Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/29/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/29/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer tells Liam they can go back on the ferry together and just talk. She says he can get past this and feel better about everything. Liam responds that it's too late for him and for her too as he pulls out his gun. Jennifer asks what he's saying. Liam says she couldn't and wouldn't love him like the others so now he has no choice.

Abigail questions Ben avoiding talking to her and if he felt justified in threatening Nick. Ben says he didn't threaten him. Abigail says Ben scared Nick away. Ben says no man should ever talk to a woman like that. Abigail says Nick was just trying to make a point. Ben says he was too. Abigail tells him that she doesn't need saving and can take care of herself. Ben replies that he can see that.

Rafe tells Jordan that Ben made sure he understood that he wouldn't watch her get hurt. Rafe asks where this is coming from. Jordan reveals it's because she told Ben that she's in love with Rafe. Rafe smiles. Jordan tries to hurry out but Rafe stops her and says he's not letting her go this time.

Abe and Theo have a picnic in the park with Maxine. Abe says it was Theo's idea and he thought they should have some company. Maxine is honored. Theo talks about Lexie bringing him here in the past.

Eric wishes he could help Daniel. Daniel says going over it with him helped. Daniel talks about Theresa being involved. Eric declares he should've thought of this before but thinks he knows what to do.

Theresa packs her bag at home. She says she just has to get on the plane before Liam implodes and takes her down with him.

Daniel finishes a call and tells Eric that will do it. Daniel says if this works, maybe he'll get the answers he needs to put this to rest for good.

Nicole asks Maggie where Jennifer is. Maggie informs her that she's at the cabin on Smith Island. Nicole asks if she's staying overnight. Maggie says she should be on the ferry home. Maggie suggests calling her again. Nicole thanks her and goes to leave but Maggie stops her.

Jennifer tells Liam that he won't get away with this. Liam says he sees no solution to this problem so she has to die.

Daniel thanks Eric for coming up with this plan. Eric hopes it works and says he won't be the one Daniel needs to thank.

Theresa goes to leave with her bags but when she opens the door, Brady appears.

Maggie asks if Jennifer is in trouble. Nicole says it's all about her and she just needs a friend. Nicole assures her that she will work it out. Nicole apologizes for concerning her, thanks her and exits. Nicole says now she has to get to Jennifer before Liam and make her story so that Daniel and Eric can forgive her some day if it's not too late already.

Jennifer tells Liam that this is not the way to handle things. She asks him to put the gun down. Liam says he won't fall for her lies again. Jennifer's phone rings but Liam stops her from answering it. Jennifer grabs a fireplace utensil and hits Liam with it. She tries to run but the door is jammed.

Abe tells Theo that he didn't know Lexie used to bring him there. Theo talks about how she used to sit where Maxine is. Theo runs off to play with a friend. Abe apologizes to Maxine. Maxine tells him that it's important Theo keeps the memory of Lexie alive. Abe thanks her for understanding. Maxine praises Lexie and compares it to her husband passing. Maxine talks about life going on and having to move on.

Ben tells Abigail that he wasn't worried about her but Nick looked like he was about to explode. Abigail claims it was just a discussion. Abigail insists that Nick would never hurt her. Ben hopes she's right because he would hate to see what Nick is capable of after how he acted.

Rafe wants Jordan to talk to him. Jordan says she's embarrassed and can't believe she blurted it out. Jordan feels Ben jumped to the wrong conclusion and screwed up everything. Rafe asks if she's saying she's not in love with him.

Theresa tells Brady that this isn't the best time. He asks where she's going and what kind of trouble she's in now.

Daniel tells Eric that he hopes Brady stays true to his word about Theresa. Eric says he knows how Brady is when he sets his mind to something. Daniel asks about their relationship. Eric is sure that Brady will never forgive him. Eric tells Daniel to let him know how everything goes with Brady and Theresa as he then exits.

Nicole calls Jennifer but she doesn't pick up.

Liam stops Jennifer and holds her with the gun.

Nicole worries that Liam is with Jennifer and telling her everything. Nicole wants a chance to say goodbye to Eric.

Liam throws Jennifer down onto the couch and holds the gun to her. Jennifer says it doesn't have to be this way. Liam points out that she tried to run. Jennifer says it was because she's scared. Liam declares that he's done.

Abigail suggests they no longer talk about Nick. Ben starts to go back to work. Abigail feels she's given him the wrong idea. Abigail says she was being friendly. Ben asks if she thought he was hot for her. Abigail says no. Ben apologizes if he embarrassed her. Ben says he would've done what he did to Nick if he treated any woman like that. Ben jokes that it would all be meaningless because she's out of his league. They each say the other is full of surprises.

Jordan tells Rafe that's not what she is saying. Rafe says it's okay and he gets it. Rafe says he's disappointed because he wanted to tell her that he's in love with her.

Theresa tells Brady that she's going to LA to visit her mom. Brady tells her that he's missing her.

Eric walks through the town square, talking on the phone about the story Nicole is working on. Eric decides he will check her hotel. He hangs up and runs into Maggie. Eric mentions trying to track down Nicole. Maggie says she just saw her and is worried about her. Maggie says Nicole seemed agitated and she doesn't think she told her the whole truth. Maggie tells Eric that Nicole was desperate to talk to Jennifer and wouldn't say why. Maggie hopes it has nothing to do with Daniel.

Daniel calls Jennifer and leaves a message.

Jennifer promises Liam that she's not playing games and he just scared her. Jennifer talks about not knowing how he felt. Jennifer cries and plays into his feelings. She asks him to let her make it up to him and put the gun down so she can show him how much she cares about him.

Maxine and Abe share family stories and memories. Maxine's phone rings and she has to work. Abe says next time they will plan ahead on a day she doesn't have to work. Maxine is honored he asked. Theo rejoins them. Abe tells him that Maxine is going to work. Theo hugs her.

Ben says he has to get back to work. Abigail says she does too. Abigail apologizes for giving him a hard time when he was trying to help. Ben apologizes for butting in. Abigail calls him a gentleman and says she'll talk to him later as she exits.

Rafe and Jordan kiss until Jordan's phone rings from the hospital and Rafe gets a call from work too. They kiss goodbye. Rafe tells her that he's now glad Ben came to town.

Theresa questions Brady missing her when he chose the board meeting over her. Brady says he chose helping Daniel. Brady adds that clearing Daniel's name clears hers as well so she could just stay in Salem. Brady feels her leaving town looks like an admission of guilt. Theresa claims her mom is sick. Brady suggests checking with Caroline or Kayla. Brady brings up talking with Daniel earlier about the drugs being planted. Theresa says it wasn't her. Brady says he wants to help her but he can't unless she stays in Salem and is completely honest with him.

Eric tells Maggie that he just came from Daniel's and he was fine. Maggie wonders what had Nicole so rattled. Eric assumes she was just worried. Maggie feels it was more that she was upset. Maggie thought it might be about Eric but realizes he has no idea so she's even more concerned.

Daniel finds the device where Liam bugged his apartment to listen in.

Jennifer helps Liam put down the gun. He starts kissing her as she reaches for the gun.

Jordan goes to the club and orders a coffee and a minute of Ben's full attention. She mentions talking to Rafe. Ben says he knows and mentions having enough lectures. Jordan tells him that he's supposed to be flying under the radar. Ben wants to drop it. Ben tells her to go ahead and read him the riot act about talking to Rafe.

Daniel puts the bugging device down and pulls out his phone.

Eric and Maggie talk about Nicole needing to see Jennifer. Eric's phone rings and he says he has to go. He tells Maggie to let Nicole know that he's looking for her if she sees her as he hurries off.

Theresa tells Brady that she hates Jennifer and calls her a hypocritical bitch but she hates Daniel more. Theresa insists that she had nothing to do with setting Daniel up. Brady asks why she's running then. Theresa repeats herself. Brady asks who did it then. Theresa says she doesn't know. Brady gets a text and tells Theresa that he tried but it looks like it's too late for him to help her now.

Liam sees Jennifer reaching for the gun and pushes her off. Liam says she won't get another chance. Nicole arrives and knocks out Liam from behind.

Abe meets with Rafe at the Pub. Rafe mentions Jordan getting called to work. Abe tells him about his picnic with Maxine and Theo. Abe jokes about the hospital waiting for no one.

Abigail uses the hospital computer. Maxine walks by and asks if she wants to talk. Abigail tells her about the situation and asks if she'd be upset by what Ben did. Maxine says it depends on the motivation. Abigail is tired of men thinking she can't make her own decisions. Abigail says she can take care of her own problems. Maxine suggests being grateful and asks if she doesn't like the guy. Abigail calls him nice enough so Maxine suggests cutting him some slack.

Maggie goes home where Victor says he was starting to worry. Victor mentions restaurant reservations and asks if she's okay. Maggie tells him that she just had the oddest conversation with Eric and felt he knew more than he was saying about Daniel and the way he was drugged.

Ben asks Jordan what Rafe said. Jordan says she won't disclose anything private to him ever. Jordan asks if Ben feels better. Ben says it depends on what Rafe said. Jordan says that Rafe told her he's in love with her so she should thank him but asks him not to do it again. Ben says he would be an idiot not to be in love with her. Jordan asks if he's glad for her. Ben says if she's happy then he is happy.

Daniel shows up at Theresa's with Eric and shows the listening device. Daniel accuses Theresa. Eric questions what she did. Brady says she keeps insisting she didn't do it. Daniel says he will trace the bug with Roman unless she tells him who she's working with. Theresa says no one. Daniel accuses her so Theresa breaks down and admits it was all him.

Jennifer thanks Nicole. Nicole takes her and they try to run but Liam recovers with the gun and points it at them. Jennifer cries that his problem is with her and begs him not to hurt Nicole.

Abigail thanks Maxine and is glad she ran into her. Abigail says she must just be overly sensitive. Abigail agrees that she should cut Ben some slack.

Ben continues working at the club and thinks back to arguing with Abigail. Ben wonders why he couldn't just stay out of it.

Abe tells Rafe that he hadn't had a date in a couple decades. Abe says he didn't expect to talk so much about Lexie. Abe admits he felt guilty. Rafe thinks Lexie would want him to be happy.

Abigail walks back by Maxine and notes her humming. Maxine tells Abigail to thank Jennifer for getting her out of the hospital for once.

Rafe texts Jordan saying thanks for saying those three little words. Jordan texts back saying I love you.

Victor doesn't understand why Eric would know about Daniel being drugged. Maggie says Eric didn't say much but it was strange how he was in a rush to find Nicole. Maggie talks about Nicole being frantic to find Jennifer without saying why. Maggie says she just has a bad feeling about this. Victor suggests they just go out to dinner. Victor tells her to forget about Nicole. Victor says Daniel and Jennifer are together so Nicole can't hurt them and they will be fine. Victor declares that Jennifer and Daniel will be fine. Maggie repeats it and they kiss. Maggie then goes to get ready.

Daniel questions Theresa what she's talking about. He assumes she meant Anne. Theresa finally reveals that it was Liam.

Liam tells Jennifer that Nicole is no one's friend. He orders them to sit down. Liam says she might as well die with a clean conscience. Liam tells Nicole to tell Jennifer what she's done.

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