Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/15/14

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/15/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's going to have it out with Theresa once and for all. Jennifer begs him not to. Daniel wonders who else could've done it.

Nicole follows Liam out of the town square. Liam asks what she wants. Nicole says she's confused about his house call story. Nicole notes that Liam wasn't on the floor of Dr. Weeks and questions why he was at Daniel's apartment today. Liam thinks back to it and then asks what Nicole is implying.

Sami tells EJ about Gabi lying. Sami says she was just angry and frustrated. Sami tells EJ that they have to find a way to stop Nick. EJ asks what exactly Sami said to Gabi. Sami hesitates and then admits that she called her an unfit mother.

Gabi comes in to the living room with Arianna and her bag packed. Will asks what that is for. Gabi informs him that they are leaving. Will tells her that she can't do that. Gabi claims she has no choice after everything that happened today. Gabi says now that she has a steady income, she and Arianna can stay in a hotel until they find a permanent place. Will asks if she means a permanent place with Nick.

Rafe grabs Nick and pins him against the wall, reminding him that he warned him to stay away from Gabi and that he should've listened.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she doesn't know who else it could be but tells Daniel that confronting Theresa is the worst thing he could do.

Nicole tells Liam that she's just trying to get a few things straight. Liam claims that he got off on the wrong floor. Nicole questions it being a coincidence and says she just doesn't believe it.

Gabi tells Will that there is no plan. Will points out how fast she packed and thinks Nick has been working her to move out while they were on their honeymoon. Gabi tells Will that Nick hasn't said a negative thing about them and has been supporting her. Gabi blames Sami for attacking her. Will says she was upset. Gabi complains about Sami.

EJ asks why Sami would say that. Sami explains that a fit mother wouldn't have sex with a psychopath. Sami complains about Gabi lying and being reckless and stupid. EJ says he can understand why Gabi lied because she knew what Sami would say. EJ questions Sami judging her. Sami continues to complain about Gabi being involved with Nick.

Nick asks Rafe what lies Sami is spreading about him. Nick tells Rafe that he wasn't forcing Gabi as she wanted him. Rafe responds by punching Nick in the face.

Jennifer tells Daniel not to give Theresa an opportunity to make this worse by confronting her without proof. Daniel says he'll be careful. Jennifer argues that he has everything to lose and nothing to gain. Daniel refuses to sit and do nothing.

Liam asks Nicole why this matters and why she doesn't believe him. Nicole recalls Liam said he was leaving from the wrong floor. Liam claims he forgot his wallet and got off on the wrong floor. Nicole asks if Dr. Weeks will confirm his story. Liam reminds her that he didn't want anyone to know about his house calls. Nicole tells him that Daniel is her friend and what happened concerns her. Liam asks if she thinks he was involved. Nicole says if his alibi checks out then he has nothing to worry about. Liam tells her to wait.

Will wants to make things right but Gabi says there's nothing to make her live there anymore. Will apologizes for Sami but doesn't think he should be punished. Gabi complains about being lectured all the time. Will says he and Sonny won't lecture her. Will admits he's surprised that Gabi wants to be friends with Nick again but assures her that it's her choice and nobody else's. Gabi calls that a good start but says it's not enough.

Nick tells Rafe that he can't fight what he and Gabi feel so he can't keep them apart because what they have is too real. Nick talks about everything they have been through. Nick says Rafe can't control what Gabi feels or does. Nick then brings up Rafe's sister Arianna and how she died. Nick talks about Rafe feeling guilty for not protecting her. Nick tells Rafe that smothering Gabi will just make her want him more. Rafe calls Nick a liar and a convicted murderer. Rafe adds that Nick will only bring Gabi pain and heartache. Rafe says he won't let Nick brainwash Gabi into thinking she needs him.

EJ tells Sami that he understands her concern about Nick but she needs to grasp that Gabi's personal life is out of their hands. Sami asks how he could say that and brings up Gabi thinking she killed Nick six months ago while now all is forgiven. EJ says there's nothing they can do if Gabi has forgiven Nick. Sami feels there is always something they can do. Sami declares that she wants Nick gone permanently. EJ says they have been down that road before. EJ asks Sami if she's telling him that she wants Nick dead.

Nick tells Rafe that he doesn't want to hurt Gabi. Rafe tells him to save it. Nick warns him that if he screws with him, it won't only be Gabi that gets hurt because others are involved. Nick tells Rafe that he won't press charges this time. Rafe grabs him. Nick asks if he's trying to leave him no choice. Rafe lets him go and Nick walks off. Rafe pulls out his phone and hopes Sami can tell him what the hell is going on.

Sami tells EJ that she just means that she wants Nick gone. EJ tells her to be specific. Sami says she just wants him out of Will, Arianna, and Gabi's lives. Sami suggests EJ talk to Stefano about putting Nick on an island and forgetting about him forever. EJ questions her wanting to be in Stefano's debt again. Sami brings up Rafe. EJ is surprised to hear that Rafe knows what's going on. Sami explains that he walked in with Will. Sami's phone rings with a message from Rafe wanting to talk about Nick. EJ stops her and says he will go instead because he thinks it's best to remove her from the situation. Sami asks if he doesn't think she can handle it. EJ talks about dealing with Rafe and not wanting this to blow up in their faces. Sami sends EJ off to the Pub.

Will asks Gabi what else he can do. Gabi doesn't know but says she can't deal with Sami again. Will says he'll make sure that she never comes over. Gabi brings up that Sami has a key. Will offers to go get it from her right now. Will asks Gabi to promise that she will still be there when he comes back. Gabi promises and says she doesn't want to move out but if Sami attacks her one more time then he can't stop her. Will says he understands so it won't happen as he exits. Gabi worries about Rafe and grabs her phone to call Nick. Gabi tries to warn Nick but he says he already saw Rafe. Gabi asks if he's okay. Nick says he's fine and is just getting some peace and quiet in the park. Nick suggests they just talk tomorrow and hangs up. Gabi takes Arianna and exits.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he hears what she's saying but Theresa getting away with this means she wins. Daniel feels that he is Theresa's weakness. Daniel says he can get her to make a mistake. Jennifer reminds him that other people can get hurt if it doesn't turn out the way he expects. Daniel stops and admits he didn't think about that and apologizes.

Liam questions Nicole if she's suggesting he had something to do with Daniel. Nicole says Daniel was deliberately drugged in his apartment today. Liam questions why she's after him. Nicole says she's an investigative journalist and questions him more about Jennifer. Liam accuses her of trying to ruin his reputation. Nicole starts to walk away when Liam stops her and suggests they should talk about Dr. Chyka.

Will goes to see Sami. She hopes he talked sense in to Gabi. Will stops her and tells her to listen. Will tells Sami that she is the reason that Gabi almost walked out with Arianna today. Will says she almost cost him his baby and that is unacceptable.

EJ goes to the Pub and finds Rafe drinking. Rafe asks where Sami is. EJ says something came up so they decided he would come in her place. EJ asks Rafe about going after Nick. EJ tells Rafe that he gave Nick exactly what he wanted. EJ says Nick wants to be the victim. Rafe calls Gabi the victim. EJ tells Rafe that he will realize he won't have a choice.

Gabi joins Nick in the park and says she knows he said he wanted to be alone but she wanted to check on him. She sees the cut on his face and asks if Rafe did that. Nick talks about not wanting to cause problems for her and her family. Nick talks about wanting to be at home in Salem but now he doesn't think anyone will ever accept him in this town.

Daniel says he doesn't even know where his head is at. Daniel knows Theresa will retaliate by hurting JJ. Jennifer blames herself, saying none of this would be happening if Daniel didn't love her.

Nicole asks what Liam just said. Liam brings up Dr. Chyka kidnapping her and Eric. Liam says he saw it on the news and how she almost died. Nicole doesn't know what that has to do with him. Liam says everyone was talking about it but he didn't pay attention because it wasn't his business. Liam brings up Nicole dumping papers in to the garbage and asks if any of it had to do with Dr. Chyka. Nicole says no but Liam accuses her of lying. Liam reveals that he knows she was trashing shredded papers on Chyka and Kristen then setting them on fire. Nicole denies it but Liam persists.

Rafe says he doesn't need EJ's advice on how to look out for Gabi. EJ asks if he's sure. Rafe asks what he's getting at. EJ warns Rafe not to push this any further. Rafe asks if it's a threat. EJ says he's just trying to get him to understand that it is not in anyone's best interest for him to get involved. EJ tells Rafe that going after Nick will be counterproductive and make things dangerous. Rafe asks what EJ is trying to tell him. EJ says he's trying to stop his family from being torn apart by Nick.

Sami asks Will if Gabi is threatening to move in with Nick and if he talked sense in to her. Will says he did but had to make a few promises such as Sami not being allowed anywhere near their place when Gabi is around. Sami declares that there is no way she is letting Gabi keep her away from Arianna.

Gabi feels bad for Nick and can't understand why people won't believe he's changed. Nick says they won't change or accept him. Gabi feels Will and Sonny are trying. Nick asks why she says that. Gabi explains that Will stood up to Sami and threw her out and will tell her that she's not welcome back. Nick asks how she got him to agree to that. Gabi informs him that she threatened to move out. Nick tells her that she can't do that.

Daniel tells Jennifer that she's not to blame for any of this and he never wants her to say that again. Daniel tells her that they will figure out a way to deal with Theresa. Jennifer then says there is something she can do right now and gets up.

Nicole asks Liam what he's been smoking. Liam says he was curious about what was so secretive and his suspicions were raised so he got a few pieces out before she torched the thing. Liam says it took some time but it was like putting together a puzzle. Nicole doesn't know what he thinks he knows. Liam reveals that he does know as he pulls out the shredded paper put back together. Liam asks Nicole what Eric would think about the only evidence to clear his name. Nicole tries to grab it but Liam pulls back and says he's got her number and he's keeping it.

Will tells Sami that Gabi is not trying to keep her from Arianna because he can bring Arianna to Sami. Will says Gabi is tired of Sami attacking her over Nick. Sami asks if he's okay with Gabi sleeping with Nick in their apartment. Will says he can't control Gabi and he doesn't blame her for not wanting to hear from Sami about being an unfit mother. Will asks Sami to give back the key.

Gabi thought Nick would want her to move out but he says no. Nick says she's worked way too hard to have a good relationship with Will and Sonny so he wants her to keep it that way. Gabi wishes they could hear Nick right now and talks about him putting Arianna first. Gabi adds that Will did say it was up to her if she wants to see Nick. Gabi says Will is going to see a lot of him then so maybe he can see who he really is. Nick says he'd love it if they were all friends. Gabi suggests it's possible. Nick hopes they will come around.

Rafe tells EJ that his family does not include Gabi. EJ says it does include Arianna. Rafe doesn't want his help. EJ tells Rafe that there is a lot more to things. Rafe asks him what Gabi did this time.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she will put out a press release on his suspension to do damage control. Daniel agrees to stay with Parker. She thanks him for understanding and says she will never let Theresa hurt him again. Daniel thanks her and kisses her goodbye. Jennifer tells him to call if he needs her and to stay there as she exits.

Liam talks about Nicole's crazy theory that he drugged Daniel. Liam denies it and says he wouldn't dream of hurting him and compares it to Nicole not hurting Eric. Liam suggests they call it even and stay out of each others' business. Liam says all Nicole has is theories while he has hard evidence in hand. Liam bets she'd do anything to keep it under wraps and warns her not to tempt fate.

Sami gives Will the key. Will thanks her. Sami remarks that Will is choosing Gabi over his own mother. Will says he's choosing his daughter and she would do the same thing. Will then exits.

EJ tells Rafe that he's not at liberty to discuss. Rafe tells him to stop dropping hints about protecting Gabi. EJ brings up Rafe being a detective. EJ says Gabi is not exactly innocent but the situation is complex. Rafe questions taking EJ's word for it. EJ says he's trying to protect the people he cares about. EJ tells Rafe not to provoke Nick. Rafe questions sitting back and doing nothing. EJ tells Rafe to pray that Gabi is right that Nick has changed. Rafe then exits the Pub.

Arianna cries so Gabi assumes she's hungry. Nick suggests they should get going. Nick tells Gabi how sorry he is for all the trouble he's caused. Gabi says he didn't cause it as she leaves with Arianna. Nick then says to himself that Percy was right and this is working out exactly as he planned.

Jennifer types up the press release on her computer about Daniel's suspension. Liam then appears and puts his hand on her shoulder.

Daniel finishes a call as Nicole arrives. Daniel asks what's wrong. Nicole says she can't let this happen and she has to help him no matter what.

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