Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/17/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/17/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kate meets Rafe at the club and mentions being surprised to hear from him. She asks what he wanted to see her about. Rafe says it's something serious and asks why she hired Nick. Rafe adds that he wants the truth.

Gabi talks on the phone to Nick, saying she can't believe Rafe punched him. Nick blows it off and says Rafe is important to him since he's her brother. Gabi hears keys so she hangs up. Will comes in with their wedding gift from Nick and shows it to Gabi. Will says they both really like it even if it is from Nick.

Hope comments to Aiden that she didn't know he and Marlena knew each other. Aiden says she consulted on a case of his and asks about Hope knowing her. Hope says they are good friends and Marlena always has her back. Hope tells Aiden that he didn't need to do what he did but it meant a lot.

Brady asks about Theresa being the main suspect and asks if it could be somebody else. Jennifer asks what other sick, demented person would want to destroy Daniel.

Liam takes a box from his briefcase and says it should do the trick. Liam then makes a call and says it's been a long time.

Daniel sends Parker with the babysitter from the park and turns around as Theresa approaches. Theresa tries to run the other way but Daniel stops her and tells her not to even think about walking away from him.

Hope tells Aiden that the thank you note wasn't necessary. Aiden is still thankful she was there. Father Louis enters and asks if they are brainstorming together. They agree on setting up a gala for the summer. He hands Hope a book, saying there are details that need to be dealt with.

Gabi is surprised Will and Sonny didn't trash the gift being from Nick. Will admits it was very thoughtful. Gabi asks if he thinks it's a way for Nick to manipulate him. Will does think it is a possibility.

Kate tells Rafe that Nick makes her a lot of money. Rafe says he knows how she feels about Nick. Kate says business is business. Rafe complains about Nick trying to worm his way back into Gabi's life. Kate tells Rafe that he has to back off.

Brady tells Jennifer that he doesn't know who would hurt Daniel but thinks there could be someone other than Theresa. Jennifer complains about Theresa. Brady says he knows she has screwed up but it doesn't mean she did it. Jennifer thinks he just doesn't want to see it and decides she won't talk to Brady about this.

Theresa tells Daniel that she didn't see him. Daniel thinks she was trying to get away from him. Theresa says she's sorry about what happened to him. Daniel accuses her. Theresa says she didn't do it. Daniel bets that she thinks she got away with it. Theresa thinks back to giving Liam the key. She tells Daniel that he has no idea what she thinks so he tells her to enlighten him.

Father Louis tells Hope and Aiden that the last person in charge left things hanging as he then goes to greet Caroline. Aiden and Hope sit down to go over things. Aiden figures things were left hanging means things were completely screwed up. Hope thinks that's putting it positively.

Rafe complains about the pack of people telling him to back off and let Nick get his hooks in to Gabi. Rafe says it isn't going to happen. Kate encourages him to let it run it's course and let Gabi come to her senses. Rafe doesn't believe Gabi has senses to come to. Rafe asks if they are just supposed to let Nick get his way. Kate says they will wait and play it safe. Rafe argues that Kate never does that so he believes something is going on. Kate denies it and says she just don't want to risk alienating Gabi because of Arianna. Rafe questions everyone acting like Nick is all powerful. Kate knows how frustrating is but says Nick is powerful with his hold on Gabi since she is beyond stubborn. Kate apologizes and says she has a meeting. Kate suggests Rafe go to a gym and get his frustration out but tells him to stay away from Nick. Rafe tells her that if she's not going to level with him then he will find someone who will. Kate wishes him luck and exits. Rafe pulls out his phone.

Gabi and Will talk about Nick's gift. Will doesn't think they can be blamed for hesitating on giving Nick a second shot. Gabi talks about him not sending them to prison. Gabi mentions Rafe punching Nick. Gabi complains about everyone blaming Nick and yelling at her. Will gets a text from Rafe that he needs to see him. Will tells Gabi that no one will yell at her as he had a talk with Sami to set some ground rules. Will gives her Sami's key. Will tells Gabi that he and Sonny will lay off of Nick but he's worried for Gabi rushing in to something with Nick. Gabi assures him that he won't hurt her. Will says it's not her that he's worried about but Arianna.

A woman meets with Liam outside of the town square and hands him a bag, saying she took care of what he asked for and she hopes that whatever he is up to is worth it. Liam responds that it will be.

Brady gets that Jennifer doesn't want to talk to him about it. Jennifer argues about Brady taking Theresa's side over Daniel's. Jennifer complains about how Theresa acted after Daniel saved her life. Jennifer questions Brady wanting to level with her when anything she says could get used by Theresa. She says that isn't going to happen.

Daniel continues to accuse Theresa of being behind this. Daniel says she went too far by endangering the life of a patient. She calls him crazy. Daniel says she's crazy if she thinks what she has on JJ can protect her. Daniel says when what she's done is uncovered, it won't be up to he or Jennifer to save her this time. Daniel adds that even if they wanted to, they wouldn't be able to. Daniel declares that Theresa is going down and no one can save her.

Aiden and Hope talk about trying to set up the gala. Hope talks about the Salem Inn ballroom so Aiden decides they are going to get it.

Gabi tells Will that Nick loves Arianna so he would never hurt her. Will brings up Nick's temper. Gabi says they are far from serious right now. Will gets upset and says they are talking about Arianna's life. Will says it scares him that she almost moved out while Nick is moving back into her life and they have no formal agreement. Will adds that he wants a custody agreement.

Brady tells Jennifer that she and Daniel are his friends so he would never hurt them. Jennifer says he wouldn't intentionally but hanging out with Theresa does. Jennifer points out Brady's drinking too.

Theresa tells Daniel that she didn't drug him so they have nothing on her. Daniel doesn't believe her and says he knows she doesn't work alone. Theresa asks him what he thinks he knows.

Hope can't believe that Aiden got the Salem Inn to tell him who booked the ballroom. The man is Mr. Howell, who arrives to meet with them. They ask him to switch dates but he tells them that he's been looking to book it for years.

Kate meets with Nick in the town square. Kate goes over work. Nick asks if she's not going to say anything about his split lip. Kate says she just assumed someone hit him. Nick tells her that it was Rafe and asks if she already knew. Kate tells Nick that she doesn't talk to anyone about him but says that Rafe knows Nick is a horrible person. Nick says this isn't funny as he's not forcing Gabi in to anything. Kate brings up that Nick could've sent Gabi to jail. Nick points out that Gabi isn't the only one at risk and warns that if Rafe keeps pushing then he might find out more than Kate wants him to know. Kate says she's aware and mentions that she told Rafe to back off. Nick hopes he listens or else he could end up responsible for putting his sister, ex wife, and ex lover all behind bars.

Will tells Gabi that he just wants a joint custody agreement. Gabi asks why. Will brings up her almost moving out. Gabi argues that she would never keep him from seeing Arianna. Will asks about Nick. Gabi asks if he thinks she does whatever Nick tells her. Will says he would just feel safer with an agreement that guarantees parental rights if she leaves. Gabi gets upset and grabs her things. Gabi says she's surprised as she didn't see this coming and now she needs some air. Will says he will watch Arianna. Gabi says she knows because she trusts him and she wishes it worked both ways as she exits. Will texts Rafe that he can come over now.

Jennifer tells Brady that she knows what he's been through and how hurt he has been. She encourages him to turn to the people who love him not drinking or Theresa. Brady says he really does want to help Daniel. Jennifer says she's not questioning his intentions but his judgment and self control. She says she can't risk trusting him when he's drinking and dealing with Theresa. Brady says he understands but wants one small favor.

Theresa asks Daniel again what he thinks he knows. He says he knows what kind of person she is. She says that he has nothing. Theresa's phone rings so she says she has to go. Daniel tells her that the police or her family won't have a problem tracking her down as she walks off. Daniel then gets a call from Jennifer. Jennifer asks him to stop by her place and she'll fill him in when he gets there.

Mr. Howell tells Aiden and Hope that he is planning a domino convention and needing a private place. Hope suggests the town square or the new gym. He tells them that they can use it then. Hope pleads with him to let them use the ballroom. He questions what's in it for him. Aiden pulls out his checkbook so Mr. Howell questions what kind of man he thinks he is.

Rafe goes to see Will. Will asks what was so urgent. Rafe wants to know why everyone is giving him the run around about Nick. Rafe asks if Nick is blackmailing Gabi or if he has something on her. Will says it hasn't come to that. Rafe asks if that means there is something he could use against her. Will asks him to leave it alone but Rafe refuses. Rafe says he could put Nick away if he did something illegal. Will tells him that for once, it wasn't Nick that did something illegal. Rafe realizes that means someone else has.

Gabi walks out of the town square with Nick. She talks about seeing Will with his gift and thinking for a second that he might give him a chance. Gabi then tells Nick that Will wants a custody agreement for Arianna.

Liam sits at his desk in his room, filling a bottle of pills.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's and tells her about running into Theresa. Daniel says he kept his cool but let her know that he thinks she's behind him being drugged. Jennifer asks if she gave any indication that she's responsible. Daniel says no but she seemed guilty. Daniel states that he's really worried.

Theresa meets Brady in the town square and says she was surprised to get his text. Brady has coffee so Theresa remarks that she would have preferred a Bloody Mary. Brady says that's why he asked to meet because some thing have to change with them now.

Aiden offers to pay Mr. Howell. Howell thinks it's a bribe. Aiden calls it an incentive. Mr. Howell refuses to change and accuses Aiden of trying to bribe him and Hope of trying to intimidate him with her rank. He threatens to report them. Aiden argues that they aren't doing anything illegal. Mr. Howell says he will never give up the venue and leaves.

Rafe asks Will if he's saying that someone did something illegal and Nick could use it against them. Will encourages him to leave it alone. Rafe calls it leaving Gabi at Nick's mercy. Will insists that Nick isn't blackmailing her. Rafe says he's not yet. Will worries that Rafe will make things worse. Rafe notes that Nick implied the same thing. Will talks about Gabi being furious about Rafe hitting Nick as it made her more sympathetic towards him. Will states that he can't let this escalate any further because of Arianna. Rafe gets that he feels boxed in. Rafe argues that trying to appease Nick will only make things worse as he exits.

Nick sits with Gabi and agrees that it's weird that Will brought up a custody agreement after marrying Sonny. Gabi explains that Will is nervous about Nick. Nick says he can't blame him for that since he did try to keep Arianna away from him before. Nick promises her that he would never do that again. Gabi says she wants to believe him. Nick assures her that she can.

Daniel tells Jennifer that there has to be a way to nail Theresa. Jennifer says that's why she called him. Jennifer tells Daniel that she knows someone who really wants to help him.

Brady tells Theresa that she's not going to like this but he's agreed to help figure out who drugged Daniel.

Jennifer tells Daniel that it's someone who might be able to get to the bottom of it if it is Theresa. She tells him it's Brady but Daniel says absolutely not.

Theresa asks if Brady thinks it was her. Brady says he didn't say that and prays it's not true. Brady adds that in order to help Daniel, he has to stop drinking and hanging out with her until he figures out the truth. Theresa complains that they are out to get her. Brady tells her that if she had no part then she has nothing to worry about. Brady says the best case scenario is that he will clear Daniel and Theresa.

Jennifer tells Daniel that Brady made promises but Daniel complains that he's an alcoholic. She convinces Daniel that Brady is his friend and asks him to just hear him out.

Father Louis encourages Hope and Aiden to focus on the big picture and be a great team as he exits. Hope worries about the gala having to take place in her garage instead of the ballroom. Aiden thinks this might be kind of fun.

Jennifer brings Brady in to the living room. Daniel is not sure. Brady doesn't blame him and says it's his call. Brady says Daniel got him through some tough times so he wants to do the same. Daniel says he's drinking and sleeping with the enemy. Brady says not anymore as he broke things off with Theresa and won't have a drink until he gets to the bottom of things. Brady says he's going to help Daniel figure out the truth if he'll let him and they hug.

Theresa goes back to the park and sits down on the bench, considering ratting out Liam. She hopes Liam realizes that this is getting serious and he needs to back off for all of their sakes.

Liam breaks in to Daniel's apartment. He looks at the photos of Daniel and Jennifer on the desk then pulls out the bottle of pills.

Nick tells Gabi that he never wants to see her unhappy again and kisses her as Rafe walks up and sees them.

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