says nothing will stop her from being with him as they kiss.

The shredded paper evidence against Nicole lies in the bushes near the crime scene.

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