Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/18/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/18/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope wants to go tell Father Louis about what a disaster this is but Aiden stops her and thinks they can fix it. Aiden tells her to stick with him as they can pull this off.

JJ walks through the town square on the phone, leaving a message for Jennifer. He spots Paige and calls out to her but she keeps walking. JJ rushes up to her and asks if she heard him. Paige says she did but wants him to leave her alone and she walks off.

Sami goes to see Abigail at the hospital in Jennifer's office. Abigail tells her they don't have to do this now as there is something going on at the hospital but she can't talk about it. Sami talks about her excitement of being able to talk art with EJ. Abigail asks if she has time for all of that when her wedding is coming up. Sami says she isn't worried about the wedding since it is coming along perfectly.

Someone lays out a photo of EJ and Abigail kissing at the cabin next to an envelope.

Will goes to the DiMera Mansion with Arianna. EJ tells him that Sami isn't there but Will says he came to see EJ. EJ asks if something is wrong. Will informs him that he thinks he's messed up in a very big way.

Nick tells Gabi that he never wants to see her unhappy again and kisses her as Rafe walks up and sees them. Gabi stops and acknowledges Rafe.

The photo of EJ and Abigail is put in to the envelope.

Will explains to EJ that he argued with Gabi and brought up the custody agreement. Will says Gabi was upset and he feels he screwed up. EJ tells him that he didn't screw up and he came to the right place.

Abigail tells Sami that she's glad everything is going so well since they deserve to be happy. Sami thanks her and encourages Abigail that she will find that too with someone. Abigail asks about her learning art. Sami brings up Abigail being friends with Gabi. Sami says they got into it and now Will is mad at her. Abigail assures that they will work it out. Sami feels they would if not for Nick. Sami says she knows Nick is Abigail's cousin but is going to put her on the spot. Sami asks what she thinks of Nick honestly.

Gabi tells Rafe that he can't beat Nick up every time he finds them together as this is her life. Rafe thinks back to Will warning him that he could make this a lot worse. Gabi asks if Rafe is hearing her as he does not respond.

JJ stops Paige, asking what's wrong and why she is so mad. Paige complains that he stood her up. JJ explains that he was just late. Paige talks about waiting around for him but he never showed up. JJ asks if she got his text. Paige mentions that Marybeth said he would try to use that line. Paige checks her phone and shows him there is no text. JJ assures her that he sent one and shows her his phone that it was delivered. Paige says it doesn't make sense as they went to the club afterwards. Paige talks about Marybeth encouraging her to never trust JJ. Paige then remembers she left her phone on the table and realizes Marybeth deleted the text. Paige says she can't believe her. JJ says Marybeth should mind her own business. JJ apologizes and asks for another chance. Paige asks what he wants to do. JJ invites her to come home with him to hang out. Paige agrees and they walk off together.

Hope asks Aiden what he suggests. Aiden thinks they can con Mr. Howell in to giving them the ballroom. Hope is unsure. Hope gets a call and says they will deal with it as she hangs up. Aiden asks what that was about. Hope tells Aiden to forget about Howell because compared to what she just found out, he is just a minor annoyance.

Abigail tells Sami that she knows how she feels about Nick. Sami talks about Nick being with Gabi. Abigail suggests that Nick has changed and might want to live a happier life. Sami says that depends on what would make him happy. Abigail says people make huge mistakes all the time and asks if that should mean it's just over for them. Abigail asks Sami if she would feel like she deserves a second chance if she made a big mistake.

EJ asks Will if he trashed Nick to Gabi. Will says he was trying not to but she still told him he was crazy for thinking Nick would come between him and Arianna so maybe she's right. EJ asks if he really thinks that. EJ asks what Sonny thinks. Will says Sonny thinks he's dreaming. EJ agrees but thinks it would be best for proceed with the custody agreement. EJ thinks Gabi trusts him and feels that he could convince her. EJ tells Will that everything will be just fine.

Nick says he doesn't want any trouble between Rafe and Gabi so he's going to go. Gabi stops him and says he has nothing to be sorry about. Rafe says that's right and he came looking for her so he could apologize. Rafe apologizes to Gabi for upsetting her and for the fight the had. Gabi thanks him and hugs him, saying it means so much to her.

Hope tells Aiden about a woman named Giselle who is always the biggest donator for the auction that raises the most money for St. Luke's but this year, she has decided not to participate so without her, they might as well not have the gala. Aiden asks for her number so he can call her. Aiden says they aren't going to fail at their job. Hope decides instead of Aiden calling, they will track her down and confront her in person.

JJ goes home with Paige. JJ calls out asking if anyone is home but no one is. JJ tells her that he really thought Jennifer and Abigail would be home so he wasn't trying to get her alone. JJ asks if she wants to go out for coffee then checks his wallet and decides against it. Paige tells him that they don't have to go anywhere because she's not afraid to be alone with him and she kind of likes it. JJ's phone rings so she asks if everything is okay. JJ gets upset and throws his phone so Paige asks him what happened.

Sami tells Abigail that she shouldn't have asked about Nick because she can see she's upset. Abigail says it's not because of that but what's happening at the hospital. Sami apologizes and decides maybe it wasn't a good time to get together. Sami asks if Abigail has ever had a gut feeling about someone and no matter what they say or do, they just aren't a good person. Abigail replies that she has but sometimes thinks she's wrong. Sami exits. Sami tells herself that she knows she's not wrong and worries about Gabi as she walks away.

Nick tells Rafe that he hopes someday they can be friends and they shake hands. Rafe tells Nick that Gabi means the world to him so he will have to prove himself to him. Nick says that's what he has been trying to do since coming back. Rafe comments on him coming back from New York. Rafe says he has to get going and walks off. Gabi excitedly tells Nick that Rafe is giving him a chance so maybe all of this will work out as she hugs him.

EJ talks on the phone as he heads back into the living room. Behind him, the envelope is slid underneath the front door.

Hope talks to Aiden in the town square about Giselle. Hope says she has her hair done at the same spot in the town square so she should be by soon. Giselle walks by so Hope greets her and introduces her to Aiden. Hope asks her about not contributing to this year's auction. Giselle says she couldn't attend this year so she didn't want to donate without being able to see the bidding. Hope asks why she can't attend. Giselle informs her of her divorce and doesn't want to draw attention by attending a public function alone. Giselle gets a call and steps away. Aiden and Hope agree that they just need to find Giselle a date. Hope asks if Aiden knows anyone. Aiden replies that he doesn't have a date that night.

Paige asks JJ what happened. JJ says it's just something that's been going on which is why he was late earlier. Paige asks about it. JJ explains to her that Daniel was set up. Paige wonders who would do that. JJ talks about being pretty sure it was Theresa so he thinks she drugged him. Paige says that's horrible as Daniel is a great doctor. JJ says the text he just got was that there is a hearing tomorrow where Daniel has to prove he's not a drug addict. Paige wonders why Theresa would do that to him. JJ tells her that it's pretty much his fault.

Nick tells Gabi that he has to go but he feels better about Rafe now. Nick tells Gabi not to worry about Will talking about a custody agreement as it could be good for her too. Gabi says he has a way of keeping her from freaking out. Gabi suggests talking to a lawyer like Justin. Nick points out that Justin is also Sonny's dad. Gabi says she doesn't know any other lawyers. Nick tells her that he will think about it. Nick reminds her that everything is going to work out as they kiss.

Rafe runs in to Sami outside the Pub. Sami asks him what's wrong. Rafe asks how she knows something is wrong. Sami says she was reading him and asks if it's Jordan. Rafe says she's fine but he just ran into Gabi making out with Nick. Rafe says Gabi is blind when it comes to Nick. Rafe mentions that he hit Nick before so he tried to stay calm this time. Sami asks about not knowing that Rafe hit Nick. Rafe says she would've known if she came when he asked to see her instead of sending EJ to deal with him.

EJ gets another call and answers. He talks on the phone while walking by the envelope on the floor.

Aiden goes back to Giselle, asking if there's anything he can do to convince her to come to the gala. Aiden mentions that he's attending alone and suggests they could go together which would stick it to her ex husband. Giselle replies that she can think of an even better way to stick it to him as she looks over to Hope.

JJ explains to Paige the situation between he and Theresa. JJ talks about how he used to want Daniel and Jennifer to break up and Theresa wanted that too since she hates Jennifer. JJ explains how Theresa overdosed and Daniel saved her life then covered for him to keep him out of jail. Paige calls Daniel a hero. JJ talks about Daniel turning Theresa down and now he's sure that she's doing this to get back at him. JJ worries that Daniel could lose his license and it's all because of him.

Nick meets with Abigail at the club. Abigail asks what happened to his lip. Nick claims that he ran into a door. Abigail asks what he wanted to talk about. Nick tells her that he needs a lawyer.

Gabi goes home as Will just put Arianna to sleep. Gabi thanks him as she needed to go clear his head. Will brings up him being the reason she's upset. Will says he blew it by dropping the custody thing on her. Gabi agrees that he did.

Sami tells Rafe that he didn't send EJ to handle him but EJ wanted to go. Rafe asks why. Sami says it's because she had gotten into it with Gabi and said things she shouldn't have so they didn't want her to shoot her mouth off anymore. Rafe asks if that's really it. Rafe asks if it's that EJ didn't want her to clue him in on something he shouldn't know about. Rafe says he knows something is going on. Sami says it's just that Nick is pursuing Gabi again which is upsetting. Rafe thinks it's more than that and brings up talking to Will. Sami claims that she really doesn't know what he's talking about. Rafe asks about EJ not wanting her to clue him in. Rafe asks if it's protecting Gabi.

Paige tells JJ that it must have been really tough on him. JJ says it's not about him but what Daniel is going through. JJ says it's not fair and shouldn't be happening. Paige thinks JJ blames himself too much. Paige bets Daniel isn't mad at JJ but proud of him. Paige tells JJ to face it that he is a good guy.

Aiden goes and tells Hope that Giselle turned him down but looked at her so she must be in to women. Hope says she can't go with her because she's working the gala. Hope says it can't be her since the whole town knows she's not gay. Aiden figures there's no other way and encourages Hope. Hope goes over to Giselle. Roman walks by and greets Aiden. Roman says he needs to talk to him about an evidence request. Aiden informs Roman that he's working with Hope for the gala. Roman asks how it's going. Aiden says he'll let him know in a minute. Hope talks to Giselle about her may be going to the gala. Giselle mentions not going alone. Hope says her husband is out of town so they could go but Giselle quickly tells her that she didn't want to go with her but with someone she knows. Giselle then reveals she wants to go with Roman.

Gabi tells Will that his timing sucked since Sami just told her she was an unfit mother. Gabi agrees that it's probably for the best that he brought up the custody agreement though. Gabi says it will make Sami have to back off. Gabi mentions talking to someone that made her realize she was making too much out of what he said. Will asks if it was Rafe but Gabi tells him that it was Nick.

Abigail asks why Nick needs a lawyer. Nick says it's not for him. Abigail wonders why he thinks she knows lawyers. Nick says he was thinking of the lawyer that helped JJ. Abigail tells him that it's Aiden. She asks if it's for Gabi. Nick doesn't want a lecture. Abigail asks Nick if he knows what he's doing. Nick responds that he knows exactly what he's doing.

Sami knows Rafe is worried about Gabi but promises not to let her get into a situation. Rafe says they are past that as he just apologized to Nick. Sami says he did the right thing because it could get worse. Rafe asks how. Sami tells him there's nothing he can do so he should just leave it alone as she hurries off.

EJ remains around the front door and walks past the envelope on the floor again.

Aiden asks Hope how it went. Hope excitedly greets Roman and tells him how great it is that he's there. Roman jokes about Giselle and mentions getting a very uncomfortable feeling that she wants to zero in on him. Roman adds that he would avoid her and says he has to go. Roman wishes them luck and walks off. Aiden asks Hope how it went. Hope informs Aiden that Giselle wanted Roman. Aiden says they have to make it happen. Hope worries that Roman is too stubborn as he wanted nothing to do with her. Aiden remarks that it just keeps getting worse.


JJ is happy that Paige thinks he's a good guy. Paige's phone rings and she has to go. JJ walks her to the door. Paige hopes everything is okay with Daniel. They agree to see each other at school. Paige goes to leave but stops and they kiss. Paige smiles and says goodbye then exits.

Rafe uses his computer to search Nick Fallon and New York City.

Will questions Gabi about Nick getting her to see that a custody agreement was a good idea. Gabi explains that Nick totally understood and helped her feel better about it. Gabi insists that Nick is not the guy they think he is. Will reminds her that Nick knows he could put them all away in prison any time he wants. Gabi argues that's not what he wants. Arianna starts to cry so Gabi goes to check on her. Will wonders aloud what Nick wants.

Abigail says the way Nick said he knows what he's doing was scary. Nick says he's just trying to express how much this means to him as he never stopped loving Gabi and whether they end up together is totally up to her. Nick asks Abigail about her love life and how long she is going to sit on the sidelines. Abigail thinks back to being with EJ and tells Nick that she's in no hurry.

Sami comes home and joins EJ in the living room. She hugs him and he asks what's wrong. She mentions running into Rafe, who was upset about Gabi and Nick. Sami adds that Rafe figured out they are doing what Nick wants and protecting Gabi. Sami says she convinced Rafe that he would just make it worse if he got involved. Sami notices the envelope on the floor and asks what it is. EJ says he hadn't noticed it so he doesn't know. Sami thinks it could be about the wedding so she decides to find out. Sami picks up the envelope and opens it.

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