Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/30/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/30/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami stops outside the DiMera Mansion and gets a call from Kate about Gabi's custody agreement. Sami doesn't know about the terms and tells Kate that she just got home. Kate informs Sami that Gabi is doing everything she can to shut Will out of Arianna's life completely. Kate mentions going to meet with Nick to find out what he had to do with this. Sami thanks Kate for telling her and tells her to text when she's done as they hang up. Kate thinks back to EJ accusing her of delivering the envelope. Kate says maybe she'll do some probing and find out what EJ was up to.

EJ is on the phone, demanding photos from the surveillance cameras. EJ says to make it quick as he wants to know everyone who was on Smith Island that day. A photo of Percy prints out on the printer.

Kate goes to meet Nick in the town square. Percy greets her. Kate tells him to get lost so he walks away. Nick comments that she was rude to his assistant. Kate thinks Nick is slipping because of Gabi. Nick says he will see Gabi and be as close to her as he wants.

Theresa finally reveals that it was Liam. Theresa tells Daniel that Liam is obsessed with Jennifer so he should go after him.

Liam says Nicole might as well die with a clean conscience. Liam tells Nicole to tell Jennifer what she's done. Jennifer questions Nicole knowing Liam. Nicole thinks back to Liam's threats at the safety deposit box. Nicole tells Jennifer that it's not what she thinks and is a long story. Liam warns Nicole to tell her or she'll die a painful death. Nicole agrees to tell everything she did.

Hope brings Ciara to the Pub and talks about her making a pie with Caroline. Hope mentions working with Aiden. Ciara feels bad that Hope has to work with Aiden. Aiden arrives with flowers and candy. Hope sends Ciara to the back. Aiden informs Hope that Giselle will be joining them so he is planning to work wonders.

Theresa insists that she's telling the truth that Liam did everything. Daniel agrees that it might make sense. Eric agrees that he seemed odd. Daniel asks how Theresa knows Liam and why she didn't say anything before.

Liam tells Nicole to quit stalling. Nicole tells Jennifer that she kept a secret that wasn't ethical. Liam agrees. Nicole questions his ethics. Nicole reveals that she's been investigating Liam and talked to his ex wife about his obsession. She calls him a psycho. Liam grabs Nicole and pins her against the wall while holding the gun to her face.

Ciara comes back to Hope and tells her that Caroline was still busy. Hope sends her to a nearby table with her backpack. Hope talks to Aiden about Giselle only wanting a date with Roman. Aiden says they have to forget about that. Hope asks what his plan is. Aiden talks about the flowers and chocolate. Hope gets a text from Giselle that she's not coming.

EJ locks the photo in his drawer. Sami walks in and asks if he's going to tell her now. Sami questions having to hear about the custody agreement from Kate. EJ tells her that it's not a problem. Sami complains about EJ not telling her about important things. EJ says he wanted to be the one to tell her. Sami blames Nick.

Kate asks Nick about getting Gabi's custody agreement. Nick tells her that he did get a lawyer that drew up the agreement. Nick says everything will be fine and they will work things out. Nick tells Kate that he is a part of Gabi's life now as she needs and trusts him. Kate argues that Gabi doesn't know who he really is. Nick says she does and he will do anything to protect her. Nick says Gabi is the only person in this that he gives a damn about. Nick warns Kate to keep that in mind.

Theresa says she doesn't know for sure. Daniel asks what she suspects. Theresa tells him that Liam is obsessed with Jennifer. Theresa talks about first meeting with Liam. Brady remembers seeing him with her. Theresa talks about always running in to Liam and he was always talking about Jennifer. Eric asks why she didn't tell someone sooner. Theresa says she tried to tell Daniel but he ripped her head off so she blames him for not knowing.

Liam tells Nicole that she had no right digging in to his life. Jennifer grabs a vase and smashes it ove Liam's head. Jennifer grabs Nicole to run. Nicole stops and takes Liam's cell phone. She thinks back to Liam having the evidence on it. Jennifer tells her they need to go now. Nicole remembers Liam saying he had the papers with him. Nicole searches Liam. Jennifer wants her to go. Liam wakes up and grabs Nicole.

Kate asks Nick why he even pushed for this meeting. Nick tells her that his last formula is going to make big money so he wants more of the profit. Kate brings up their contract. Nick tells her to tear it up as he wants 30% from now on.

EJ tells Sami that no lawyer will force Will into anything. Sami continues to complain about the custody agreement. Sami worries that they have to find a way to make Nick stop.

Daniel questions Theresa blaming him. Eric tells her to explain. Theresa tells them about going straight to Daniel but he just ripped into her. She says he wouldn't believe her anyways. Daniel talks about Liam having access to the drugs. Theresa assumes Liam was trying to get back at Jennifer. Daniel brings up Jennifer being on Smith Island and not getting a hold of her. Daniel says he has to find her and let her know about this. Eric suggests using the boat and exits with Daniel.

Hope tells Aiden that Giselle won't meet with them unless she gets a date with Roman. Hope says the gala just won't raise as much money this year. Hope gets a call from Brady to get to Theresa's now as she needs to know about something big going down. Hope says she will be right there and rushes out. Ciara turns and looks at Aiden with a smile.

Jennifer kicks Liam and grabs Nicole then they run out of the cabin together.

EJ hugs Sami and tells her to trust that he will get Will a fair agreement.

Aiden decides Hope is right that it's a lost cause. Aiden goes to leave but turns around to see Ciara.

Hope breaks in to Liam's apartment. Brady and Theresa join her. Hope finds his listening device. Hope tells them they'll need to exit the crime scene. Hope tells them not to touch anything. Theresa directs Hope to his trash can where they find the stabbed photo of Jennifer.

Daniel walks through the town square trying to call Jennifer. Eric catches up to him and mentions Maggie telling him that Nicole was looking for her. They decide they need to get out there.

Jennifer and Nicole stop in the woods and talk about where to go next. Nicole tries to use Liam's phone but no signal as Jennifer has the same problem with her phone. They hear Liam coming and run. They hide in the bushes as Liam searches nearby.

Ciara asks about Aiden needing help. She says she heard everything about needing Roman to take Giselle. Aiden tells her that Roman isn't interested so he won't do it. Ciara responds that she can make him do it and offers her hand.

Kate meets with Sami at the club and complains about Nick. Kate talks about Nick being in total control. Sami tells her that EJ is confident in getting Will a reasonable custody agreement. Kate talks about Nick wanting more money from her. Sami notices Kate's ring and asks about it. Kate admits it's a gift from Stefano. Sami asks if she's thinking about going back. Kate says no but she might as well let him think he can buy her back. Kate asks Sami if she solved her problem with EJ.

EJ has the surveillance photos delivered. EJ pays the man and thanks him. EJ goes into the living room and pulls out the photos. EJ goes through each photo and comes across Percy.

Nick tells Percy about the raise. Nick tells him that it's just the beginning of repaying him for saving his life. Nick says that Kate, Sami, Will, and Sonny will all fall in line and when the time comes, they won't know what hit them.

Daniel and Eric go to the cabin on Smith Island looking for Jennifer and Nicole but they find the cabin empty. Eric finds Nicole's purse and realizes they were there. Daniel says they must have fought and ran. They decide to split up and they run off calling out their names.

Liam searches for Nicole and Jennifer. Liam says that he will let them go if they don't say anything about this. Liam says they can't hide forever as he will find them. Liam shouts that Jennifer did this to him and it's all her fault. Liam yells for them to come out. Liam runs off. Jennifer and Nicole worry. They get up but Liam reappears and holds the gun to them.

Aiden asks Ciara why she thinks she can convince Roman. Ciara says she will just give him her sad face. Ciara says she can also use tears and it will work. Ciara says it being to help the school will make it easy. Ciara tells Aiden not to worry as she will make sure Roman brings Giselle if she gets something in return because nobody works for free. Aiden asks what she wants. Ciara responds that she loves chocolate and the watch but he can keep the flowers.

Sami tells Kate that she and EJ don't have a problem. Kate brings up the tantrum he threw in her office. Kate realizes Sami didn't know about it. Sami asks her to tell her. Kate wanted Sami to explain it to her. Kate says EJ burst in and accused her of playing dirty tricks on him. Kate says EJ was embarrassed and left when he realized she was clueless. Kate says EJ was just livid. Kate decides there's no sense gossiping and just assumed she knew. Kate guesses Sami will know if EJ tells her.

EJ goes back through all the photos but doesn't recognize Percy. EJ decides whoever took the photo must not have been on the boat. EJ makes another call asking for a list of all of their names.

Brady brings Theresa home and talks about being unable to reach Daniel. Theresa suggests that it might not be that big of a deal. Theresa talks about them being on their way. Brady says this may not have happened if they knew about Liam sooner. Theresa apologizes and asks if she can get in trouble for this. Brady says no unless there's anything else she hasn't told them.

Liam holds Jennifer and Nicole at gunpoint. Jennifer tries to talk to him but Liam tells her that she had her chance. Liam says she treated him like garbage and teased him. Liam declares that they are done talking and all he has to do is decide who gets it first. Liam chooses Nicole but Daniel arrives and grabs Liam. Liam and Daniel fight over the gun.

Kate finishes talking with Sami and Sami exits the club.

EJ talks on the phone about Sami attending a meeting. Johnny comes in and recognizes the picture of Percy from him being Santa Claus.

Percy asks Nick about letting bygones be bygones. Nick says maybe for some people. Percy brings up Gabi. Nick asserts that Gabi is innocent. Nick said what he did was wrong but what Sami and Kate did and forced Gabi to do, he doesn't think he can forgive. Nick decides he won't forgive.

Theresa tells Brady that she told him everything but it's not good enough. Brady thinks there's more to it. Theresa denies it. Brady asks why she's running out of town as he thinks that says she's guilty. Theresa says she couldn't take it anymore after he turned on her. Brady asks if that's the only reason. Brady asks if she thought she'd be implicated if Liam was caught. Theresa remembers giving the key to Liam but tells Brady that she has nothing to hide.

Eric goes back to the cabin looking for Nicole. Hope runs in with cops also looking. Eric tells her that it's bad.

Liam and Daniel continue fighting over the gun. They go to the ground and Jennifer grabs the gun. Jennifer holds the gun as Liam pushes Daniel off. Daniel tackles Liam and they roll around the floor. Nicole grabs the gun from Jennifer and fires, accidentally shooting Daniel.

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