Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/21/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/21/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami notices the envelope on the floor and asks what it is. EJ says he hadn't noticed it so he doesn't know. Sami thinks it could be about the wedding so she decides to find out. Sami picks up the envelope and opens it but her phone rings so she answers and it's work. EJ offers to take the call but Sami says she's got it and hands EJ the envelope. EJ smiles as Sami handles the work. EJ pulled the photo of he and Abigail kissing at the cabin halfway out of the envelope but did not yet look at it. Sami finishes the call. EJ praises Sami's work and puts the envelope down on the table as they kiss. Sami says she has to go finish work and mentions that Marlena is coming. EJ wonders why since she hates the mansion. Sami explains that she's showing her dresses. EJ kisses her more but Sami insists that she has to finish e-mails in the study. Sami exits so EJ goes back to the envelope and sees the picture of he and Abigail.

EJ looks around and goes in to the living room then shuts all the doors. EJ looks at the photo and puts it down in shock. EJ knocks over papers with the photo then scrambles to pick them all up. He stares at the photo and thinks back to Sami telling him that she trusts him. Sami walks in and says "oh my God", catching EJ by surprise. EJ goes in to a dream sequence.

Sami takes the photo and asks if it's someone's idea of a sick joke. Sami assumes it's Photoshop and brings up Stefano. EJ goes along with it until Sami realizes it's real. EJ admits it but says it meant nothing and was an idiotic mistake. EJ tells her it was months ago. Sami starts to cry. EJ tells her to breathe as she backs away from him. EJ tells her it's over and never was anything. Sami recognizes the Horton cabin. Sami continues asking questions and asks EJ why. EJ responds that there is no good answer. Sami asks if EJ loved Abigail. EJ assures her that he only loves her. Sami cries as EJ tries to get through to her. EJ then states that he did it to protect her. EJ explains how Abigail was suspicious about what happened to Nick and wanted to go to Hope so he went to the cabin to stop her. EJ tells Sami that he couldn't let her go to prison so this is protecting her. Sami slaps EJ and yells that it's not about protecting her. EJ shouts back that Sami went to Chicago, not knowing if she was going to marry him. They argue and Sami points out that Abigail was their babysitter, his brother's ex, and barely out of college. EJ states that it was one huge mistake. Sami asks if it was just one or if it is still going on. EJ admits that it was only twice and never after they reunited. Sami asks where it happened. EJ admits it was the men's locker room at his gym. Sami recalls coming to see him that day. Sami remembers EJ taking so long to come out of the shower. Sami realizes that Abigail was there the whole time. EJ tries to explain. Sami brings up asking him to handle Abigail at the christening. EJ says he deserves all of this but he's not letting her go. Sami then brings up the pregnancy scare and that the baby would've been his. Sami can't believe Abigail let her comfort her during that. Sami asks what was so irresistible about Abigail. EJ insists that Sami is the only woman he ever wanted. EJ talks about all the years he waited for her. EJ says he gave away everything he had for her. EJ asks how she could ever think he'd want to be with anyone but her. Sami says he took Abigail. EJ says he wanted her but she was nowhere to be found and she wouldn't commit. Sami screams at him. EJ says he's not trying to justify what he did. EJ doesn't blame her for hating him. EJ says he's sorry but isn't going to surrender as he's fighting for their lives right now. EJ declares he won't let this all be for nothing due to one stupid mistake. Sami argues that this is not a mistake. Sami calls this a betrayal. EJ asks how that can be if his heart never left her for a second. EJ puts his hand on her shoulder. Sami then grabs a knife and holds it to him, threatening to put it through his heart if he touches her again.

EJ grabs her hand and puts the knife against him. She cries and pulls away. Sami slams the knife down in frustration. Sami picks up the papers off the floor and sees they are their wedding invitations. Sami reads over how she was promising her family it was different this time and that they were happy and in love. Sami talks about trusting EJ and having the perfect happy wedding. Sami rips up the invitation and says at least it didn't happen at the altar. EJ tries to tell her how insignificant this is as he loves her. EJ argues that this is nothing compared to what they have been through. EJ says Abigail meant nothing. Sami says he crossed a line that he never imagined he could cross and she could never forgive. EJ stops her from leaving and begs her. Sami shouts that he threw her away. EJ says she's not being rational which infuriates her. EJ tries to say he didn't mean it but Sami throws things across the room. EJ grabs her and holds her on the floor as she screams that he broke her. EJ holds her as they cry. Sami cries that she loved him as EJ cries apologizing. Marlena walks in asking what happened and what EJ did to Sami. EJ yells at her to get out as this is private. Sami says she's going to find out anyway and shows Marlena the photo. Marlena can't believe it. Marlena says she will take Sami wherever she wants to go. Sami says she's leaving and taking the kids. EJ argues against her. Sami shoves EJ down and storms out. Marlena tells EJ that Sami loved him but there is no way back from this betrayal. Marlena declares that they are done and heads upstairs to pack the children's things. EJ gets up and scrambles through his things then runs out of the room.

EJ goes to the Horton house and finds Abigail. Abigail drops her purse and out falls a pregnancy test that is positive. EJ questions it. Abigail tells him that Dr. Garcia was his personal doctor so it looks like Stefano wanted him to get married. Abigail says she is pregnant and is going to a real doctor. EJ tells her about Sami knowing. Abigail thinks she can talk to Sami. EJ states that Abigail is pregnant as Sami walks in and hears. Sami calls Abigail a slut and trashes her. Sami tries to go after her as EJ holds her back. Sami brings up Abigail almost destroying Carrie and Austin's marriage and now destroying hers. Sami tells Abigail that they need to talk. Abigail tries to explain. Sami tells them to shut up and listen to her. Sami threatens Abigail going near her children. Jennifer walks in and asks Sami what is going on here. Sami tells Abigail to tell her. Abigail says she's going to be sick. Sami informs Abigail that Abigail had sex with EJ and is pregnant. Jennifer questions what EJ did to make Abigail do this. Abigail runs out of the room. Sami chases her up the stairs where they fight. EJ and Jennifer try to stop it but they get shoved back and Sami ends up knocking Abigail over the railing through a table, knocking her out.

It was all a dream as EJ snaps out of it from staring at the photo and Sami had come back in commenting on one of Johnny's drawings. EJ gets up and hugs her, telling her that everything is perfect. Sami asks if he's sure he's okay and worries about him getting sick. Sami adds that she needs him healthy for their honeymoon where she has big surprises planned. They kiss. Sami then asks EJ what the envelope was but the doorbell rings so Sami goes to answer it. EJ puts the envelope in his drawer and locks it. Marlena arrives and Sami brings her in to greet EJ. Sami says they are going to look at dresses upstairs then go to the Pub. They invite EJ to join them but EJ says it sounds like a girls night and he has work to take care of so he'll stay there. Sami tells him that she loves him and kisses him goodbye as she exits with Marlena. EJ shuts the doors and begins accusing Stefano of starting a war with him. EJ pulls the envelope back out, questioning if it's a wedding present from Stefano. EJ shouts about his happiness being threatened. EJ then says it can't be because Stefano is the only other person in town that is happy about the wedding. EJ realizes it wasn't Stefano so someone else knows.

Sami and Marlena come back down from upstairs and decide they will talk to Caroline about the dresses. Sami decides she will just e-mail EJ. Marlena comments that Sami looks happy. Sami calls it a miracle. Sami says everything just fits and she finally has the life that she always wanted. She cries that they are whole and it's all because of EJ. Sami decides they can just go so they exit.

EJ looks at a photo of he and Sami. He declares they walked through too much fire to get to this so he won't lose her.

Sami and Marlena go to the Pub but find out that Caroline is not there. They sit together and talk about the wedding. Sami wants everything to be perfect. Jennifer arrives and greets them. Sami invites her to join them but she doesn't want to intrude. Sami insists they would love their opinion and asks if Abigail is with her too. Jennifer says Abigail is helping a friend with something. Sami comments that she's a good person.

EJ sits in the park and meets with Abigail. Abigail says it better be important and asks what the big emergency is.

Sami, Jennifer, and Marlena look over wedding dresses on Sami's tablet. They come across the art that Sami has been studying. She explains that Abigail has been helping her learn art so she could impress EJ on their honeymoon. Sami tells Jennifer that she should be proud of Abigail.

EJ questions Abigail being annoyed to meet with him. Abigail says it's a bad idea since they were lucky to get out without consequences. EJ says it must have been hard for her. Abigail talks about no one ever looking at her the same if people knew. EJ says they have to make sure that doesn't happen.

Sami, Marlena, and Jennifer finish and Sami gets a text to work so she has to go. Sami thanks them and exits the Pub. Jennifer comments that Sami looked radiant. Marlena responds that she's never seen her happier. Jennifer thinks Marlena looks terrified. Marlena says she's trying not to be but she's marrying a DiMera. Marlena asks how Jennifer would feel if her daughter was still involved with a DiMera.

Abigail questions EJ thinking she told someone about them. EJ admits he's always scared of that as the consequences would be terrible, his life would be over, and Sami would be destroyed. Abigail remarks that nobody destroys Sami. Abigail wonders how they ever happened with the way EJ loves Sami. EJ wants her to understand that he is her only friend if she ever needs to discuss it. Abigail responds that she won't ever need him so he's off the hook. Abigail tells him to never call her again as she walks away.

Jennifer tells Marlena that she's just glad Abigail and Chad didn't work out. Jennifer suggests maybe they are wrong since Sami looks amazing and happy so maybe EJ has come around.

Abigail returns home and looks at a photo of her, Jennifer, and JJ. Abigail tells the picture of Jennifer that she promises EJ is out of her life forever.

EJ talks on the phone at home with Stefano about this having to be someone who has an axe to grind with them. Sami comes home so EJ quickly hangs up. Sami excitedly tells him about picking the dress and they kiss. Sami announces she wants to elope. EJ questions her being serious and brings up that she wanted to get married in the garden in front of family and friends. Sami doesn't want to tempt fate and wants to just do this. EJ picks her up and tells her that he is going to give her the wedding she wants and deserves. EJ says they will have the life of their dreams as they kiss.

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