Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/10/14

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/10/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole leaves the club and runs in to Eric. Eric tells her that what he has to say is very important and life changing. Eric says it's been difficult to find the words but it has to be said.

Theresa goes to the Kiriakis Mansion too see Brady and questions him leaving town on work but still being there. Theresa asks Brady if he's going to dump her.

Hope eats with Ciara at the Pub. Hope talks about Ciara eating a lot and being focused on her judo class. Ciara remarks that you have to be ready to give someone a kick where it counts.

Aiden walks through the town square with Chase, talking about judo class. Aiden asks Chase if he's feeling any better about staying in Salem. Chase says he doesn't like Salem but does like judo class. Aiden sends Chase on inside and then gets a call.

Paige and JJ finish jogging in the park. JJ asks how she runs two miles and still looks so perfect.

Jennifer sits at home with Abe talking about planning a party in Lexie's honor. Abe wants to talk to her about maybe moving on. Jennifer says he and Maxine seemed to have a really good time at the wedding. Abe says Maxine is a nice lady but having a good time with her made him feel guilty. Jennifer responds that she knows the feeling so well.

Daniel prepares his protein shake at home.

Liam sits in his room and thinks back to pouring something in to Daniel's orange juice. Liam states that Daniel should be having his drink right now.

Daniel drinks his protein shake.

Eric tells Nicole that he knows they have issues and things to settle. Nicole says not right now as she hurries off to the hospital. Eric follows after her.

Brady isn't sure where this is coming from. Theresa says his family thinks she is trash and apologizes for bringing up coke. Theresa says making love was incredible and she had never been so happy. Theresa talks about being used to guys walking out after hitting the bedroom. She asks if Brady is going to walk too.

Chase comes out calling for Aiden to tell him it wasn't the right building but Aiden is gone. Chase pulls out his phone while a man runs up and grabs Chase, trying to steal his phone. Chase tries to fight him off as they struggle.

Daniel goes to the hospital and talks with Maxine about preparing for surgery. Daniel yawns and comments on being tired. Daniel signs in and Maxine tells him that he's the best. Liam appears and watches from nearby. Maxine asks if Daniel is okay. Daniel says he just needs some caffeine as he pours his coffee and says he will be wide awake. Liam watches with a smile.

Nicole goes to the hospital and is greeted by Anne. Nicole needs Mr. Burns to sign off on a story. Anne says she will get it to him and return it to her. Nicole wants to deliver it personally. Anne remarks that Nicole doesn't look good in the color she's wearing and walks away.

Hope stops the man from attacking Chase with her gun aimed. Hope checks on Chase. Chase sits down to call Aiden as Hope arrests the man. Hope goes back to Chase and tells him that no one is going to hurt him. Hope says Aiden would be proud of him. Aiden returns to Chase and asks what happened as Hope makes the call in to the station that a man tried to mug a little boy.

JJ and Paige get close but Paige says they should get going to school. JJ asks what she's doing after school. Paige says she would just be going home. JJ invites her over. Paige would love to hear him play his guitar. Mary Beth arrives and questions if JJ is harassing Paige again.

Jennifer talks to Abe about people thinking she was doing things wrong after Jack died. Jennifer says she knew what she felt for Daniel was right even though the guilt was every day. Abe talks about the memories and love not going away. Jennifer agrees that he could never replace Lexie. Jennifer encourages Abe to live his life. Abe thanks her.

Maxine asks Daniel if he's ready. Daniel goes on to perform the double bypass surgery. Nicole walks by on her phone, complaining about Anne and then hangs up. Liam approaches Nicole and says they meet again. Nicole doesn't remember him but Liam reminds her about seeing her in the park. Nicole tells him that she was just doing a story for her TV show. Liam praises her work. Nicole remarks about strangers walking up and talking. Liam leaves her. Nicole talks with Maxine about leaving a message for Mr. Burns for her appointment that was cancelled. Eric appears and says that means she has some free time after all. Nicole argues that she doesn't but Eric tells her that they are going to do this because it's too important.

Daniel prepares for surgery. The nurse and other doctor check on Daniel but he says he's good. Daniel says he didn't get enough sleep. The doctor comments that Daniel is usually full of energy but Daniel says he's good.

Aiden tells Chase that everything is okay. Aiden suggests they do something fun for the rest of the day. Chase spots a friend of his and realizes that's where judo class is. Aiden thinks today might not be the best day for judo. Chase wants to go since Aiden has always told him to know how to defend himself. Aiden sends Chase to the class and promises to wait for him there. Hope gets off the phone and Aiden thanks her.

JJ tells Mary Beth to mind her own business. She says she needs to talk to Paige and pulls her away. She warns Paige about her reputation and says she needs to ditch JJ now.

Eric sits with Nicole in the park and reminds her of telling her why he became a priest. Eric talks about them having a connection because of the church. Eric doesn't know if he can put it all aside. Eric says it's very important to him to get married in the church and apologizes if he pushed that on her because he never wants to see her unhappy. Nicole tells him to go ahead and put her out of her misery.

Brady tells Theresa that he did go out of town and just got back so he wasn't blowing her off. Brady adds that he will not be breaking up with her regardless of anyone thinking it's wrong. Theresa feels she made a fool of herself now. Brady tells her to stop putting herself down and kisses her. Theresa suggests they go have fun. Maggie appears and interrupts. Maggie says she hoped Brady had found some new amusement. Brady gets a call and steps out to take it. Maggie suggests Theresa leave. Theresa tells Maggie that she's heard she's been badmouthing her all over town and thanks her for it.

Daniel starts feeling uneasy but insists that he's fine. Daniel tries to work but begins to shake. Daniel tells the others that they have to take over and rushes out of the operating room.

Daniel and Jennifer set up lunch for tomorrow with Parker and Abigail. They kiss. Jennifer thinks Daniel needs to sleep but Daniel assures her that everything will be just fine.

Liam pours something into Daniel's orange juice and says that should do the trick. Liam then decides he won't take chances and pours more into the juice.

Nicole tells Eric to give her the bad news and get it over with. Eric says she knows what his faith means to him. Eric tells Nicole that he does want to marry her.

Paige tells Mary Beth that she doesn't want to fight about it so she tells her to stay out of it. Mary Beth says she was trying to save her life but wishes her luck and walks away. Paige apologizes to JJ. JJ says he knows what she's like. Paige goes home to change before school. Rory and Bev appear. Rory comments to her that she was right that JJ and Paige are in to each other.

Theresa tells Maggie that the more she tells Brady to stay away from her, the more he wants her. Maggie tells Theresa that Brady is lost. Brady returns and asks if everything is okay. Theresa says it's just fine and tells Brady to text her later and they will hook up. Theresa exits.

Daniel lays on the couch and Maxine checks on him. Liam peeks in to the room. Daniel wants to check his patient but she tells him he's fine. Jennifer arrives to check on Daniel as Maxine goes to check his blood. Daniel tells her what happened and notes his hands shaking which makes him wonder if it could be starting again.

Nicole asks Eric if he's really sure. Eric says he is. Nicole tells him that she's selfish and wants to marry him but this is huge because his faith is more important than her. Eric says he won't let anything keep them apart again. They say they love each other. Eric says he knows God wouldn't give him the feelings he has for her if it wasn't for them to be together. Eric says he knows God doesn't want him to be a priest anymore since there was no evidence to clear his name. Eric declares this is God's will too. Nicole says it's what she is always wanted so bad. Nicole stops and says they can't rush it. Nicole says Daniel would say the same thing and mentions not wanting to steal any thunder from EJ and Sami's wedding. Eric hugs her and says they are going to focus on the most important thing right now and that is their love and their future, spending the rest of their lives together as they kiss.

Aiden apologizes to Hope for coming down on her for overhearing his conversation with Chase before. Aiden says he won't talk like that again as he's been wrong about Hope from the start. Aiden admits he judged her without trying to get to know her. Aiden declares that his opinion has changed. Aiden says he's not saying they are different people now but he has newfound respect for her. Aiden hopes she will accept his apology.

Daniel can't believe his hands are shaking. Jennifer encourages him about when he was cured. Daniel says he remembers most that Jennifer was there with him. Jennifer tells Daniel that he's just upset and it's going to pass. Jennifer assures him they are going to be fine and the shaking stops. Daniel assumes it was just nerves. Jennifer tells him that she loves him. Daniel says he loves her too.

Bev complains to Rory about Paige. Bev says she will have to show JJ that he is wrong by showing Paige how wrong she is about JJ. Rory says Bev knows how to get what she wants.

Hope accepts Aiden's apology and says they are good. Hope notes that judo class should be ending soon. Aiden brings up the fundraising project and Father Louis not wanting him to work alone. Aiden says he does want to help so he thinks they could team up. Hope suggests recommending other parents but Aiden insists that he wants to work with her and get to know her better.

Maggie tells Brady that she doesn't get he and Theresa. Maggie argues that Brady could get plenty of beautiful women while Theresa is a tragedy waiting to happen. Maggie adds that she's not the only one worried about Theresa being in his life. Brady tells her that everyone in the town knew Kristen and what she did to him except Theresa.

Eric tells Nicole that he has to get to work and suggests lunch later. They kiss goodbye as Eric exits. Nicole is excited and says Daniel will be the first to know. She starts to call him but decides to just go to his apartment.

Jennifer talks to Daniel about what it could've been. Daniel says the only thing he had was the protein drink right from his fridge.

Liam returns to Daniel's apartment and switches out his orange juice. Liam wipes things off and says there's not a trace. Liam wonders how things are going at the hospital as he laughs.

Hope and Aiden shake hands on the deal. Ciara rushes up excited about judo class. Hope asks where Chase is. Ciara says Chase stayed later to work more and mentions that he told her what happened. Ciara says Hope was a hero. Hope downplays it but Aiden agrees that she was a hero. Ciara jokes with her about using judo on the bad guy as they hug.

Maggie questions Brady being attracted to Theresa because she didn't know Kristen. Brady says he gets it and knows who she is but she doesn't care about Kristen or what she did to him. Brady talks about Theresa not asking him why his life is screwed up and not pitying him. Brady says that's the best gift anyone could give him right now.

Abe talks to Maxine about Daniel's blood test. Theresa arrives and walks by in the distance. Abe steps away on a call. Eric arrives and approaches Maxine, questioning what happened to Daniel. Maxine says they won't know what happened until the blood work comes back but it's bad. Theresa listens in and says good.

Anne stands in the doorway as the doctor tells Daniel and Jennifer that the blood work didn't show a virus but showed 15 mg of a painkiller. Anne walks in and questions Daniel turning out to be a prescription drug abuser. Anne brings up public relations reacting to it.

Liam exits Daniel's apartment and goes to the elevator to leave just as Nicole is arriving.

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