Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/25/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/25/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ stands at home going over the photo of he and Abigail. He says only Gabi, Sonny, and Kate knew that he went to Smith Island so he wonders who did this.

Sonny finishes a call with Will at the club, saying he doesn't know how Nick got Aiden to be Gabi's lawyer. Abigail appears and informs Sonny that she sent Nick to Aiden.

Sami walks out of the town square. Nick follows her and says she's just who he wanted to see. Sami says she's busy so they can talk later but Nick says no, they are going to talk now. Sami starts to leave but Nick warns that she will regret walking away. Sami questions him. Nick tells her to start showing him some respect.

Rafe leaves a message for Gabi to call him. Ben approaches him and suggests they talk. Ben says Rafe put him on notice now it's his turn to do the same.

Eric takes photos of Anne at the hospital. Anne talks about being photogenic and on stage when she was younger. Eric thinks he got all he needs. Eric then says he wants to talk to her about Theresa.

Theresa tells Daniel that she had nothing to do with drugging him. Daniel bets she knows who is responsible. Daniel asks if it was Anne. Daniel says he can tell she knows something and tells her to give it up now.

Jennifer finishes up at Smith Island and hears a noise. She opens the door as Lucas arrives and they frighten each other. Lucas questions what Daniel did now to make her come to Smith Island. Jennifer tells him that this isn't about Daniel so she wishes everyone would leave him alone.

Nicole goes to the safety deposit box but gets caught by Liam. Liam questions what she thinks she's doing.

Lucas talks to Jennifer about coming to the cabin to get away from Kate. Jennifer wishes he told her so she could've had him wait for the repairman. Lucas suggests they talk. Jennifer asks what Kate did now. Lucas wants to start and questions why Daniel went in to surgery high.

Daniel demands the truth from Theresa.

Liam questions where Nicole got the key. She claims not to remember but Liam assumes it was Debra. Liam says he can deal with Debra later but first must deal with Nicole. Nicole asks how he's going to deal with her. Liam asks how she thinks since she didn't abide by their agreement.

Rafe tells Ben to just say what he wants. Ben brings up assuring that he would never hurt Jordan but now it seems Rafe is in position to hurt her. Rafe says he would never hurt her. Ben says he will do whatever it takes to protect her. Rafe asks if he's like this with all guys. Ben says Jordan is in deeper with Rafe. Ben warns Rafe to back off if he's not serious about her then walks away. Rafe calls Jordan and leaves a message that he needs to talk to her.

EJ continues to wonder. He remembers it was when Sami went to Chicago and makes a call to get dates and records.

Abigail apologizes to Sonny if she caused trouble for Will. Sonny says Nick would've found elsewhere. Abigail mentions that Nick swore he wasn't up to anything. Sonny doesn't believe him and declares he won't let Nick hurt Will and Gabi again.

Sami asks Nick why he's torturing them. Nick calls that funny coming from a woman who tried to murder him. Sami questions him not letting it go. Nick says he tried but then he thinks about how cold the river was. Sami talks about Gabi really believing he changed but here he's threatening her. Nick says he wouldn't dream of using what was done to him against her or Kate or anyone as long as he gets everything that he wants.

Anne asks why he wants to talk about Theresa. Eric says he's worried about her. Eric tells Anne not to cover for Theresa on what happened to Daniel. Eric warns Anne that if she's hiding anything, she could end up in prison with Theresa.

Theresa tells Daniel that he shouldn't be there and threatens to call security. Daniel threatens to tell security about her latest trick. Daniel brings up that Parker could've gotten a hold of the pills and died. She asks what he's talking about.

Jennifer tells Lucas that Daniel would never get high. Lucas agrees that it doesn't sound like Daniel but brings up that he slept with his fiancée before. Lucas suggests Jennifer doesn't know Daniel as well as she thinks. Jennifer is sick of hearing that. Lucas asks where else she's heard that.

Liam threatens to tell Daniel and Eric about what Nicole has done. Nicole argues that they wouldn't believe her and he would incriminate himself. Liam argues that she doesn't have anything on him while he has actual proof on her. Liam decides it's time to find out who will believe him. Nicole says it's clear they are in a standoff. She says no one will believe him and she has nothing. Nicole asks for what she came for and says they can go their separate ways. Liam says she's good but not as good as him. Liam reveals that he didn't have the papers in the safety deposit box but with him. Nicole starts trying to flirt with him but Liam grabs her and asks how dumb she thinks he is. The worker at the deposit box comes in and asks if everything is okay.

Lucas asks Jennifer who else thinks he's right about Daniel. Jennifer says that's not what she's upset about. Lucas asks what it is and reminds her that he is her brother who cares about her. Jennifer thinks back to finding the pill bottle and talking to Daniel about the setup. Jennifer doesn't care if Lucas believes it or not but says someone is trying to do more than trash Daniel's reputation. Jennifer says they are trying to destroy him. Lucas asks who it is.

Anne resents Eric thinking she knows anything about Daniel's situation. Anne feels threatened. Eric says he's just trying to get to the bottom of this. Anne suggests he show loyalty to his family in Theresa. Eric brings up her past and doesn't think support has done much good. Eric wants to save Theresa from friends like Anne. Eric then walks away.

Daniel asks Theresa if she hears him. Daniel repeats that Parker could've got a hold of the pills and died. Daniel argues that there is no safe place in an apartment with a four year old. Anne interrupts and gets in between them, questioning what's going on.

Liam tells the worker that they got what they needed and are leaving. Nicole reluctantly agrees and exits.

Ben goes to the club and sees Abigail. She smiles at him. Sonny asks Ben to handle a beer delivery and sends him out to the back. Abigail watches him go. Sonny approaches Abigail and hopes she didn't think he was going off on her before. Abigail says she knows the problems that Nick has caused them. Sonny then tells Abigail that Ben thinks she's hot too. Sonny walks away leaving Abigail with a big smile.

EJ remains with the photo and thinks back to his last meeting with Abigail. EJ says Abigail wouldn't lie so someone found out and it's someone that wanted something on him. EJ gets a call and gets a date of January 3. EJ says he made sure no one followed him so they must've followed Abigail on the ferry. EJ adds that it had to be someone who knew she was going to the Island and someone who was in Salem on January 3. EJ says he has to get to them before they get to Sami.

Sami questions Nick blackmailing her. Nick talks about her questioning his actions after they threw him in the river. Nick says he's fighting for a happy life with Gabi like Sami wants with EJ. Nick says they have been through hell and back but never changed how they felt about each other. Nick tells Sami that he and Gabi are going to be together. Nick says the craziest thing is that Sami will be the one to make sure that nothing comes between him and his dream. Sami says Gabi would know something is up. Nick explains that he wants her to make sure Will's lawyer doesn't say a word about his past when it comes to the custody agreement. Sami says she has no control over Will's lawyer. Nick argues that she has amazing powers of persuasion. Sami questions getting a lawyer not to bring up that Nick killed a guy. Nick threatens that if the lawyer brings it up, they will all be sorry. Nick says they would only see Arianna from through a window with a guard over their shoulder. Nick then says he knew he could count on her help.

EJ makes a call, wanting video and pictures from the Smith Island surveillance cameras from January 3. EJ demands it get done. EJ hangs up and says he can't let this one stupid mistake ruin his life.

Ben returns to the club and offers Abigail a coffee refill but she declines. Ben talks about looking for more hours. Ben adds that he's off for the rest of the day. Abigail offers to talk to Sonny. Ben says he's just happy to have a job. Abigail asks where he worked before. Ben says she wouldn't know it as it wasn't in Salem. Ben starts to try to ask her out but she gets a call and hurries out.

Anne tells Daniel that he is not reinstated until tomorrow so she tells him to get out of her office. Daniel exits. Anne asks Theresa what was going on. Theresa tells Anne that someone planted a bottle of pills in his apartment. Anne says someone went too far. Theresa insists it wasn't her. Anne says everyone knows they are the two people who hate Daniel. Theresa shouts that it wasn't her. Anne asks who else it could be.

Jennifer refuses to talk to Lucas because she thinks he will use it against Daniel. Lucas says he doesn't have to do a thing because he's heard Daniel is destroying himself. Jennifer doesn't want to hear it. Lucas argues that Jennifer doesn't need him for anything. Lucas tells her to open her eyes. Lucas says he's not the bad guy as he storms out of the cabin.

Liam goes back to his safety deposit box and looks at a gun inside.

Nicole walks through the town square, worrying that Liam is going to tell Daniel and Eric and ruin everything unless she stops him first. She gets a call from Eric but says to herself she can't talk right now because she has to get to someone who can stop Liam once and for all.

Lucas goes to the club to see Sonny. Sonny gives Lucas a present from he and Will. Lucas opens it and it's a framed photo of Lucas, Will, and Sonny at the wedding with "Your words meant the world to us" written on it. Lucas thanks him and asks how married life is so far. Sonny says it's everything he hoped but a whole lot more. Lucas asks what's wrong.

EJ puts the photo back in his drawer. Sami comes in complaining about Nick. Sami declares that Nick is going to do whatever he can to take Arianna away from Will.

Abigail meets Nick in the park. Nick says he doesn't have much time. Abigail questions if he has another meeting with Gabi and the lawyer that he got with her help.

Anne tells Theresa that nothing is going to screw up the article on her for the hospital. Theresa insists that she got rid of the key. Theresa decides she's going home to take a personal day and exits.

Nicole sits at the Pub where Rafe joins her, after getting her message. Nicole says she's fine. Rafe asks what the problem is. Nicole asks for help. Nicole tells him that she's doing a story on a really bad guy who is a sales rep for a pharmaceutical guy. Nicole says he found out and dug stuff up that could hurt her. Rafe says he can't help unless she tells him what it is.

Daniel goes home calling Jennifer but the call drops.

The repairman arrives at the cabin. Jennifer hopes it doesn't take long as she needs to get back to Salem.

Liam removes the gun from his safety deposit box and puts it in his pocket then exits.

Lucas asks if Sonny and Will are having problems. Sonny assures that they are good and better than ever. Sonny feels he shouldn't have led on that there was a problem. Lucas says he can tell him anything. Lucas guesses this is about Nick again.

Sami continues complaining about Nick. Sami mentions Will telling her that EJ is his lawyer. Sami talks about Nick not allowing his past to be brought up. EJ doesn't think Gabi would allow Nick to take Arianna from Will. Sami doesn't trust Gabi and says they are all under Nick's thumb.

Abigail complains about Nick not telling her the lawyer was for Gabi and dodging the question. Abigail worries about Nick's involvement in this custody. Nick complains that Gabi has no one else. Gabi brings up Rafe. Nick says Rafe turned his back on her because she wants to be with him. Nick adds that Abigail apparently has too.

The repairman tells Jennifer that it shouldn't take more than ten minutes so she shouldn't miss the next ferry.

Eric goes to Daniel's and asks if it's a bad time. Daniel says he's got a few minutes. Eric can tell something is wrong. Daniel tells him about someone setting him up and now he's not sure they have it figured out.

Theresa paces at home, going over the situation. She wonders what Liam is going to do next. She regrets giving him the key. Theresa says she can't just sit around and wait so she has to do something.

Nicole tells Rafe that they know there is plenty to dig up on her so she doesn't want to go in to specifics. Rafe asks for the guy's name. Nicole tells him that it's Liam Frazier. Rafe asks if he has something on her past. Nicole says what he knows would kill Eric and he's been through enough already. Rafe suggests dropping the story on Liam but Nicole claims she already pitched it to her producer. Nicole says she's off the hook if Liam gets busted before the story. Rafe realizes she wants him to bust Liam.

EJ tells Sami that Nick is bluffing and it won't work. Sami worries about his pictures of them throwing him in the river. EJ says Nick is a pest and nothing more so if he becomes more then he will be dealt with.

Sonny tells Lucas that he's not sure they should be talking about Nick. Lucas says he knows what Nick is capable of. Lucas asks if Nick is threatening Will. Sonny says no but Nick and Gabi are about to get back together. Lucas wonders if she's out of her mind. Sonny has no idea but worries about the custody agreement. Lucas assures that Nick won't get anywhere trying to screw it up. Lucas says he won't let Nick mess with Will's happiness.

Abigail tells Nick that she's trying not to pick sides but he's making it difficult because she knows he made Will and Sonny's life miserable. Nick is so sick of hearing about that. Nick says everyone has Will and Sonny on some pedestal. Nick asks about what he wants and his life mattering. Abigail says the custody should be between Will and Gabi and no one else. She states that it's none of his business. Nick warns her not to tell him what is or isn't his business. Ben appears and grabs Nick, telling him to get away from her as Abigail questions what he's doing.

Theresa calls her mom and asks if she can come home for a visit.

Eric assumes Daniel is talking about Theresa. Daniel says it may be more than her. Daniel is beginning to wonder if he's missing something.

The woman that works at the safety deposit box finds Liam's photo of Jennifer left behind on the floor.

Rafe tells Nicole that some of Liam's records are sealed. He finds charges against him such as domestic violence and stalking but there are no convictions. Rafe says they were all cleaned up, dropped, and never went to trial. Nicole wants him brought in for questioning. Rafe says his hands are tied on this one. Nicole asks if he can call in a favor. Rafe asks if she really wants this guy to go away. Rafe adds that there may be a way to make that happen. Nicole tells him to do it.

Jennifer tries to get service from her phone but has none in the cabin. She exits the cabin and then goes back to get her purse and the key. She turns around and Liam arrives.

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