Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/9/14

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/9/14


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel and Jennifer come across JJ with Paige in the town square. Jennifer greets JJ and asks if he's going to introduce her to his friend.

Will and Sonny go to their hotel room and talk about being married. Will checks his messages while Sonny opens the champagne. Will shows a text from Gabi with a picture of Arianna holding a sign that says happy honeymoon. Will asks if Sonny thinks Gabi is doing okay on her own. Sonny doesn't think Gabi is alone and says they need to do something about Nick.

Rafe and Jordan walk through the park as Rafe gets Gabi's text with a picture of Arianna. Jordan stops Rafe and reminds him that she asked him a question. Rafe says that Jordan wants to be with him but doesn't talk about her life and didn't tell him about her brother. Rafe says he's trying to take the bad with the good but it's driving him nuts.

Sheryl listens as Kate leaves a message for Lucas saying that the information Sheryl gave them may pay off as her detective may have a lead which shocks Sheryl. Kate adds that she will wait for Lucas at his office. Lucas calls out to Sheryl that he's almost done with the shower. Sheryl gets out of bed upset.

JJ introduces Jennifer to Paige. Jennifer asks how they know each other. JJ explains that she came by the house with Abigail and he took her to get her phone fixed then was going to walk her home. Paige explains to Jennifer how she met Abigail. JJ tries to hurry off. Jennifer stops and introduces Paige to Daniel. Paige recognizes him from the hospital and praise his work on a friend of hers. Jennifer then offers to give Paige a ride home so JJ can study but Daniel tells her that's a bad idea.

Lucas continues calling out to Sheryl but comes out to find she's gone. Lucas wonders where she went and then checks his phone.

Sheryl storms into Lucas' office to confront Kate. Kate asks what's wrong. Sheryl responds that she knows damn well and isn't going to let her get away with it.

Lucas listens to Kate's message and can't believe it as he hurries out.

Sheryl informs Kate that she heard every word of her message. Kate calls it invasion of privacy. Sheryl realizes why Kate brought her to Salem and that she's been lying to her all along. Sheryl says Kate only cares about nailing Jordan. Kate asks what her point is.

Rafe tells Jordan that he feels like she doesn't trust him. Jordan says it's not that. Rafe talks about her brother showing up and her almost leaving town. Jordan says Rafe makes her life so complicated. Rafe questions that and says her life was complicated before he ever came into it. Rafe tells her that she can tell him anything. Rafe adds that he doesn't know if he can do this anymore. Rafe asks what he's entitled to if she's entitled to her privacy.

Liam is in his room thinking back to taking files off Jennifer's computer. He loads the flash drive into his computer with a folder of Jennifer's e-mails. Liam reads through her e-mails. Liam reads a mail about how upset she was at Daniel before. Jennifer had written that she never wanted to see Daniel again so Liam says that won't be a problem.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he'd love to give Paige a ride but they are late. Jennifer is confused as Daniel hurries her off to give JJ time with Paige. Daniel takes Jennifer out of the town square. Jennifer questions what Daniel was doing. Daniel tells her that JJ likes Paige. Jennifer disagrees and thinks JJ was just being nice for Abigail. Daniel insists but Jennifer says he's wrong about this.

JJ and Paige walk through the town square.

Will tells Sonny not to worry about Nick. Will talks about Gabi being determined to give Nick a second chance. Will suggests giving Gabi some space. Sonny calls Nick a creep. Will asks what there is to do. Sonny tells him to protect Arianna. Will says Nick already lost and can't come between he and Arianna. Sonny suggests a formal custody agreement. Will says he can't go to a lawyer after they just convinced Gabi not to move out. Will wants to focus on celebrating. Sonny doesn't think they should let this go and says there is no time to waste on this.

Liam dreams of laying in bed with Jennifer talking about Daniel being gone.

Jennifer asks if she was embarrassing JJ. Daniel tells her she didn't mean to but JJ is obviously in to Paige. Jennifer is surprised since JJ has never mentioned her. Daniel jokes with her and assures her.

JJ apologizes to Paige about Jennifer. Paige thought she was nice. Paige talks about Daniel saving her friend's mom. JJ says Daniel is a good guy and they are pretty tight. Paige mentions that she aspires to be a doctor. JJ offers to have Daniel talk to her. Paige says that would be awesome. Paige says she shouldn't keep him from studying and can walk home herself. JJ suggests they catch up with Jennifer and Daniel to see when Daniel can talk with her. They then walk off together.

Jennifer and Daniel continue talking about JJ and Paige. JJ and Paige then catch up to them and JJ tells Daniel that Paige wanted to talk to him about being a pre-med major. Daniel agrees to do so. Paige thanks him. Jennifer suggests Daniel can talk right now and all four of them can go home. JJ and Paige agree and walk off. Jennifer jokes with Daniel as they follow.

Jordan sits with Rafe and tells him that he's not the only one invested in them. Jordan says she couldn't walk away from what they have. Rafe asks if she's afraid of something. Jordan says not when she was with him and asks if that's enough.

Sheryl questions Kate not even trying to deny that she's out to get Jordan. Kate remarks that Sheryl has been very well treated since they brought her in. Kate brings up her relationship with Lucas and knowing that his answering machine is next to his bed. Sheryl feels used. Kate calls it her own decision. Sheryl declares she will not stand by and let Kate try to ruin Jordan's life. Sheryl adds that she's going to tell Jordan but Kate warns her to rethink that plan carefully. Sheryl questions if she's threatening her. Kate says no and offers her two options, either she tells Jordan and loses her job or she keeps her mouth shut and gets a promotion out of Salem. Sheryl calls her a cold hearted vindictive bitch. Lucas rushes in to try and explain but Sheryl says Kate just explained everything and it's clear. Sheryl storms out. Lucas yells at Kate that he told her it would blow up in their faces.

Daniel talks with Paige and JJ about Paige's pre-med plan along with Jennifer. Liam listens in from where he bugged Jennifer's house.

Sheryl walks through the town square upset and looking at her phone.

Rafe tells Jordan that it means the world to him that she didn't take off and that she feels safe with him. Rafe wishes that was enough. Jordan gets a text from Sheryl that it's an emergency. Jordan calls her and asks if she's alright. Sheryl says she needs to see her as soon as possible. Jordan agrees to meet with her.

Will says Sonny is really throwing him here. Sonny apologizes and says it's just been on his mind. Will calls it a weird time to bring it up. Sonny says getting married brought it to him. Sonny talks about being Arianna's stepdad and wanting a formal custody agreement. Will worries about freaking Gabi out. Sonny insists that they need to get to Gabi before Nick turns her against them.

Jordan and Rafe meet Sheryl in the town square. Jordan asks if something is wrong or if something happened. Before Sheryl can explain, Kate and Lucas arrive.

Daniel continues talking with Paige until he gets paged to the hospital. Daniel talks to Paige about how he works with the schedule. Liam takes notes while listening in. Daniel offers to get Paige into the operating room to observe. Paige thanks Daniel. JJ offers to walk her home so they exit together. Paige can't believe that she knows Daniel now and thanks JJ for it. JJ is glad he could introduce her and they walk off. Daniel jokes with Jennifer about JJ liking Paige. Daniel and Jennifer then kiss. Liam writes down notes that Daniel won't have Parker and that he always has a protein shake. Liam says he can do something with that and opens up his briefcase.

Rafe greets Kate and Lucas. Kate asks if Sheryl is sharing the good news. Jordan notes that she sounded so upset. Sheryl says it is good news and bad news as she got a promotion but it's in Houston. Kate encourages Sheryl towards the opportunity. Jordan says she liked having her around. Sheryl cries that she liked being there too. Kate adds that Sheryl will be leaving tomorrow. Jordan comments that it's all so sudden. Rafe asks if Lucas is sad to see her go. Lucas says he is very much. Kate tells Sheryl that she needs to get ready. Rafe congratulates her. Jordan hugs Sheryl and they say they will miss each other and stay in touch. Rafe hugs Sheryl. Rafe and Jordan exit as Sheryl cries. Kate remarks that she knew Sheryl would come through for them.

Rafe and Jordan walk on out of the town square. Jordan says she can't believe it as she liked having a friend around. Rafe encourages her to let her guard down to have more friends. Jordan doesn't want to argue. Rafe says they'll go back to the status quo then. Jordan admits that she wants certain parts of her life off limits but says Rafe is kind of the same way.

Will insists to Sonny that Gabi will freak out at the word custody. Sonny feels he freaked Will out. Will suggests they just have champagne. Sonny apologizes for bringing reality into their dream. Sonny tells him they should just pretend it's just them. They toast champagne and drink to that.

JJ walks Paige through the park and they talk about Paige running into Abigail there. Paige mentions getting up to go running in the morning. JJ offers to go with her.

Jennifer walks Daniel out. Daniel says he will call her when he's off and kisses her. They joke about Daniel having it right about JJ. Jennifer brings up the checkbook incident and agrees to forget about that. Jennifer talks about JJ having a sweet girlfriend instead of his pothead friends and everything is good between them. Jennifer wants to celebrate as they kiss.

Liam sneaks in to Daniel's apartment and searches the kitchen with a flashlight. Liam finds the protein shake mix and orange juice that Daniel uses and states that sometimes life is just too easy.

Will and Sonny lay in bed. They talk about loving their wedding and they kiss.

Rafe tells Jordan that he's been a complete open book with her. Jordan asks about his family and his sister Arianna. Jordan says she must be a memory too painful to talk about and she respects that. Jordan asks if there's anything she can say to make him feel better about it or if it would just bring all the sadness back. Rafe isn't sure. Jordan says sometimes it's best to keep the lid on a memory like that. Rafe understands where she's coming from and decides to do his best to be alright with it. Jordan assures him that she won't be taking off again. Rafe jokes that he would go with her. Jordan kisses him.

Lucas tries to stop Sheryl to explain, saying he didn't use her and still cares about her. She tells him not to insult her intelligence. Kate mocks her. Sheryl questions Kate thinking all her bases are covered. Kate says Jordan should have nothing to worry about. Sheryl walks away crying as Lucas calls out to her. Lucas asks Kate if she's happy now. Kate tells Lucas that he could do better. Lucas declares that's it. Lucas says they work together and that's it. Lucas tells Kate to stay away from him as she's on her own now then storms off.

Paige and JJ agree to meet up in the morning in the park. Paige goes to leave but stops and kisses JJ on the cheek. JJ smiles as she walks away.

Daniel and Jennifer set up lunch for tomorrow with Parker and Abigail. They kiss. Jennifer thinks Daniel needs to sleep but Daniel assures her that everything will be just fine.

Liam pours something into Daniel's orange juice and says that should do the trick. Liam then decides he won't take chances and pours more into the juice.

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