Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/28/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/28/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will gets the custody agreement papers and is surprised.

EJ gets a call that the surveillance cameras at Smith Island were not working on January 3.

Abigail tells Nick that she's trying not to pick sides but he's making it difficult because she knows he made Will and Sonny's life miserable. Nick is so sick of hearing about that. Nick says everyone has Will and Sonny on some pedestal. Nick asks about what he wants and his life mattering. Abigail says the custody should be between Will and Gabi and no one else. She states that it's none of his business. Nick warns her not to tell him what is or isn't his business. Ben appears and grabs Nick as Abigail questions what he's doing.

Marlena talks to Jordan at the hospital about a patient and they talk about Rafe.

Rafe asks if she really wants this guy to go away. Rafe adds that there may be a way to make that happen. Nicole tells him to do it. Nicole talks about how grateful she'll be for whatever he can do. Rafe asks what she thought he was going to do as he didn't mean anything illegal.

Jennifer tries to get service from her phone but has none in the cabin. She exits the cabin and then goes back to get her purse and the key. She turns around and Liam arrives. She is surprised and asks what he's doing here. Liam says he came to see her. Jennifer asks about him taking the ferry and being unable to wait until he got back. Liam says it absolutely could not wait.

Will goes over the custody agreement papers as Gabi comes in with Arianna. Will questions what this is and how she could try to take their daughter away from him.

EJ sits with the picture of he and Abigail as he thinks back to that night. EJ remembers it wasn't January 3 but January 2. EJ calls to find out every date they went to Smith Island in January.

Nicole apologizes to Rafe for trying to use him to take the easy way out. Rafe asks if she's not going to tell him anything about Liam. Nicole says she can't. Rafe is worried about her. Nicole tells him that she'll figure a way out of this. Rafe says he knows exactly what she needs to do.

Jennifer asks Liam how he knew she was there. Liam says he saw her getting on the ferry. She questions why he followed her. Jennifer says she needs to catch the ferry back. Liam doesn't want to go yet. Jennifer says it's going to have to wait because she has to go. Liam stands in her way. Jennifer asks what he's doing.

Will warns Gabi not to act like he did something wrong and questions how she could try to cut her out of his life. Gabi claims she would never keep them apart. Will questions her getting the lawyer to cut his visits to every other weekend. Gabi says she would never keep him from Arianna. Will says if that's true then he knows Nick is behind the document.

Abigail breaks up Ben and Nick. She asks Ben what he is doing. Ben says he saw what Nick was doing. They argue. Abigail tells Nick that she's got this so he can go. Nick exits. Abigail asks Ben what that was. Ben says he was hassling her. Abigail questions Ben trying to rescue her. Ben tells her she's welcome and walks away.

EJ makes another call inquiring about January 17 and finds out the cameras were working. He wants a photo of everyone who boarded the ferry that night.

Marlena comments on Jordan and Rafe being happy. Jordan says they are but it's still new so she's not used to talking about it. Marlena mentions Sami losing Rafe and says he's quite a guy. Marlena walks away as Jordan smiles.

Nicole asks Rafe what she needs to do. Rafe tells her to talk to Eric and be honest. Rafe thinks she would be surprised and says honesty is the best policy. Nicole thinks back to finding the evidence. Nicole agrees that sometimes trust goes a long way. She thanks Rafe for being an amazing friend. She hugs him and Rafe wishes her luck as she exits the Pub.

Nick walks through the town square where he comes across Maggie. Maggie asks him what's going on. Nick says he's on his way to work and not doing much. Maggie asks if he's sure because she knows him and can tell he's upset. She asks if he wants to talk.

Daniel and Eric go over someone planting the bottle of pills and if Parker could've found it. They talk about Theresa. Daniel feels Theresa had no idea what he was talking about when he brought it up.

Liam asks Jennifer not to shove him out after he came all this way to see her. Jennifer asks if he's okay. Liam says he's not. Jennifer goes to get him a glass of water. Liam doesn't think that will help. She asks what's wrong. Liam shouts that she knows what's wrong.

Jordan joins Rafe at the Pub. They talk about both being busy at work. Jordan asks about Gabi. Rafe says she lost her mind. Jordan blames falling in love. Rafe argues that this isn't love. Jordan says she will figure that out but Rafe isn't sure. Rafe brings up Ben and asks if they can talk about him.

Abigail follows Ben and tells him that he can wait on a thank you. She tells him that Nick is her cousin. Ben says he won't apologize and walks off. She calls out to him but gets a call from Maxine. Abigail asks if she got her message.

Nick tells Maggie that there is nothing to talk about as he's great. Maggie isn't buying it. Nick admits sometimes he's treated like crap and it gets to him. Maggie is sorry that he's still having to deal with that. Nick says it won't change but he will get everything he wants and that's all that matters. Nick tells her that he's going to have a good, happy life in Salem because everything is going his way. Nick gets a call and walks off.

Will complains about Nick but Gabi claims the papers have nothing to do with Nick. Gabi says Nick was only there for support and the lawyer came up with this. Gabi says she was even surprised by it and that it's just the way these papers look. Gabi suggests EJ will draw up something similar but Will argues that he would never keep Arianna out of her life. Gabi says she would never do that either. Gabi promises this won't be the final agreement. Gabi tells Will that everything is going to be okay as she gives him Arianna and exits. Will pulls out his phone and calls EJ. Will is glad he answered. EJ asks what's wrong. Will asks if he's free for a few minutes for custody stuff. EJ agrees to come over. EJ puts the photo back into his drawer and exits.

Daniel talks to Eric about Anne but not thinking it's them. They wonder what reason anyone would have. Eric says someone out there can help him connect the dots and wonders who it could be.

Nicole wonders how to get to Liam before he gets to her. She turns around and runs into the woman from the safety deposit box. She gives her back the photo of Jennifer that Liam dropped. Nicole thanks her for returning it. Nicole thinks back to Liam's threats and realizes he was talking about telling Jennifer.

Liam talks to Jennifer about wanting to be a friend that she could count on. Jennifer says they are friends. Liam talks about wanting to be her friend when Daniel got high and she pushed him away. Liam says not to say they are friends and complains about her only caring about Daniel. Jennifer says she's concerned about Daniel. Liam calls him a lying addict and brings up the pills in his place. Jennifer questions how he knew about that.

Will expects EJ when he opens the door but Marlena arrives. Marlena asks if she had it right that she was coming to see him. Will says she's right but he just put Arianna to sleep. Will gives her a present from he and Sonny. She opens it and it's a framed photo of her with Will and Sonny at the wedding. EJ arrives and Marlena says something must be wrong. EJ says they just had something to discuss. Marlena tells them to go ahead then and she won't interrupt as she sits down.

Nick and Gabi walk through the town square, talking about Will seeing the custody papers. Nick encourages her and says she has him and a great lawyer. Nick hugs her and promises she will get everything she wants and deserves. Nick says he won't let her down after all they have been through together and they kiss.

Nicole goes to see Jennifer but she's not home. Maggie answers the door. Nicole asks where Jennifer is.

Jennifer asks Liam if he overheard something at the hospital. Liam says he didn't. Liam asks what it takes to convince her. Liam says he worked so hard to make things right. Liam reveals that he planted the pills but Jennifer still believes in Daniel no matter what he does. Jennifer questions it being him.

Rafe tells Jordan that he just wants her to know that he and Ben talked after he came to him to warn him. Jordan apologizes for Ben being hot headed. Rafe says he can read people and can tell that Ben is just concerned about her.

Ben goes back to work at the club and thinks back to fighting with Nick.

Maggie tells Nicole that Jennifer isn't home. Nicole asks where she is and who she is with. Maggie asks if she's okay. Nicole says she isn't.

Jennifer questions Liam planting the pills. Liam asks what he was supposed to do after she threw him away for Daniel. Liam brings up the times Daniel hurt her and she said it was over for good. Liam tells her that he's going to break her heart again. Jennifer asks how she could've done this to him when she could've killed him or his patient. Liam cries that he just wanted her to love him as she meant everything to him.

EJ goes over the custody papers with Marlena and Will. Marlena wants EJ to say what's on his mind because she isn't going anywhere. EJ asks about what Gabi said about Nick and the lawyer. Will talks about Gabi saying Nick had no involvement. EJ points out that he might not have in front of Gabi.

Nick and Gabi continue kissing. Nick tells her that he'd do anything to be alone with her until they are interrupted by Percy greeting him. Percy says he needs a moment of his time for work. Nick tells Gabi he's sorry. She understands he has to do this. Nick tells Gabi that she is his priority and more important than anything.

Jordan tells Rafe that she's fine. Rafe tells her that Ben is not so convinced when he's around.

Abigail goes to the club and tells Ben that they weren't finished. Ben says he had to get back to work. Abigail sits at the counter and decides she will wait.

Nicole asks Maggie where Jennifer is. Maggie wants to know what this is about. Nicole tells her that she and Jennifer are friends now. Maggie suggests calling Jennifer. Nicole says it wouldn't go through. Maggie says she will leave a message but Nicole says she needs to talk to Jennifer now.

Eric asks Daniel what he can do to help. Daniel doesn't want to keep him from anything. Eric says he doesn't have any work right now. Daniel mentions Jennifer being at Smith Island and hopes peace and quiet is what she needs right now.

Jennifer tells Liam that they only had a few dates. Liam talks about them having such a good time and she said she would never go back to Daniel. Liam calls this his last chance and third strike. Liam brings up Debra. Liam says he thought things were finally turning around when he met Jennifer so he could let go of the pain and ugliness. Liam says he didn't know what else to do. Jennifer asks what he did. Liam says he was so angry at her and Daniel. Jennifer realizes he made the comments on the hospital web site and the photoshopped picture of her. Jennifer doesn't understand. Liam complains about her blind faith in Daniel. Liam mentions planting the check book and the pills. Jennifer sees that Liam knows what he did was wrong and assumes that's why he came. Jennifer encourages that his pain can go away if he gets the right help. She offers to help him if he wants this to be over. Liam declares he wants it to be over.

Abigail questions Ben avoiding talking to her and if he felt justified in threatening Nick. Ben says he didn't threaten him. Abigail says Ben scared Nick away. Ben says no man should ever talk to a woman like that. Abigail says Nick was just trying to make a point. Ben says he was too.

Rafe tells Jordan that Ben made sure he understood that he wouldn't watch her get hurt. Rafe asks where this is coming from. Jordan reveals it's because she told Ben that she's in love with Rafe.

EJ talks to Will and Marlena about things just starting. Will worries that it could get a lot worse. EJ says it won't as he will protect him.

Surveillance photos from the Smith Island camera are printed out of who rode the ferry that night, revealing Percy was there.

Nick finishes up with Percy and goes back to Gabi. Nick tells Gabi that he's confident that things are going to work out for them. Nick tells her to trust him.

Eric wishes he could help Daniel. Daniel says going over it with him helped. Daniel talks about Theresa being involved. Eric declares he should've thought of this before but thinks he knows what to do.

Nicole asks Maggie if she knows where Jennifer is one more time. Maggie informs her that she went to the cabin on Smith Island.

Jennifer tells Liam they can go back on the ferry together and just talk. She says he can get past this and feel better about everything. Liam responds that it's too late for him and for her too as he pulls out his gun.

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