Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/22/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/22/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole dreams of going to Daniel about Liam but having Liam reveal her secret to Daniel and Eric.

Nick talks to Gabi about finding a good lawyer for her who has no family relations and adds that he's tough. Gabi asks why he needs to be tough and what Nick thinks. Nick sits with her and tells her that it's possible that on paper Will and Sonny would look more substantial than her with Sonny's business and them being married.

Ben calls Jordan and mentions not hearing from her lately. Jordan says she's on her way to meet Rafe so she can't talk. Ben asks to meet up later and Jordan says maybe.

Rafe calls an old friend Tim from the FBI in the park. Rafe asks for a favor.

Anne talks with Theresa at the hospital. Anne asks why Theresa isn't smiling on this good day as Brady walks by.

Daniel finishes a call as Jennifer joins him. Daniel thought they were meeting at Maggie's to go to the hearing together. Jennifer informs him that she can't be there for him.

Liam walks out of the town square and finds a woman on the bench. He says it wasn't easy tracking her down but he's glad he did. Liam suggests they talk about Daniel.

Nicole calls Eric and tells him that she needs to talk to him as soon as possible about Daniel and a lot of things.

Jennifer informs Daniel that Anne forced the board to not let her come to the hearing. She adds that Anne tried to get Brady off but he's on the board. Daniel notes that Brady will be the only one in his corner then. Jennifer apologizes.

Theresa approaches Brady and asks about having Daniel's hearing moved. Brady talks about Daniel being punished for something he didn't do. Brady talks about people accusing Theresa. She asks about him believing her. Brady mentions them being on a break until he gets to the bottom of this. Theresa asks if there is any new evidence.

Liam tells the woman that she knows what to do. He gives her half of the money they talked about and says she will get the rest when the job is done.

Rafe tells Tim that it's not Salem PD business but it's personal. Jordan arrives behind Rafe. Rafe mentions sending a profile along and how he can't find anything on him. Rafe finishes the call then sees Jordan. Rafe greets her with a kiss and asks if she's okay. Rafe asks if Ben did something to her again. Jordan suggests Rafe tell her what he knows about Ben.

Gabi disagrees with Nick and argues that she looks every bit as good as Nick since she has her modeling career and is finishing college. Nick agrees and says she has no reason to believe that Will isn't being straight with her. Gabi brings up Sami calling her an unfit mother and that's why she threatened to leave. Nick goes over Will making sure that Sami wouldn't show up anymore. Gabi mentions that is when he brought up the custody agreement so she has this feeling that Sami will pull something and try to take Arianna away from her.

Brady tells Theresa that he's not going to discuss Daniel's hearing with her and suggests she stay out of it. Brady says they will talk when this is over and walks away. Anne joins Theresa and tells her that Daniel will be sunk. Theresa worries about her name coming up at the hearing and she cries that she wasn't even around when Daniel was drugged so she couldn't have done it. Anne talks about Theresa having easy access since she had the key to his apartment.

Eric and Nicole meet at the Pub. Eric assures her that Daniel will be cleared but Nicole wants to do more and not just sit around while Daniel's career is destroyed. Nicole mentions that there's something she could do so Eric asks if she found something that could help clear Daniel.

Parker says bye to Jennifer. Daniel walks her out and kisses her goodbye. Jennifer exits. Daniel sends Parker to finish getting dressed. Outside the door, Jennifer gets a call from the woman that Liam met. She tells Jennifer that she needs to talk with her right away about Daniel.

Nick tells Gabi not to panic. Gabi continues to worry. Nick suggests maybe the best thing would be for him to leave, go back to New York, and get as far away from them as possible.

Rafe tells Jordan that he's not following. Jordan tells him that she heard his call. Rafe says it wasn't about Ben but police business. Jordan complains about him going behind her back and lying to her face. Rafe insists that the call wasn't about her brother but about his sister.

Gabi tells Nick that she won't let other people control what they do so he can't leave town because of this. Gabi asks Nick about the lawyer he found. Nick praises him. Gabi is happy and grateful. Nick says he thinks this is all Sami as Will wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Gabi can't believe he's so forgiving after all that happened. Nick comments that holding on to anger doesn't help anyone. Gabi agrees but adds that she hopes Nick is angry enough that if Sami tries anything, he can stop her.

Theresa tells Anne that she forgot about having the key to Daniel's apartment so she doesn't even know where it is and probably lost it. Anne says no one else knew about it but she will make sure this costs Daniel his job.

Nicole tells Eric that she doesn't know anything for sure about Daniel's case. She thinks back to running into Liam and mentions that she just has her suspicions. Eric talks about Theresa. Nicole wonders if it was someone else. She says she can't let Daniel get hurt like this and needs to get this out. Eric says he knows what she's going to say.

The woman goes to Jennifer's to meet with her. She tells her that she has information about Daniel and didn't want to tell in public. Jennifer asks if she's afraid of Anne or Theresa. The woman responds that she doesn't want to get anyone in trouble, she just wants to do the right thing.

Jordan questions this not being about Ben. Rafe sits with her and explains that it's about Gabi and Nick since he's not going to let Nick hurt her again. Jordan asks if Gabi seems upset or scared. Rafe says not at all which worries him the most since Gabi should be terrified of Nick but instead, he's working his way back into her life. Rafe gets a call back from Tim and answers, asking what he's got. Rafe is informed of no record and hangs up. Rafe tells Jordan that he needs to postpone their date as it was not the news he was expecting. Jordan tells him to do what he needs to do. She apologizes for jumping on him before. Rafe understands she's protective of her brother. Rafe kisses her goodbye. Jordan asks him to go easy on Gabi as he walks away.

Gabi tells Nick that she knows he would have her back if it came to that. Nick calls her amazing and says he's so grateful that she let him back in to her life. Gabi gets a message on her phone. Nick asks if something is wrong. Gabi tells him that Rafe is on his way over. Nick decides he will leave. Gabi tells him that he doesn't have to go but Nick doesn't want to be there when Rafe shows up after he's giving him a second chance. Gabi kisses Nick and asks him to be there when she meets with the lawyer. Gabi adds that Nick is the only person she can trust right now. Nick exits.

Nicole questions Eric knowing. Eric says he knows where this is going and she needs to stop. Eric knows she wants to do anything she can to help a friend which is another reason he loves her. Eric doesn't want her to get herself hurt so he says there has to be another way that she can help. Nicole agrees.

Daniel goes to the hospital and greets Brady. Anne joins them. Daniel says he's ready to clear his name and find out who really did this to him. They walk off as Theresa watches on. Theresa thinks back to giving Liam the key to Daniel's apartment. She says she can't talk to Liam but there has to be someone as she pulls out her phone.

Eric asks Nicole to promise that she won't do anything to risk their future together. Nicole promises. Eric says it's selfish but he has his heart set on spending the rest of his life with her. Eric gets a text from Theresa and tells Nicole that someone else's guilty conscience must have gotten to them. Eric says he has such an amazing woman in his life in Nicole and kisses her then steps out to respond to Theresa.

Brady begins the hearing of Daniel at a table with the rest of the board.

The woman tells Jennifer that she's the cleaning woman at Daniel's apartment complex. She talks about not knowing Daniel but claims she saw something when cleaning his apartment.

Nicole returns to her office and says there has to be a way to get Chyka's email away from Liam so she can tell Daniel and Eric about Liam. Nicole wonders why and wants to start with getting Liam's address first.

Jennifer asks the woman what this is about. She says she cleans houses so she sees things. She says she couldn't keep quiet about what she found in Daniel's place and she can tell her exactly where to look.

Theresa meets with Eric in the park and brings up Daniel's hearing. Theresa says if Eric cares about her then she needs him to help her right now.

Nick goes to the club where Sonny is working. Nick orders a ginger ale. Nick mentions just seeing Gabi and hearing about the custody agreement. Nick says he thinks it's a great idea and he's sure the three of them will work something out. Sonny sarcastically thanks him. Sonny tells Nick that Gabi might be buying his act but asks if he thinks anyone else is.

Jordan meets with Ben outside of the town square. Ben asks if there was trouble with Rafe. Jordan says it's none of his business but Rafe had his own problems to deal with. Ben says maybe now Rafe will stop obsessing over him and his dislike. Ben talks about not being able to believe Jordan got involved with a cop of all people and says that's the worst thing she could do. Jordan says she knows that.

Rafe goes to see Gabi and asks her questions about Nick in New York. Gabi doesn't know where he worked and never heard from him here. Gabi talks about being surprised as anyone when he came back. Rafe asks if Nick liked New York. Gabi says he didn't which is why he wanted to come back. Rafe calls it funny and questions it. Gabi asks what he's trying to say. Rafe explains that he had his friend in the FBI run a search for him and they couldn't find a shred of evidence that Nick was ever in New York which begs the question of where has Nick been all the time that he was gone from Salem. Gabi thinks back to the night at the river.

Nick asks Sonny what his point is. Sonny tells him to forget it. Nick says he was excited about his threats. Nick knows Sonny doesn't believe anything he says but adds that he's changed and doesn't give a damn if he believes him or not.

Gabi questions Rafe calling the FBI on Nick. Rafe says he's looking out for her. Rafe says no one has any answers when it comes to Nick but they tell him to stop asking questions. Gabi insists that she's not in any trouble and Nick is trying to keep her out of trouble.

Jordan tells Ben that she never got intimate with her patients before. Jordan talks about fighting her feelings for Rafe initially. Ben tells her that his can't end well and hugs her.

Anne speaks during Daniel's hearing and shows Daniel's blood work as she complains about the drugs in his system and his outrageous behavior. Anne brings up a previous incident involving Daniel and drugs. Brady argues that Daniel was cleared of any wrong doing there. Brady states that they cannot discount that someone else caused the drugs in his system.

Nicole looks up Liam on her computer and finds information about Liam not keeping jobs for long so he may have work issues. Nicole wonders if a disgruntled employee could enlighten her. Nicole then suggests Liam's ex wife and finds sealed divorced records so she wonders what's up with that.

Eric tells Theresa that people would come to him to unburden their regrets when he was a priest. Eric suggests they start with what she's done and any involvement she had with Daniel.

Brady and Anne continue to argue at the hearing. Brady calls for a recess and says the board will make a decision based on what they know.

Jennifer goes to Daniel's apartment and looks around.

Ben asks about how Jordan feels. Jordan says Rafe is the reason she didn't leave Salem. Ben talks about never seeing Jordan happier even though she hates that he's there. Jordan says she does love him. Ben talks about not having a cop on them. Jordan mentions Rafe being in the FBI before. Ben worries about that. Jordan declares that she knows he could end this and it would all be over.

Rafe tells Gabi that he needs to know what Nick has on her. Gabi says it's a lot worse and involves a lot of people. Gabi asks him to just listen to her and trust her. Gabi begs him to let it go. Gabi says it's all worked out and will be better if he stops talking about it. Rafe asks her how this sounds to him. Gabi warns that she and others could go to prison over something that no longer matters. Rafe questions how it doesn't matter. Gabi asks him to just let it go.

Nick tells Sonny that he only cares what Gabi thinks. Nick says Gabi sees him for who she really is and likes what she sees. Nick tells Sonny that everyone will have to get used to the idea that he and Gabi are together. Nick then exits the club.

Rafe says okay to Gabi even though it's against his judgment. Rafe agrees not to press further but warns that he will make Nick pay if he hurts her again. Gabi hugs him. Rafe then exits.

Eric tells Theresa that Daniel and Jennifer both think she's involved and he does too but if she tells him everything she knows now then he will do all he can to help her out of this mess. Eric tells her that this is her last chance. Theresa says she did nothing so someone else did it. Theresa adds that he's out of his mind if he thinks she's going to let him or anyone pin this on her.

Nicole calls Liam's ex wife asking to talk about Liam but she tells Nicole that she wants nothing to do with that crazy bastard and hangs up.

The cleaning woman meets with Liam. He tells her that he has the rest of her money and a one way ticket to Texas as he asks how it went.

Brady resumes the hearing and declares that there is no credible evidence against Daniel. Brady says Daniel will remain off surgical rotation for 30 days and will have random drug tests. Brady says without any further evidence, Daniel's duties will resume after the thirty days and his non surgery work can resume tomorrow.

The woman assures Liam that Jennifer went straight to Daniel's apartment to find what he wants her to find. He gives her the rest of the money.

Jennifer searches Daniel's apartment and finds a bottle of pills inside a jar with Daniel's name on the prescription.

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