Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/16/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/16/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ calls Paige and asks to meet up at the park. Paige says that would be great and they hang up. Abigail walks in and asks JJ about Paige. JJ says it's no big deal but Abigail asks why he's blushing then.

Eric meets with Marlena at the Pub and they talk about what happened to Daniel. Eric says he asked her to meet because there's something he needed to talk about that she needs to hear from him.

Jennifer types up the press release on her computer about Daniel's suspension. Liam then appears and puts his hand on her shoulder. Liam says he knows it's tough. Jennifer says what happened to Daniel is so wrong. Liam offers to help.

Theresa goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where Brady finishes a call. Brady calls it a nice surprise and asks if they had a date. Theresa says no but this couldn't wait as it's about Daniel.

Daniel finishes a call as Nicole arrives. Daniel asks what's wrong. Nicole says she can't let this happen and she has to help him no matter what. Daniel tells her that it's okay as he knows she's upset about what happened to him. Daniel then asks her what is going on.

Jennifer tells Liam that this is something she has to do on her own. Liam claims he's her friend and cares about her so he suggests they do it together. Hope arrives so Jennifer rushes up and hugs her while Liam is annoyed.

Brady asks Theresa what happened. Theresa tells Brady that she didn't do anything this time and worries about Brady turning on her. Theresa just wants to know if he's going to start blaming her too. Brady stops her, not knowing what has happened. Theresa informs Brady that Daniel got suspended for being high on drugs.

Nicole thinks back to Liam's threat about the evidence. Daniel asks her why she is so upset. Nicole says this is huge and there is so much to tell so she doesn't know where to begin. Daniel suggests starting at the beginning. Nicole agrees that it's time as she needs to tell him everything.

Paige goes to the park looking for JJ. Mary Beth arrives and asks what she's doing there. She then realizes that Paige is hanging out with JJ, calling him a criminal. She brings up JJ almost going to prison. Paige wants her to give him a break. Mary Beth suggests they go get coffee instead. Paige asks why she hates JJ. She says she is trying to keep Paige from getting involved with someone who is going to bring her down.

Abigail continues asking JJ about Paige. JJ stops her and says they don't need to talk about Paige but Abigail says they are going to.

Jennifer asks Liam to excuse them so he exits. Liam walks away frustrated. Jennifer tells Hope about Daniel's suspension. They wonder who could've done it to Daniel. Jennifer informs her that they think it's Theresa.

Eric talks to Marlena about working out how he feels about Nicole and the church's teachings. Eric feels God has spoken to him clearly that his life and future is with the woman he loves. Eric says he and Nicole are going to get married. Marlena asks if it will be right away.

Daniel tells Nicole that there is nothing she can't tell him. Nicole tells him that she loves Eric and doesn't know what she would do without him. Daniel's phone rings but Daniel convinces her to ignore it. Nicole says because of her love for Eric, she made some decisions. Nicole insists that Daniel take the phone call as it's Brady. Daniel answers and Brady tells him that he just heard. Daniel talks about feeling set up. Brady asks if he has any idea who did it. Daniel says Brady is on the hospital board so he can't talk to him about it. Brady says he was just thinking about him and they hang up. Daniel goes back to Nicole. Nicole brings up what Daniel is going through and everything he could lose. Nicole compares it to Eric losing his career when Kristen drugged him. Daniel argues that this is different. Daniel mentions suspecting Theresa. Daniel insists that he will find a way to make her admit it. Nicole tells Daniel that he doesn't understand as there are things she needs to tell him.

Hope questions it being Theresa. Jennifer points out that they don't know for sure. Hope thinks they should find out and she wants to put pressure on her. Jennifer appreciates her wanting to help but asks her to step back for now since there has to be an internal investigation first. Hope agrees and hugs her.

JJ tells Abigail not to go saying anything to Jennifer about Paige because she'll always bring it up. JJ says it's no big deal as they are friends. Abigail offers advice but JJ says no. Abigail tells him to think about how he's coming across to Paige. Abigail gets a text that Daniel has been suspended so they rush off together.

Theresa tells Brady more about Daniel's situation. Brady insists that Daniel would never use drugs. Brady gives her a look. Theresa reminds Brady that she was with him and assures that she wouldn't do that to anyone. Theresa asks if he believes her.

Eric tells Marlena that they won't get married right away but it's going to happen. Marlena talks about the church's teachings meaning a lot to him. Eric thinks there's something she isn't saying and he wants the air cleared now.

Daniel tells Nicole that she doesn't have to explain as he already knows. Daniel calls her an amazing friend and assumes she just wants to clear his name. Daniel says that's very thoughtful and he's touched but he doesn't think they should go that way with this one like they did with Chyka. Daniel brings up Theresa's video on JJ. Nicole tries to argue that it might not have been Theresa but Daniel tells her to just stay away from Theresa. Nicole says she understands. Daniel thanks her. Nicole says she just needs to explain some things to him. Daniel tells her to talk to him but they are interrupted by Abigail and JJ arriving. They mention just hearing and offer anything they can do to help. Daniel says he thought Nicole was just about to lay out a plan and asks her for it.

Marlena tells Eric that she just wants him to be happy so if Nicole makes him happy then he should go for it. Eric never thought he would hear her say that. Eric's phone rings and he has to go. Eric thanks her and kisses her goodbye as he exits the Pub just as Aiden arrives. Marlena greets Aiden and says he's just who she had been looking for.

Hope walks through the town square and comes across Chase. Chase mentions being on a field trip. Hope asks how he is. Chase gives her a thank you note. Hope says he didn't have to do that but Chase says Aiden made him and then walks off. Hope reads the note.

Mary Beth tells Paige that this proves something since JJ blew her off. Paige thinks he's just late and starts to text him. Mary Beth suggests he should be texting her. Paige says it was just casual, not a date, so maybe something happened. Mary Beth suggests maybe he found something better to do.

Daniel asks Nicole if there is something. Nicole decides they can talk later. Daniel tells them not to worry as Nicole has ways to find out information at the TV station. JJ brings up Nicole trying to help Eric. Abigail says anything she can do is great. Abigail wishes her luck and exits to get to the hospital. They hear Parker in his room so Daniel goes to check on him. Nicole asks JJ if he's just hanging out. JJ blames Theresa but Nicole points out it might not have been her. JJ says sticking it to people is what Thereas does. Nicole decides she has to go but JJ stops her and says he was really rotten to her before so he apologizes. Nicole jokes that she's usually the one apologizing. She tells him that it's okay and they are good. JJ then asks if she really thinks her job can help her find out how Theresa did it. Nicole says she has to go and will call Daniel later as she exits. Nicole thinks back to Liam.

Theresa asks Brady if he believes her or not. Brady talks about how everyone in the town doesn't want him drinking and he's taken a lot of crap about seeing her but he doesn't listen to anyone about his personal life. Brady says Daniel might be his best friend and he loves Jennifer. Brady adds that he protects the people he loves so if anyone messes with them or tries to hurt them, he crushes them. Brady asks if that's clear. Theresa points out that he didn't answer her question.

Aiden sits with Marlena and thanks her for her letter to the judge. Marlena thanks him for getting her a new client from his son's school but Aiden says he didn't refer anyone. Marlena assumed that's why he asked for her card. Aiden tells her that was personal.

Brady tells Theresa that he believes her for now. Theresa questions what kind of comment that is. Brady wants to know what happened. Brady brings up that she was with him and will back that up. Theresa argues that he knows she didn't do it. Brady says he likes her but she has had an over the top hatred for Daniel and Jennifer. Theresa insists that she didn't drug Daniel. Brady prays that she didn't and her talking to him about it tells him that she didn't. Theresa asks if he still suspects her. Brady warns that if she lied then she will have a much bigger problem.

Paige wonders what Mary Beth means. Mary Beth suggests JJ could be with Bev or anyone else. Paige argues that JJ isn't like that. She points out that he hasn't showed or texted. She convinces Paige to forget about it and go to the club.

Daniel comes back and tells JJ that Parker is ready for the sitter. JJ wants to help Daniel take Theresa down but Daniel doesn't want him doing anything. JJ blames himself for Daniel being unable to go after her. JJ tells Daniel to do whatever he has to do to bring her down no matter what happens to him. JJ adds if he ends up going to prison then so be it.

Eric finds Nicole outside the town square and asks what's wrong. Nicole talks about wanting to help Daniel. Eric hugs her and assures her that it will be alright. Eric calls her a wonderful friend but Nicole says she's not, she's horrible.

Daniel appreciates that JJ cares but says there's no way they will put him at risk. Daniel says he's got this and has Jennifer, Nicole, and Eric among others in his corner. Daniel tells him to concentrate on school and living his life. JJ appreciates it and Daniel appreciates his concern. Daniel says he has to get going and JJ remembers that he was supposed to meet Paige. JJ says they will talk soon as he hurries out. JJ says to himself that Paige is going to kill him.

Paige and Mary Beth go to the club. She continues trying to convince Paige that JJ is not worth worrying about. Paige wants to drop it and goes to get their order at the counter.

Nicole wonders why everyone keeps saying she's a great friend when she hasn't done anything to help Daniel. Eric tells her not to blame herself. Eric brings up her risking her life to help him. Eric tells her not to blame herself if she can't achieve a miracle. Nicole feels she could've helped him a lot more than she has. Eric says they need to tread carefully so Daniel will ask if he needs anything. Nicole worries about people missing something.

Marlena apologizes and says she didn't understand. Aiden gets that he kept it vague. She asks if she can help in any way. Aiden says he knows she's the best and that she's incredibly connected to almost everyone in Salem. Marlena assures him that she takes confidentiality very seriously so anything he tells her will stay very private. Hope arrives and greets them then apologizes if she's interrupting.

Theresa questions Brady believing her. Brady says that he does. Brady tells her that he will defend her against anyone who comes after her. Brady adds that he will investigate until he finds the truth. Brady warns that if he finds out something that leads to her involvement then he will come after her. Theresa responds that he won't find anything. She says no one believes it but she's actually a pretty good person. She says she will give him a pass for his nasty threats but she won't wait forever for him to make it up to her. Theresa then exits. She thinks back to giving Liam the key to Daniel's apartment and tells herself that she didn't really do anything so it's not her fault. Theresa wonders if she should just admit what she did since sometimes things get worse when hidden. Theresa worries about what to do and decides she just needs to mellow out as she walks away.

Liam finds Jennifer at the hospital front desk and talks about her being upset earlier. She says she's fine now. Liam brings up his ex wife again. Jennifer assures Liam that she believes in Daniel completely and knows that he would never do a drug willingly so she will never doubt him. Jennifer walks away, leaving Liam upset.

JJ goes to the park and finds Paige already left so he pulls out his phone and texts her.

Paige left her phone on the table so Mary Beth gets her text from JJ and deletes it.

Aiden tells Hope that she's not interrupting as he was just thanking Marlena for some work. Marlena says she has to get going and exits. Hope comments to Aiden that she didn't know they knew each other.

Eric tells Nicole that Daniel's situation is bizarre. Nicole thinks that's why Theresa couldn't have pulled it off. Eric suggests she could've had help but they need the truth to come out in the right way. Nicole agrees that it has to be done the right way.

At the park, Daniel sends Parker with the babysitter and then turns around as Theresa approaches.

Brady goes to see Jennifer in her office. Jennifer tells him that it's really bad. Brady asks about Theresa being the main suspect and asks if it could be somebody else.

Liam stands in his room, complaining about Jennifer. Liam says he's the one she should be with not Daniel. Liam declares that he could destroy Daniel and it won't be hard. Liam says if Jennifer is going to make him do it then he will, the sooner the better.

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