Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/23/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/23/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate brings Sami to Lucas's office. Sami wonders why they are meeting in his office instead of Kate's. Kate talks about Sami fishing for information.

EJ talks to Stefano on the phone about not knowing who delivered the photo of he and Abigail. EJ tells Stefano to stay where he is on business and he will take care of this. EJ puts the photo in to his drawer as Gabi enters, saying EJ wanted to see her.

Sami complains to Kate about Gabi and Nick being able to put them in prison. Kate asks why she's so worried about this today and what she did.

JJ works his community service in the town square. Paige joins him and offers a hand. He holds her hand and thanks her.

Nicole thinks back to calling Liam's ex wife. Nicole wonders what Liam did to her that got her so spooked. Nicole then wonders what Liam is going to do next.

Liam sits in his room and declares it's show time.

Jennifer finds the bottle of pills planted at Daniel's apartment with her name on it saying prescribed by Daniel and worries.

Abigail goes to see Daniel at the hospital and asks about the hearing. Daniel says it went well so far and Abigail mentions Jennifer not being home so they aren't sure where she is. Daniel calls Jennifer.

Sami tells Kate about walking in on Nick and Gabi. Sami complains about Nick getting to Gabi again. Kate wants to know why. Sami says Gabi isn't appreciative of what they did for her. Sami points out that Nick accused them of trying to murder him but not Gabi. Kate says they would have to take Gabi down with them. Sami worries that Nick could find a way to hurt them but not Gabi.

EJ goes over Gabi's contract with her. Gabi is excited about it and wants to go over the contract with EJ. EJ brings up Nick not liking him. EJ says they are all entitled to their own opinion. EJ says he feels that Nick could turn on a dime about the night at the river. EJ says a lot of people would be at stake. Gabi says EJ had nothing to do with that night but EJ points out he did in the aftermath when she sent him to Smith Island to talk to Abigail.

Jennifer ignores Daniel's call. Daniel tells Abigail about his hearing and how he can't do surgery but can work otherwise and he'll be fully reinstated if nothing else happens within 30 days. Abigail tells Daniel to tell Jennifer that she's going to go to Smith Island. Abigail exits. Brady appears and Daniel thanks him.

Nicole calls Liam's ex wife Debra again. Nicole starts to leave a message but Eric arrives.

Jennifer makes a call about her prescription for painkillers. Liam listens in with a big smile from where he bugged Daniel's apartment.

EJ asks Gabi what she thinks would happen if Abigail was pressured in to talking. Gabi says only she knew. EJ brings up possibly being followed and investigated. Gabi thinks he's being paranoid. EJ jokes with her. Gabi mentions that she only told Sonny that he was going and he's safe. EJ decides he has nothing to worry about then. Gabi tells him not to disappear then. Gabi then remembers that she did tell Kate about EJ going to Smith Island.

Kate continues to think Sami did something. Sami talks about Gabi thinking Nick became a better person. Kate asks again what Sami did. Sami admits she called Gabi an unfit mother and stands by it. Sami suggests coming up with a strategy to counteract what Nick is going to say. Sami wants to get their story straight on what happened that night. They go over the night at the river. Sami tries to blame Gabi. Kate says it doesn't matter because they are screwed and Nick has them exactly where he wants them.

JJ thinks back to kissing Paige. They talk about having no school and deciding to do community service. JJ invites her to go see a movie. Paige agrees. JJ gets a call from Abigail. Abigail says she needs him home and asks if he can ditch community service for awhile. JJ agrees to be on his way. Paige asks if it was about Daniel's hearing. JJ says she just sounded tense so he needs to find out why. JJ tells Paige that he will be back soon and hurries off. Marybeth approaches Paige.

Nicole greets Eric with a kiss. Eric asks what she's doing out in the park. Nicole says she was just getting some air and asks about him. Eric says he was just meeting with Theresa and gave her a chance to talk but she got defensive. Eric says Theresa sounds guilty but is adamant that she had nothing to do with drugging Daniel. Nicole wonders if it was someone else.

Jennifer questions her pill bottle being refilled and Daniel prescribing refills.

JJ goes home to see Abigail. Abigail talks about wanting to get her bike down. JJ asks about Daniel's hearing. Abigail says this mess should be over in a month. Abigail asks about JJ's smile and assumes it's about Paige.

Paige ignores Marybeth. Marybeth apologizes for deleting the text. Paige tells her that JJ is her friend. Paige gets a text that excites her.

EJ questions Gabi telling Kate that he went to Smith Island. Gabi talks about Kate being on their side but EJ is not pleased. Gabi tells EJ not to worry about it because things can't get any worse. Gabi's phone rings and she has to go. Gabi thanks him for the contract and exits. EJ pulls the photo out and decides this is just Kate's style.

Sami tells Kate that she will suck it up and make nice with Gabi. Kate states that all of their lives would be so much easier if Nick just stayed dead. Sami decides to go. They talk about dealing with Gabi. Sami exits and Kate says to herself that she will do it her way.

Eric asks Nicole why she keeps suggesting that Theresa might not be guilty. Nicole talks about keeping an open mind during an investigation. They get texts that Daniel's hearing went well. Eric mentions Brady coming through. Nicole suggests he go see him but Eric says things aren't good between them. Eric asks about Nicole and if she had something going on. Nicole says she has a story brewing. Eric asks if it has anything to do with what happened to Daniel.

Liam listens in and wishes he had a camera in Daniel's apartment. Daniel comes home and asks what Jennifer is doing there and if she got his message about the hearing. Jennifer claims she didn't listen to her phone. Daniel asks her what is going on.

Kate has a gift box delivered to her. She reads the card from Stefano saying he hopes she will wear it to their next dinner. Kate opens the box and inside is a ring which she likes and puts on.

Gabi meets Sami at the Pub and says she got her text. Sami wasn't sure she would come. Sami says Gabi has every reason to be mad at her as what she said was out of line. Gabi knows she can't help herself.

Kate finishes a call as EJ enters her office. Kate greets him and says it's nice to see him. EJ puts the envelope on her desk. Kate asks if this is about Nick. EJ says it's about Kate and her predictable bag of tricks.

Paige finds out she got accepted in to Stamford. She and Marybeth are thrilled. Paige rushes off to go call her mom while JJ returns to the town square and finds Marybeth.

Nicole tells Eric that everything is fine if Daniel's hearing went well. Eric calls her a good friend. Nicole hopes it all comes out right for Daniel. Eric says Nicole has done everything she can. Nicole wishes she could do more. Eric hugs her and says it's one of many reasons he loves her. Eric decides he will go find Brady. Eric kisses her goodbye and exits. Nicole tells herself that Eric will totally understand once she stops Liam and gets the blackmail material away from him. Nicole states that his ex wife is her only lead. She calls again and tells Debra not to hang up.

Liam listens in as Brady arrives at Daniel's. Daniel says they are going to talk strategy about what happens next as he was reinstated. Daniel and Brady talk about finding out who drugged him. Daniel mentions how Brady stepped up. Jennifer thanks him. Brady talks about Daniel being railroaded like he was. Daniel mentions being surprised not to see Jennifer after the hearing since she was so concerned. Jennifer says she is. Brady asks why she wasn't at the hearing. Jennifer says she got a call and had to pick something up that couldn't wait. Daniel questions what she had to pick up at his apartment. Jennifer claims she needed the key to Smith Island and she left it there. Daniel mentions promising Parker a video chat and asks Brady if they can do this another time. Brady tells him they can plan their next move any time. Daniel thanks him and Brady exits. Daniel asks Jennifer what the hell is going on.

Nicole tells Debra that she really needs to talk to her about Liam but she says she has nothing to say about him. Nicole tells her that the same thing he did to her, he's doing again. Nicole says she needs her help. Debra says he won't stop unless she makes him. Nicole mentions her being in Chicago. Debra tells her not to try and find her. Nicole asks to meet and says they have to stop him. Debra says she doesn't know Nicole and warns that she will have the cops on notice if this is one of Liam's tricks. Nicole assures her that she will do whatever she says. Debra tells her to listen carefully.

JJ questions what he ever did to Marybeth. She tells him that she's sure he will hurt her friend. JJ argues that she doesn't know him. JJ starts to text Paige. Marybeth tells him that she's busy and her phone will be ringing nonstop. JJ asks why.

Sami tells Gabi that she's trying to be a good friend. Gabi argues that Sami only feels obligated because of Arianna. Gabi tells her not to pretend to like her. Sami brings up planning her wedding and being there when she was pregnant. Sami says she doesn't have a problem with her. Gabi points out that she does with Nick.

EJ asks Kate what her next move will be. Kate says he will have to wait and see. EJ says he's not patient and asks what she plans on doing with this.

Sami talks about putting herself on the line to protect Gabi from Nick. Sami asks if this is guilt. Gabi argues that Nick does deserve a second chance because he didn't put them away. Gabi says Nick is the one holding all of the card. Abigail arrives and greets Gabi. Gabi says she's late and hurries out. Abigail sits with Sami and asks what Gabi meant by Nick holding all the cards. Sami says she doesn't know what's up with her. Abigail thinks that Nick may have turned around. Sami suggests waiting and seeing to let him prove himself first. Sami asks if Abigail wished she did that with the worthless jerk she was dating.

Kate asks if she's rattled EJ's cage. Kate offers to negotiate and asks how much he's going to offer her for that. Kate brings up the formula he stole from her. Kate takes the envelope and decides to find out what is inside.

Marybeth tells JJ that Paige is going to be happy. JJ says he's going to be with her but she informs him of Stamford. Marybeth tells JJ that Paige is going to leave him in the dust as she walks away.

Brady goes home and looks at the drinks. Eric appears and tells him that Henderson let him in. Eric says he heard what Brady did for Daniel. Eric thanks him. Brady says he didn't do it for him. Eric wants to help Brady help Daniel.

Daniel finishes a call with Maggie. Daniel tells Jennifer that Maggie said hi and that Abigail was getting the Smith Island key from her house. Daniel questions what Jennifer is really doing here. Jennifer says she just had to look for something. Daniel tells her to come out with it. Jennifer says it's more important than ever that they are totally honest with each other. Liam continues listening in from his room with a smile.

Paige returns to JJ and asks if he's ready to go to the movies. She asks him what's wrong but JJ says nothing. JJ says he heard she's leaving town this fall for Stamford and asks why she didn't tell him.

Sami tells Abigail that she just hates that some guy would do that to her. Abigail says it was just as much her fault. Sami continues that she hated that it happened because she deserves better. Sami asks if the man is still around but Abigail assures her that it's over and she's relieved. Abigail says she knows what a huge mistake she made but she's glad it ended before anyone really got hurt.

Kate opens the envelope but nothing is inside. Kate questions EJ. EJ starts to leave. Kate says whatever was inside really upset him and asks why he thought she sent it to him. EJ calls it a minor annoyance. Kate warns that if it has anything to do with Nick, he won't drag her down with him. EJ exits and wonders if it wasn't Kate then who.

Brady tells Eric that there's nothing to do for Daniel right now. Eric then says it's not booze or Theresa but Kristen. Eric can't believe it's still between them. Eric asks what will make it go away. Brady responds that maybe it never will. Eric exits.

Nicole sits at the club. Debra arrives and introduces herself.

Daniel tells Jennifer that she's scaring him and asks her to just tell him. Jennifer shows Daniel the bottle of pills.

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