Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/24/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/24/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami goes to Will and Sonny's, assuring that she cleared it with Will since she's not supposed to drop by without calling. Sami says she came to see Gabi but Will says she's not there so Sami decides she can wait. Will then tells her that Gabi probably won't be back for awhile. Sami realizes Gabi is with Nick.

Gabi meets with Nick at the Pub. Nick tells her that he set up a meeting with Aiden, who then arrives. Nick talks about Abigail's praise for Aiden's work with JJ. Aiden asks Nick to excuse them so he can go over this with Gabi but Gabi says she wants Nick to stay.

Paige asks JJ what's wrong but JJ says nothing. JJ says he heard she's leaving town this fall for Stamford and asks why she didn't tell him. Paige says she literally just found out. JJ questions if she accepted and is going to California for the next four years.

Theresa catches up with Anne at the hospital. Anne complains to her about Daniel's hearing and that he's keeping his job. Theresa asks if anyone said anything about her.

Nicole sits at the club. Debra arrives and introduces herself. Nicole is startled by her resemblance to Jennifer. Debra is not surprised.

Daniel tells Jennifer that she's scaring him and asks her to just tell him. Jennifer shows Daniel the bottle of pills. Jennifer says they need to have a very serious talk about what is going on here. Liam is happy as he listens in.

Sonny tells Sami that the good news is that it's out in the open that Gabi and Nick are together. Will tells Sami about his plan for a formal custody agreement. Sami complains about Nick still being in the picture. Sami talks about trying to smooth things out with Gabi. She hates that she made things worse. Will knows the custody agreement upsets Gabi. Sami decides she will call Justin to do some paperwork but Will informs her that EJ already offered to help.

Paige tells JJ that of course she accepted. JJ sarcastically compares it to Salem U and mentions Marybeth calling him a loser. Paige says she makes up her own mind about people. JJ replies that she makes up her mind about a lot of things.

Anne complains about Theresa just worrying about herself. Theresa reminds her she has a lot on the line here. Anne tells her that she kept her name out of it so she doesn't know why she's still so worried. Theresa thinks back to giving Liam the key and tells Anne that she knows why she's worried. Anne tells her that nothing went wrong for Daniel. Anne complains about nothing ever going wrong for Daniel. Theresa pinches Anne and tells her they are going to her office to talk about this.

Nicole shows Debra a photo of Jennifer on her phone. Debra feels bad for her. Debra comments that Jennifer's resemblance is a lot stronger towards Liam's first love. Debra says she was just one of the many attempts of Liam trying to recreate his first. Nicole worries that now Liam is obsessed with Jennifer and says that explains almost everything.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he never wrote or filled her prescription. Daniel asks what she thinks is going on here. Jennifer says it's what she knows, that someone got in and set him up.

Aiden comments on it sounding like Will and Gabi have a good arrangement so he asks why she needs a lawyer. Gabi says Will wants a formal custody agreement. Nick wants to make sure Gabi's rights are protected. Nick brings up Sami pushing for the custody agreement before. Nick pushes Gabi to tell Aiden what Sami said to her. Gabi admits that Sami called her an unfit mother. Aiden remembers that Sami was on trial for murder last year.

Sami tells Will that EJ didn't mention representing him. Will says this isn't about Sami. Sami says she just hates that she caused problems between he and Gabi. Sami talks about trying to get through to Gabi but always taking steps back.

Aiden asks Gabi if she got along with Sami before. Gabi brings up Sami yelling at her about a custody agreement while she was pregnant and almost losing the baby.

Theresa and Anne talk in her office. Theresa tells Anne to get over herself and help her. Theresa makes sure that no one else knows about the key she made for Daniel's apartment. Theresa adds that she doesn't have it anymore so no one can accuse her. Anne asks what happened to it.

Nicole tells Debra about Jennifer getting back with Daniel. Debra comments that Liam doesn't take well to women leaving him. Debra says it's an experience she never wants to have again. Nicole asks what happened. Debra says Liam swept her off her feet at first and they married after a few months then she realized that he wasn't in love with her at all. Debra states that Liam was trying to turn her in to his first wife Lindsey. Debra says their marriage went downhill so she asked for a divorce and he went crazy. Nicole worries that he's gone crazy all over again.

Jennifer tells Daniel about Monica the cleaning woman that led her to Daniel's apartment. Jennifer realizes that someone arranged all of this. Daniel wonders how they got the drugs in his system. Jennifer says someone figured out a way and then cleared out the evidence. Daniel hugs Jennifer and declares that whoever did this is not getting away with it. Jennifer agrees. Liam shakes in anger while listening in.

Sami talks about Gabi being blind when it comes to Nick. Sami then suggests Gabi isn't blind but scared. Sami wonders if Gabi feels like she has to go along with Nick.

Gabi tells Aiden that she doesn't want to keep Arianna away from Will but is scared of what Sami may do. Nick goes over everyone involved with Will's family and states that Gabi is dealing with powerful people. Aiden asks Gabi what her relationship is with Nick. Gabi says they are close friends. Aiden responds that may be a very serious problem.

Paige apologizes for upsetting JJ. JJ apologizes for not congratulating her. JJ congratulates her. Paige doesn't think he means it. JJ says he does but she's going to be gone for four years. Paige asks if he thinks she will get a big ego. Paige praises JJ's musical talents. Paige asks what has JJ so pissed. JJ says there's no point in talking about it.

Anne questions Theresa obsessing over the key. Theresa says she's just paranoid. Anne assures her that she hasn't told anyone about the key.

Debra tells Nicole that Jennifer should be very afraid. Nicole asks what he did to her. Debra says it was stupid petty things at first but it got worse when she started dating. Debra reveals that Liam used his access to pharmaceuticals to make people think she was a drug addict. She adds that she can't prove it but knows it was Liam. Debra then states that she won't come forward because she has her life back finally and won't risk Liam coming after her again. Debra says Liam is capable of ruining her life and would find a way to do it. Debra comments that Liam will destroy anyone who gets in his way. Nicole looks away so Debra realizes he has something on her too.

Daniel brings up having the locks changed. Jennifer suggests getting a camera to catch the person. Daniel is glad that Jennifer didn't fall for this. Jennifer says she knows him and was always wrong when she doubted him in the past. Jennifer knows he's a good, honest man. Daniel tells her that he loves her and kisses her. Jennifer thinks all the difficult times have been good for them as it has made their love stronger and deeper. They continue kissing. Liam gets up frustrated and throws things, trashing his room and then begins stabbing a photo of Jennifer.

Will says Gabi may be scared of Nick but it doesn't take away that she's attracted to him. Sonny agrees that Nick has a hold over Gabi. Sami brings up Nick's criminal record. Will brings up EJ. Sami tells him not to compare them. Sonny calms things down and suggests changing the subject. Sonny goes to check on Arianna. Will goes to get Sami some water. They apologize to each other. Sami notices the wedding gift from Nick and praises it, asking who gave it to them. Sami then realizes as Will tells her it's from Nick.

Aiden brings up Nick's conviction and prison time. Aiden says a lot of judges won't think Nick served enough time. Nick comments that it sounds like Aiden doesn't think it was enough. Aiden says some judges won't want him a part of the baby's life. Nick assures him that Will and his lawyer won't bring it up.

Debra tells Nicole that she is Liam's target by asking questions and trying to help her friends. Debra warns her about Liam.

Daniel uses his computer to check records and wants to prove that prescription was faked. Jennifer brings up Hope but Daniel doesn't want Hope or Roman involved yet. Daniel mentions that Theresa could still be involved and they will get to the bottom of it one way or another.

Liam cries that he's lost Jennifer forever so now he has to decide what to do next. Liam looks in the mirror and says he knows what he has to do as he doesn't have a choice.

Will and Sami continue talking about Nick. Sonny comes back in. Will suggests that maybe Nick is trying. Sami wants to keep their guard up. Sonny isn't sure what good that will do. Sonny brings up Nick having all the cards as he has evidence and a witness against them. Sami says she won't spend the rest of her life bowing to Nick. Will feels they have no choice. Will tells Sami that the look she gave scares him.

Nick assures Aiden that he never would've gotten involved with Gabi if he wasn't sure that his past wouldn't hurt her chances with Arianna. Nick points out that Aiden isn't representing Will. Aiden says he has some ideas on how to best represent their interests. Nick is ready to hear.

Paige asks JJ what he means. JJ says it seems ridiculous to spend time together when she's leaving. Paige says it will be months from now and she wants to get to know him better. Paige says if they become better friends then they can skype and she'll come back on vacations. Paige thinks the conversation is ridiculous since it's so far away. JJ repeats that it's ridiculous and pointless because they both know it won't happen. JJ declares that he's done and walks off.

Debra asks Nicole about Liam having something on her. Nicole asks if there's anything she can do to help her. Debra pulls out the key to their joint safety deposit box. Debra says Liam doesn't know she kept a key but she checks it to keep tabs on him. Debra tells her that if Liam has something on her then it's probably in there. Nicole thanks Debra and takes the key.

Daniel tells Jennifer that there's nothing she can do here so she can go to Smith Island to have the heater fixed. Daniel kisses her and assures that he's got this. Daniel goes back to his computer.

Will tells Sami not to make a bad situation worse. Sami says she won't but won't stand by. Sami says EJ is a good lawyer, Will is a good father, and Gabi is a good person. Sami kisses them goodbye and tells them to give Gabi her apology as she hurries out. Will and Sonny wonder what Sami is up to.

Gabi goes over what Aiden gave her and thinks it sounds like she's not letting Will see Arianna much. Aiden says it's just a start and after they make the agreement, she can be as generous to Will as she wants. Nick comments that it's just to keep Sami in line and won't change her relationship with Will at all so he thinks it's a great idea. Aiden decides he will draw the papers up and get back to them. Aiden comments that he only represents Gabi as he exits. Nick tells her that he thinks everything is going to be fine.

Daniel finishes a call and has his locks changed. Daniel goes over a list of prescriptions to test at the hospital and find out who has been screwing with his life.

Nicole sits in the park and thinks back to Liam threatening her. Nicole says if she could just get her hands on the shredded evidence then Liam's picture wouldn't mean anything. She mentions that she'd just have to steal Liam's phone and delete it. She says she first has to get her stuff back and thanks to Debra, she knows just where it is.

Liam hides in the bushes as Jennifer exits the Kiriakis Mansion

Anne makes a call that she's going on break so if anyone needs anything, Theresa is in her office. Daniel walks by and hears that. Daniel storms in to the office and yells that it's over. Theresa says she doesn't know what he's talking about. Daniel shouts that he knows what she did and can prove it.

Gabi comes home. Will tells her that he just put Arianna down for her nap. Will brings up what Sami brought her. Gabi wants everything out in the open and informs him that she and Nick met with a lawyer to draw up a custody agreement. Gabi adds that she thinks they'll be able to work everything out.

Sami walks out of the town square. Nick follows her and says she's just who he wanted to see. Sami says she's busy so they can talk later but Nick says no, they are going to talk now.

JJ goes home and calls Bev, asking if she wants to hang out like a date. Bev asks about Paige. JJ tells her that won't be a problem because that is over.

Paige walks through the town square and thinks back to JJ as she sits down.

Theresa tells Daniel that she didn't do anything. Daniel tells her that it's time to call the police. Theresa stops him and swears it wasn't her.

Jennifer finishes up at Smith Island and hears a noise outside.

Nicole goes to the safety deposit box but gets caught by Liam.

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