Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/11/14

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/11/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Sami talk with Gabi about her modeling and an opportunity to send her on a trip for two weeks.

Nick sits in the Pub and thinks back to kissing Gabi. Julie joins him and talks about all the traveling she and Doug have been doing. Julie notes Nick has a gift box and asks about it. Nick says it's a wedding present for Will and Sonny. Julie asks about the wedding. Nick says he heard it was great. She asks if Kate made him work. Nick informs her that he wasn't invited which shocks her.

Eric talks with Maxine about finding out what's wrong with Daniel. Kayla walks by so Eric asks what's wrong. Kayla tells Eric that she has to speak with Daniel first. A nurse mentions to Maxine what she heard. Maxine tells her to keep her mouth shut because Daniel would never do that.

Anne walks in and questions Daniel turning out to be a prescription drug abuser. Anne brings up public relations reacting to it. Jennifer argues that Anne knows Daniel doesn't do drugs. Anne comments that he looks high to her and threatens to have Daniel fired.

Liam exits Daniel's apartment and goes to the elevator to leave just as Nicole is arriving. Nicole questions what he's doing there.

Julie questions what is the matter with Will and Sonny not wanting Nick there. Nick says he understands after things he did last year. Julie argues that Nick has turned his life around. Julie thinks it was insulting to him. Nick feels it wouldn't be uncomfortable for everyone if he were there and notes that it was their day. Julie says Will doesn't hold grudges so she assumes it was Sami.

Sami asks Gabi if she's in for the trip to Argentina. Gabi asks if it's really that simple. EJ shows her the contract. Gabi can't believe it and then remarks that she really has to thank Nick because without him none of this would've happened.

Liam greets Nicole and comments on them running into each other again. He asks if she's on a story. Nicole points out that he still didn't answer what he's doing there.

Anne brings up the hospital handbook. Jennifer argues that Daniel didn't take it knowingly. Anne accuses him of abusing prescription drugs and trying to operate on a patient. Anne says that Daniel is going to be suspended but Kayla interrupts and says she's in charge. Jennifer hopes this is some kind of mistake.

Julie tells Nick that she should have a talk with Sami but Nick wants to forget about it. Nick suggests concentrating on now. Julie asks if things are looking up. Nick tells her that things are good at work and really good with Gabi. Julie wants Nick to move on. She tells him to walk away because Gabi is trouble. Nick argues that Gabi is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Sami tells Gabi that Nick had absolutely nothing to do with this offer. EJ reminds Sami to let Gabi make her own decisions in her personal life. Sami brings up Nick's blackmail. Gabi insists that she's taking things slow and they are just friends. Gabi says if Nick has changed then he deserves a second chance. Sami understands she feels guilty but insists that Nick is manipulating her. EJ says that Gabi realizes what's at stake. Sami says she has to get to the Pub. Sami tells Gabi that she's proud of her and hugs her. Sami says EJ will handle the rest. She kisses EJ goodbye and exits.

Nicole again asks what Liam is doing there. Liam says a lot of medical people live in this building and claims to have met a doctor at the hospital that he was visiting.

Eric listens in as Maxine talks on the phone about what happened to Daniel. Maxine gets confirmation and hangs up. Maxine informs Eric that Daniel tested positive for opiates. Eric doesn't understand. Theresa listens in from nearby. Maxine wants another test and walks off. Theresa approaches Eric and says she heard the bad news about Daniel. Theresa questions Daniel trying to operate while high.

Kayla asks Anne and Jennifer to step out so she can talk to Daniel alone. Daniel says it's okay since it will be all over in two minutes. Kayla states that Anne is right and Daniel will be suspended while they investigate. Jennifer argues against it. Daniel agrees to not practice medicine until this is resolved. Daniel hands over his hospital ID to Kayla. Anne mocks Daniel getting high. He yells and gets up after her but gets dizzy. Kayla and Jennifer help Daniel stand. Maxine wants to take more blood. Anne continues on about Daniel's drug abuse. Kayla walks Daniel out and Anne follows.

Eric warns Theresa not to go around saying things about Daniel like that. Theresa says she's just saying what happened. Eric feels Daniel was drugged and knows what that's like. Eric says he's going to see Daniel and Jennifer and then Nicole so she hears it from him. Eric walks away while Theresa thinks back to giving Liam the key to Daniel's apartment. Theresa says if it was Liam then he does not mess around.

Liam tells Nicole that he can't have it getting around that he's showing favoritism to doctors. Liam says he doesn't want anyone getting the wrong idea about them and that it's just a privacy thing. Liam compares it to seeing Nicole at the park the other night and feeling like she didn't want people knowing she was there.

Kayla, Jennifer, and Maxine put Daniel in a hospital room. Kayla talks about taking more blood and Maxine assures him they will get to the bottom of this. Kayla tells him to rest as she exits with Maxine. Jennifer has Daniel go over everything that he did. Daniel recalls waking up feeling great, having his protein shake then coming to the hospital and feeling tired so he had coffee. Daniel says the strongest drug he's had was aspirin. Jennifer says she will go to his place. Daniel brings up the coffee station being public and all the things that happened to her recently. Jennifer asks if he thinks this was deliberate. Daniel isn't sure. Jennifer blames Anne. Daniel asks if anyone has seen Theresa. Jennifer hasn't but says if someone was behind this, they will find out and they won't get away with it.

Liam recalls Nicole being tense that night he saw her in the park. Nicole claims she's on assignment so has to cut things short. Liam says he understands and exits. Nicole knocks on Daniel's door calling out to him. She then gets a text from Eric that Daniel is sick so she rushes off.

Julie tells Nick that she wants him to think twice about Gabi but Nick says no and praises her. Nick says he won't let her blame Gabi for things. Nick says they are cool now. Sami enters so Julie calls her over and says she has a bone to pick with her.

Eric tells Jennifer that he let know Nicole about Daniel so she's on her way. Jennifer says she has to go to Daniel's as a medical team checks his place out and asks Eric to go with her. Eric agrees and they exit. Abe arrives at the hospital as they leave and runs into Maxine. Abe mentions hearing about Daniel. Abe invites her to go eat to take her mind off things. Maxine thanks him but feels she should stay. Kayla interrupts and tells Maxine that she deserves a break so she should go. Maxine then exits with Abe.

Theresa goes in to a room with Anne at the hospital. Anne excitedly tells Theresa about what happened. Theresa mentions not thinking Daniel is really a druggie. Anne warns her about if she put anything in his drink. Anne tells Theresa that Jennifer will be looking for suspects so they will have to be very careful.

EJ finishes up with Gabi. Gabi thanks him for everything he and Sami have done. EJ thanks her as well. EJ talks about Sami coming on strong at times. Gabi understands that she means well. EJ knows Sami is worried that Nick may hurt her. Gabi decides it's time to go and exits with Arianna.

Julie accuses Sami of making sure Will didn't invite Nick to the wedding. Sami says it was Will and Sonny's decision. Nick says he was totally fine with not being invited. Sami asks why Julie is making a scene then. Julie calls Sami small minded and brings up the mistakes she's made. Julie argues that everyone in Salem has given Nick all the chances. Sami thinks Nick has gotten everything he has wanted since he came back. Julie says it's only been what he deserves. Sami comments that she hopes one day, he gets what he deserves

Jennifer and Eric talk at Daniel's while the medical team searches his place. They talk about someone doing this to Daniel. Eric asks who she has in mind. Jennifer brings up Anne and Theresa. She feels like they've been behind hurting her lately and may have hurt Daniel to hurt her. Eric asks if Theresa has ever hurt her seriously. Jennifer calls it complicated. Jennifer says she has no proof so they may not be the answer but are definitely a question.

Liam returns to the hospital and asks Anne about the rumors about Daniel. Anne confirms things and Liam acts surprised. Theresa listens from nearby. Anne tells Liam that Daniel is nothing like his image and walks away.

Maxine and Abe sit in the town square. Maxine talks about her work and Daniel making work fun. She recalls meeting Daniel and him helping her put her life back together. Maxine cries that she's so worried about him.

Kayla returns to Daniel to check on him. Daniel says he's feeling better and asks for news. Kayla tells him that they tested the coffee station and his cup but there was nothing there. She tells him that the investigation team is at his place now. Daniel assures her that he didn't do this to himself. Kayla tells him to just rest as they get to the bottom of this. Kayla exits.

Nicole arrives at the hospital and goes to see Daniel but stops outside when she sees his door says no visitors. She then goes in anyways and Daniel is asleep.

Julie tells Sami that she has to go. Julie hugs Nick goodbye and tells him not to let Sami grind him under. Julie exits the Pub. Sami says Nick sure knows how to play Julie. Nick says they are family and they love each other. Sami says Julie is going to go around town to talk about how much Nick has changed and how awful she is. Nick calls it the truth. Sami looks down and recognizes Nick's shoe as the one she found at Gabi's apartment. Nick tells her to have a nice day and exits. Sami calls him a bastard and storms out.

Maxine worries about Jennifer. Abe encourages her. Maxine talks about how happy Jennifer and Daniel are together. Maxine decides to get going and thanks Abe for making her feel better. Maxine walks away.

Jennifer meets with a man at the hospital and says he will have to wait on the press release as they are still gathering evidence since they still don't know what happened. He leaves to check with his producer. Jennifer sits down frustrated. Liam enters and greets her. Liam offers his sympathy and suggests there must be an explanation for Daniel using the drug. Liam brings up the stress that doctors run under and suggests Daniel could've grabbed the wrong medication.

Theresa sits in the Pub where Eric joins her. Theresa asks if he's going to lecture her again already. She tells him that she won't gossip about Daniel anymore and thinks the whole thing is sad. Eric questions her and brings up her history with Daniel and Jennifer. Theresa asks if she's a suspect. Eric brings up Anne. Theresa argues that she wasn't near the hospital and Anne was shocked by the news. Eric argues that someone did this to Daniel. Theresa says they told her to stay away from them so she did. She agrees not to gossip about Daniel and tells him to back off because she had nothing to do with what happened. She feels Eric still doesn't believe her.

Nicole tells Daniel that she doesn't know how this happened. Daniel wakes up and thanks her. Nicole asks what happened and if he came down with something. Daniel responds that he doesn't know how but someone deliberately drugged him.

Nick goes to the club and finds EJ. Nick mentions having a wedding gift for Will and Sonny. EJ accuses him of trying to impress Gabi. Nick responds that he doesn't give a damn what EJ thinks about him but warns him to put Sami on a leash before she screws things up for everyone.

Sami goes to see Gabi and calls her unbelievable. Sami calls her the same selfish lying little bitch. Gabi quickly slaps Sami across the face.

Eric tells Theresa that Daniel could lose his job over this. Theresa shouts that she didn't do it. Eric warns her to step up if she knows anything about it.

Jennifer assures Liam that Daniel didn't take anything. Liam brings up doctors getting free samples and suggests that Daniel could've been looking for some help. Jennifer argues that he clearly doesn't know Daniel. Liam asks if she's sure she knows Daniel as well as she thinks.

Daniel tells Nicole that he was fine when he woke up but got to the hospital tired and now he knows why since the painkiller was in his system. Daniel says all he had at the hospital was the coffee and the only other thing he had was his protein shake in his apartment so he wonders how this happens. Nicole thinks back to running into Liam outside of Daniel's apartment. Daniel asks her what it is.

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