Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/14/14

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/14/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny finishes a call in the town square and tells Will that it's time to go back to reality. Will kisses Sonny. Rafe approaches and asks how their married life is.

Sami goes to see Gabi and calls her unbelievable. Sami calls her the same selfish lying little bitch. Gabi quickly slaps Sami across the face. They argue as Sami calls her a liar for lying about Nick being there.

Nick warns EJ to put Sami on a leash before she screws things up for everyone. EJ says he doesn't control Sami. Nick remarks on who wears the pants in their relationship.

Eric warns Theresa to step up if she knows anything about what happened to Daniel. She thinks back to giving Liam the key to Daniel's apartment. Eric encourages her to tell him the truth.

Daniel tells Nicole that he was fine when he woke up but got to the hospital tired and now he knows why since the painkiller was in his system. Daniel says all he had at the hospital was the coffee and the only other thing he had was his protein shake in his apartment so he wonders how this happens. Nicole thinks back to running into Liam outside of Daniel's apartment. Daniel asks her what it is. She asks if he's sure he didn't stop anywhere and went straight from his apartment. Daniel says that's right and asks what she's thinking.

Liam brings up doctors getting free samples and suggests that Daniel could've been looking for some help. Jennifer argues that he clearly doesn't know Daniel. Liam asks if she's sure she knows Daniel as well as she thinks. Jennifer insists that she knows Daniel and trusts him completely. Liam then states that he's made a terrible mistake.

Gabi admits to Sami that Nick has been there because he's her friend. Sami argues that he's not. Gabi doesn't want to have the conversation. Gabi admits Nick was there and claims nothing happened. Sami questions Nick taking his shoe off. Gabi then tells her that they would've done it if Sami didn't show up and blow it.

Theresa tells Eric that she doesn't have anything to confess. She then tells him that she was with Brady all morning. Theresa brings up Kristen drugging Eric and thinks that's why Eric thinks Daniel was drugged. Theresa feels Daniel brought this on himself.

Nicole tells Daniel that it must have happened at his apartment. Maggie arrives to see Daniel while holding back tears. Daniel swears that he will be fine. Anne enters and wants Daniel to sign his suspension papers.

Jennifer asks Liam what kind of mistake he's talking about. Liam responds that what he did was wrong and he owes her the truth.

Rafe tells Will and Sonny how much he and Jordan enjoyed their ceremony. Rafe talks about how lucky Arianna is. Will mentions heading home so Rafe offers to give him a ride as Sonny has to work. Will kisses Sonny goodbye and walks off with Rafe.

Gabi complains to Sami about people trying to tell her what to do. They argue about Nick. Gabi compares him to EJ again. Gabi says Sami doesn't respect her or her choices. Sami asks if Nick is blackmailing her. Sami brings up Gabi hitting him with a rock when he tried to rape her. Gabi feels Nick owns up to his mistake. Sami feels Nick is playing them.

EJ tells Nick that he doesn't see control in their relationship. Nick says EJ doesn't know anything about his life or future but he knows something about his. Nick warns EJ that if Sami crosses a line and makes him mad then he won't take it anymore and a lot of people will suffer. Sonny interrupts and asks what's going on.

Maggie argues that Daniel can't be suspended. Anne replies that it's mandatory hospital policy. Daniel tells Anne that she can go and he will sign the papers so she exits. Nicole says she'll let Maggie and Daniel talk so she leaves the room. Maggie and Daniel talk about Daniel being set up. Maggie wonders if it was Anne or who else would've done this. Daniel suggests Theresa. Maggie brings up the comments about Jennifer on the hospital site and blames Anne and Theresa. Maggie says they need to expose them but Daniel says they have no proof. Maggie wonders who else would do such a thing. Nicole remains outside the door.

Liam apologizes to Jennifer for putting those thoughts in her mind. Liam then brings up his ex and says she was addicted to pills for years and hid it very well. Liam says you just never know but Jennifer stops him.

Eric asks Theresa what she means by Daniel bringing this on himself. Theresa talks about what people resort to when stressed. She suggests Daniel took a little too much. Eric calls it all speculation. Theresa calls Daniel and Jennifer hypocrites that only care about themselves. Eric asks if she's talking about them or herself. Theresa gets upset and tries to leave but Eric stops her and says she's not going anywhere.

A nurse brings Parker in to see Daniel. Daniel is happy to see him and hugs him.

Liam apologizes to Jennifer for upsetting her. Liam continues talking about his ex lying and mentions Jennifer being sure that's not what is happening with Daniel. Jennifer says she has things to take care of. Liam tells her to call if she needs anything while she hurries off.

Eric wants Theresa to hear him out. He says it makes him sick to hear her say hateful things about people. Eric talks about the chances she's been given. Eric praises Jennifer. Theresa assures him that she's not responsible for what happened to Daniel. Eric hopes that's true and warns her that she will wish she was still in Los Angeles if he finds out that she was involved.

Nick tells Sonny that he and EJ were just having a chat but he actually came to see Sonny. Nick gives him a wedding gift and congratulates him. Sonny thanks him and Nick encourages him to open it. Sonny opens it and says it's beautiful as it is a glass with their names engraved with their wedding date. Sonny tells him he shouldn't have done this. Nick brings up Will saving his life before and he hopes they can take it as a peace offering. Nick wishes EJ luck and tells them to both take care as he exits. Sonny asks EJ what Nick is up to. EJ says he's afraid if they don't handle the situation delicately then it could all blow up in their faces.

Gabi asks Sami what she thinks Nick wants from her. Sami calls it obvious. Gabi brings up her past relationship with Nick. Sami brings up Nick wanting Will out of his own daughter's life. Gabi accuses Sami of only giving her the modeling job because of Nick's blackmail. Sami tells her to figure out Nick's motive. Gabi claims Nick is just trying to help her. Sami thinks that Nick just wants her to move in with him. Sami calls her gullible. Gabi asks if she's calling her dumb. Sami blames Nick for Rafe being almost paralyzed and why they almost went to prison so she should be nowhere near him. Gabi tells her that it's not up to her. Sami argues that Gabi is out of her mind and not fit to be raising Arianna just as Rafe and Will arrive.

Eric joins Nicole at the hospital and they talk about Daniel's situation. Eric says whoever is responsible better be held accountable even if it's Theresa. Jennifer walks up and suggests Anne. They talk about if it could have been them. Jennifer mentions a lot of people t the hospital having access to drugs. Nicole thinks about Liam. Eric tells Nicole that he will help Jennifer get Daniel home. Nicole asks to borrow Jennifer's computer to look something up and she agrees. Nicole heads to Jennifer's office.

Sonny asks EJ if Nick threatened him. EJ thinks Nick is putting them on notice as he gets more confident with his power. EJ says Nick feeling in charge means he's going to be more determined to get Gabi and Arianna. Sonny asks what they do. EJ says they will wait. EJ says Nick will get overconfident and screw up. Sonny hopes Gabi isn't too deluded.

Rafe tells Sami to never speak to Gabi like that again. Sami says he doesn't know what she's done. Will points out that Gabi is Arianna's mother. Sami then informs them that Gabi was planning to hop in to bed with Nick.

Nicole uses Jennifer's computer and finds something interesting.

Liam goes to the Pub where he sees Therea seated.

Rafe asks Sami what she's talking about. Sami suggests asking Gabi. Gabi doesn't think it's anyone's business. Rafe complains that Nick almost ruined Gabi's life and orders her to never go near him again. Arianna starts to cry which Gabi blames Rafe for as Gabi goes to take care of her. Sami explains to Will and Rafe that she nearly walked in on Gabi and Nick. Rafe declares that there won't be a next time and storms out. Will asks Sami if she realizes what she's just done.

Eric and Jennifer go to Daniel's room and check on him. Maggie says they will get to the bottom of it. Eric takes Parker. Jennifer tells Maggie that they will get Daniel home. Maggie asks Daniel what he's going to do with the papers. Daniel says it's the only thing he can do and signs them. They leave the room and Anne comments on Daniel looking better. Daniel signs the suspension papers and gives them to Anne. Daniel leaves with Eric, Jennifer, Maggie, and Parker. Anne then texts Theresa.

Liam and Theresa exchange looks as he walks by. Theresa gets Anne's message and quickly exits the Pub. Theresa tries to convince herself that she knows nothing as she walks away.

Nicole goes to a nurse, asking for Liam. She says she knows where Liam is.

Will tells Sami that Rafe going after Nick won't help anything and no one can stop Gabi from getting back with Nick. Will warns Sami that if she pushes, she will push Gabi back to Nick. Sami questions sitting back and doing nothing. Will worries about freaking Gabi out. Will asks how it feels to be called an unfit mother. Will says Gabi hates Sami now. Sami wants to go talk to her but Will stops her and says she's done enough. Will says he will try to fix things but needs Sami to go. Sami then exits.

Jennifer sits with Daniel at home. Maggie comes back from putting Parker down for his nap. Eric tells Daniel that he will let him get some sleep and is there if he needs anything. Eric exits. Maggie is glad Daniel is okay and is sure Jennifer will take care of him. Maggie then leaves. Jennifer tells Daniel that she's so sorry but they are going to fight the suspension. Jennifer adds that they don't know for sure that Theresa is responsible. Daniel says they do know that she is a sick woman so something has to be done.

Theresa goes to the hospital to see Anne. Anne informs her that Daniel has left in disgrace. Anne thinks it was a bit extreme as she still assumes Theresa was behind it.

Nicole goes to the Pub and finds Liam. She jokes about running in to him twice in one day. Liam tries to hurry off but she stops him. Nicole asks about his house call earlier but Liam says he has somewhere to be and hurries out of the Pub. Nicole follows after him.

EJ uses the computer at home as Sami storms in upset. EJ asks her what's wrong. Sami responds that Will is mad at her and thinks everything is her fault. EJ asks what she means by everything and what she did. Sami complains that it's what Gabi did. Sami tells EJ that Gabi lied when she said nothing was going on between her and Nick.

Gabi sits on her bed with Arianna and says she's sorry but they've given no choice.

Maggie and Eric sit in the town square. Maggie asks if he talked to Theresa. Eric says he tried but she denied any involvement in drugging Daniel. Maggie asks if he believes her. Eric says he is not sure. Maggie says it's bad enough that Theresa is enabling Brady. Maggie says that if Theresa is responsible then her future will be destroyed.

Theresa tells Anne that she didn't do it and thinks it's possible that Daniel took drugs. Theresa says whatever happened, Daniel is suspended.

Daniel asks Jennifer to stay and watch Parker so he can go have it out with Theresa once and for all.

Nicole follows Liam out of the town square. Liam asks what she wants. Nicole says she's confused about his house call story. Nicole notes that Liam wasn't on the floor of Dr. Weeks and questions why he was at Daniel's apartment today.

Nick walks through the town square. Rafe walks by and decides to follow after him.

Sami tells EJ about Gabi lying. Sami says she was just angry and frustrated. Sami tells EJ that they have to find a way to stop Nick.

Rafe catches up with Nick outside the Pub. Rafe grabs Nick and pins him against the wall, reminding him that he warned him.

Gabi comes in to the living room with Arianna and her bag packed. Will asks what that is for. Gabi informs him that they are leaving.

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